Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

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Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

What's Happening and How to Help

We believe that organizations that are deeply rooted in local communities are in the best position to provide long-term support for survivors of conflicts like these. By funding the relief efforts of local organizations, donations to this fund have the potential to build stronger response capacity so that these organizations are better equipped to face future challenges.

The projects listed below are led by vetted GlobalGiving partners responding to this disaster. You can donate directly to a specific project or to GlobalGiving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund and we'll allocate it to where it's needed most. GlobalGiving will post reports about how your donation has been put to use.

Love & care for abandoned babies Ukraine & Moldova
Bringing love, protection and care for up to 30 babies, abandoned by their parents or made orphans through conflict, in Kamiankse's (Ukraine) Children's Hospital and Baby Home (orphanage). Also, preventing abandonment of babies and young children in Transnistria, Moldova through family support.
Life-Saving Treatment for Kids in Ukraine
Childhood cancer is not a death sentence. In Ukraine, 1000 kids are diagnosed with cancer every year. 7000 kids are hospitalized annually, including new patients, those continuing treatment, and those experiencing a recurrence. Their chances for survival depend on the availability of medication, facilities, and emotional support. Zaporuka's project provides these kids with necessary treatment (medicines, rehabilitation, and equipment), and relief (psychological support and leisure activities).
Help keep the Ukrainian refugee center safe.
The project will be used to protect the refugee center as long as Ukrainian refugees who are tired of the war, feel safe. At least 100 to 3,000 people will be beneficiary. The center, which was built by cleaning and repairing the space that had been abandoned for 9 years, had collapsed the ceiling and water and electricity are in trouble one after another. Even the interest of other donors has disappeared, and the manpower that helped clean up has over, and staffs are exhausted. Give your help!
Hope, Opportunity for 3,200 kids in Eastern Europe
War will have a devastating impact for children and families across Eastern Europe economically, practically and emotionally. Over 3,200 vulnerable children will be given hope, opportunity and security with initiatives to prevent family breakdown, support the abandonment, transform lives of those affected by disability and offer firm foundations for those severely impacted by war and living in precarious conditions.
Free Accommodation for Kids with Cancer in Ukraine
This project ensures free accommodation for families with children affected by cancer and other severe diagnoses in wartime Ukraine. The recently opened Dacha Family House can host up to 15 families simultaneously, offering them a comfortable place to stay close to the hospital. There are currently no similar houses in Ukraine. As cancer treatment often spans several months, families dealing with their children's illnesses need a stable and secure living environment to care for their kids.
WAR IN UKRAINE: help children with cancer
The war in Ukraine is going on. To continue life-saving cancer treatment in their home country, Ukrainian children need the support of the global community. While men and women in Ukraine fight for their country against Russian invaders, hundreds of children are fighting cancer in their bodies. We ask you to help them to get quality treatment, even during the war.
Cancer-free Christmas for Ukrainian children
Hundreds of children in Ukraine are fighting cancer right now. Instead of Christmas lights, they have piercing hospital lights; instead of carols, they have the beeping of medical devices. Moreover, these children are battling against cancer while explosions are heard over their cities. In times of turbulence and uncertainty, you can bring back the holidays for children. Donate now - give children the most valuable gift.
Medications for Children`s Oncological Units
Tabletochki Charity Foundation supports Ukrainian hospitals by purchasing necessary medications and medical supplies. With your help, children can receive the most effective medicines, even if they are possible to find only abroad. Your charitable donations make the children's treatment more effective and bring children closer to recovery. You can read about the impact you make in our regular reports and on social media. Ukrainian children are brave in their fight against the disease. But th
Ukraine Tensions: No Child Forgotten
On Thursday 24th February, Russia declared war on Ukraine. Thousands of people are now Internally Displaced Persons. Millions of people are fleeing contact zones. The war is crippling Ukraine's economy. UNICEF estimates that 7.5 million children are at risk. Families of children with disabilities - usually single mothers - suffer most. Accessing medical care will be near impossible. We help IDP and contact-zone families of children with disabilities access essential medical care.
Safe Space to Talk: Psychological help for Ukraine
The project focuses on psychological help for 100 000 Ukrainians. In the situation of military aggression by the Russian Federation and under the pressure of the humanitarian catastrophe taking place in Ukraine, therapists, psychodynamic counselors, crisis and clinic psychologists, and University professors joined efforts to help fellow citizens in this difficult time of war.
Ukrainian people need help.
Due to military aggression by the rusian Federation, which started 24th of February, a large number of internally displaced persons are arriving to Odesa. People left their homes for staying alive. For now, more then 3 millions people left their cities. Our project help people to find a shelter, food, clothes and all basic needs for surviving in this hard days. Also we help to equip bomb shelters in our city. All Ukrainians are rallied and together we have a big power! We need your help!
Ukraine: Help Orphans Affected by War
Russia has invaded Ukraine. This war will affect millions. As the war destroys Ukraine, the most vulnerable people will suffer. About 100,000 children live in about 650 residential institutions nationwide. Many of these are children who have physical and learning disabilities. Many have no primary carers. Many are unlikely to have a chance to flee and seek refuge elsewhere as the war approaches. These children living in specialized institutions should not be the forgotten victims of this war.
