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by Udayan Care
Nov 5, 2012

Quarterly Report (July-September)- Sunshine Homes

Udayan Ghar children at Sapient Bal  Mela
Udayan Ghar children at Sapient Bal Mela


Quarterly Progress Reports July – September 2012


This Report is for the period of July – September 2012 covers the following:

  • Details of Udayan Ghar Programme: In Numbers
  •  Udayan Care wins the India Ngo Award 2011: We thank you!
  •  Achievements & Opportunities
  •  Capacity Building Workshops
  •  Recreational and Co-curricular Events

Details of Udayan Ghar Programme: In numbers

HOMES                      NO. OF CHILDREN

Sant Nagar                               12

Mayur Vihar                              14

Mehrauli                                   13

Gr. Noida                                  42

Gurgaon                                    24

Noida Boys                               09

Noida Girls                                09

Mayur Vihar-II                            12

Kurukshetra                                09

Jaipur                                         13

Ghaziabad                                  11

Chhatarpur                                  09

TOTAL                                        177



Total No. of Beneficiaries as on 30th September 2012: 177

New Children joining in this Quarter: 1 girl, Ashiya, aged 12 years joined at Mehrauli Home on 6th September.

Children Exiting  in this QuarterSeven children from Mayur Vihar, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, Noida Boys, and Ghaziabad Homes.


 1.      Nakul, from Mayur Vihar 1, moved out from After Care. He is now independent & our latest Alumni.

 2.      Another boy, Surender, from Gurgaon Home was restored to his mother. He stayed with us for a little more than a month.


 3.    1 boy from Noida Home, Harsh, was restored to his mother.

 4.    Urmila, who was in the Aftercare, having attaining the age of 22 years, acquired a job & moved from Greater Noida home to lead an independent and progressive life.

5.    Another girl from Greater Noida Home, Rehanna, 22 years old, got a job at a Hospital and moved out as Alumni.


 6. Raizem from Ghaziabad Home was restored to her parents on 5th September.

7. Shabana left Greater Noida home on 11th September.


Aftercare: Six young adults stepped out of our Homes and have started availing our Aftercare facility -

  1. Raja from Mayur Vihar 1
  2. Manoj from Mayur Vihar 1
  3. Manisha from Mehrauli
  4. Bunty from Gurgaon
  5. Akash from Gurgaon
  6. Deepak from Mayur Vihar 2

(See details in the report)

Thus the Aftercare number increased to 15 (4 at Mayur Vihar, 1 at Mehrauli, 7 at Greater Noida, 2 at Gurgaon and 1 at Mayur Vihar 2).  

Alumni/ Independent living after completion of 18 years:  With two adults – Urmila and Rehanna becoming our recent Alumni, Udayan Care has a total of 27 Alumni now. (5-Sant Nagar, 4-Mayur Vihar, 4-Mehrauli, 12-Greater Noida and 2 – Gurgaon) (For details, see report)

Care staff32 across all Homes(20 caregivers; 2 part time caregiver; 4 supervisors; 3 part-time supervisors, 1 coordinator, 1 residential tutor and 1 residential cook)

Mentor parents: 31 mentor parents across all homes (28 mentor mothers & 3 mentor fathers)


Udayan Care wins the India Ngo Award 2011: We thank you!


Udayan Care was honored with the prestigious India NGO Award 2011, by the Resource Alliance and the Rockefeller Foundation (in the medium NGO category). Dr. Kiran Modi, Managing Trustee, Udayan Care received the trophy from the Union Minster for Information and Broadcasting, Ms. Ambika Soni.


Udayan Care was shortlisted from a total of 150 NGOs. The six months selection process involved site visits and a due diligence check by the team of assessors from Resource Alliance. Udayan Care was selected from among three nominees in the medium category, and awarded on the basis of –

-          Effective and sustainable mobilisation of resources

-          Demonstration of efficient management of resources.

-          Good governance

-          Transparency and accountability

-          Impact of work in bringing about tangible benefits to the communities we work with.

The award money will primarily be utilized for organizational development and continuing to ensure transparency and accountability.


Udayan Care expresses its heartfelt thanks to the real winners – our children, who make us proud each day and our donors, volunteers and mentors, who selflessly share their time, skills and resources to give them a better tomorrow.  


