Women Empowerment Through Microfinance in India

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All of these women were able to increase their income, and improve the overall situation of their families, by selling milk from their cows and goats. SINAM has helped many women finance their loans in the past. We would like to help more women and families to become economically independent and therefore ask you to help these women by giving them the opportunity to attend the Business Training and by giving them access to credit.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

In today's society, India is still, even after six decades of liberation, witnessing caste discrimination. The lowest caste, the 'Untouchables' or Dalit, are not only victims of discrimination, they also have no or very little access to credit. Many Dalit women in Tamil Nadu have very little or no income and did not have the opportunity to finish school. When these women get access to credit they are able to improve their families living conditions and give their kids the education they deserve.

How will this project solve this problem?

The project offers 100 women training and access to credit. By giving women Business Training, they are able to independently run their business and have the knowledge necessary to increase their profit in the long run. By giving women access to credit, they are able to buy a cow or a set of four goat and sell the milk in order to earn an income. The goal is to have these women live an economically stable life where they can provide their kids with more opportunities than they ever had.

Potential Long Term Impact

After the project cycle of two years, the cycle will start again. By helping us finance this project, you will not only help one women to improve her economic independence, you will help many more women and their families in years to come! It is widely proven that women are the key to development. By giving women access to credit, it is not just the women or their families that benefit but the society at large.

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