Help Kids in Ukraine in Time of War
The terrible war is ongoing in Ukraine. Russian invaders bomb cities, hospitals, houses, killing civilians without remorse. Ukrainian kids with cancer and other serious diagnoses are more vulnerable than most in such a situation. They need medicines, medical supplies, food to survive in Ukraine and transportation when evacuation is possible.
HELP for war refugees from Ukraine in Poland
Another month has passed since Russia started the war in Ukraine. Over 3.5 million people from Ukraine found refuge in Poland. The first wave of aid is over, but help is still needed. We need your help to keep going with our activities for refugees. We are asking you for the long-term HELP, especially for REGULAR (MONTHLY) DONATIONS, which are crucial to us!
DIRECT AID to Ukrainian Villagers and Soldiers
Krzysztof A from Osweicim Poland has been driving supplies into Ukraine since Putin's War began. He goes directly into the small villages dotting the countryside and brings much needed food for People and Pets. Dr. Oksana is working on the frontline to help save the lives of wounded soldiers. Both need funds for the medical supplies, food and blankets. Krzysztof also needs funds for fuel and vehicle maintenance. You can support both of these HEROS - you can help SAVE LIVES NOW!
Help refugees from eastern Ukraine
Russia has invaded Ukraine. This is the biggest war attack since the Second World War. There is huge panic in Ukraine. The Pallottine fathers, especially in Kyiv, Odesa, Zhytomyr, and Lviv shelter families. Food, water, hygiene products are needed, but not only. The emergency need for the people to survive are power generators and oil-powered equipment. As more and more buildings are destroyed, the families need a place to live. We adapt rooms for them in the parishes run by missionary priests.
Ukrainian impaired children need your support!
The Dzherelo Centre has been operating in Lviv for over 28 years, taking care of children and young people with severe physical and intellectual disabilities. All children with severe diagnoses need constant care, need hygiene products such as diapers, as well as specific drugs they need to take daily. Because of the ongoing war in Ukraine, it became harder for the families of the children to sustain themselves. Your donations are used to buy the everyday necessities for the impaired children.
Emergency aid for people in Ukraine
The Ukrainian people are facing a humanitarian crisis and urgently need support. So far Caritas was able to reach more than three million beneficiaries in Ukraine alone. Over the past year, we provided safe-spaces, huamitarian aid, and psychosocial support, social services and more. In response to the acute need for humanitarian aid due to the recent destruction of the Kakhovka dam, Caritas is providing shelter-kits, sleeping bags and urgently needed hygiene items for the affected population.
Ukraine: Help Children's Hospitals to Save Lives
War crimes are being committed in Ukraine as hospitals are attacked, and citizens are displaced. Half of Ukraine's power grid is crippled, causing prolonged nationwide power and water outages. As a result, healthcare professionals are struggling in tough conditions. This, combined with massive state underfinancing, means that hospitals are desperate for help. We provide essential medical tools, supplies, and life-saving equipment to ensure effective medical care for children.
Ukraine: help vulnerable children affected by war
While millions of Ukrainians have escaped to safety, many more have not. As troops advance, disabled children and low-income families are trapped with no means to escape. For families with disabled children and low-income families, the burden has become intense. Some families living in besieged areas are facing food and essentials shortages. Others face starvation as supplies become scarce.
Support Children and Families in Ukraine
With the acceleration of conflict in Ukraine, the number of people in humanitarian need has increased dramatically, with an estimated 12 million people in need of urgent support, including around 2.1 million children. As the conflict escalates, so do the needs of children and families. UNICEF's priority is to urgently scale up emergency preparedness and response across the country and wider region in order to meet the growing needs of children and families, including those on the move.
Save the Children's Ukraine Crisis Regional Fund
All children in Ukraine are in grave danger now. Any war is a war against children, and we have fears that more innocent young lives will be lost if the fighting does not stop immediately. Your donation will help us support kids regionally in Ukraine, as well as in surrounding countries like Poland and Romania where families are fleeing for safety.
Peace School for 1000 Ukrainian youth
The project focuses to teach 1000 youth in five regions of Ukraine and help them develop skills for peace mediation and conflicts resolution. This will help youth refugees from war area in Ukraine to find their place in communities. Also we are holding joint service project which is help to unite youth from different school. As new beginning we holding youth congress at International Peace Day for large of people.
Resiliency Gardens for Ukrainian Refugees and IDPs
This project will fund seed access and education programs to establish home and community resiliency gardens in Poland and Ukraine. By working with local schools and communities, we will support vegetable production and community building for Ukrainians and the communities that support them.
Regular support for vulnerable groups in Kharkiv
The project aims at providing humanitarian assistance to the elderly, people with disabilities, people with limited mobility, and people evacuated from liberated territories who currently have no one to take care of them. We provide them with food kits, hygiene products twice a month as well as equipment (crutches, beds, flashlights, wheelchairs, etc.) needed to ensure decent living conditions. Currently, we take care of 595 people in the city of Kharkiv.