Achievements & Opportunities

  • Six young adults from Udayan Care moved onto our Aftercare Section -
  1. Raja, from Mayur Vihar Home 1, who completed his Class 12th with 84% this year, has now joined College of Vocational Studies. He is Bachelors in Tourism. Raja is also doing an internship under the guidance of Ms. Meera Sawhny, Trustee, Udayan Care, and is learning diction, shorthand and the like. 
  2. 2.       Manoj, from the same Home as Raja’s, has joined Hi-Tech Institute of Engineering & Technology in Ghaziabad for a degree in Information Technology (IT). He had scored 76 % in his Class XII board exams.  
  3. 3.       Manisha, from Mehrauli Home, who turned 18 a few months back, has been shifted to her school – CSKM Hostel. She is presently in her Class 12th. And will be visiting her home during vacations & to celebrate festivals whenever possible.  
  4. 4.       Deepak from Mayur Vihar Home 8, has started attending Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies, Delhi. It is a 5 year course. He too had scored 76% in his class XII exams.  
  5. 5.       Bunty & Akash Udayan, having attained the age of 18 years, from Gurgaon Home, have shifted their base to the aftercare room in the same compound as their Home. These boys visit their Home for their meals except dinner, which they are asked to make; and tuitions after school.  Bunty weighing the importance of pursuing a vocational course has joined Udayan Care Computer Teaching (ITVT) Centre as a support Faculty. He has applied in National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) as well to simultaneously complete his Class XII. Talks are also going with corporate Whirlpool to provide him with on the on the job training.  
  6. Akash is focused on completing his schooling from his St. P. B. N. Public School.


  • The following girls Gurmeet and Shalu, had cleared their Class XII Board exams with 76% and 88.4% respectively and had gained admissions in the courses as well colleges of their liking -   

-           Gurmeet from Mehrauli Home has joined I.P Lingayat University for pursuing Bachelors in Journalism & Mass Communication.

-          Shalu has got admission in Bachelors of Pharmacy (B. Pharma) in Galgotia University.


  • Urmila Udayan happens to be the first child to come to Udayan Care at Sant Nagar Home in 1996, as a 6 year old lost child. She was then transferred to Greater Noida home in 2003. After spending 16 years at Udayan Care, Urmila, who was in the Aftercare, having attaining the age of 22 years, acquired a job & moved from Greater Noida home on 17th August 2012, to lead an independent and progressive life. She completed her graduation – Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) and also worked part time at different places to gain exposure. Now Urmila has secured a job at a Garment Shop in Greater Noida and lives on her own in a rented accommodation.


  • Rehanna Udayan, a resident of Greater Noida Home, had got a job at Roshan Hospital in Greater Noida as a trainee. Soon after she married her friend, and is living happily with him and his family at their home in UP.  


  • Two of our girls from Sant Nagar HomeManisha and Parvinder Udayan have secured admission in the prestigious boarding The Sagar School. After months of negotiating & reasoning with the Government authorities – Department of Women and Child Welfare (WCD) and The Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Udayan Care was able to take their permission for transferring these children to this residential school in Rajasthan, for their more promising future.  


  • On 16th of September, HUDCO had organised a painting competition, the theme of which was Changing Cities, Building Opportunities. 10 of our children from all Delhi Homes participated in this event.  


Santosh Udayan (11 years) from Udayan Ghar Mayur Vihar has won 1st Prize and Anjali Udayan (9 years) from Udayan Ghar Chattarpur has won Consolation Prize. They were awarded prizes by the Honorable Minister Kumari Selja on 1st October, 2012 on the occasion of World Habitat Day. 


  • Shalu Pal Udayan and Manoj Udayan from Udayan Ghar at Greater Noida and Mayur Vihar respectively ran the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2012 on Sunday 30th September to raise funds to Build a Home of Joy for their little Udayan siblings. They still have a target to raise Rs. 1.7 lakhs between the two of them. The good news is that they can now raise this money by 15th November 2012. To support them in their challenge one could log onto the following sites.

To support Shalu Click . To support Manoj Click


  • Shivani Udayan won Gold Medal in All India Martial Art Championship 2012 organised by Haryana Martial Art Association. The association is affiliated to Martial Art Federation Asian & Union & Recognized by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India.

 Capacity Building Workshops



The Mental Health Programme organized a capacity building workshop for adolescent children on 11th August to discuss issues on Attachment (Part II). It was facilitated by Dr. Deepak Gupta and Ms. Priyanka Jain. The objective of this workshop was to reconnect with the learning and findings of Attachment Part-I Workshop held in January this year. Secondly, we also wanted to understand what the perceptions of children are with respect to attachment with Udayan Care, fellow home mates, and carers at Home. The children were asked several questions like What it means to be part of Udayan Care, How to cherish the benefits availed at Udayan Care, Challenges across the homes cropping up due to behaviour of some children and the like. Children had an in-depth discussion amongst themselves & with Dr. Gupta. The children were motivated and inspired during the session and they went back with a feeling that their attachment with Udayan Care is a treasure that they would want to cherish for life.

