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Solar Energy As A Renewable Source Of Energy

In the recent past, solar energy has not been effectively maxmized for domestic use. We mainly use solar energy to dry clothes and serials but not for cooking and heating. This is partly because our foods are kind of technical and require vigorous sirring when preparing and in addition much heat. However Janyuary 2011, a team of five members from t he Japanese Solar Education Association visited our community in Koibarak and educated the members on the importance of using solar energy as a renewable source of energy. They taught the community members how to make simple solar cookers from locally available materials. At the end of the session everyone present was given two by two metres of aluminium foil to be used for making their own solar cookers. The solar cookers can be used to boil water, cook foods like sweet potatoes rice and even fried bananas. This forum saw widespread use of solar energy by the locals which has helped reduce defforestaton.


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