Since the start of the full-scale war in February 2022 in Ukraine, many people have left their homes in search of safety. One of the most vulnerable groups is family-type children's homes, each caring for 5 to 10 children. We've been focusing on helping the neediest families, supporting 75 such homes since the beginning of 2022. This project aims to raise funds for four family-type children's homes in different regions of Ukraine. Read their remarkable stories
Tens of thousands of pets have already been reported missing in Ukraine during the wartime. We need to ensure that all pets can easily be returned to their loving families in this time, when a pet may be all that people have left. We have already provided 250,000+ tags and registrations for people and pets in Ukraine. We estimate that there are 200,000 more pets that need this service, so we need to raise $120,000 in order to ensure all pets are covered. Thanks for donating & helping pets!
Help Support Palliative Care Patients in Ukraine
The war in Ukraine is a major problem for adults and children receiving or needing palliative care in Ukraine. An estimated 500,000 adults and children in Ukraine are dying or have palliative care needs in Ukraine annually. These seriously ill people, the sickest in our health care system, are stuck in Ukraine or are being moved to palliative care programs in Poland, Romania, and Moldova. Our colleagues in these countries are being overwhelmed and need your help!
Emergency Relief for the Crisis in Ukraine
As the Japanese NGO working in conflict/disaster-affected areas for world peace since 2001, we can't ignore the victims of the crisis in Ukraine due to Russia's invasion. This project provides humanitarian relief and long-term support to affected people by the crisis in Ukraine. We need your help and stand for world peace.
Empower mothers to build their careers
Ukrainian children with disabilities face higher risks from war. The Russian declaration of war means the pressure on single mothers will increase. We purchase work equipment or pay educational course fees for moms of disabled children to ensure that they have the basic skills and supplies to work or run a business. Despite the duration of war, people will need the services these women train in, such as hairdressing. Their income eases their reliance on welfare and charity.
Supporting refugees on Ukrainian borders
by IsraAID
The drastic deterioration in the humanitarian situation in Ukraine has led thousands to seek safety along the country's western borders. Thousands of vulnerable Ukrainians are now taking refuge in neighboring Moldova, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. IsraAID will distribute essential relief items like personal hygiene kits and blankets - critical amid COVID-19 and harsh winter weather - and provide psychosocial support to help affected populations deal with potential long-term trauma.
Evacuating Orphans & Families, Bringing Aid
Kidsave's evacuated 30,000+ orphans and others from Ukrainian war zones and has brought 1,000 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukrainians caught in the war. Current needs are immense, with daily trips in, but we are also preparing for a time of healing. We are the building a retreat in western Ukraine to bring war trauma training and therapy to Ukrainian kids and families, lodging, skills-building for young adults, a summer camp and other services plus space and time for connection and healing.
Help for the wounded in Ukraine during the war
Innocent Ukrainians are dying and suffering every day from Russia's barbaric actions - they are ruthlessly shelling our homes, kindergartens, hospitals and even maternity wards. Russian forces have no pity for children, pregnant women or the elderly. But despite the fear of death, Ukrainians continue to help each other. Doctors and medical staff are forced to live in their workplace. In addition to the wounded, there are also non-transportable patients in medical institutions.
Support Ukrainian children of war
This project is dedicated to providing long-term comprehensive aid to Ukrainian children who have lost one or both parents due to ongoing war. The project encompasses psychological rehabilitation, educational assistance, crisis management, legal aid, and vital necessities like food, clothing, and shelter when needed. We aim to empower these children and give them a chance for a brighter future so that they can realize their full potential and successfully integrate into global society.
Support displaced Ukrainians in Poland
Since 2018, WONDER Foundation has worked with locally-led Polish organisations to support Ukrainian migrant women in Poland. Now more than ever, our partners are ready to build on this expertise, and draw on their deep connections with both the Polish and Ukrainian communities. They are meeting the urgent needs of the women and families fleeing war in Ukraine and have the resources, knowledge and teams in place to do so.
Protect Families in Ukraine
Millions of Ukrainians are in the cross hairs of the world's most devastating weapons. In Ukraine, thousands of cluster bombs, artillery shells, and rockets litter the streets that can detonate at any moment. Families are left sheltering in basement and cellars. The HALO Trust has been operating in Ukraine since 2016. We have over 400 staff on the ground in Ukraine working to protect civilians from cluster bombs, landmines, and other deadly explosives, but we need your help.
Rock for Ukraine - music therapy for children
If you ever wanted to make a real difference in your lifetime here is your chance - LET'S HELP THE UKRAINIAN CHILDREN here in Poland and let their voices send a message around the world that can't be ignored...
Emergency fund for Ukraine: 45,000 people need us
From SOS Children's Villages Spain we have opened an emergency fund to send all possible resources to our colleagues of SOS Children's Villages Ukraine and support them in all the work they are developing there due to the current conflict. We aimed to help a total of 45,000 people, mainly children. The aim of this program is to prevent family separation during displacement and to provide shelter, food, hygiene products and psychological support to families and children in need.
SOS Ukraine - assistance for the disabled
This project will provide physiotherapy and life training for refugees with disabilities who had to leave Ukraine due to the war. We are offering 12 places in Blues Hostel in Konin, which is fully accessible for wheelchair users. We'll provide food, necessary medical supplies, support from coaches, physiotherapists, psychologists and support staff at our organization. We estimate that one person will spend about 3-6 months in our care before moving on.
