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Change the World with GlobalGiving

  1. Tell the world
    Discuss GlobalGiving in your blog, newsgroup, or club.
  2. Promote a project
    Feature your favorite GlobalGiving project on your own website. Just click "Promote This Project" the top of each project page. This page provides access to HTML code that you can use to enable others to give directly to the project from your website. For an example, take a look at Economic Self-Help, Rural Micro-Credit.
  3. Spread the News
    Forward our Newsletter.
  4. Pay it forward
    Turn any GlobalGiving project into a meaningful gift. See our Gifts page for more.
  5. Adopt a project
    Create a registry so you and your friends can help support a favorite project, or set of projects.
  6. Show your support
    why you like GlobalGiving and you will be eligible to receive a free t-shirt.

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