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From Nothing To Something transcribed by HotSun Foundation Joseph Odienge 27yrs old born in a family of 6 childrenand 2 of them who are disable, also born in a poor family. His olevel education was paid by a church and that he was the only one inthe family managed to go to school. She never gave up joined theNAIROBIKS who helps the youths who dint manage to go for futurestudies in the communities, provides for anything one wants to do inlife by educating them. He did wed design course and managed to passhis course. Now works in ZENITH MEDIA as a senior video editor. Tellsthe youths never give up in life and that theres always hope fortomorrow. Zenith Media
Ing Care Of Women - Hotsun Foundation Women are very important people in the community. But in the African culture, women have been discriminated from doing significant things in the community and leadership, attaining education to the highest levels. In Kenya this problem is also found in women especially in the illiterate communities like the Maasai and Turkana communities. A Christan based non-governmental organization known as Youth World Christian Association of women has risen to the occasion and I strying to fight this trend. This organization if umbrella organization of the global network of the YWCA, is movement of woman working for social and economic change around the world. It advocates for young woman leadership, peace, justice, human rights and sustainable development both as a grass-root and global same.The organization has assisted many girls in this community and they are changing their life to a bright future ahead. Youth World Chrstian Association
Cleaning Day.Young Youth Association Of Kenya (Yyak), during the youth week,the chief of Nanga organised a youth community service of cleaning the village ,all village youths gathered very earlyin the morning and strted washing all the village latrines ,slashing long grass,and collecting rubbish and burning them,one thing that i enjoyed most was that the youth were singing as they were working , one day in our village a health centre was built callled Impala health centre and iut is run by a gruop of youth called YOUNG YOUTH ASSOCIATION OF KENYA (YYAK), this health clinic is aimed at educating the community on basic health care and nutrition, if a person comes to be treated but has no money , he is given seeds by the youth group for him to plant and get money out of the produce he will get ,through mobile clinic project , the services is taking to the people in the village thus helping the comunity welll YOUNG YOUTH ASSOCIATION OF KENYA
Young Women transcribed by HotSun Foundation Mutheu Scholar 24yrs old, in a family of 8kids and alsoin a family which is polygamous. Her mother was the second wife toher father. She says her elder mother never liked us at all andnever wanted our father to pay for us school fees because herchildren had completed the o level education. She only wanted thebest to her own children. Because of that Mutheu through hardshipcompleted her o level. Now nowhere to go or do something, got marriedat the age of 19yrs old and now with two kids and a husband who doesCollar jobs. Hard to feed or educate her children due to lack ofcash. So joined one group in her community which is YOUNG MOTHERSEMPLOYMENT group. These are activities taking place does merigroundof 30shs twice a week, cabbage collecting and skills about domesticviolence in the houses. The group has helped the communities bykeeping it clean and how to avoid violence in the families. Sheencourages move young mothers to join them and do something in ourlives despite being a young mother. Young Mothers Employment
Peace transcribed by HotSun Foundation Post election violence war is over. John Kamau is one of the lucky survivors not only he came out of the war with his life and most of his family. But also with his precious bicycle and his little house in the slum.This precious gift John was given by YOBPEK one of the organization in Kibera thats deal with peace building. We are to have peace on earth and good will toward men is the nonviolent affirmation of the sacredness of all human life. Every man is somebody because he is a child of God. YOBPEK (youth building bridges peace in Kibera)
Tramatized - Hotsun Foundation I was traumatized during the post election violence. I did all the evil things during that time and never felt any guilt at all. I mistreated the opponents (PNU) people and never knew if they survived or not. I too never left any someones belongings behind (looted).After the violence a group came to our community and told us about being peacemakers and not the troublemakers. I came to my senses and said to myself ; why should I be the peace maker and not the trouble makers. Joined their group (YOBPEK) YOUTH building bridges peace in Kibera.I am now a member and urges the youths not to be traumatized and be peace makers and trouble makers; Michael says YOBPEK (youth building bridges peace in Kibera)
Vct transcribed by HotSun Foundation Post election violence war is over. John Kamau is one of the lucky survivors not only he came out of the war with his life and most of his family. But also with his precious bicycle and his little house in the slum.This precious gift John was given by YOBPEK one of the organization in Kibera thats deal with peace building. We are to have peace on earth and good will toward men is the nonviolent affirmation of the sacredness of all human life. Every man is somebody because he is a child of God. YOBPEK (youth building bridges peace in Kibera)
Y.M.C.A Tailoring Center transcribed by HotSun Foundation It is with jubilation and vejurination to visit Y.M.C.A Tailoring centre. this is the centre that has provided the committee with determined, hard working, honest, aggressive, keen and smart tailors. the failures are found allover that make sure that people do not go on necked by providing them with clothes. it charges low rates which has assisted the commodity to accommodate most of the school leavers. this has reduced the cases of insecurity by making them to be occupied and to be employed after the end of the session.The income the tailors earn have assisted them to improve their living standard thus living lavishly and comfortable. most of the people are really gratitude to the Y.M.C.A for up holding and upgrading people with moral characteristics in the society YMCA
Life In Arid Areas - Vision Group Life in arid areas are not normal and the same with life in toehr parts of the country. In arid areas the sun seems to be overhead daily. The temperatures rises toabnormal conditions in March 2010. I happened togo to Magadi where I found people in that area doesent know even how a blanket looks like. They depend on the domestic animals they keep. These people shoulde be introduced to various ways of survival and also practice irrigation farming with the little water available. World Vision
Music transcribed by HotSun Foundation World vision through mpira mtaani organized a successiful music festival for the non-formal school in kibera.I attendented as volunteer partcipant and I emerged the best.It was challenging and was very happy ,N.G.Os should beep up music talents through such events World Vision
Safe Housing. World Vision. Sengwer community have been known to be hunters and gatherers for a long time, this is evident with the way they build their temporary houses that can be carried away by wind , but thanks to World Vision they now have better houses World Vision
Talent - Vision Group This is God given ability to do something. it is always good to expose your talent. I exposed my talent during a function helf by world vision and Mpira Mtaani and this has made me enter a braodcasting studio. Let all of us identity practice and expose our talent because you do not know Gods plan for you.\ World Vision
Who WHO assists the developing countries to control the spread of diseases and assist in provision of medicine ,this organisationhelped a woman who had an accident and became paralysed,the organisation donate a wheelchair and she is always grateful to WHO World Health Organization
Life Made Cheap - Hotsun Foundation In many estate in Nairobi life is expensive and demanding but this is not the situation in Kibera where the whole day you can use bellow 50/=. This is due to the nearness to the resources and facilities. The vegetables that they eat, they get from Langatta gardens, water from the word bank pipe has also decrease the cost of water.The government should make sure that there are even distribution of resources to everybody and to make sure that the resources are available. World Bank
Kijabe Mission Hospital. after the post election violence peolple were forced to escape from their area and went to limuru,but luckily they were given refuge at church in limuru called Word of Faith Church in limuru town,majority of the people there were from Kiambaa village in Eldoret,thanks to the Kijabe mission hospital all the people in the camp were treated for free and most of them got well . Word of Faith Church
Arts transcribed by HotSun Foundation Ganiel a 32 year old women, cleared her o-levels through hardships of fee. Now as a single mother of 2 kids, she joined one of the community effort of arts. She is the chairlady in (WOKI) women of Kenya Initiative. She runs it and teachings the new members.The group buys beads with their own money and makes something like nucleus, bressless and bangles.Says that the group has been having big thoughts about how they can help in their community by introducing another project in helping the orphans, single women and widows.They are registered to KENYA WOMEN, and tried to help from them but theyve promised to helped but its has been long since they heard from them. The group is ready to eradicate poverty in their community and that should be through the help of an organization support. Women of Kenya Initiative
Cry For Help - Hotsun Foundation Niva opanga who is a single mother and a HIV Positive daughter a grand child who is an orphan.She has business of selling groundnuts, she does not have a permanent of selling her groundnuts, she only goes to places selling. Recently her house fell down due to poor foundation by the strong rains. Her group members the WOKI group helped her in building back her house for a shelter of her and the family members. WOKI group is very ready to work and be something in future. WOKI
Importance Of Studio To Society transcribed by HotSun Foundation Wayowayo youth group is a group which sometimes has tohave various benefits in which it assist the youths who doesnot have any amount to go to college by ensuring that they learn.The studio is small in size and it helps those who are poor inthe society to run a course of their interest and ensures that theyalways have to know much way of doing things. They have expertswho know the courses depending on ones choice. This wentahead and ensured that they are always ensuring that those who attendbenefit, the parents also feel,,,, and they know that their childrenare much concern about them. This issue went as much as all thechildren conducted themselves lucky and much happier. Theneighbors also saw this and they felt motivated until sometimes theywished to join the studio by themselves. All in all wayowayo isa beneficial to a society. Wayowayo Youth Group