Help Ukrainian Refugees Access Mental Health!
This project will help set up pop-up clinics throughout the UK and the EU to provide mental health services to Ukrainians fleeing war in their home-country. We will train 30 practitioners from all over the United Kingdom and Europe and are already setting up clinics along bordering countries with Ukraine to provide trauma-informed care to migrants and refugees coming in.
Free Mental Health Support for Ukraine
Ukrainians are mentally and emotionally traumatized by the Russian aggression in their country. Bosnian citizens are particularly able to understand the struggles of Ukrainians because of their experience with war in the 1990s, and the team at Wings of Hope is well-equipped to provide services to victims, both adults and children, from Ukraine who need vital mental health care to help with the trauma of their difficult experiences but are unable to pay.
Wool for Ukraine
The therapeutic benefits of working with wool are very well known and documented. At the Zywiec Development Foundation we have launched a programme to assist with supporting and providing relief to refugees from the Ukrainian War. This is a "Wool for Ukraine" programme which uses the therapeutic benefits of working with wool to offset the effects of the distress and growing spread of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders caused by this conflict and focuses on support for both children and adults.
Supporting Rare Disease Patients
If diagnosed with a rare genetic disease, most people can expect an expensive life-long treatment and a disability. 70% of rare diseases start in childhood. Some of them cause severe breathing difficulties. Patients begin to live everyday with fear of suffocating. We raise funds for medical equipment - oxygen concentrators, inhalers, aspirators etc. including those with rechargeable batteries so the patients can have access to the everyday in-home care in the wartime and blackouts in Ukraine.
Shelter for Ukrainians who have lost their homes
Record numbers of refugees have been documented in 2022, the war in Ukraine has contributed greatly to the statistics. Since the full-scale russian invasion more than 8 million have been forced to flee their homes and move to more peaceful regions. 100 000 people have nowhere to come back to. Russians destroyed their homes with missiles, houses left standing were looted and deliberately damaged. The figures are quite understated, Ukraine will be able to calculate the damage when the war is over.
You Can Support Those in Crisis Fleeing Ukraine
As the violence in Ukraine continues, one million people have sought safety in neighboring countries. ActionAid is working alongside our partners to ensure that urgent needs of refugees are met, and that marginalized communities are being protected.
Emergency Response to Ukrainian Families
This project will provide urgently needed food, shelter, Hygiene items, and PSS to Ukrainian families in Ukraine and Moldova
Help Ukraine's refugees to make a new start
Psychological integration workshops, art-therapy, humanitarian aid and other rehabilitation and practical help for more than 200 Ukraine's refugee families. The project is aimed to help more than 1000 internally displaced people, basically children and women, from different parts of Ukraine who have been facing the horror of war.
Emergency Support for Ukrainian Refugees
Peace Winds Japan is dispatching staff to Poland to help refugees who are fleeing Ukraine following Russia's invasion. German media estimates up to 1 million Ukrainians will seek refuge in EU nations, such as Poland, which is already readying 1 million accommodations. This project is being carried out in anticipation of the humanitarian impact on Ukrainians, which UNHCR High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, has said will be "devastating." Your kind support is warmly appreciated.
This project aims to support young Ukrainian athletes who have been affected by the war in Ukraine and are in a difficult financial situation. The project includes providing monthly support to 32 Ukrainian athletes for continuing their careers, as it provides them with the necessary resources to train and compete at the highest level. Without this support, many talented athletes may not have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, which would be a significant loss for them and for their country.
Save people in Ukraine
"Daruj Dobro" is currently helping people in Kharkiv and other affected areas in Ukraine by providing all the necessary humanitarian aid. Since the beginning of the war, we have delivered over 500 tons of aid. People were left alone, without food and basic necessities. Kids have lost their parents, wives have lost their husbands, and mothers have lost their children. We can make a change and give those people hope and happiness.
Sorrow has come to our house. War has come to our country. People are losing their homes, jobs, health, lives. Ukraine is a peaceful country that had to face the attack of a large and militarized aggressor. Our enemy has no mercy. We have rallied and refugee and disadvantaged families in Odessa now receive humanitarian assistance, shelter and opportunity to flee Ukraine. But there are more and more such families and we critically need your support. We do everything in our power. Do what you can.
Emergency Response for Ukrainians
Following the initiation of the military offence of Russia against Ukraine on 24 February 2022, as of March 11th, 34.392 individuals with Ukrainian citizenship have entered Turkey. Most of the refugees are composed of women, children, elderly and individuals with vulnerablities. With this project, ASAM is aiming at meeting the urgent needs of the individuals to prevent further suffering and decreasing the risks that they may encounter. To do that, ASAM will provide emergency assistance.
Together we can warm up Ukraine!
The upcoming winter in Ukraine will be as difficult as last winter. Constant bombardments by the Russian Army left a lot of civilian infrastructure damaged and many homes without heat and electricity. Last year & vocational school in Kremenchyk, Ukraine made ~ 200 wood-burning stoves/heaters. We distributed these units for free to private homes, hospitals, schools and shelters in Eastern Ukraine. Please, help us to repeat this project again. Help us to heat homes & save lives.
