Thank You

Each day our inboxes fill with stories of how you have helped people create change in their own communities; stories from 1,000+ nonprofits around the world who’ve expanded their reach, and stories of gratitude from people in 120+ countries whose lives have been forever altered.

It’s time we forward along the message to you, our generous donors. We created this video with the hope you’ll take just a couple of minutes to see the faces and hear the voices of people who just want to say one thing… THANK YOU!

Below are some of the great projects that took the time to help us record the footage in the video above. 

Rescue Unwanted and Abandoned Companion Birds
Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue, based in Northern California, helps birds commonly kept as indoor pets by rescuing, rehabilitating (physically and behaviorally), and re-homing them. Most of these rescued birds come to us injured, abused, or neglected, or are very ill. We usually care for about 450 birds at a time, incurring veterinary bills of $30,000-$40,000 monthly. This project helps pay for those medical expenses. project reportread updates from the field
Support APOPO's rats in their life-saving missions
APOPO is a Belgian NGO that has developed an innovative system deploying African giant pouched rats (nicknamed HeroRATs) to detect landmines or tuberculosis, using their extraordinary sense of smell. APOPO's scent detection technology has a massive potential to relieve human suffering and promote development when deployed in TB and landmine response, as well as in currently unexplored fields. APOPO has programs in Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola and Cambodia. project reportread updates from the field
Rescue a Malnourished Child in Guatemala
Chronic malnutrition is the single biggest contributor to the deaths of children under 5 in Guatemala. Half of Guatemalan children under 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition. Casa Jackson Center for Malnourished Infants provides in-house and out-patient care to hundreds of infants and young children each year, as well as family nutrition education and community outreach efforts. project reportread updates from the field
Give In-School Music Classes to Los Angeles Youth
ETM-LA serves over 6,000 disadvantaged students with weekly, yearlong music classes at no cost. We provide music teachers, instruments, and guidance for schools to sustain the program project reportread updates from the field
Give a Vietnamese child a helmet; save a life
In Vietnam, 2,000 children die on the roads each year. To address this situation, this project will instill safe road habits in 1,500 Vietnamese children by providing helmets, training teachers on effective education techniques, engineering safety into school environments, and raising community awareness of road safety. Not only do these interventions ensure that students can get to school safely; in the long-term, these healthy habits will serve to improve the entire road system in Vietnam. project reportread updates from the field
"Support-A-Child" Help Child Go To School & Study
In Nepal, there are still many parents who do not send their children to school because of financial hardship. School enrollment and attendance need to be increased through care, support and building up child competency. Students need to be encouraged through hands-on practical learning, which will make learning interesting. Through an integrated approach with the curriculum, students will be trained to understand and gain deeper insight on various environmental issues affecting our daily life. project reportread updates from the field
Action For Health : Empowering Communities in Mali
Through Action for Health, the Mali Health Organizing Project provides health care for children in West African slums in exchange for their parent's community service. project reportread updates from the field
Topsy Foundation NPC
Topsy's mission is to empower families & communities in severe poverty affected by Aids & HIV. Support to both vulnerable children and their families is offered through multiple programmes including our Orphaned & Vulnerable Children and Early Childhood Development Programmes that support children through medical, psychosocial, nutritional, educational & spiritual activities. Topsy serves the community by providing food parcels, food gardens and medical & social services to those most in need. project reportread updates from the field
Enriching Lives of Elders
To make aging an enriching and fulfilling experience, Cedar Village keeps its residents' lives active and engaged, offering programming of all sorts to stimulate, entertain and connect. project reportread updates from the field

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