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Transport And Storage Of Havest

I live in a productive area. We plant alot of things, vegetables, maize, and several other crops of which at the end we get alot of harvest. To be precise, we are farmers-majorily of us. Though we usually get alot of harvest, alot end up going to waste. This solely due to poor roads that were used to take the harvest to the market. Also getting standardized galleries to store our harvest has been hard, thus making our harvest to end up in huge loss. Luckily, an organisation named WSF identified the problem and together with the government they decided to help us. They started with improving our roads-good roads were constructed and thus the problem of transporting harvest to the market has been dealt with accordingly. They went a head to install modern storage facilities and therefore harvest is stored before being taken to market without spoiling. This initiative has helped improve our lives and wer are happy for that.


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