Wananchi Clinics Hotsunation Many of use are usually never prepared to become sick leave alone just having a minor aliment or cold. The situation is sometime made worse when the kind of disease or accident requires that one be admitted in the hospital.Wananchi Clinic has been offering a unique kind of service for many years. They have a system where the locals or members who wish to subscribe can be making small contribution in an informal medical saving scheme.Through this when a contributor falls ill he/she can be treated and his/her account be debited for the payments necessary that may need to be made. Through this scheme, many people can easily effort to shoulder their medical burdens without lots of weight or surprises. When this happens then many do not get shocked or shy from going to wananchi clinics for the right medical recommendations or treatments. Wananci Clinics
Ghee At Home.Wakulima Bora Organization Wakulima Bora Organization trained many farmers how to make ghee at home using milk from cows thus helping to reduce milk wastage Wakulima Bora
Stop Erosion. Wakulima Bora Organization. Wakulima Bora organization trained farmers through at the farmers field day on how to reduce soil erosion .this has helped farmers conserve the soil Wakulima Bora
No To Fgm. Vivunda Rescue Centre As they run away from perpetrators of female genital mutilation, they get refuge at Vivunda Rescue Centre where alternative home is looked for them. This has been a noble idea in the community. Vivunda Rescue Centre
Good Sanitation transcribed by HotSun Long time ago talking sanitation meant presence of toilet in katwekera kibera,period.Sanitation logged in the area.Wastes were disposed anyhowly,latrines never kept clean and many unemptied whenever filled-up.The site was never attractive but always smelly.It took to the hand of an NGO;Vision Africa their aid.They build latrines which were charged and wastes used to produce Bio-gas useful in cooking to the community.Vision africa also set up football team for the youth,engaging them in siginificnt activities.Thanks to the organisation the area now is desirable place to live. Vision Africa
A Dream Come True My name is David and when I was growing up I had a burning desire of becoming a journalist to be able to tell the situation of the slum like the one I live in ,the problem was that I couldnt go to school as my family was not well of and couldnt pay for my school fees, I never lost hope in my dream. I have been volunteering as a peer educator at VAP and that is when I met with the Director of the organization and shared with him the dream of my life, later one day he approached me while we were at the field and asked me if I I could go to college to pursue my dream of journalism, I immediately agreed to the offer and with a few days I was in a journalism class. At this moment Im the videographer of VAP. Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)
Child Prostitution In Majengo There is a slum near the place that I live that is very rotten as children as young as 13 years are led into prostitution, this habit get children to get into risks of contracting STIs very early in their life ,this act results in young girls dropping out of school in search of easy money.VAP is engaging such vulnerable girls through their program called Mrembo on need to stop prostitution and go back to class. Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)
Creating Security transcribed by HotSun Foundation Many people leaving in slums have lived in fear due to lack of peace and lack of criminal cases many have been raped but to day we can have something to enjoy and smile at although there is still little to be said to be add on it. There is a certain group in our community called vijana amani pamoja (VAP) who have really provided security among the community they have held different workshop educating people to leave in peace and respect each others property they have also advise the youths to involve in various money generating activities which will keep them busy and get money to cater for their instead of stealing other people property. Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)
Impact Of Community Work In My Life In 200 i was recruited and trained and got trained on basic HIV/AIDS information and life skills which touched me because I lost a friend the previous year and this experience made me to want to know more about this diseases and share the knowledge to the friends that I have .VAP has enable me achieve this and Im proud of my efforts in the community ,we teach young soccer players on how to be a good soccer players and be healthy through positive behavior change. Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)
Importance Of Harmony transcribed by HotSun Foundation The community living in the slums have lived with harmony since the Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP) was incepted. With peace in the slum one can never be afraid of his/her life since every one here leant to care and respect others properties. The youths in the area have also upholded the peace organization.They have involved themselves in many community serves that are readly appreciated by the people. Instead of them being idle which can make them join bad companies and also can involve themselves in taking of drugs.The peace building initiative have also made most of them get jobs in some of these organization that way help them as they grow up to be responsible people in the society.Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP). Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)
Lost Glory Resurfaces There was a big playing ground in Kiambiu slums that was later grabbed and turned into a private school, this resulted in kids and youth of the slum not having a place to do their sporting activities that is very essential to child growth. Luck of play time resulted in the youth getting into crime and drug use .VAP organized and mobilized the youth of the area and decided to clear a bush nearby and leveled the ground ,today we have a good playing field thanks to the VAP and the community people who participated ,this organization trained coaches on life skills to go and pass the information to their team participants. Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)
Peace transcribed by HotSun Foundation The Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP) has helped a great deal here in Kibera. Since its foundation many youths have been involved in many useful works in the slums. Before that there was many cases of insecurity in the slums. One would not be seen walking late at night since he was bound to be attacked by things. Many lives was lost as many children became orphaned. Many school dropout would be involved in smoking cigarettes and chewing of miraa. The school could register a few people since many opted to live school.Kevin, almost of age 21, is a charcoal seller near a railway line passing in the middle of Kibera is a changed man. He thanks God after escaping from policemen who were armed ready to kill him. About 2 years ago he was among a gang of thieves who terrorized the local community. They would gather at a weird house to share what they have stolen the previous night. His friends who also lives in the same area with him were the ones who introduced him in that gang.The neighbours alerted the police and later the police killed some of them. That was the day he would never forget in his life.He now has a wife and two kids whom he ensures they are well fed and go to school. The VAP organization indeed changed his behavior, he know needs to work hard and eat from his sweat. The organization instilled in him good morals both in his life and that of the community. They are now the custodian of peace in the community. Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)
Set Free Again - Hotsun Foundation YES we're not prisoners of our past we are prisoners of our future. Change is possible. here's how l've been with a lot of boys. l've been sleeping with my current boygried for months. But since i joined the Urembo Girls program. it has unveilled my a inner beauty and am now ready to start again. Its really possible as long as you surround yourself with people who support your new values. This program has developed me in the other areas of life and now i know that there is so much more to life than sex. I also got inspired to start again sexually to regain what i had lost by becoming a secondary virgin to say no to all offers to sex until my wedding night. Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)
Tough Times Never Last - Hotsun Foundation My dad and mum dies six years ao. This brought lots o emotional and financial pain tomy family. I am the first son of my parents and have three sisters and one brother. Since then VIJANA AMANI PAMOJA came to my rescue, because am now a full timestaff of the organisation (VAP), my young sister whoalso is under MREMBO GILRS PROGRAM is benefiting from the scholar ship program and i do appreciate. I didnt lose sense of direction, some of my friends following their untrustworthy senses, have lost their lives others dream being shattered but for me i thank God for giving me this chance to work for VAP, because thats where i belong. the greated is the one who serves others. Keep it up VAP our communities need you for a better chance. Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)
Unable To Extract Title I am quite familiar with the harsh enviroment that girls in Kiambu and Majengo slums take everyday in their lives, but through the Mrembo Programme ia have seen first hand how a community effort can transform young girls to be role models in a community. Those information and education those girls in this Mrembo program acquired help them live upright lives away from the communities negative pressures like early sex debut, positive sexual behaviours and drug above and alchohol. A part from the learning these girls are engaged into sports activities that help avoid being idle. Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)
Why Empower The Girl Child? Everliyne Muita is a 14 years old girl who is an active participant of the Mrembo girl soccer team which is one of the VAP program that focuses on the girl child empowerment ,this programs impact has been enormous as the response and the interest of girls in the community is always rising .Muita believes that she has to be empowered to empower the society. Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)
With Peace Everything Is Possible Peace is the mother to better life,growth and development.After post election violence,an organisation was formed called Vijana Amani pamoja,to bring peace between worrying tribes.It is based in kibera only where it was founded.Apart from bringing peace and understanding,jobs now are created,gives moral support,h Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)
Youths No Crime transcribed by HotSun Foundation Youths especially inslums are involved in criminal activities.They always find their way out by bribing the police.Drugs abuse is common thing in youth.These are stages to other vices like rape,robbery and others.Joblessness and lack of focus to life are some of reasons comes about.Vijana Amani pamoja based in kibera is organisation aims at diverting them to useful and moraly accepted issues.Musics,dancing,sports and visit to hospitalised are some activities they promote in the Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP)
Age Aint Nothing transcribed by HotSun Foundation Ann Wanjiku, a 54yrs old and a mother of 10 childrennot only a mother but as a single mother. Ann despite of a age shehas been in a group since 10yrs ago. Which is USHIRIKA WA MAENDELEO?They do something in the community of cleaning the [mtaros] in theseveral communities, sweeps. E.t.c. the group has done a lot ofcommunity and not only that. Started a small clinic but now it hasgrown. The clinic; their charges are very low for those who canmanage and those cant afford at all are given freely medication. Ithas help many people in our region because it works 24hrs and verynear to them. They too have training students. And though thatorganization many from outside and inside have admire to join them,coz their work is very good. She says those who are interested cancome and be send to train as many as done that. USHIRIKA WA MAENDELEO