Help Montessori Students in Ukraine
Students across Ukraine have suffered trauma, dislocation, and the loss of caregivers. MGGF is helping some 60 students begin their recovery process by underwriting the costs of their attending five Montessori schools along the front line. In addition, we're raising funds to enable those Ukrainian schools to acquire Montessori materials. These self correcting tools encourage exploration, strengthen self-confidence, and build academic and social skills.
The "Unbreakable Ukraine"
Project is a charity festival of patriotic songs and poetry by visually impaired artists. Goal: creative union of gifted blind poets and performers of the author's patriotic song around national Ukrainian culture and the idea of victory of Ukraine for the sake of peace, interaction and mutual understanding of all people, formation of a positive image of Ukrainians with disabilities as creative and self-sufficient people. Support for fighters who lost their sight during combat operations.
HELP UKRAINE - Humanitarian relief in Chernivtsi
More than 2 million refugees left Ukraine. Many of them come from the most war-torn areas of the country, through the Chernivtsi region and then to the Romanian border. IBO Italia has been working in cooperation with local partners (schools, universities, associations) in the Chernivtsi region for more than 10 years. With this project IBO Italia aims to support Internally Displaced People and Refugees, providing them with essential goods and psychological support.
Survival packages for war-torn areas of Ukraine
This project will provide critically needed food, medication and hygiene supplies for the victims of the war in the Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine. Each package will be delivered and given directly to the people that are still staying near the battlegrounds or were moved a little further from them. Our organization will purchase, package and deliver 500 boxes of these essentials. All humanitarian actions are coordinated with the local authorities.
WAR CRISIS: Help Protect Victims of Ukraine
Ukraine people are scared and stranded. Many people have left the country in the fear of being killed but many people are not mobile and can't leave while others want to stay too protect their livelihoods. Through our network of projects, community members and partners on the ground in the Ukraine a gift to this project will go directly to helping those living in the war zone.
Help us feed refugees from Ukraine
As of last week (March 7th), an international organization started providing bulk food for us to pack and distribute to families who are either staying in Moldova for a while, or who are tranistioning to the West. We are able to process about 100 boxes per day, but to scale that up we need to finish our conference room. We also want to prepare two classrooms and a small playground, since 1/2 of refugees are children, and keeping them busy allows parents to work.
Training and support for Ukrainian volunteers
The project is aimed at developing young organizations and initiatives aimed at restoring Ukraine's potential. We train volunteers across the country to develop young civil society organizations. It is an environment for creating social projects, where they can gain unique theoretical and practical knowledge of the work of non-profit organizations, internships with mentoring support, and financial resources that will accelerate their development.
Support Ukrainian Red Cross life-saving education
Ukraine is one of the most mine-contaminated countries in the world, which poses life threats to the majority of its civilian population, especially kids. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 124 people have been killed by explosive devices in Ukraine, including 6 children. Millions of Ukrainians now require knowledge about mines, as these skills can save lives.
Help Ukrainian kids and families survive winter
An estimated 4 mln Ukrainians have been left without a roof over their heads, with 1,4 mln housing units being damaged or destroyed. In harsh Ukrainian winter conditions, the absence of proper shelter and warm clothes may quickly lead to hypothermia and death. With the onset of cold weather, the Ukrainian Red Cross made it its priority to prepare vulnerable groups of the Ukrainian population for the upcoming winter challenges.
Emergency in Ukraine - Immediate Relief Assistance
Soleterre is actively working in Ukraine providing medical treatment, accommodation and psychological support to children with cancer and their families in Kyiv and Lviv. After the attacks, the priority now is to provide a safe shelter to children with cancer in Kyiv and evacuate those able to move in a safer area of Ukraine closer to the eastern border. It's also fundamental to ensure continuity in medical care, especially for the children undergoing chemotherapy treatment.
Support Families in Ukraine and Worldwide
Millions of people have been uprooted from their homes in Ukraine and are need of humanitarian assistance, in what has become the largest and fastest displacement crisis since World War II. Of these, over 6 million have fled to neighboring countries as refugees and millions more people displaced within Ukraine are also in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. Lifesaving needs include food, water, emergency shelter, health care and sanitation facilities, and protection and trauma counseling.
Small Group Children's Home in Ukraine- Phase 1
Shade for Children is building a private small group home, called "Blossom Cottage", for 8-10 orphaned children in Ukraine. Small Group Homes are the newest form of family-based care approved by the Ukrainian government as part of its efforts to reform its antiquated soviet-era orphanage system. Phase 1 will build the necessary infrastructure allowing us to "break-ground" soon thereafter.
Recovery Camp for Children Affected by War
The Sincere Heart Foundation's Recovery Camp, in partnership with TEEI, provides rehabilitation camps for children who have suffered profound psychological trauma from Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The devastating impact of war can leave a lasting imprint on young minds, causing anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues that may rob them of their childhood joy. Our camp provides a safe and supportive environment where these children can find solace and healing.
Bikes for Ukrainian War Orphans
Our project aims to make a meaningful impact on the lives of war orphans in Ukraine who have been devastated by the ongoing conflict. We are fundraising to collect used bikes from Western Europe and transport them to Ukrainian cities where they are desperately needed. By supporting the costs of transportation and distribution of bikes, you can directly contribute to bringing hope and practical solutions to these war orphans. Join us today and be a part of this transformative journey.