Another workshop for adolescent children was held on 8th September to discuss Teenage Concerns and Challenges. It was facilitated by Ms. Aparna Goenka and Ms. Priyanka Jain, Asst. Manager, Ghar Programme. Ms. Aparna has been associated with Udayan Care as a Mentor Mother. Many Children shared their concerns which were catered to with practical solutions. Issues pertaining to safety, security, abuse, relationships were dealt with.




Dr. Deepak Gupta and Ms. Priyanka Jain made a presentation on Run Away Children: Issues and Challenges. The mentors were talked to about the various reasons due to which children run away. Dr. Gupta talked of mainly three kinds running away –

  • Episodic - To avoid consequence,  humiliation and embarrasment
  • Chronic - To have their way out and gain power over others
  • Seasonal Run away - When there is high degree of running away during a particular period of time like vacations.

Together the resource persons shared about the International scenario, Constitutional safeguards in India, and of course the Mental Health status of runaway children. They also shared about certain guidelines for the carers.

On 13th August, Ms. Kanikashree Bhalla, Research and Documentation Officer, and Ms. Preeti Singh, Social Worker, who are working on the Research initiated by Dr. Monisha Akhtar, took an orientation session with the Mentors & Team. This Research is on Attachment and its relationship to Adjustment in Orphaned children. They informed the members about the beginnings of this research, its objectives, and the plan for the Pilot Study. They also showed the questionnaires to be filled by the carers to them and explained how to fill them up. Also, the research assistants stressed on the issue of Confidentiality. 

After answering to all the queries, the meeting went on to discuss the proceedings of the Health & Higher Education Committees. These committees consist of Mentors, Udayan staff and some external resource persons. And their main aim is to plan and work on their respective agendas to cater to the specific needs of children, create tie-ups with hospitals and educational institutions and the like.


On 14th September, Dr. Deepak Gupta, our mental Health Expert, addressed the group on ‘Managing Children with Special Needs’. Dr. Gupta spoke about Types of Special Needs that children might have in our Homes; common symptoms of these disorders in childhood & adolescent years. Dr. Gupta focused on the fact that carers of these children must not only look for support system for their children, but also look for opportunities to de-stress them. He also reminded that carers must look at the positives of the child, appreciate him/ her for what he can do & love him/her as they are.  

After Dr. Gupta’s session, the group then went on to discuss the finances and expenditure of all the Homes. This Stocktaking exercise of Expenditure v/s Budget was facilitated by Ms. Reena Tete, Director Programmes.


Care Staff

Ms. Priyanka Jain, Asst. Manager, held a workshop on Health and Hygiene with the care staff on 30th July 2012 at the Head Office. She discussed the importance of maintaining hygiene at Home; the indicators for the same primarily - Food & Nutrition quality, sanitation & toiletry supplies, home maintenance and physical & mental health of the children; and the provisions in law regarding the upkeep of a children’s Home.  

On 31st August 2012, Ms. Priyanka continued with a sequel to the Session on Health and Hygiene. In this session, topics on Nutritional Scale and Diet, Medical Care and Mental Health were covered.  

Ms. Priyanka Jain took a workshop on Child Protection Policy with the caregivers on 21st September 2012, at the Head Office. She covered the different types of Abuse – Physical, Sexual, Neglect and Emotional Abuse; the need for a protection policy for children and Udayan Care’s Protection policy. It was a very interactive session with the care staff discussing their Home issues, and child’s rights in a very enthusiastic manner. All of them pledged that they will remain alert at all times, and any glitch in the functioning of this policy will be reported instantly to the social worker, mentor and/or the Head office personnel.



Social Workers & Ghar Team

As part of our knowledge enhancing sessions, every second Tuesday of the month, one of the team members present on a topic mutually decided by the group.

  • Ms. Priyanka Jain presented on Run Away Children. Her presentation raised several questions such as – Why do children run away from Homes such as ours? What could be the several reasons behind such a step when they are receiving the best of facilities, education and above all love & car in our Homes? The presentation made a cross country comparisons of the statistics on run-away children from Children’s Homes. It also talked about the constitutional safeguards for such children, and also the status of runaway children from Udayan Care.
  • Two of our social workers, Mr. Rahul Raja Sharma and Ms. Nidhi Singhal, were appointed to attend training on Planning for Life’ from 17th till 20th of July. The workshop covered topics on adolescent reproductive health and Life Skills. It was organized by Youthreach as part of their Project Samridhi. Their training includes reproductive health, contraceptives, pregnancy and other related issues. Rahul and Nidhi participated avidly in the discussions and group activities, and all appreciated their knowledge and enthusiasm.
  • Mr. Nirmalendu Suman, coordinator from Gurgaon home, attended Training Programme on Counselling Interventions for Children Affected by Trauma, Abuse and Neglect from 9 – 19 July, 2012. NIPCCD by means of audio-visual, simulation exercises, games etc, make the course etch into the minds of the trainees.
  • In September, Ms. Farah Naz and Ms. Priyanka Jain, presented on ‘Communicating with children - Skills & Techniques’. They spoke about the importance of effective communication; difference between communicating with children and that with adults; ways of communicating with children in different age groups; and skills required while communicating with children.