Ushirika Projects-Hotsun Foundation Many resources within kibera slums have been scarcely been piffed. A strong Non-Governmental Organization has brought in very new constructive ideas to the community. Various villages living around kianda village have benefited greatly from the toilets constructed by this organization. For a very minimal fee, one is able to use the smartly build wash-rooms.There has also been the introduction of wind-mills as a source of electricity which is readily working very well within the selected houses in kianda village. This organization has played a major role in improving the lives of those who live here. They can now have even light above their heads when they come back from and of it.More economical and healthy to use this lighting system as opposed to the use of paraffin to light their homes. Ushirika Projects
Environmental Crisis transcribed by HotSun Foundation A 13 years old boy, was playing with his friends, he was so pressed and wanted to help himself. There was a unfinished toilet at their area. While he was helping himself, fell inside the waste, but one of his friends run, crying and shouting for help and so the boy was helped and rushed to the nearby hospital which is ushirika clinic and there he was treated well and free of charge.Esther Wanjiru who is a member in maendeleo ya wanawake under ushirika foundation, she tells the story.Because of this incident the ushirika group, organized themselves and built better toilets around the whole community. And it has never been another case of the sort. Ushirika Medical Clinic
Life In Kibera transcribed by HotSun Foundation Life in Kibera gained because there are some hospitals like Ushirika medical clinic because you may found a patient die because of lack of medicine. Some house over the roof have holes. When it raining the rain enter in the house and it causes flood. Ushirika Medical Clinic
Usaid Aphia Ii the USAID APHIA II was founded by the british to help peole living with HIV ,homeless orphans and the starving ,this project has helped many people like building of orphanages in conjuction with redcross,the usaid people help people living with hiv/aids by giving thwm information on how to live positively .There was a family thatwas living in the rural part of Nakuru,they were six children and their father had passed away and thier mother who was HIV positive was expecting a baby and got to this condition after being raped and was scared because the rapist scared her that if she reported he would make sure the kids are dead.the USAID was working on a project in that locality and when she found out about that womans experience ,they decided to go meet her and they decide to help the family access justice . USAID Aphia II
Danger Among The Youth.Usaid There were very many school drop outs, early pregnancies ,STDs among the youth in our area, an organization called USAID decided to bring condoms and distributed the among the youths, some ran away and their parents were furious with them. USAID
Food Givin Rally .Usaid The USAID kENYA has been bringin food thrice yeraly to most of the kibera residents who are extremly poor ,through this project the kibera kids are able to get food and they are happy ,thanks to the USAID food project lives have been changed USAID
Quench Of Thirst transcribed by HotSun Foundation Water is life.Our body requires water in large quantities.USAID is an organisition in katwekera but have branches nationally.They have built water pumps in dry areas and the communities uses free of charge.My cousin who stay on the site say residends of security to the pumps.Several schools now have water pumps via USAID. USAID
The Usa Forces Effort. after our school was destroyed during the election violence,we had no place to go to learn at and we only stayed at home ,this concern led to the US amy to come and assist in collaboration with the community members to put up Kiambaa Primary agian from the ashes ,the US army helped in financial and technical help. US Army
Conflict - Hotsun Foundation his conflict which is a misunderstanding between families or between families. my wife had joined a womens group called the upepo base which I know should bring a good change in someones life or change in the community. But this one was very different since she joined she has changed completely she now talks to me rudely does what she wants and even never cares at all.One day I lost my job and had no other means of paying my child school fees. So she encountered her group and sought for assistance. They agreed to give support where they could.Now her behave changed completely and took advantage of my lack of job.She also put something in her childs mind because he wants something, she sends him to me and I could send him back because I do not have anything and she knows it.So the child never wanted to talk to any of us because touts him all the times. Appolius says he hopes things will be better one day. Upepo Base
Changing Times transcribed by HotSun Foundation For a long time, the women in the Kenya society have been teaching that they were behind. They have not been given equal opportunities like men in different departments raging from political, economic and social respectively. But this time they would have something to surle about. This is because UNICEF incolaboration with local football administrators are going to introduce for the first time a women league. I hope this time we will be ale to see a few male star of OVV country playing in the international scheme. UNICEF
Developing The Community transcribed by HotSun Foundation Who should develop the community? Nobody but everybody since the formation of united nations childrens fund (UNICEP) I have been beneficiary. This organization is found everywhere in the world and almost every place of our country. They play a major role in communal development thats why they emphasize of developing community level services. They also promote health and well being of the children. To achieve this they have built health centers where people get/receive free medial attention. They have also set up some schools for children. Government has given them force movement guide the country and this has made them to work freely since they have enough support from people involved. It has helped a lot of children in Kibera region. Right now it is successfully going on. UNICEF
Lets Fund The Children - Hotsun Foundation They say that the takings children are that handles in the nation of tomorrow. That why it is important to be giving over children better health and education. In the Kibera slums which is highly populated including other slums also, the non-governmental organization known as United Nations Children Fund has stepped into this matter and it is assisting greatly to provide the basic needs to this over stricken family children. UNICEF has empathize in developing community and services to promote the health and well being of children. This has un out in the Kibera slums and most children are in school and giving on well. UNICEF
Know Your Status transcribed by HotSun Foundation This was a noble project tyTranszoia Arts Promoters where thirty voluntary counseling and tasting centreswere initiated. This was members as well as encouraging many to attend VCTcentres. UNHCR
Stand Tall transcribed by HotSun Foundation Its the most difficult thing anybody will every dream about, to be there for the good of others.Fighting for other peoples rights has a lot of challenges and difficulties that very few can stand tall and say no to humiliation of human and children rights.This is exactly what the united nations high commission on human rights ahs been doing, the organization has put the governments of various countries on toes, monitoring the action of the governments concerning human and childrens right. UNHCR
Unhcr UNHCR is set up to offer humanitarian support to people who are displaced from their home by wars ,it sets up new homes for the refugees in camp and provide them with security ,food ,shelter ,clothing and medicine to the refugees ,the UNHCR has ste up camps in Kenya UNHCR
Revolution the Unga revolution which gained it's footing from kibera forced the political leaders to introduce subsidized prices for maize flour specifically for the slum residents Unga Revolution
Tumaini Women Group day by day our forests are fast disappearing giving room to structures and this has caused scarcity of firewood which is the main fuel for cooking in my community ,due to this problem the women from three villages decided to tackle the issue as they had difficulties finding firewood,these group then started maing JIKOS that heped in conserving the forest as the used lees firewood in their use ,they now use less firewood and they get money from the sell of the JIKOS.UNEP has been assisting the women group by financing their project and they now have have a big worksho where they make their jikos and sell them ,they now have a tree nursery also that they use for reafforestation. UNEP
Undugu Society undugu society is located in kibera nera the Nairobi dam ,this school helps many youth to learnas it is free,the school has many people and and ten teachers ,the owner of the school is a white man known as Arnold Growth who was a good man but he died sometimes back,the undugu society of kenya has helped many people in the soiciety because they are educating the less fortunate in the society and also givintg the children free uniform and books . Undugu Society
Promoting Peace.Undp. There was a friend of mine who told me they were promoting peace and development and also counseling affected victims and provide humanitarian assistance to the internally displaced persons after the post election violence. The challenges they faced were harsh conditions on the ground ,abuse and rejection, he was working forUNDP an organization that only came for 6 months and later pulled out, they started well but were unable to finish the work they were doing UNDP
Bio-Latrine transcribed by HotSun Foundation For many years that I have lived in kibera human waste disporsal has being problem.Many residents dont have well built toilets.Human wastes were visible all over,out break of cholera was not new to many.In early 2000 came Umade trust with plan to build biolatrine to the community.They started by one now several are in the area.Although they aren't enough due to overpopulation they are by far better off. Umande Trust
Bridges Help To Cross transcribed by HotSun Foundation Bridges do help people to cross from one side to the other. in kibera slum there are palces that have bad bridges. such kinds of bridges can cause accidents or even cause death. in our place in kibera we had not bridge to cross on . An organisation called Umande Trust bought for the people of our vilage a bridge. The people of our village were very happy. Umande Trust
Education Programme transcribed by HotSun Foundation A lot do forget that education is success in every life activity and occupation therefore mama youth be taken to school and receive education, many youths from Kibera have not been able to received education and that its not these but because they lack fund and enough money to take them through the action.But thanks to Umande must and other organs ion in support like Athi river water to build the bio-centre and crate good toilets around and also has installed good halls in the building where they now teach young ones for free, this program has really helped a now our brothers are able to receive education.The programme should run for something at least must of the young ones from around received education and be equal to everyone in the society and this organization should also be joined by others and our country will be able to produce professionals. Umande Trust