Ukraine UN Migration Relief fund
Over 2.8 million conflict-affected people have fled Ukraine including 127,000 Third Country Nationals (TCNs) and crossed into neighboring countries to date. It's still winter in Ukraine, and those who fled their homes do not have much more than the clothes on their backs. Residents who have not been able to leave their homes in Ukraine have limited access to essential services, cash, and humanitarian items. The situation is getting critical by the hour.
Support Ukrainian Journalists Reporting Conflict
Independent journalists in Ukraine have risked their lives to uncover human rights abuses and corruption - and to protect public interest - in the country. Responding to the invasion of Ukraine, Internews is giving emergency funds to protect Ukrainian journalists and help them provide trust-worthy, life-saving information to communities in conflict areas.
Connecting refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine
4M refugees have already fled Ukraine to seek refuge in the neighbouring countries. Families are separated, since it's often women and children who can leave the country. Being forced to leave part of their family behind and having little information on what awaits them beyond the border puts them in a distressing situation. TSF provides them relief through free internet connectivity which helps them remain in contact with their relatives and look for essential information for their future.
Dam Collapse Relief for Survivors in Ukraine
Join the urgent fundraiser to support survivors of a dam break on the Dnipro River in Ukraine! The Hydroelectric Dam in the occupied city of Nova Kakhovka in Kherson region was damaged by Russian military troops and the wall collapsed on June 6th. Millions of tons of water rushed down from the reservoir, destroying everything in its path. We are collecting now humanitarian aid needed to survive, mitigate risks and restore houses for people affected by this disaster.
Aid to victims of explosion of the Kakhovska HPP
On June 6, Russia blew up the Kakhovska HPP. As a result, more than 80 populated villages on the right and left banks of the Dnipro are at risk of complete flooding. The water has already reached Kherson and flooded part of the city. Funds are needed for the purchase of boats, inflatable vests, pumps and other equipment needed for the evacuation of the civilian population, in particular from the occupied Left Bank, where evacuation is not carried out
Let's Color the World of Ukrainian Children
Bombings destroy cities and infrastructure, not sparing children's educational institutions - schools and kindergartens. Due to Russia's military aggression, approximately 200 schools have been completely destroyed, and over 1,000 educational institutions have been damaged. During these times, it is impossible to remain indifferent. The joy of a child is the highest value, which is why the BARVA project was founded. The project's ideologists are street art artists Michelle and Nicole Feldman
Stronger Together: Psychological Help In Crisis
The Ukrainian Ministry of Health estimates that 15 million people need psychological support as a result of the ongoing war. BKC will provide psychological help for conflict-affected families in an underfunded area of Ukraine. Many of these families are forcibly displaced people whose homes have been shelled in a blatant disregard for civilian welfare, families of Ukrainian soldiers who don't know if their loved ones will ever return home, and those raising children with disabilities.
Psychological trainings for 500 Ukrainian teachers
Smart Osvita aimed to improve the psychological skills of 500 Ukrainian teachers and school psychologists by providing free training. We offer science-based training programs, which include widely recognized techniques such as EMDR, CBT, and Mindfulness, adapted to the Ukrainian context. Each training is held by practical psychologist with a degree. Educators will gain theoretical knowledge, methods, and tools for providing initial pre-medical psychological self-help and assistance to children.
Emergency Aid Ukraine
War in the middle of Europe. Our alliance has started emergency aid for the children, women and men from Ukraine. 21 aid organizations are in action. People are desperate and scared. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing within the country or are on their way to neighbouring countries like Poland and Romania. Among them are mainly women and children. They are in urgent need of emergency shelter, food, drinking water and warm clothing and blankets. Help us to help with your donation!
Airlink's Airlift Ukraine - Flights to Deliver Aid
Already, Airlink donors have helped deliver 300+ responders and 354+ tons of aid. Tons more ready to go if you help today. Curious how critically needed donated aid will reach refugees, and people in Ukraine? AIRLINK coordinates and provides free flights, removing the high costs and logistical challenges of transporting emergency humanitarian aid that can prevent or delay it reaching people in need. Your donation provides sustainable funding to secure/fund airlift and logistics.
GlobalMedic Ukraine Conflict Response
GlobalMedic has worked closely with local Ukrainian partners over the years. We are supporting internally displaced people as well as those exiting Ukraine into neighbouring countries with food, shelter, clean drinking water, hygiene items and more. We will continue to evaluate needs and gaps to see where programming can be most effective.
Support Ukraine in Need with Nordic SOS
Our organization, Nordic SOS Ukraine, is collecting equipment for the people of Ukraine who are in need. We are a group of volunteers from Norway who want to help Ukraine in its difficult situation. Our goal is to send the equipment to Ukraine by the end of autumn 2023. We need your support to cover the transportation costs of sending the equipment from Norway to Ukraine. Please donate to our fundraising campaign and help us make a difference. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.
Mutual Aid Alert for East Ukraine
The project's mission is to enhance capacity of digital community center in the strengthening of social movement in East Ukraine uniting autonomous and self-organized efforts for progressive transformation of local society from below.
