Please tell a story about a time when a person or organization tried to help someone or change something in your community:

Run For Safety

My teacher had already told me that I was going home. But my question was why? They never told me the reason so it looked like I had to think by myself. To be honest I was very much worried and couldn't even do anything right. I was too confused and didn't even understand anything. I knew that something bad had happen but I didn't want to be pesimistic by any chance. So I had to travel from school to home. The distance was so far.BONDO to NAIROBI. I left school at one pm and arrived in Nairobi at twelve midnight. During my journey During my journey, my sitt-mate was not bad. I mean a gentleman. He offered me tea but I refused, but later gave me money to compasate for the tea. How was I to refuse it was just money. But I thank God he had no bad intentions. Our driver had bought for me food (chips) and I couldn't refuse since I wasn't spending any of my money. But ti him he had second thought. He wanted me to go with him from the main town. Was I so stupid to even do such a thing. Something bad was really happening and I just had to go. When we had stopped there he came out . Now this was my chance.


Story Attributes/Tags

  • This was an horrible story that I will remember forever
  • This story relates to security
  • This story relates to family and friends
  • This story relates to knowledge
  • I helped make the story happen

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About This Story

  • Gender of storyteller: Female
  • Age of storyteller: 16-21 years old
  • The storyteller cannot remember when this story took place.
  • Location: Kenyatta Streets, Nairobi, Kenya
This story describes a...
a need
a problem
a solution
The story is about...
Who benefited from what happened in the story...
the right people
the wrong
This story describes a...
good idea that failed
bad idea
good idea that
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