Jasho Letu transcribed by HotSun Foundation This porject was started 3yrs ago,among katwekera.The community after long suffering came up with idea of building toilets,in consensus of each to contribute some money.They did approach Umade Trust organisation with view of geting support of their project in addition to their contribution.The request was postively wellcmed by Umade Trust,e.i they accepted to support the community finacially where the need be.It wasn't long,six toilets were built and 3bathrooms.There were minimal charges which was affordable to residents who uses the toilets to maintain it clean.This was a positive move since the boundaring community around followed their foot steps.That how the end of Flying toilet came about. Umande Trust
Lack Of Toilets - Hotsun Foundation Living in a shanty town can be very challeging, just the other day a man with his fellas were walking home when one of them decide to ease himself along the railway line for it was at night and they were from watching football from a nearby football stadium. A train was coming and unfortunately the man had an attach from epylypes and the train had to run over him. Thanks to the UMANDE TRUST ORA that is building toilets in almost every place possible since such incidence and that of flying toilets will soon be forgotten. Umande Trust
The Unmamde Trust transcribed by HotSun Foundation The umande Trust is a Bro Centre which the government decided to construct for the people of Kibera to use. The sanitation for the people of Kibera was very poor as they were used to using the flying toilets which was very unhygienic. The flying toilets could cause the spread of diseases e.g. cholera, typhoid and also malaria. The Bio centres are on latrines which if one wishes to enter he/she is supposed to pay Kshs: 2. It also has a shower room which one is supposed to pay Kshs: 3/= and you are provided with everything. I would ask the leaders and any other organization to help and create or construct more Bio centres because each and everyday the demand always increase. To my fellow people is that we should maintaining those bio centres clean for our own benefit let us work together as many hands are better than one and also cleanliness is next to Godliness.THE KERI COMPUTER TRAINING PROJECTThe Keri computer training project is situated in Madaraka residence near Strathmore university in Nairobi West. They usually offer a one month computer training for a sum of Kshs: 1100. The learning is only for girls as they have always been given a priority. The Keri people believed the saying that usually goes if you educate a girl you educate the society. They believed that girls if educated can do marvelous in the society. The era of women discrimination is over, so women must be given a chance and opportunity to learn as men usually do. I would like to urge the community and the leaders to give the women a chance and to create more opportunities for their learning. They should learn and learn and be great people in the society. Many organizations should emulate the example of Keri so that they can create more opportunites for the girl child. Women must be educated and become something in the society. Through the effort of Keri many girls have learnt computer which is one of the most expensive to pay. I would like to thank Keri for the effort that they put in to educate girls. To my fellow girls I would like to tell them that every opportunity that come your way you must grab it because opportunity usually comes once and never come back. And also never procrastinate what you can do today. Be focused, hardworking and committed. Umande Trust
Shukrani Kwa Tysa transcribed by HotSun Foundation Tysa alianzishwakama miaka miwili hivi. Imepita mradi ulionzishwa na tysa imewagaidia watotoambao hawana wazazi,wasichana ambao walipata watoto kabla ya kumaliza shulewatu wa kijini. Imewasaidia kuwarudisha shuleni kuwafunza mambo mengi wasioyajua na kuwaelimisha kila mmoja juu ya maisha yake ya baadaye. Mimi kamamsichana itanisaidia kusoms vizuri Shuleni nabaadaye nitaishi maisha mazuri yenye raha upendo na amani. TYSA
A Hand For Girls transcribed by HotSun Foundation The organization TYSA provides local girls with sanitary towels as most of them lose confidence and have more problems in their daily lives. TYSA
About T transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA is a good organization that have improved my talent ofplaying soccer. Actually I pray for TYSA to continue with the same spiritbecause in our school GETA TYSA had donated one girl named ATIENO ODUOR to helpour girls in playing football. I also need to join with TYSA because my parentsare poor and actually I have one parent, my father died during the post-electionviolence. TYSA
About Tysa transcribed by HotSun Foundation True TYZA we were cope up with different talents e.g.egothak talents and others. We just congratulate the TYZA about these goodpractices. And so can we ate all together in our community and otherneighbourings. And we just request your (TYZA to come up with more than that). TYSA
Aids. Tysa When I was young, I used to hear about AIDS being discussed in low tones, I thought of it like it was just a normal disease like Malaria, but when a friend of mine died of it , I came to know what it really is. M y duty as a youth in Sinyereri and working in an organization is to tell my fellow youths about AIDS. The global giving project at TYSA is really helping the community to create AIDS awareness. TYSA
Ajali Barabarani transcribed by HotSun I live in orombee village. I like so much my village becauseof good things they do together. they live in peace no conflict in my village.And they like to encourage children like us. When they saw a child do a thingthat is noTysa had help so many girls expecially those who were drop out to be back to school and continuewith their lifes as usual.Then it also help those community members who ere justsitting idle without doing any thing to earn a living. By organizing meeting todiscuss with at to do to improve there standards of living. Expeially those whoare in sokomoko thnking that only alcohol is the business to do. My almightygod help tysa for the greatfull help.It was on Friday 3rd march at nineoclock we were on the field as usual. We were playing with joy and love .otherswere skipping ropes others were playing(kate) while others were running up and down one of them could on atree and collapse the teachers. Were involved and they take child to thehospital using TYSA
An Organisation transcribed by HotSun Foundation First I would like to say that tysa heave helped many children like the child who cannot effort the money to go to schoo. And tysa most helped many girls. Pia tysa huwasaidia watoto ambao hawajiwezi kama viwete an wengineo so I like this community much and even in sport tysa have. TYSA
Assistance By Tysa transcribed by HotSun Foundation We the community number of Sinyeleli, we do appreciate theoverwhelming work done by the TYSA OFFICE.Many schools have benefited a lot. The same applies tocommunity members. We are very optimistic that we shall succeed in thealleviation of unemployment and also poverty. The community feels very fraudand we do play that he will continue with the same each and every day.Many students have been paid school fees. This has reducedthe burden from poor parents. We also hope that TYSA will continue givingenough funds for post parents.He is a man of action and deeds. So God help TYSA for thesuccess of all his plans.People giving and working together TYSA
Avoid Accidents Near the gate of our organization/TYSA. We have kept bumps to avoid accidents.Before accidents was taking place. TYSA
Back To School Operation.Tysa The TYSA organization took an operation to return school dropouts back to school, some of the parents were very cooperative but some were really against it. There is this parent who asked the TYSA officials if he goes to school now who will provide us with food at the end of the day? TYSA
Back To School/Tysa Yesterday but one a girl who was happy becouse she had went(gone) back to school after a long period staying at home. TYSA
Bad Company/Tysa There is a student who was sent home due to bad performance in class.He was performing well but due to bad company he is performing bad.He has been punished and he has promised to change. TYSA
Community transcribed by HotSun Foundation In community TYSA have help the youth in various may use and have helped the youth not to be idols by the youth to the field to play football and it has improved the life of people in community. Through TYSA many different communities have built good relationship. TYSA
Community transcribed by HotSun Foundation Many people in community is drinking of alcohol and others thing in the community so that TYSA is bring all together tithing it bring the event in the TYSA. The people of community to come and play in the TYSA fild. TYSA
Desperate Pregnant School Girl/Tysa There is a boy who befriended a form four school girl.The girl was pregnated and the boy boy disappeared.The mother of the girl is now taking care of the child after the girl gave birth TYSA
Drop-Out/Tysa One girl was going to school.She come across a bus conductor.He mis-led the girl and took her at his house at the evening.He sleep there,afterwards she was unable to go back to school.So she decided to get married. TYSA
Education One lady has completed her form four course after being supported by the organisation of TYSA.She is very happy for that.She said that her parents were unable to pay school fees for her. TYSA
Football Match I watcheda football match between young TYSA and some white guys, the TYSA boys are aged 13yrs and belowbut the visitors were older than 20,to my surprise the young team bet the older guys 2-0. What Ilearnt from that match was never underrate any team. TYSA
Football Match I watcheda football match between young TYSA and some white guys, the TYSA boys are aged 13yrs and belowbut the visitors were older than 20,to my surprise the young team bet the older guys 2-0. What Ilearnt from that match was never underrate any team. TYSA
Friendship/Tysa I come across a girl aged 17 a form four candidate.She is a virgin but some colligues of hers keep on telling her that if she does not play sex with her boyfriend she will be abnormal.She fears indulding in sex before marriage.When she tries to tell them the dangers of sex before marriage they laugh at her,but she still insists to remain a virgin. TYSA
Future Engineers. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters, Kenya Community Development Foundation(Kcdf) Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters has sponsored 8 youth to Kitale Technical Training Institute for mechanical and civil engineering courses with the help of Kenya Community Development Foundation(KCDF) TYSA
Gloabal Giving transcribed by HotSun Foundation Ive been surely benefited from the organization TYSA mostly in education part, I have no way, my mother the best she can do but it was not possible at all because of the parents ignorance. By now am continuing with my academic well because of organization help. Also help in field activity in developing talents and skills with a good vision of being an international player in the world like Mariga Mcdonald.TITLE 224- PLAY AND LEARNThrough TYSA we have learnt many things. Even the TYSA we have been able to pay school fees and been through now to play football and gaining skills. It has help some of us sample because if we could be at home some of us would have been in jail. TYSA has performed some duties like engaging with some of the Americans. TYSA