Let's help Ukrainian children learn new language
The language courses will be offered to refugee children aged 6-14 years old who are from Ukraine and are part of TEEI's program. These children have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict and are living in refugee camps or temporary housing. The courses will be designed to help these children learn the language of their choice, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin. The courses will be offered online, making them accessible to children in any location. - Let`s Build Resilience Together!
60% of Ukrainian teachers and schoolchildren suffer from symptoms of mental health disorders due to the war. Existing supply of psychologists is not enough to cope with this challenge. is a psychological platform for Ukrainian teachers and school psychologists. It offers free training and resources on how to provide psychological help to themselves and students in distress. All materials are science-proven. The platform also features blogs by certified professionals.
Providing Critical Medicines for Ukraine Crisis
Direct Relief is working with Ukraine's Ministry of Health and other groups in the region to provide requested medical aid-from oxygen concentrators to critical care medicines-while preparing to offer longer-term assistance to people displaced or affected by the war. Mass displacement leads to a host of health problems. Direct Relief is already working with medical manufacturers to source medical aid needed in the coming weeks and months.
Help for Ukrainian refugees
2022 has started with sad news regarding the conflictual situation between Ukraine and Russia. Our charity has its main offices 70 kms from one of the borders. As a result, a lot of refugees have been arriving in the region within the past 2 days. Our charity is committed to create a response fund and provide ongoing support to facilitate their stay in the region for as long as necessary. The Ukrainian women and children need us now!
Let's get ready to rebuild Ukraine
This madness will stop, eventually, and after that, we'll clean up, put the pieces back together and move on. Over the last 15 years, we've managed multiple construction crews here in Moldova, building the Eco-village complex, Katalyst Kitchens, and repairing houses and apartments for many friends and family. We have a lot of experience, and contacts. But what if you intersect that with our professional backgrounds in non-formal education? Let us introduce the Katalyst Vocational School.
Rebuilding Hope for Ukrainian families
The war in Ukraine has made life even more difficult for children and their families already struggling to treat life-threatening cancers. By transforming an old, abandoned hostel near Lviv into a new apartment complex, Soleterre has given a home to 30 Ukrainian families in need. But the war isn't over, and these families still need our support. Help Soleterre to provide families with a place to live free of charge, easy access to cancer treatment, a sense of community and peace of mind.
"Child space" - Help children from IDP families
The project supports the work of two Children's Spaces for children from families of internally displaced persons in the city of Odessa and the urban-type settlement of Ovidiopol. Thanks to your support and donations, children will have access to quality educational activities and psychological support! During the year, more than 500 children will improve their psycho-emotional state and raise their educational level!
Support Ukrainian Blue Cross work & refugees
Blue Cross Ukraine works in one of the poorest areas of Mariupol and continues to provide shelter, food and support to the local community even during the war. Similarly, the Blue Cross organizations in neighboring countries are setting up their services to reach the Ukrainian refugees crossing the borders. Please support the Blue Crosses in the region to continue services especially in the homeless shelters, for kids and for young people to receive support at these difficult times.
Development & Well-being for Ukrainian children
According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the satisfaction of the best interests of the child should be a basic right, not a privilege. The reality of children in Ukraine is hunger and fear. Club Eney wants to make our contribution and give Ukrainian children and their families warmth, food, protection and the opportunity for full development.
Support Older People in Ukraine
As a result of the Russian invasion, the lives of millions of older Ukrainians are at risk. They're in danger of being displaced by the conflict, denied access to essential services or forced to flee to neighboring countries. Those unable to move are often abandoned in war-torn areas. One-fourth of Ukrainians are 60+ and more than half said the war had harmed their mental health. We're working with our partners on the ground to provide food, medicine, hygiene supplies, home-based care and more.
Ukraine Emergency supplies and aid needed.
Disaster Aid USA has had representative in Poland and is working with Disaster Aid Europe who is on the ground in Slovakia both are in contact with Rotary clubs and Districts in the area. Other Disaster Aid International Countries are answering the call for help also. We will use or local contacts in Ukraine, Poland and other surrounding countries to assess the needs as they unfold. We have tents, water filters, medical supplies, solar lighting, hygiene kits, and other needed supplies
Integrated support for refugees from Ukraine
Romania is preparing the transition from emergency solutions offered to refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine, to longer-term solutions to be offered especially to the most vulnerable willing to settle in the country. Groupe SOS and Ateliere Fara Frontiere, along with public and private partners, are launching a pilot program to provide a 360 solution to 50 vulnerable households (100 beneficiaries), for 6 months, from medium-term accommodation to full social support (legal, social, psychological).
Support Ukrainians through humanitarian aid
Right now, we need to purchase a new (can be used) SUV to continue delivering aid reliably. Funds raised will go towards our ongoing work delivering urgent aid to hot spots and cut off locations, relocating civilians to safety, covering gasoline costs for our Humanitarian trucks and cars, supporting our team, and purchasing food, water, medicine and aid supply for those in need.
