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Uplift a Child - 4000 Children

by Uplift a Child International Inc

2016 has been a very successful year with our operations in India, Nepal and Philippines supporting close to 4000 children. Please click on the video to see some of our children and programs

We are happy to share with you the good news of 2 major events in 2016

1. We have officially started supporting 100 families and their children for education in Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo). See video on the summary

We  are also registered officially in DR Congo with the state and federal government and have obtained all the registration and licenses to operate legally and to support the children of Congo for education and Uplift them from poverty with our gift of educational assistance.(Our legal name there is Uplift a Child Congo)


2. We are registered in Canada as we are getting many new sponsors supporting our activities. Registered in the state of Ontario and was approved by the government. We have also applied for tax exempt status in Canada and can expect the final approval from Revenue Canada within a month. Our legal name there is "Uplift a Child Canada Foundation"

We should be updating with a detailed annual report very soon for 2016

We are having a lot of children currently waiting for help on our website and we would like to welcome those who would like to continue with your support.

Best Regards







September 26, 2016


Greetings to you all from Uplift a Child International!


The School admissions have been completed for all of our children in India, Nepal and the Philippines in the month of June and July. For our children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we have just completed the school admission this month (September). While our children are seriously learning and studying at School, all of us are working hard to get them connected to new sponsors who can support them for their education. So far, we have succeeded in getting sponsors for 3,500 children. We still have a need for help for the remaining 500 children.

We thank all our sponsors and friends who are dedicated with their service to humanity by specifically helping for children education.  

 Uplift a Child CONGO – Here is a video of our Inaguaration visit in Congo ( ) prior to the School admission. The children and parents are happy waiting for the Hope created by Uplift a Child team from around the world. 

Uplift a Child PHILIPPINES – This is our second year of operations in the Philippines and we are increasing our help to other locations apart from Baler, Aurora. 

Uplift a Child INDIA – We have added children from 5 new states this year. UP (Uttar Pradesh), Gujarat, Rajasthan, Sikkim and TN (Tamil Nadu)

Redesign of our website: Dream Tekis Bangalore, India is currently working on our website and we are thankful to the CEO Ms. Rani Paruchuri for her contribution. The newly designed site should be ready in 2 weeks.

We would like to invite anyone who could afford $150 to $200 per year to support a child. Your help would change a child’s life.


How Much Does It Cost to Become a Sponsor?

US $150 per year to Support a Child in India
US $200 per year to Support a Child in Congo
US $200 per year to Support a Child in Philippines
US $200 per year to Support a Child in Nepal

US $3000 – Adopt a Child for Life (LKG to Grade X)


Become a Sponsor

Children Waiting For Help On Our Website


Thank you

Sam Vonumu

CEO & Founder – Uplift a Child International Inc



Greetings to you all from Uplift a Child International!

In the last 3 months, we have done a lot and happy to share the news with you. You are our stars and we are happy to keep you informed. As you scroll down, you can see a detailed report on each and every report (with pictures on face book). The schools have just begun in India & Nepal and our team is super busy coordinating everything for all our children. Our Public Relations Director is currently in Congo, Africa coordinating all the help for our children there. We have just completed our registration in Toronto, Canada and have already applied for Tax exempt status in Canada. We are registered as “Uplift a Child Canada Foundation” there. Next week, our team from Kuwait is visiting Manila, Philippines to complete all the government formalities for “Uplift a Child Philippines”.

 Here are few facts about Uplift a Child Network in 2016


  • 4,000 – Children sponsored/currently in Schools
  • 6 Countries – USA, Canada, India, Nepal, Philippines & Congo (Africa)
  • 700 – We have 700 sponsor families from 15 countries supporting our charity today
  • 1,426 – Merit students produced by Uplift a Child who has secured 1st 2nd and 3rd ranks in the past decade
  • 1,091,250 – Rs. 10 lakhs 91, 250 cash awards given to our children in 45 locations.


2016 Uplift a Child New Initiatives in USA

June 11th 2016 – Fairfax, Virginia, USA

While living in the United States we have always wanted to do something for our country USA while helping the less fortunate children in India, Congo, Philippines and Nepal. Today, we are very happy to share very special news with our face book friends. We have finally come up with a new chapter which will be impacting the children of USA and significantly changing their lives for a better tomorrow. This idea was actually from a group of high school students from Fairfax, VA. We would like to call them “The Super 5” 

 Rachana Krishnan, Kurien Thomas, Karishma Srikanth, Elza Thomas, and Nam Kim. We had our first meeting at Priya & Gopal Krishnan’s residence where we spent 2 full hours in brain storming the ideas the group had. Will be putting these ideas into action through Uplift a Child International and guaranteed to impact many lives. Within 3 months, we will be ready and our ideas would be operational. We thank God and thank “The Super 5” team who worked so hard to make this a reality.