Help By A Teacher/Tysa We had a teacher from one of the secondary school who was helping students from poor families.Many students have learned and passed well,they are now working in big offices,earning huge amount of money at the end of the month. TYSA
Help School Dropouts transcribed by HotSun Foundation The (TYSA) organization helps the youths who dropped out of school due to early pregnancies and lack of funds. It helps in eradicating illiteracy in the community. TYSA
How Tysa Has Help Me And Other transcribed by HotSun The trans nzoia youth sports association this project is avery important it has help more than a million people especially those who areat home tysa has help them to earn their living. It has some people to improvetheir talents others in education and so many other. TYSA
Kokos Village This is an organization that has been started basically for supporting orphaned children in the community, we have started building more classes as the number of children increase, organization like TYSA and others have been giving us assistance, in future we also want to come up with a program of helping people living with HIV . TYSA
Lies On The Proposed Constititon transcribed by HotSun Foundation There is propaganda being spread to the community by people who want to vote against the proposed draft. They are subjected to being hoodwinked as some cannot read and comprehend. The TYSA organization has started educating locals on the contentions issues. TYSA
Life For The Community transcribed by HotSun Foundation Tysa just started as a small group but for now it is a very big and well known group. It has really helped many people. Many have received scholarship, training and even guidance. During the post election violence they used to offer assistance like food, clothes, balls for the kids and even visit them. TYSA
My Community transcribed by HotSun Foundation I am Momanyi Dennis, I come from Cherangany and my communityis Geta community under Gusii and actually our community have developedalthough due to post-election violence that led to go back in development. Wewill like to spread peace all over the country so that all people can cometogether as they were ago.First I will like to thank TYSA for this tornament whichthey have decided to came up with. I think it is a good idea this have broughtfor us a young youths to improve and know our talents. Furthermore we can teachour children about TYSA which academically helped us much. TYSA
My Community transcribed by HotSun Foundation My community is Abagusii. Its original homeland wassomewhere in Cameroonregion. It migrated Eastlands up to Mt. Elgon region. It movedfurther Eastwards where it was displaced by Luo in Yimbo hills. Because of thegrievances in their dispersal area, it moved to present area Gusii highlands.Due to interaction some people moved to Trans-Nzoia East where it is livingwith different community.TYSA is a body that deals with sports, education anduplifting the live of people. Various students have been aided to pursue theireducation studies. 50 students have been helped by TYSA. It has been workinghand in hand with Safaricom. Sakata boli to ensure that sports have beendiversified in Kenya.We hope that it has more dreams to Kenyan. Trans-Nzoia Youth Sports Associationhas helped me to participated in various e.g. I have a Sakata bolicertificate. TYSA
My Education transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA has helped us know our skill and altitudes by organization of training sessions. Of all these it has help us to pay some school fees in school and paying for disables in different places in Kenya. For all these I think the organization.TITLE 247- POVERTY AS A PROBLEMOne day when I went to see my friend I found him staying outside. He was mourning, I asked him what happened? He told me that he was not given food in the evening. I run to our leader in the community and I raise his problem and the leader took action quickly, the leader assist him with food and drinks. TYSA
Plant A Hundred Tress For A Ball transcribed by HotSun It was so captivating andamusing when youth groups struggled to plant many trees so as to win moresoccer balls. This was an initiative organized by Transzoia Youth SportsAssociation. The winner with most balls was a youth group that one thousand andtwo hundred trees and walked away with twelve balls and a trophy but was theenvironment not conserved. TYSA
Play And Learn transcribed by HotSun Foundation Through TYSA we have learnt many things. Even the TYSA we have been able to pay school fees and been through now to play football and gaining skills. It has help some of us sample because if we could be at home some of us would have been in jail. TYSA has performed some duties like engaging with some of the Americans. TYSA
Play And Learn transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA is the organization which has helps many people in the village, it has help people with paying school fees to their children and provide field to them. TYSA
Play And Learn transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA is a organization that make people and children feel happy and they make them to play and learn. TYSA had make some thieves, drinkers to bring them to school TYSA have collect some children from younger to upper through play and learn. TYSA
Play And Learn transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA has been helping me for be coming a good play. I remember my first days I was not playing even controlling the ball. TYSA was helping me to know good values. In my education TYSA was helped to paying my school fees. I was not sure that I can go to school but TYSA has help to some ways. Today I am learning. TYSA
Reproductive Health.Tysa During a girls meeting one afternoon, I was talking about staring up a girls project, and an income generating activity, I noticed that one of the girls had been standing since she entered the room, I offered her a seat but she said she was fine. After the meeting I approached her and asked her if she was okay and she told me that she was in her periods and she had no sanitary towels and for that she could not seat. I discussed with the TYSA ceo and now the centre provides the sanitary towels for the girls. TYSA
Ruthless/Tysa Paying money that you should have used on other issues is very painful.There is an assistant chief in our area who took of the boy to the police and beaten to the extend of being admitted.He said that,that boy is a friend of his daughter who is a class eight student.After the saga it was revealed that it was not true.The administrator has been forced to pay more than three hundred thousand shilings for the damages that the boy received. TYSA
Shukrani Kwa Title transcribed by HotSun Ninapongesa tysa kwa sababu ya kuwasaidia wengine wetu has waliyo kosa elimu na kuwarudishashule pia mimi natoa shukrani kwakuanzisha hiki kikundi cha wasichana tumnawezatena wetu saidia kwa mafazi na michenzo kama kananda hivi majuzi wenzetu waliendaNairobi kwa hayo yu mungu hazidi ulind hiki kikundi tysa asante.Mazuri ambayo tyzer imetufanyia TYSA
Sports For Peace transcribed by HotSun After post electionviolence, Transzoia Youth Sports Association (TYSA) organized a soccer peacetournament between former rival communities that made it easier for youth fromthose communities interact and socialize TYSA
Story About Tysa Hotsun Foundation We had been waiting for the day since it was announced byour games teacher that we had been invited y TYSA to participate. Days seemedto be months as we were waiting to exploit our talents.We arrived safely in Gods will and entered the field, likelions ready to fight. We changed and managed to beat Kipkeikei one/ zero as inthey were unable to defeat us. TYSA has also enabled us to exploit our talents as studentssince, there is no any other organization that can manage to do the wonderfuljob. In addition they have provided us with food, they have also managed toaward those who have lost their games to the other. I am really impressed withTYSA may God enable them to continue that way. TYSA
The Tysa Organization transcribed by HotSun Foundation The nane TYSA mean Tiranula yotuSports its start in April when itsStars we where cren the TysaGroup has help us to know how to learn many things we weregoing there as Saturday to learn. TYSA
To Be Clean/Tysa Cleanliness is very important in our lives becouse of dirtiness you cannot pass or stay with people.We had a very dirty old man in the nearby village to the extend that the colour of his clothes cannot be known.Due to dirtiness he was eaten by jiggers from toes to head.We were required to volunteer by removng jiggers. TYSA
Trans-Nzoia Youth Sport Association Programme Tysa is one of the organization that have really improved our community especially girls have been assisted in the community through the boys also have been assisted a lot through games such as foot ball and these have improved our community at large. TYSA
Tribalism. Tysa &Usaid Two communities living in the same village really hated each other, the hatred was brought by the inciting leaders, and this led to one community to be chased away by the dominant tribe. The government, TYSA and USAID brought al people together and held peace meetings; they finally forgave each other and lived together peacefully together. TYSA
Tysa Improved In Community transcribed by HotSun Foundation This is an organization that has started early. This organization has help and improve people both mentally and physical improvement. It has help to brought back people who are at home brought them to school. This organization has also improved in community work of building roads and social problems that affects the community. TYSA
Tysa Oganization transcribed by HotSun Foundation First I would like to send my regards to Trans-Nzoia YouthSport Association whereby it has enabled many pupils and students to show upthere tablets in various ways.Whereby on the other hand many pupils and studentsparticipate in sport activities such as football and also participating indrama club, narrating poems and traditional dances these has enhanced manychildren being flexible and developing thinking capacity.Moreover, I pray to God because I know through theseorganization I will make it and will still move on will out talents. TYSA
Tysa Organisation transcribed by HotSun Foundation Tysa stands for Trans-Nzoia Youths Sports Association. It islocated in Trans-Nzoia East District at Sinyereri village. TYSA plays a veryimportant role in the community. Its major aim is help youths who are talentedto play some games. Some youths have improved their talents after establishmentof TYSA. The major problem that faces TYSA is that, it is located in ruralareas where there are few youths.TYSA have also improved the living standard of girls. Pastin the community, girls were being looked as a valueless child but now, mostgirls have helped their families through TYSA. TYSA
Tysa Organization transcribed by HotSun The name TYSA means Trans-Nzoia Youth Sports Association. Itstarted in April. When it started we were there. Exem the TYSA group has helpedus to know how to learn many things. We were going there on Saturday to learn. TYSA
Tysa Organization transcribed by HotSun I like and also love TYSA for their good work they have donefor us and other children in Kenya a for paying for other children school feeswhich some people in Kenya do not have because of the economy.I like playing football because I think it is my best gameit makes me feel fresh and cool when I play it makes TYSA is the best groupever accover Kenya which when I grow up would I like to be one of them and alsowould like to be the idol superstar Denis Oliech. TYSA