Help Ukrainian refugees
We decided to give concrete helps to the Ukrainian refuges since the beginning of the war. Firstly, we drove to the borders with trucks and coaches packed with humanitarian aids and taking then back women with children, wanting to escape from their destroyed lands. We are now taking care of them in Italy with an economic contribution and activities. Secondly, we built a village in Cernivci, a safe place close to Romania: we are hosting 1000 people. Another one will be built soon.
Responding to the Conflict in Ukraine
Conflict between armed groups and Ukrainian forces in eastern Ukraine has affected millions of people since fighting began there in April 2014. Now the escalating conflict will mean that many more people will require humanitarian assistance. International Medical Corps and our Ukraine team have taken immediate measures to ensure the safety of staff in the country and are preparing to deploy mobile medical teams; mental health and psychosocial support services; and COVID-19 prevention services.
Supporting  205 Ukrainian  children
Children in Ukraine are being killed by war on daily basis. Fortunately, all 205 Ukrainian children they our center sheltered in Albania last year are still alive, but living in very difficult conditions and under huge stress. We plan to continue helping them even in this second year of war with Russia. Our support will go in 2 different ways: we will support 155 children by sending trucks with food, warm clothes, generators, etc. and secondly will take 50 orphans to be sheltered in Albania.
Upskill for Success: Let's help to Empower Ukrain
The Educational Equality Institute (TEEI) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting educational equality and access for all, with a focus on helping vulnerable individuals and communities. Every human deserves to find meaningful work, no matter what their circumstances are. That is why TEEI is excited to announce our new upskilling program for Ukrainian refugees. We are working hard to help refugees find job opportunities in tech by offering free online courses and certifications.
Food parcels for single elderly people in Ukraine
This project helps lonely elderly people in Ukraine to have enough food every month and live in decent conditions. Many of them are unable to move around on their own, buy food and need outside help. Now, during the war, we continue to help them. Every month, we deliver essential food packages: cereals, porridge, canned food, flour, oil, sugar, tea and other products to help lonely elderly people eat well. We need to continue working on this problem and act quickly to save these people's lives
Help the Ukrainian Team Play at Homeless World Cup
Way Home Foundation runs the Street Football program in Ukraine since 2004, utilizing street soccer as a tool for social rehabilitation and intervention for people in crisis. Our Ukrainian national street soccer team has achieved remarkable success at the Homeless World Cup in the past and has taken part in 2023 World Cup in Sacramento. We are seeking funds to train and support our team formed from combat veterans in Ukraine, ensuring their participation at this tournament in 2024.
As of February 24, 2022, Ukraine is facing one of the biggest emergencies in Europe since World War II. Currently, more than 14.6 million people are seeking psychological assistance, due to stress and anxiety caused by the recent war in Ukraine. Thanks to the extensive experience of Cooperas staff in mental health and psychosocial support in emergency situations, we plan to train 30 Ukrainian psychologists to provide treatment to over 72.000
Humanitarian Medical and food Aid for Ukraine
Respected Humanitarian Tens of thousands of helpless, vulnerable people are fleeing their homes with barely any supplies or belongings to reach the safety of temporary shelters and relief camps. There is an immediate need for emergency medical supplies, basic food and essential supplies to fulfill the needs of these overcrowded centers. This need will continue to grow in the coming weeks and months till peace is fully restored in the country.
Relief for Victims in Ukraine
Gift of the Givers relief intervention in Ukraine is focused on providing emergency relief items to orphans, elderly, families and individuals. We have mobilized volunteers within Ukraine thus broadening our reach within "hot spots". Our immediate approach is a resourceful one given that many areas are no entry zones, and this includes the identifying of specific needs, locating shops & suppliers, providing funding, & immediate delivery of aid from within.
Medical Care for Ukrainian Patients
Some health conditions are chronic and require long term treatments and multiple regular visits to the hospital. And some life-threatening conditions require immediate attention and specialized intervention. Cancer chemotherapy, dialysis, blood transfusions in thalassemia coronary artery disease are some examples. When Russia invaded Ukraine more than four months ago, hundreds of Ukrainians who needed such treatments lost access to care overnight.
Humanitarian/Psychological aid to Roma in Ukraine
*This project will support 200 Roma (Roma IDPs and Roma with disabilities), who live in Odessa region in Ukraine. The main problem is war with discrimination of Roma. A problem is Roma, Roma IDPs and Roma with disabilities face discrimination in receiving of humanitarian aid (food boxes, water and hygienic products). It is because city/villages administrations discriminates them. *Fund Chiricli plans to deliver food boxes and give psychological help to Roma communities.
Vetted and Needed Aid for Ukraine
In Ukraine, we support several grassroots organisations operating in the country and on its borders by sending them shipments of humanitarian aid and procuring the necessary items to assist those affected by the war. Distribute Aid helps European grassroots refugee aid groups support over 100,000 asylum seekers. We assist with every point in the supply chain: assessing needs, gathering supplies at home or from in-kind donors, coordinating shipments, and advising on distributions.
Help people with dementia in Ukraine
There are people in Ukraine who don't know that there is an ongoing war. They may also not know the names of their children or how to dress for today's weather. These people have dementia which makes everyday life difficult for both the person and their families. They need constant medical, social and psychological support. Your donations can help a person with dementia get the support they need and contribute to the development of a service system for people with dementia in Ukraine.

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