Please tell a story about a time when a person or organization tried to help someone or change something in your community:

Be Aware Of Foreigners

Loving foreigners just because they have many or for the sake of getting their money has always been a common habbit with we Africans especially Kenyans. There was these man who met a Germany lady who pretended to love him so much .There love was was too strong that they decided to make it real in Germany. on reaching Germany the lady turned to the man of three kids and one wife the man forced to have the dog that was fucking his ass hole. After that act the man was given air ticket with some amount to go back home with a cd ,he was told was the Cd had Germany movies on reaching home he was warmly welcomed and his children plus relatives wanted to know what he had brought from abroad.It was during this time that he had brought from abroad .It was during this time that one of his son took the Cd and played it was the scene btwn his dad a dog acting ponography.


Events like these happen:


Story Attributes/Tags

  • The story describes a bad idea that worked despite itself
  • This story makes me feel frustrated
  • This story relates to security
  • This story relates to family and friends
  • This story relates to respect
  • I heard what happened in the story
  • What happened in the story relates to friends

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  • Gender of storyteller: Female
  • Age of storyteller: Under 16 years old
  • This story took place 2-6 months ago
  • Location: Kibera (kianda), Nairobi, Kenya
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broad need
The story is about...
Who benefited from what
happened in the story...
the wrong
the right
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continuous effort
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