Please tell a story about a time when a person or organization tried to help someone or change something in your community:

A Drought

Drought is a very bad catastrophe that has affected many lives of people in this country. That drought prolonged for almost six months in our community. Crops started withering. Water was a very big problem to them even livestock sterved to death. What a fatal disaster! Residents of the community could buy water at a very expensive price. However, the water was very dirty but it compelled them to use it. This made the people to be affected by diseases such as typhoid and cholera. They besieged for aid everywhere but their efforts did not bore fruits. At long-last, government heard the complaints about the community. Food was also a problem to us. This resulted to the death of one child in the community. The member of parliament visited the community and put across that he will make sure that every person in the community, will get enough supply of food and water. At the moment, efforts of putting up pipes of water and supply of food started. We thanked our member of parliament.


  • The organization most involved in what happened: Government

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