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Water Problem In Our Area

Water is an important commodity in life without there is no life. therfore water is life. In our place the needy commodity is a scasity. The rivers and streams are very far ans seasonal. So when swim came to us we thought our problem was over. Only late to encounter other problems when trying to solve the first. Swims answer to the water problem most to wells for the members. Ground water is permanent and dependable if reached to the right depth. Swim trained some members to detect ground water for them and others. The project met problems when wells were being dug. The main problem is rocky ground. The area is very rocky underground. The local tools used by ground breakers can't break the rocks making it impossibe ti reach the water. The morden tools that break the rocks a very expencive for the locals to afford. The lack of funds in the main issue. If the project went ahead as swim plned the community around have benefited by getting clean water irrigated crops feed their animals and other domestic needs to make them economicaly able. We as a community have no answers to the problem since we don't have the funds for the needy and worthy project.


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  • Location: Muthengera, Nyahururu, Kenya
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