2016 Career Counseling Event in Visakhapatnam, AP, India

May 27th 2016 – Visakhapatnam, AP, India

We had our 2nd Uplift a Child Career Counseling Event on Friday, May 27th at YMCA, Visakhapatnam, AP, India. Our 10th grade Uplift a Child children from all over India have come for the event to attend this 8 hours seminar. We had 4 separate sessions. Session 1 for Civil Services, Session 2 for Medical and Sciences, Session 3 for Engineering and Technology and Session 4 for all others. We had specialists from each category to help our children understand what it takes to get to that level and how much efforts to be spent.  This event helped all our children to plan for their career after Grade 10th. A special thanks to Rotary Club of Vizag Port city for sponsoring and hosting this event 100% with their own resources. Rtn President Mr. Philip Patrick Timothy and his fellow Rotarians of Vizag port city spent months of planning to make this a very successful event in cooperation with Uplift a Child India. Our previous Career counseling program of last year was also sponsored by Rotary club of Vijayawada. 

 Our main chief guest is a IAS officer (collector of Delhi) Mr. Surender Naik IAS and Dr. Rolland Williams of YMCA was our Valedictory chief guest for the program. The other resource persons for the sessions were, Mr. Satish Valiveti, CEO – Advanced Minds Vizag, Mr. Suresh & team – Careers guidance consultants from Hyderabad and Mr. Samuel Smiles Godi – Consultant on Medical studies. Mr. Sudhakar Kaligithi along with other India Uplift a Child Board members were present for the event supporting the cause. CEO of Uplift a Child International, Mr. Sam Vonumu addressed the students via Skype from USA.  After seeing our program, YMCA of Vizag decided not to charge for the venue expenses as they have seen how Uplift a Child and Rotary Club are together making a difference in to the less fortunate children for their education. Uplift a Child India staff and the local volunteers worked hard coordinating everything leading to the grand success of our event.

2016 Curie Learning Social Service Club

May 22nd 2016 –Herndon, Virginia, USA

We are thankful to Curie Learning Social Service Club for hosting a fundraiser for Uplift a Child International on Sunday, May 22nd at Rachel Carson Middle School, Herndon, VA from 530pm to 8pm. Thanks to the founders Dr. Rao Mulpuri and Mrs. Savithri Mulpuri for choosing Uplift a Child as their favorite charity and have donated all the proceeds from the event attended by 400 people. Dr. Rao said that the entire program has been coordinated by Curie Learning students from the area. This is also an award ceremony of TJ and AOS Awards. More than 60 students were honored and awarded for Science and Technology.

2016 Sindhura Dance School Charity Fundraiser

May 20th 2016 – Chantilly, Virginia, USA

We are thankful to Sindhura team for their partnership in promoting Uplift a Child International 3 years in a row (2014, 2015 and 2016). Priya Krishnan is the Artistic Director of the institution who worked hard for months along with her team to make this a very successful event. Her students have done a fantastic job on the stage. It was so rewarding for the entire team to see their sponsored children video which was a result of their efforts. Each year, they kept on adding more and more children for education in India and Nepal. 2016 will certainly add some more to their list. Thank you Sindhura team.

2016 Maryland Uplift a Child Sponsors Program

May 14th 2016 – Takoma Park, Maryland, USA

We had our Maryland Uplift a Child annual program on May 14th @ Takoma Park, MD, USA. It rained and we thought our program might be cancelled. But thankful to the faithful few whom made it in the rain in spite of the bad weather. We prayed for those who could not make it as it was a bad rainy day. It is very important for Uplift a Child to have these annual sponsors programs to update on the work being done and be available for our sponsors with any questions on our operations. Sharing the information and keeping everyone informed on everything is one of the best practices of a good non-profit and we are proud to do that each year at various locations.

 2016 Results for 10th Grade Students in India

 May 11th 2016 – All locations in India

We are very happy to share the good news of our children’s hard work. This year, 71 of our children from all over India have appeared for SSC exams (Grade X) which is a public exam conducted by the State Government. Out of 71 of them, 2 have failed in the exams and 69 of them have passed with very good grades. Out of them, 2 of them got 100% (10/10 GPA) which is a record. Our children compete with all the well to do children at School and for them to get the highest grade at School is really a great honor to all. We congratulate all of our children and thank the volunteers, School staff and the individual sponsors for their help. This is what you see at Uplift a Child. We are a result oriented program making a difference in less fortunate children’s lives through our educational support. We are proud of our children as 97.18% of them succeeded. Please click on the pictures to see their names, their grades and the names of the sponsors who helped them sponsor for their education at different locations. Special congratulations to Poojasri and Updendra Sai and both are from a small village called Pedalanka in Guntur District, AP, India who secured 100% GPA

Thank you



How Much Does It Cost to Become a Sponsor?

