Please tell a story about a time when a person or organization tried to help someone or change something in your community:

The Wrong Turn

It was the end of the year when one man in the name of Kijwodo who came to our village and predicted the coming of the bad and most deadly disease. This man tells the villagers that if one knows that his innocent from violent attacks he cannot figa for his life it is better for him to disapear and quickly as possible and those who fell that they can fight and they are rude people they will support to wait for the war. Most of the people of the village followed his advice and they migrated from the origin to the comps very far from our village. us we ignored the advice and said that it is better to die than suffer, we waited for long time untill we are tired and we disides to took the forms which was being looked by the people who migrated from their land. Those people they suffer their in the camps and they were assumed to be brea in our village they suffer there untill today.


Story Attributes/Tags

  • This was an horrible story that I will remember forever
  • This story relates to physical needs
  • This story relates to knowledge
  • This story relates to respect
  • I saw what happened in the story
  • What happened in the story relates to INDIVIDUAL

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About This Story

  • Gender of storyteller: Male
  • Age of storyteller: 16-21 years old
  • This story took place 2-6 months ago
  • Location: Sibanga, Tranzoia, Kenya
This story describes a...
a need
a problem
a solution
The story is about...
Who benefited from what happened in the story...
the right people
the wrong
This story describes a...
good idea that failed
bad idea
good idea that
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