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The Perception Of The Slim Image

Now many of us can be able to stand confidently and shout to the whole world that I am beautiful, I know I am fearfully and wonderfully made? Just a few the number can for sure be counted. Down the line most of us are certain that one part of my body isn't perfect and so that has been able to pull our self esteem down. It is for this reason that Esther Samita, a 20 year old girl pursuing law at Catholic university carried a survey just ti see hoe many people appriciate their body and in the process sensitizing on the importance of us appreciating ourselves. In her talk she realised that the modern Kenyan girl is percived beautiful when slim, the media our friends and even the environment in which we live and raised in. In her research she tells us that when trying to slim yourself there are two diseases that catch us. Anerocia, where on denies themselves the right to eat, you starve yourself to and when you try check yourself in the mirror even when skinning you still see yourself as fat, then still starve yourself to death. Theres also Bullmia, it catches the person who tries to slim but wont stop eating. You eat like it's the last time to eat then you realise oops I was saposed to ration my amount and you end up forcing yourself to puke because of guilt, you live with guilt for the rest of your life. Its then evident that its good to appreciate ourselves the way we are. This is because we may try to force somthinges to ourselves at the expense of hurting ourselves. Overcoming this and being able to have a high self esteem starts with us individually and extending out to friends. In her road to sensitization, it was not easy though still she managed to touch some lives.


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