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Ecosystem Restoration  
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Climate Action | Fiji  

Emergency Response to Mass Coral Bleaching

Corals have died on a massive scale in recent years due to warming oceans. In 2015-16, the worse global coral bleaching event in history ki… read more
$87,031 raised of $95,000 goal
Wildlife Conservation | Thailand  

Protecting Marine Turtles in Thailand

The turtle population is in a critical state worldwide, however, in areas with high tourist numbers the species is even more threatened. Ou… read more
$20,188 raised of $25,000 goal
Climate Action | Madagascar  

Planting 15000 trees in Madagascar

by Zahana
Zahana is in the process of planting 10 trees for each woman, child and man in our villages. The villagers as active re-foresters and careta… read more
$70,076 raised of $75,000 goal
Food Security | United States | Arizona  

Bring Fruit Trees to Native American Reservations

Trees for Tribes helps Native American communities help themselves through the provision of fruit tree orchards that provide an abundant har… read more
$35,896 raised of $50,000 goal
Climate Action | India  

Plant a tree: save earth & lives

CHHASE aims to plant 100,000 plants in three years. Preserving the tree is an obligation for everyone without exception, one tree will absor… read more
$24,546 raised of $30,000 goal
Economic Growth | Morocco  

Community Fruit Tree and Medicinal Herb Nurseries

In response to the demand of rural Moroccan communities for fruit trees and their need to transition from subsistence to modern agriculture,… read more
$38,052 raised of $50,000 goal
Climate Action | India  

Adopt a Tree; Protect Environment & Earth

This project is prepared to Give Reality on the ground to 5000 plantation for environmental protection. A strong effort will be done in diff… read more
$17,750 raised of $25,000 goal
Climate Action | Indonesia  

Regenerating Rainforests in Indonesia

Health In Harmony partners with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities living in and around climate-critical rainforests in Indonesian Bor… read more
$38,844 raised of $50,000 goal
Wildlife Conservation | India  

Protect Bandhavgarh's Tigers From Poachers

97% of the global wild tiger population has been lost in 100 years. Only 3500 remain so it's vital we protect them & their critical habitat.… read more
$26,587 raised of $27,800 goal
Economic Growth | Peru  

Support native artisans & rainforest in the Amazon

Our long-term goal is to build sustainable livelihoods and conserve rain forests in 16 native and campesino communities in the Peruvian Amaz… read more
$128,119 raised of $150,000 goal
Ecosystem Restoration | Ethiopia  

Forest landscape restoration in Northern Ethiopia

In northern Ethiopia, most of the forest has disappeared or has been severely degraded. This means less productive soils and more frequent c… read more
$28,750 raised of $50,000 goal
Wildlife Conservation | India  

Water for Bandhavgarh's Tigers - Reducing Conflict

Climate Change has led to severe drought becoming the norm in Bandhavgarh as annual monsoon rainfall reduces. The impact is felt by all as h… read more
$13,433 raised of $22,500 goal
Climate Action | Mexico  

Community Conservation of Monarch Forest in Mexico

Our project aims to restore and conserve the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve's (MBBR) forest ecosystem and improve the quality of life o… read more
$74,033 raised of $120,000 goal
Education | Madagascar  

A community school for all (children) in Fiarenana

by Zahana
We started this project to create an environment for learning and in cooperation with the community the school was successfully built (see v… read more
$45,083 raised of $55,000 goal
Climate Action | United States | Pennsylvania  

Fruit Tree 101

Fruit Tree 101 is a program that will create thriving fruit tree orchards in schoolyards around the world so students have a source of impro… read more
$12,012 raised of $25,000 goal
Climate Action | Peru  

1000 trees a year 1000 acres of rainforest forever

This project's goals are very simple: to plant 1000 Amazonian trees a year on deforested land in the Peruvian Amazon, and to protect the 100… read more
$193,773 raised of $200,000 goal
Climate Action | Kenya  

Forestry Training & Finance for 800 Farms in Kenya

For the last 12 years, DNRC has been working with smallholders in Kenya's drylands to break the vicious cycle of high rate of deforestation,… read more
$85,564 raised of $150,000 goal
Animal Welfare | Australia  

Aussie Wildlife Recovery & Emergency Preparedness

This project will assist in the ongoing recovery of habitat and support for wildlife after the Summer emergency crisis took a heavy toll on … read more
$1,464,704 raised of $2,000,000 goal
Animal Welfare | India  

Save the innocent Sparrow Birds

This project has Designed to Conservation innocent Sparrow Bird, which are Rapid Extinct. Along with this, project has prepared to establish… read more
$7,936 raised of $11,000 goal
Climate Action | Kenya  

Community Impact Program (Kick and Conserve)

Kick and Conserve program is tailored to provide environmental awareness, to understand how vulnerable our environment is and the importanc… read more
$17,014 raised of $20,000 goal
Climate Action | Sri Lanka  

Save a 10 acre Tropical Rainforest in Sri Lanka

Through this project, "Rainforest Protectors Trust" of Sri Lanka will purchase and permanently protect a privately-held pristine tropical ra… read more
$15,737 raised of $17,000 goal
Climate Action | United States | New York  

NYC Green Maps + Climate Action

Green Map NYC published its first map highlighting climate change in 2006. Today, with climate urgency transforming our priorities, Green Ma… read more
$17,399 raised of $25,000 goal
Climate Action | Burkina Faso  

Clean Water for Rural Villagers in Burkina Faso

BARKA Foundation is helping the poorest of the poor to secure their human birthright of clean drinking water and improved sanitation in one … read more
$48,735 raised of $75,000 goal
Sustainable Agriculture | India  

Teaching Sustainable Agriculture to Young Tamils

The rural areas of Tamil Nadu are home to some of the poorest Indian communities with few employment opportunities. We're teaching children… read more
$9,790 raised of $15,000 goal
Physical Health | Kenya  

Reduce Suffering in Kenya Via Health Care Services

"Family planning could bring more benefits to more people at less cost than any other single technology now available to the human race." UN… read more
$38,999 raised of $100,000 goal

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