US $150 per year to Support a Child in India

US $200 per year to Support a Child in Congo

US $200 per year to Support a Child in Philippines

US $200 per year to Support a Child in Nepal


Become a Sponsor

Children Waiting For Help On Our Website








Dear Sponsors, Friends and Well-Wishers,


We had a wonderful trip to India in January along with our Uplift a Child India team. We travelled together to 14 locations and have met close to 2,000 of our children. We are delighted to share our experience after returning back to the USA on completion of our successful trip to India. At the outset, we thank God for rendering his blessings over the16th successful year of our service to the underprivileged children in India, Nepal and the Philippines..

Uplift a Child annually awards all our children who stood outstanding with a best performance in their academics. Large congregations attend these public meetings with our children, their surviving parents, school staff, sponsors, Government executives, social workers, friends and well-wishers. Our special focus is to inspire and encourage the award recipients who achieved it without much of parental care and support. Our commitment is to “create future leaders with concrete human values”, so we inspire our children with practical speeches which are useful for developing their skills and abilities. These ceremonies create a festive environment and our children and parents cannot wait for such occasions every year. We personally visited 90% of our children in India. Each year we are nearing in achieving our goal of creating future leaders and better citizens of the country. Along with God’s blessing, we appreciate the steady and on going support of our sponsors and tireless efforts of our volunteers which is enabling us to move forward in serving humanity with the gift of education. We will be touching 4000 children this year (with an addition of 1000 new children). It is not our intention to keep increasing the numbers but unable to turn away the eligible children who lost a father or mother to death. 8

Our Board of Directors in India, President-, Mr. Sudhakar Kaligithi, Vice-President- Mr.Roy Prakash Thanukula, Treasurer-Mr. Krishna Kishore Parvathaneni, Uplift a Child Staff- Mrs.Kalpana Dharani Vadapalli (Manger), Naveen Dasari (Director - Public Relations, India Congo & Nepal), Rashmi Thota (Program Co-coordinator), Neelima Chowdary (Graphic designer) and our Volunteers- Mr. Raja Babu Phani, Mr. Immanuel Geddam, Mr. Swaroop Naidu participated in the tour.

On this tour, we have awarded 416 cash awards and certificates to our children. We are thankful to Boggavarapu Foundation for awarding 294 cash awards, Changa Foundation, 116 awards and 6 Bhargavi Trust awards.


Best Wishes

Sam & Rena Vonumu

Founders – Uplift a Child International Inc



Dear Friends & Sponsors,

This year has been a great year again! We are thankful to God for all His blessings on our operations in USA, India, Nepal and Philippines. 15 years of service to humanity is a wonderful thing for Uplift a Child International. 95% of our work is done by volunteers. Our work continues to grow every year. 3,000 children are able to get education in Schools today because of our commitment, dedication and all of our willingness to go that extra mile to make a difference.True help comes directly from people’s heart and I am proud to see that happen while working with all of our Uplift a Child family.

We got our first corporate sponsor this year and they are very happy with our work. ‘Newscorp’ (Dow Jones) from New York have interviewed me in person and we have won the grant. Even though they gave us a one time donation, we added value to that grant by supporting few children for life in the name of ‘Newscorp’ and will be updating them on the progress from this year. They are happy with our work and God willing, we might get more corporate donors in 2016.

I was able to meet at least 2,000 of our 3,000 children during my annual visit this year. I see them each year and see the change in their lives. We picked some of them from the slums and streets 10 to 12 years ago and now they are in their final year of schooling. I see love, gratitude, responsibility in them. I see in their eyes a zeal to succeed. I see them as our future Ambassadors to lead on what we have started. I surely know that at least 70% of these children will become like one of us and help a less fortunate one. I feel satisfied in my heart. We gave our 100%. The results are also 100%. Once again, we left NO child behind for education in our network in 2015. Whether they have a sponsor or not, we still put them through schooling. We take the risk while they get a future. Our sincere thanks to all our sponsors, Board of Directors, Staff, Schools, Volunteers and friends for the tremendous support in our operations. We would have not been successful without their helping hands.


Thank you

Sam Vonumu



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