Tysa Organization transcribed by HotSun Since this project started it has enabled me to know manythings for example self-awareness. It has enabled me to understand myselfbetter how to take care of my body and how to choose friends wisely.It has also thought me to understand that true love waits.This project help us to come together social relation and formal education. Iwill so happy where they tell us that we are invite you Sibanga from Singererito teach you free education about to take care with people living with HIV/AIDSand how to take care as a girl. TYSA
Tysa Organization transcribed by HotSun TYSA means Trans-Nzoia Youth Sport Association. It has causemany improvement in different areas. Especially as youths have benefitedthrough many things in education, sports. Children right effected of drugsabuse ad abstain from sex and other many things.Through their assistance about drug abuse many youths havebenefited by knowing the effects of drug abuse which can lead to easy spread ofHIV/AIDS also we can be able to abstain from sex which lead to unwantedpregnancies and to drop out of school which it will affect our lives as ayouth. As on advise to youth may tell you to join TYSA is the best organizationto be. TYSA
Tysa Organization transcribed by HotSun TYSA means Trans-Nzoia Youth Sports AssociationIt started in AprilWhen I am in TYSA I see many school in TYSA TYSA is very importantGichuki was in TYSA groupGichuki pay me a shirtThey are games and other players. TYSA
Tysa Organization transcribed by HotSun TYSA stands for Trans-Nzoia Youth Sports Association. It isan association which arised in Zolo. It is chaired by Francis Gichuki. It hasbeen developed us in both education and sports and it have also rised ourstandard as girls and boys. Otherwise we have received many equipment likeT-shirts and perhaps balls of participating. Finally we have to thank thisassociation for improving over standard us youths. TYSA
Tysa Organization transcribed by HotSun TYSA means Trans-Nzoia Youth Sports Association this groupwas started with a leader whose name is Mr. Francis Gichuki and he is a goodleader in our groups. He helps girls in both education and sports. If youeducate girls you educate the whole nation. We are good girls in our school,society, country and we must meet so many schools. And we have visitor from Nairobi and America.I thank Mr. Gichuki for what he has done and God willprovide for him to help us. He assist us to give us T-shirts and otherproperty. Thank you. Tysa
Tysa Organization transcribed by HotSun TYSA stands for: - Trans-Nzoia Youth Sports Association playand learn.I am a girl in Sibanga Primary School. My hobbyis to play football and learning. Once when we went to TYSA I saw many thingthey learning. Many thing our visitors came and he has been gave every oneT-shrit I like TYSA very because it helps me a lot of that it can tell us manythings that can help us in our life. I think I will continues with that clubbecause kept me to be hardworking girl KCDF people giving and working together. TYSA
Tysa Organization transcribed by HotSun Foundation I congratulate people who have decided to stand with ussince TYSA project started I have learned many things that . I was notknowing my talent but now I know. Since these project started I have learnedhow to take care of myself as a girl. How to be industrious in school, how toplay football, netball, handball and how to dance. You will find children whowere muttered know they can do without fear. I know if we are going to continuethese we are going to be optimistic. I thank all member of TYSA for what theyhave done. TYSA
Tysa Organization transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA organization is where that we go to learn and sport.TYSA means Trans-Nzoia Youth Organization. Youth sport play and Trans-Nzoiayouth sport TYSA give us some many good things to learn. For play and anotherthing to learn and cut bodies since this profect start I have seen a window ofchange to many girls in this profects. And it have also help the girls who canperform well. They will support . with school fees. Because of this profect,we have also socialize with other girls. TYSA
Tysa Organization transcribed by HotSun Foundation A girl from Sibanga Primary School I wouldlike to thank TYSA for taking as of their team . thank for the supportthat you have been giving to as education on .. to stay as youth and .interesting with anchor student in sport.I am proud of being a player provising whom group meaning mysomething toward I pray to Almighty God to help us. TYSA
Tysa Organization transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA as a governmental organization has played a big role to my life first it has pay for the school fees, has taught me some values like tolerance, effort, communication E.t.c. TYSA
Tysa Play Our Best transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA as an organization his help many people in our community. The organization have make people who drop from school to go back to school day paying school fees for term. TYSA
Tysa transcribed by HotSun TYSA stands for Trans-Nzoia Youth Sports Association. TYSAwas put aside to assist girls from different communities. Gichuki has play abig role. He has provided for us T-shirts of Wasichana Tunaweza. Since thisproject started it has helped us to have good behaviour and good morals andgood morals led to good decision making.Many girls in our community were decided to leave schoolsbut this organization have encouraged us and nagging us to work had so that wecan achieve our goals.This organization has brought many games like football,volley ball and culture so that we can improve our talents and abilities. Weare happy as a king to participating in this projects. TYSA has led many girlsto concentrate in their works well. And we are to struggle to work harder andharder for our future life.This project has assisted us to have social relations withother people. TYSA
Tysa transcribed by HotSun Tysa is an important organization that was started in ourlocation, indeed has sarved more than 1mollion people everywhere the world mostthat have sarved are young children age from 1-30 even it has help those whoare poor and return those who get out of school before finishing school. TYSA
Tysa transcribed by HotSun On my side I heard a story about tysa that they were takingthose girls who are in the community who dont have money to go to school. TYSA
Tysa transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA is a very important and organized staff. It has reallyimproved to promote peace in the community and it is also improving peoplestalent. TYSA
Tysa transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA actually has really tried to improve the livingstandards of many children especially the orphan, single children and thosecoming from poor backgrounds. TYSA as an association has considered the peopleof Sinyereri and neighbouring communities but in our community TYSA actuallyhas not helped none of our children so I could like to wide this storyrequesting TYSA staff and all members to consider many other children from ourcommunity especially orphan children and even those from poor background.TYSA also as an organization you are requested to preparesome sport events in our areas. TYSA
Tysa transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA as one of the association of sports in Cherangany hashighly tried to help the youths. Through their efforts of writing people andmaking them to identify their talents, people have really started to live withharmony and others utilize their talents well.Through TYSA, most people have learned much and are knowgrowing morally upright. Moreover, TYSA has really tried to help most of theschool drop outs and make them learn and this has really contributed to theunited community. TYSA
Tysa transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA is a group that helps mean people TYSA imefanya nimejua mpira sana. Hapo kale kuna kwana mmoja alikuwa hana kitu hata skidoos lakini siku moja akatokezea tajiri mmoja akampa pesa shilingi elfu mbili hivi kuuza mahindi hivi sasa yeye ni tajiri sana. TYSA
Tysa transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA is one of the organization that have assisted many ofus especially youths who have benefited from the organization because of itseffort it assisted most of us to recover and forgive our friends who wrong usduring 2007 election. May God bless TYSA.In my community Gusii, there are rich and poor people. Ibelong to the poor one, in the community I seem to be so alone in my lifebecause I feed myself, I pay my school fees and there are so many things that Icannot withstand by myself. So in my community there are many educated peoplewho succeed because of changa and they real succeed and there are people e.g.Christians who did not real in brewing and they fill their national exams. Sohas Gusii how can we in the community. TYSA
Tysa transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA is an organization that had helped many of the activitysuch as informing other clubs or school to have some matchlly friends. TYSA isa good organization because today it sponsored our girls free of charge withhelping them in giving them a vehicle to bring them to here TYSA.Actually like today the TYSA club would give some rewards tothe first school and the last school, I am happy with this organization. It hasimproved by bringing the youths together to form one thing. TYSA
Tysa transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA is a good school which has helped many people fromdifferent parts of the country to come together. I am happy because they werewelcome people and they also help people like us to improve mostly in howtalents and more about greeting friends from different people who live togetheras a unity. It as helped how school so much by giving us a chance to betogether and we hope that they shall call us another day.Also we see that it is an organized institution which canhelp many people like students, ovans and people who are needy. TYSA
Tysa transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA is a very good and organized company. It has helped theother people who are helpless. The TYSA it has helped people talents like thosewho play football. Like today on 27th May 2010, so TYSA is a goodcompany and keep it up. God bless this company. TYSA
Tysa transcribed by HotSun Foundation TYSA has been the close friends since the strategy happenedin our community. For my knowing TYSA has helped us to socialize fully withdifferent communities making a very firm relationship to our people and so farwe are benefiting from being exposed to the field to produce very greatpersonnels for playing football and other different activities based onpositively regenerating our talents. For coming together and peace, nothing hascome from anywhere except first is from TYSA. For that great concern TYSA letgo on. TYSA
Tyser transcribed by HotSun I like to tell you about story of tyser how they help me.One is to encourage me like a girl that I can do what even boys do. You nowthat encouragement is too better that you can feel that you are like otherpeople.Two they encourage girl who they drop school because of beenpregnant.they tell them you have to go back school after got your baby. Andthat is the end my story I now is too many thing tyzer have me but I want totold that only. TYSA
Unable To Extract Title I came from a family where I stay with my single parent mother and grandmother. I went to school and finished my O-level I Kenya but during my schooling period, school fees was a problem to me but my parents struggled so much to see that I got all I needed. I finished my form 4 in the year 2007 where my aggregate mark was C. By then TYSA organization had just started and I decided to join the organization where II used to play football. Since Ihad passion in education and I wanted to make my dreams come true, went to theDirector and asked for a helping hand. He went and looked for a vacancy inUganda for my A-LEVEL where I later joined and completed in the year 2009.Am expecting to join universityand become a journalist and help my community in the future. TYSA