Recreational and Co-curricular Events

Across All Homes  

Girls at Sant Nagar had a treat when a young volunteer, Ms. Rashi Wadhera came to their Home on 29th June 2012 for a Dance Workshop. Rashi, herself being an experienced and remarkable jazz dancer, taught the girls some basic jazz movements, and some easy choreography tips.


Summers are incomplete without the seasonal fruits & therefore one of our Donors, Mr. Nakul Tuteja, GM (HR), Indigo Airlines, sponsored a Mango & Litchi Party at each of the 12 Udayan Homes. The children ate their favorite summer fruits to their hearts’ content at their Homes on 4th July 2012.

Girls love hair accessories and they can never have enough of them. Keeping this in mind, Ms. Zueikha, a constant volunteer with Udayan Care along with two young design students from NIFT Bangalore, Ms. Rashmil Dheer and Ms. Kriti Dheer, conducted a Hairband Workshop at Sant Nagar Home on 27th July 2012. They taught the enthusiastic girls as to how to jazz up simple, plain hairbands with the help of pieces cut out from old clothes, colorful ribbons, buttons, sequins and stones.  After a whole lot of mixing and matching, fighting over ribbons, discussing patterns, pushing each other to get to the glue & scissors first the young fashionistas were more than happy to pose with their new ‘oh-so-adorable’ hair bands! 

The French Ambassador (to India) H.E. François Richier was welcomed by children at Udayan Ghar on 26th July 2012, Mehrauli.  He personally interacted with the children and Mentor Mothers. On his visit he also signed a grant given by the French Ministry of Foreign & European Affairs and the Embassy of France to Udayan Care for supporting an Udayan Ghar, for a year and for capacity building workshops for children across all Udayan Ghars.


Like last year, Sapient Nitro, a division of the Corporate Sapient organized a Bal Mela for children of many NGOS including ours on 28th July 2012. Children from across all the 10 homes in Delhi/ NCR eagerly looked forward to this event. The organizers held competitions in debating, dance, singing and at the last a Talent Show.  The Gurgaon Boys staged a play in the Talent Show which was much appreciated by one & all. Many of our children won different competitions and took home a handful of prizes and take-away gifts.


Post the Bal Mela, our children celebrated Rakhi with their biological as well as Udayan siblings. The girls lovingly tied Rakhi on their brothers’ wrists and stuffed each others’ mouths with traditional Indian sweets – laddoos and burfis. All of them also got a cash of Rs. 50/- as keep sake. At our Jaipur Home, the girls tied Rakhi to their brothers, sons of Committee Members, and got many gifts from them.


An Art Workshop at Mehrauli Home on the 29th July took the girls of Mehrauli as well as Chattarpur deep into imagination. The resource person, Ms. Fiza Khan, along with four co-volunteers, started the session by explaining basic forms and colours. The children were encouraged to think of any power they would like to have and depict it through a painting. What followed was a collection of fairies, a mermaid, a girl with singing powers and even Barbie. The girls scrambled for Fiza’s attention as she helped them with frilly dresses, jewellery and hairstyles for their superhero avatars. All in all the day ended with some happy kids and volunteers.


Transport Corporation of India (TCI) continues with the Corporate Mentoring Programme with Gurgaon Boys. They visit thrice a month to interact & talk to children of different age groups on topics like various careers prospects, word games for increasing vocabulary, and play games like carom, depending on the age group. 

Gurgaon Boys were also invited to the offices of DLF Pramerica and GE India in the months of July and August. At DLF Pramerica, the younger boys showed their talent and got innumerous compliments for their dancing, singing & acting skills. At GE, the elder boys impressed the employees with their general knowledge as they promptly answered all the quiz questions, and later completing mathematical puzzles with much ease.


Scores of young adults and adolescents came together at Udayan Care’s Friendship Hungama on 5th August. Rigorous preparations for over a month paid off as close to 50 pairs of Big and Little Friends came together this Friendship Day at the Ojas Art Gallery Mehrauli to celebrate the second edition of Udayan Care’s Friendship Hungama 2012. Big Friends and their Little Friends had a wonderful time amidst games and some amazing food. Some even exchanged email ids to continue keeping in touch. It was a big success!


