Welcome to the Open Challenge Fundraising Toolkit!

Here you should find everything you need to build a great strategy for the GlobalGiving Open Challenge. It includes a growing collection of videos and do-it-yourself tools to use at your own pace to learn more about online fundraising and the GlobalGiving platform. 

You will also see that each video has a “Listen”, “Act”, and “Learn” section. We have modeled this toolkit after the GlobalGiving belief that organizations that learn are more effective. Here, you have the opportunity to Listen to the tutorials, Act on what you have heard, and then reflect and Learn from the experience. Once you finish one set, Repeat with another video! 

This toolkit is entirely for you and your organization to grow and learn. GlobalGiving is not grading your performance or checking to see if you watch the videos. So feel free to learn a little, learn a lot, learn quickly, learn slowly, and use whatever tools you need to help you succeed in the Challenge!



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I. About the Open Challenge 



What is the Open Challenge?



Open Challenge Bonus Grants



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QUIZ: What is the Open Challenge?


QUIZ: Open Challenge Bonus Grants

WORKSHEET: Bonus Day E-mail Template



Why would you like to join the GlobalGiving site?


Do you feel promoting the Bonus Day will be effective in your donor base?

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II. Open Challenge Fundraising Strategy



How to develop a strategy for the Challenge

  • Learn why a strategy is important for fundraising


Analyze Your Campaign Progress and Success

  • Understand how to analyze data to indicate success


Advanced GlobalGiving Fundraising Tools    

  • Learn how to keep track of your donations



WORKSHEET: Open Challenge Goals


QUIZ: Analyze Your Campaign Progress and Success

WORKSHEET: Evaluate Campaign Progress


QUIZ: Advanced GlobalGiving Fundraising Tools



Do you believe your goals for the Challenge are ambitious and realistic? In what ways?


How will you be collecting the necessary data to monitor your campaign's progress?


What tools do you believe will be more effective in reaching your goals during the Challenge? How do you plan to make the most of the available tools?

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III. Project and Storytelling Tips

Setting up your project page



How to Post a Project on GlobalGiving

  • Learn how to navigate the Project Entry system


Tips for Posting a Great Project                                      

  • Learn helpful tips about donor behavior



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QUIZ: How to Post a Project on GlobalGiving


WORKSHEET: Posting a Great Project



Use the GlobalGiving search box to look for projects that are similar to yours. How can you make your project stand out from the other projects on GlobalGiving?


What do you think are the most important elements of your project page? How can you ensure you are using these elements to attract the most donors?


Developing content for your project page



Great Project Photos                                                   

  • Learn why photos are crucial for your project page


How to Create Videos for Your Organization

  • Made by a non-profit that has created many videos


How to Structure Your Story                                                   

  • Learn how to craft a compelling story to share with donors



QUIZ: Great Project Photos


QUIZ: How to Create Videos for your Organization


WORKSHEET: Structuring Your Story



How do you know whether your photos are effective or not? Have you asked donors or your audience to respond or give feedback on your photos? Why or why not?


What can you take away from the lessons in this video?


What are 5 adjectives that describe your organization’s personality? Are these apparent in your story?

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IV. Growing Your Donor Base: Network Mapping



Network Mapping 101

  • Learn how to identify your current supporters


Network Mapping 201

  • Learn about expanding your donor base


 Network Mapping 301

  • Learn about motivating your advocates



WORKSHEET: Identifying Your Networks


WORKSHEET: Setting Goals for Advocates

WORKSHEET: Outreach Emails for Advocates


 QUIZ: Network Mapping 301



How can you best reach out to individuals in your network to request their support during your fundraising?


Why would someone become an advocate for your organization?


Is your organization taking action to build deeper relationships with new donors? In what ways? What can you do to build better ties with your donors?

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V. Growing Your Donor Base: Communicating with Donors 



Ways to Communicate with Donors Effectively

  • Learn about effective communication tools 


Building Donor Relationships                                                   

  • Work to develop stronger connections with donors


Drafting a Great Outreach Email

  • Write a compelling email to your donors



WORKSHEET: 'Thank You' Email Practice


WORKSHEET: Donor Communications Calendar


WORKSHEET: Outreach Email Practice



Do you think your donors are satisfied? Why or why not?


How will you respond or adjust if you are not getting a response from donors?


What are three ways you can improve your outreach e-mails? How are you going to test to see if these changes worked?

 Repeat (back to top)

VI. Social Media




Introduction to Twitter                                                      

  • Understand Twitter terminology


Maximizing Your Twitter Account                                 

  • How to craft an effective Tweet



Don't have Twitter? You can also email your feedback to challengehelp@globalgiving.org!



QUIZ: Introduction to Twitter


WORKSHEET: Planning Your Tweets Calendar

WORKSHEET: Writing Your Tweets



How do you call attention to your organization on Twitter?


How have you engaged and called upon your followers? How can you improve how you interact with your followers and the general twitter audience?





Introduction to Facebook                                                         

  • Basics of navigating a Facebook page


Facebook Posts and Edgerank                                                

  • Understanding Facebook Edgerank


Facebook Analytics and Insights                                    

  • Learn to analyze your Facebook performance



QUIZ: Introduction to Facebook


WORKSHEET: Planning Your Posts Calendar

WORKSHEET: Writing Your Posts


WORKSHEET: Interpreting Facebook Insights



What does your organization hope to accomplish by having a Facebook page?


How does your audience respond to your Facebook posts? How can you change your posts to engage your audience further?


How has your organization adjusted your social media strategy based on your page’s Facebook Insights data?

 Repeat (back to top)


Do you have any additional questions? Please email challengehelp@globalgiving.org for more assistance!

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