Unable To Extract Title Ihad a friend ever since primary school,we used to be great allies but weseparated when each of us went to different secondary schools but unfortunatelyshe got pregnant and dropped out of school. I used to encourage her not to giveupin life since that was not the end of her life.I encouraged her and shejoined TYSA where we used to play football.She got empowered and even started a small business at home.Herparents used to ask for the money she got to feed her child.She ended upgetting losses and soon the the business was down.The girl realy lost hope inlife and even decided to get married as a second wife as she was sodesperate,tilll now Istill encourage her and because of that she has a happyfamily and good business where she is earning to push her baby and herselfthrough the days Tysa
Unable To Extract Title I came from a family where I stay with my single parent mother and grandmother. I went to school and finished my O-level I Kenya but during my schooling period, school fees was a problem to me but my parents struggled so much to see that I got all I needed. I finished my form 4 in the year 2007 where my aggregate mark was C. By then TYSA organization had just started and I decided to join the organization where II used to play football. Since Ihad passion in education and I wanted to make my dreams come true, went to theDirector and asked for a helping hand. He went and looked for a vacancy inUganda for my A-LEVEL where I later joined and completed in the year 2009.Am expecting to join universityand become a journalist and help my community in the future. TYSA
Unable To Extract Title I came from a family where I stay with my single parent mother and grandmother. I went to school and finished my O-level I Kenya but during my schooling period, school fees was a problem to me but my parents struggled so much to see that I got all I needed. I finished my form 4 in the year 2007 where my aggregate mark was C. By then TYSA organization had just started and I decided to join the organization where II used to play football. Since Ihad passion in education and I wanted to make my dreams come true, went to theDirector and asked for a helping hand. He went and looked for a vacancy inUganda for my A-LEVEL where I later joined and completed in the year 2009.Am expecting to join universityand become a journalist and help my community in the future. TYSA
At Old Age transcribed by HotSun Foundation Hannah Wanjiku 54yrs old and a mother of 10 childrenand a grand mother of many. She says, was left with grand childrenwhose their parents are dead. Never works and hard to feed her house.She explained herself to someone who gave her an idea of visiting theTUNZA children centre for help. She decided to go, because there wason other option rather than ask for her grand children. So she wasgranted the chance and they were ready to even help her in feedingher too because of her age. She encourages her fellow age mates whohave no help for their grand children, to look for somewhere good forthem before they become street boys and girls for the better of ourcommunity. TUNZA
The Art Of Giving transcribed by HotSun Foundation Orphans in the community continue to fate a lot of difficulties such as lack of education, shelter and rejection by the society.Tunza childrens home situated in Olympic has made recommendable efforts in providing education to a large number of orphans in the slum and providing shelter, clothing and food for some of the children.They have invested in children who could have otherwise been wasted into drugs and other slum immoralities. Tunza
Tunza Clinic transcribed by HotSun Foundation Malnutritions and children diseases have been very common among the slum children and this has not been prevented in an cosyway. Pregnant mothers have also had to walk for many kilometers before they can reach a formal medical institution that can offer them professional services.Tunza clinics have therefore come in very handy to help out solve some of these problems that have lived with us for very many years. Harried has been a nurse here for four months. She believes that the constant inflow in the number of patients who keep on coming to the clinic can be attributed to the convenience of their services and the point of location too.Their maternity department operates for twenty four hours. This is because there are emergency cases that could occur within the night that need to be attended to. They also have an ambulance that can help in transferring a patient in case the case is beyond them. Tunza
Child Rescue 6months ago I visited a family friend who had lost their parents 2yrs ago but tomy surprise they wee no where to be found,I asked the neighbours and they toldme about how their living conditiondeteriorated until a childrens home came to their rescue.They are in the schoolnow and hav e a place they call homeTumaini childrens home gavethem a new begining in life. Tumaini Children's Home
Conserving The Forest transcribed by HotSun Foundation Trees are major rainfall attraction.Water catchment are as result of well conserved environment.TREE FOR CLEAN ENERGY NETWORK,is an organisation in kibera based on environment conservation.Youth engage in planting trees and cleaning.This also provide source of income to the member.Education is provided to the communities on the merits of presence of trees in our envronments. Trees for Clean Energy Network
Idea For Clean Energy transcribed by HotSun Foundation Inspite of the availability of rivers around the countries for power generation kenyans many times find themselves in blackouts.Power rationing is a common thing in slums.At time the community found it hard when there are no power and special activities demands its presence.When Trees for clean network organisition came in,everything was almost possible.They introduced windmills i Trees for Clean Energy Network
Life Will Still Continue transcribed by HotSun Foundation Despite long suffering in kibera because of power resident finds wayout.Power rationing is a common thing in slums.At time the community found it hard when there are no power and special activities demands its presence.When Trees for clean network organisition came in,everything was almost possible.They introduced windmills i Trees for Clean Energy Network
Save Energy By Hots Foundation Power rationing is a common thing in slums.At time the community found it hard when there are no power and special activities demands its presence.When Trees for clean network organisition came in,everything was almost possible.They introduced windmills in some parts of kibera frequently affected with help from Umande trust and also build bio-centres all with aim to produce energy.This and provided a dependalble source of energy.Thanks to the organisation many activities takes place at ease. Trees for Clean Energy Network
Market Renovation Trans-Nzoia County Council renovated many stalls in the market as a way of improving business standards and health concerns in the market . Trans-Nzoia County Council
Anti Rapist Initiative transcribed by HotSun Several girls and women aretrained freely in my village on self defence techniques by specialist broughtby Transzoia Arts Promoters to help women and girls protect themselves as wellas wade off possible rapists. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Awarded For Charity Work transcribed by HotSun Transzoia Arts Promoters, acommunity based organization has been offering books to students and pupilsfrom poor families for the past two years and the organization was recentlyawarded for that noble charity work. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Basket Weaving.Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters Many youth can now make use of the available elephant grass in Sinyereri river to weave basket and mats after training from Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters. These baskets are sold to people outside earning them a living. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Basketball transcribed by HotSun Many in my community used tohear of basketball for several years but they can now watch it being played intheir midst. Thanks to Tranzoia Arts Promoters who constructed a basketballcourt giving youths a chance to play this game. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Child For Child Help By Houn Foundation This was a donation projectwhere children were asked to donate clothes, shoes, books, pens and food stuffsfor their fellow children from poor family. This project that was originated byTrans-zoia Arts promoters helped many children from poor families. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Child Ptection Desks transcribed by HotSun Foundation After conducting many childprotection workshop in the community Transzoia Arts Promoters pushed forestablishment of child protection desks in police stations where a trainedpolice officer is stationed. This has helped in reporting and following up ofchild violation cases. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Child Rights Club transcribed by HotSun Foundation Transzoia Arts Promotersformed child rights clubs in schools where children are taught on duties,responsibilities and rights of a child as well as where to report in case ofviolation of these rights. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Cholera Prevention Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters. With the outbreak of cholera in the nearby district, Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters embarked on sensitizing the community on preventative measures that could help keep cholera away. This saved our community from the outbreak. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Clean Students Campaign. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters This was a campain conducted by Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters in all primary andsecondary schools to sensitize pupils and students on the need of bathing daily and keeping themselves clean as a way of passing exams. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Clinical Cut.Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters. Trans-Nzoia Art Promoters have been busy holding public rallies geared to sensitizing the community against traditional male circumcision and appealing to them to take their boys to hospital instead Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Community Suggestion Boxes. Trans-Nzoia Art Promoters. Trans-Nzoia Art Promoters boxes in distributed suggestion in 15 villages positioned at strategic areas where community members are to put in the suggestion box ideas of how they want to be served and then the letters are taken to the village elders. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Emergency Contraceptives.Trans-Nzoia Art Promoters After a survey done by Trans-Nzoia Art Promoters, it was discovered that many school going girls are using emergency contraceptives as a way of preventing pregnancy and are not weary of contracting HIV. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Environmental Art Competition.Trans Nzoia Art Promoters Trans Nzoia Art Promoters organized an art competition where competitors were to convey an environmental conservation message through drawings. Many artists participated. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Family Planning.Trans Nzoia Art Promoters Trans Nzoia Art Promoters collaborating with the ministry of health organized a series of workshops aimed at advocating for a small family unit through safe and recommended family planning methods Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Fashion Festival.Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters This was a festival organized by Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters aimed at exposing artistic fashion designs from various tailors in the district. Many tailors took part and many fashions were displayed. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Fireless Cooker .Trans Nzoia Art Promoters Trans Nzoia Art Promoters through their environmental program organized a capacity building training on how to construct a cooker that uses solar energy too cook ,this method reduces the dependence on firewood which has negatively affected our forest. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