The British School students, as part of their Community Service Programme visited our Udayan Homes at Sant Nagar, Mayur Vihar, Mehrauli, Noida and Chattarpur from 6th – 9th August. The theme chosen for the week was Olympics. The children of Udayan Homes and British School students together prepared scrapbooks, charts, PowerPoint presentations on the said theme. This programme helped the children to interact, work together and familiarize with different walks of life.  




NL labs, a corporate group, as part of their CSR, engages the children of Chattarpur Home in meaningful activities, events & outings every month. On the 10th of August, they invited the girls and their caretakers to their office to discuss and celebrate Janmasthami – Birthday of Lord Krishna in their own unique way. The children & their employees, divided into groups, discussed the mythology related to Krishna’s birth, and later drew & prepared charts and projects related to the theme of the day.



Udayan girls at Jaipur Home celebrated Independence Day on 15th August. The Flag was hosted by Sonu, the youngest girl at this Home. Mentors, committee members, staff & friends of Udayan Care participated & attended the event. Later, on the same day the Home celebrated the birthdays of Sonu, Ms. Mangla, the caregiver, Rakhi Jaitley, social worker & Mentor, Ms. Sheetal Bahri.



A team from Callaway Golf India, a premiere name for Golf products, had visited Udayan girls at the Sant Nagar Home on 1st September 2012. They involved the girls in various icebreaking activities and games like dumb charades. The girls and the Callaway team danced together on many songs and enjoyed the day to the core. In fact our girls, so pleased by their initiative and creative ideas, made a special thank you card for them before they left. Their interaction ended with a special treat and gifts for all.


11 younger Udayan boys from Gurgaon Home, accompanied by their coordinator Nirmalendu, were taken for a movie outing by DLF Pramerica on 15th September. They watched the much acclaimed movie Barfi at a mall in Gurgaon. The boys found it a very thrilling experience. They wholeheartedly thanked Ms. Arpan Gujral of DLF for this wonderful outing.


Mehrauli Home had visitors from Bank of America on 16th of September. The employees sung and danced along with our children, from both Mehrauli & Chattarpur Home. The performances by Salma and Sakshi Udayan captivated the attention of everyone.  They also engaged the girls in drawing & coloring, and gave away goodies to them. Our children interacted with them, thanked them and had a great time with the group. Ms. Priyanka Jain along with Ms. Abha Jaipuria, Mentor Mother of Chattarpur girls was also present during the event. All together, it was a great exposure for our children as they could learn so much from the corporate group.


PVR Cinemas' CSR wing, PVR Nest, recently initiated a campaign titled "Steer to Safety". In their attempt to sensitize children towards Road Safety, they planned a visit to Greater Noida Home. On 24th September, Ms. Mahima Kaur, Founder cum Director, Dreaming Child Production with two team members, engrossed the children with a documentary film on road safety. It was followed by a one act and later they involved our girls too in a skit. This session was very interesting as well as informative.


A team of students and teachers from Oakwood School, Nainital, came to our Greater Noida Home on 30th September. Being a Sunday, in the morning hours, they engaged all the girls in different meaningful games and activities. Post lunch, they took all the girls and carers to Dilli Haat. Dilli Haat is a cultural hub with shops and food stalls from all across the states of India. The Udayan girls as well as the Oakwood School team enjoyed their evening at this colourful place in Delhi, feasting on their favourite eats like momos and kulfi, and bargaining with shopkeepers on bangles, stoles and small items of handicrafts.


The Mentor Mother of Kurukshetra Home, Prof. Sushama Sharma, keeping in mind the interest of her girls in learning music, invited Dr. Prem Macchal, Associate Prof in Dept. of Music, Kurukshetra University, at Home. He obliged to become the young girls’ music teacher and visits their Home every Sunday. The Mentor also arranged for a harmonium, so that children can sing along with their music tutor.



Birthday Celebrations continue to be the most awaited monthly events for the children, as they get to cut cakes, gifts and throw a party at home. 

Udayan Care winning India Ngo Awards 2011
Udayan Care winning India Ngo Awards 2011
Anjali winning the Hudco Painting competition
Anjali winning the Hudco Painting competition
Udayan Kids at the Delhi Marathon 2012
Udayan Kids at the Delhi Marathon 2012
H.E French Ambassador
H.E French Ambassador's Visit to Udayan Ghar
Workshop: "Managing Children with Special Needs"
Workshop: "Managing Children with Special Needs"

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