First Aid Lessons.Trans-Nzoia Art Promoters Trans-Nzoia Art Promoters organized community First Aid Lessons where basic skills of first Aid were taught throughout the district and also in schools Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Free Mosquito Nets Y Hotsun Foundation Many families in my villagebenefitted with mosquito nets as a way of curbing the spread of malaria. Thenets were distributed by Transzoia Arts Promoters as an agent of ministry ofhealth. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Garbage Collection Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters There used to be no proper disposal channel in my home until Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters constructed garbage collection sites, my village is clean because garbage is now not thrown anywhere Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Hear Our Cry transcribed by HotSun Foundation This was children campaignagainst child violation organized by Trans-zoia Arts Promoters for children inthe community to air their plights to local leaders and Member of Parliament.After that campaign, many children violators were apprehended. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Let Me Play transcribed by HotSun Foundation Many children dont get timeto play and relax in my village becausethey are either working in plantations or taking care of domestic animals butafter Let me play campaign organized by Trans-zoia Arts Promoters, manyparents allow their children to have fan. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Making Candles Many farmers in my village harvest honey and have been throwing away he comb, they received training from Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters on how to make candle from the raw wax Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Malaria Away Campaign.Trans Nzoia Art Promoters Trans Nzoia Art Promoters in conjunction with the ministry of health organized a campaign that was aimed at building capacity of the community members of eradicating malaria causing agents ,this effort reduced malaria cases in my community Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
No To Mob Justice.Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters After several cases of mob justice where suspected thieves were burnt alive ,TYSA organization in collaboration with Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters organized a community outreach program where better methods of justice to all were sensitized. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Non Discriminator. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters organized a community beauty pageant which was aimed at educating the community against discriminatory people living with HIV/AIDS. The pageants were to carry the message everywhere Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
On The Road On the road After many road accidents in our district, Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters in collaboration with the traffic department organized community sensitization programs aimed at instilling traffic discipline among road users. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Our Community 2030 transcribed by HotSun Foundation Children from all over Cherangany constituency converged at Cherangany hillsto plant trees as a way of conserving environment and also a means of creatinga better, clean environment before the year 2030. This day was organized byTranszoia Arts Promoters. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Para Legal Training transcribed by HotSun Foundation Transzoia Arts Promotersthrough its child protection programme trained thirty five (35) Para legalsfrom all our villages to help in sensitizing a capacity building and offeringlegal aid to parents, guardians and violated children. This has helped inreducing child violation. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Peace Marathon transcribed by HotSun Trans-zoia Arts Promotersorganized Cherengany peace marathon who route was designed to trespass allrival communities and who won in the women category was a former internallydisplaced mother of six children who braced the hot sun to emerge victorious. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Polythene Recycling Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters. After intensive training on how to use polythene bags and paper to make baskets and beads by Trans-Nzoia Art Promoters, we have been making income as well as keeping our environment clean Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Save Her.Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters This was a campaign organized by Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters as a means of advocating for support of teenage mothers in the community ,this lead to amazing results as many community members volunteered sewing machines for twenty three girls as support. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Space For Freedom transcribed by HotSun Foundation During Labour Daycelebrations last year, Transzoia Arts Promoters organized a campaign thatadvocated for a better environment for children in the community. Theorganizers begun the day with a walk through main roads of our village. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Student Riots.Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters When cases of student riots increased in schools ,Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters designed a capacity building program where students were sensitized on better conflict resolution methods and this helped reduce cases of students riots. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Sun Energy Tapped transcribed by HotSun Many families in Cheranganyconstituency have benefited from solar empowerment program. Thanks to TranszoiaArts Promoters. Many houses are now lighting and this has helped reduce the useof kerosene. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Top Performers Awards. Trans-Nzoia Art Promoters. Trans-Nzoia Art Promoters launched top performers awards for schools that are performing better as well as top in the national exams as a way of encouraging students and teachers to work hard. Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Vct Centers.Trans-Nzoia Art Promoters Trans-Nzoia Art Promoters launched a participatory education theatre that was aimed at sensitizing community members to be visiting voluntary counseling and testing centre regularly Trans-Nzoia Arts Promoters
Touching The Hearts Of Many transcribed by HotSun Foundation The Dettol HEART Run is an event that is held annually in Kenya. The main aim of the run is to raise many for treatment of those children whom have heart problems which required special treatment. Most of them come from financially unstable families.The participants win the run register by paying cash which goes to the Touch A Heart account. The money is used to p ay the bills for the operation of the children.This is the most attendee run in our calendar with people ranging from the young to the old taking part in it. Touch a Heart
The Opportunity That Never Was transcribed by HotSun Foundation After the funeral of her parents she collected the few rags she had to stay with his Uncle who promised to take her back to school.They reached their distination that is the place where the big man was the leader Kibera. After days turning to months and finaly to a year the school.She got used to a neighbour who introduced her to an organisation day in day out hoping that her talent will be recognized.God finally came to her rescue when one day the organisation had visitors from U.K. They performed some cultural dances tha she knew best to do and infact she had the potential of making the visitors who were not getting the language to have fun. One of them after entertainment went to have a word with her. After learning that she had an interest in going to school to finish her studies the visitor decided to offer her a chance of sponsoring her through her organisations manager and they agreed that he will enrol her in a neigbouring school where she will only come during vacations and stay with the organisations manager.Time was over and the visitor went to U.K. and did as he had said. Try organisation Manager did not dare sent the girl to a school but the money was sent. He grew fat and maintained his family in a luxurius home this went on until one day she stole her sponsors e-mail address and went to a cyber cafe and talked to the assistant there to help him sent a letter to the sponsor. She communicateds with her sponsor who got so angry and travelled to Kibera.He arrested the man and went with the girl to UK who continued with the studies. When she finished she came back and started an organisation that she named "TOGETHER LETS FIGHT CORRUPTION" They took orphaned children to school who in turn helped in the upgrading of the slum till today we have the government initiated program of upgrading. Together Lets Fight Corruption
The Door That Was Locked From Outside.The Widows Of Today Mrs Jane is one of the widows and a member of the organisation called 'the widows of today',his husband died in a fire after a house he was caught fire ,he was a guard in the building and the boss order that all people working at night should be locked in shop including the guards so that they cant steal from him,the husband was at that time with other guards the only employees working at night and when the fire broke out they all got burnt .the ten widows of the watchmen came together and formed this organisation ,they plant tres and vegetables and sel them at a profit for their income , this organisation is one year old and it is doing well as it reacives donations from supportes wgho are proud of their work . The widows of today
Dip Program transcribed by HotSun Foundation This is a program that helps people get better education by taking people to better universities in other countries my brother antony cathesea while in form 2 she got an opportunity to do the exams. After passing the exams this expenses were to much for our parents to handle. The DIP organization helped us pay for every penny that was required. He went to south Africa and is know in the united state of America working he now get payment form the company he is working in the send us money for our welfare. If it was not for the DIP program my brother could not have been what he is now. The DIP organization
About Telsa transcribed by HotSun Foundation I like to express my happiness through this piece of paperjust because I could have no any chance to thank TEISA community.They are welcoming people also caring. They have providethinks that really we did not expect. We say thank you so much. Everyindividual despite the tribe they come together as a way of interation. Thishas shown transparency whole rergion.Its has shown that even if one is far or not a part ofcommunity they remember them and also they have a concern. I am so happy to bein these environment that have not really reach. I say thank you to TELSA. TELSA
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