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Nourish& Educate HIV Affected Children in India

by Udayan Care
Parents attending the workshop
Parents attending the workshop

Final Report for the Project:  Nourish & Educate HIV Affect Children In India for the Quarter April- June 2012

Key Activities of this quarter:

1.    Monthly Capacity Building Workshops with

a.         HIV+ infected parents – Internal Resource Person

b.         HIV affected Children – External Resource Person

2.    Three monthly Home Visits of the Families


1. Monthly Capacity Building Workshops with


a. Workshops with HIV+ infected parents


Objective: To facilitate the process for creating Mutual Support System (MSS) among the HIV+ parents.


Process: Open collective sharing of problems faced by each of the participants resulting into broad classification of their concerns / constraints. 

  • Fight against social stigma and psychology of social exclusion
  • Need for and relevance of Group identity and collective action.
  • Need for and relevance of information dissemination on institutions providing services to AIDS victims.
  • Need for and relevance of being proactive in campaign against AIDS.
  • Need for and relevance of social inclusion.

In present scenario most of the people especially the people who are not educated are not considering AIDS as a medical problem, rather they take it as a social problem due to lack of knowledge and awareness. People living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) are facing social stigma and exclusion in the society. There is no particular identified group because they have come from different parts of Delhi. For collective action we are facilitating them in order to make a MSS. MSS will help them to play an active role in campaign against HIV/AIDS, it will lead to their social inclusion.

Monitoring Table of the monthly workshop

Name of the resource person: Mohd. Faheem Khan & Sameer Pathak


Sl. No: 1  

Theme of the workshop / Date:- Dreaming Dreams on 29.04.12

No. of participants: 53

Main outcome / s: 

  • Whole group shared their feelings.
  • How they can expand the span of life.
  • They are the need of their children & vice-versa.
  • They are the one who can make themselves strong to fight with any difficulty.

 SL. No: 2

Theme of the workshop / Date: Problem Sharing on 27.05.2012

No. of participants51

Main outcome / s: 

  • The group sharing about issues related to HIV/AIDS – treatment, medication, tests etc.
  • Psychological support to each other by the group
  • Group showed signs of maturity and can be strengthened further.

 SL. No: 3

Theme of the workshop / Date: Social Exclusion on 24.06.2012

No. of participants30

Main outcome / s: 

  • All parents want to share and disclose their status to the society.
  • They are afraid of the attitude of the society. If society does not accept them then their children also will become a part of social exclusion.


Detailed reports are available on request.

b. Workshops with HIV affected Children


Objective: To help HIV affected children grow in an inclusive environment – in family, in schools, in communities, in peer groups.


Process: Open collective sharing with children to comprehend different aspects of their problems.

  • Counseling to enable such children overcome their traumas;
  • Instances of exclusion in family, school, community and peer groups;  
  • Development of right attitude to face the real world;
  • Motivation for academic excellence and good health.

We are providing moral education to HIV affected children through workshops to overcome their trauma using various methods and techniques like storytelling, art therapy and craftwork. As we are forming the group of parents, similarly our aim is to make the children feel secure in their own small group. We are encouraging these children for developing confidence, right attitude and importance of education.

Monitoring Table of the monthly workshops      

Name of the resource person: Mohd. Faheem Khan


Sl. No: 1

Theme of the workshop / Date: Story telling  on Key to Success on  29.04.2012

No. of participants: 69

Main outcome / s: 

  • Good education is the way of success
  • Never deceive to any one
  • Never break the trust
  • Always obey the parents / teachers / elders

Sl. No: 2

Theme of the workshop / Date: Story telling   Deceive crocodile & Craft Work on 27.05.2012

No. of participants: 72

Main outcome / s:

  • We should never let down others.
  • We should never lose hope.
  • We should always work wisely and sincerely.
  • Be a help to friend in need.
  • Always make your own choice.
  • Children learnt to make paper flowers
  • Children will not throw their old copies as useless things.

Sl. No: 3

Theme of the workshop / Date:  Communication on 24.06.2012

No. of participants: 43

Main outcome / s:

  • Children are able to speak in the group.
  • They are becoming confident.
  • They have tried to understand the thing, howsoever difficult it was
  • They have understood the difference between verbal or non-verbal communication.


2. Home Visits: 

Objective / s of quarterly home visits:

i)              To ascertain the degree of involvement of parents in catering to nutrition and education needs of non infected children

ii)             To ascertain the physical and financial status of parents.

iii)            To ascertain / gauge about the real pattern of fund-flow.


To find out the degree of involvement and contribution of parents in needs of children for their education and nutrition. Home visits are also helpful to know the health and financial status of the parents and we also can monitor the flow of fund. 

The home visits revealed that children are really benefiting from the grant. Not even a single instance was brought to light where we felt that the money was not being spent on the beneficiaries. The children are regularly going to schools and are getting tuitions as well as good nutrition. We are really satisfied with the home visit reports.


We from the Team of Udayan Care want to thank to all our supporters of this project.We have received so much of support since past years which helped us to transform lives for all those who needed your support. Currently we are winding up our project: Nourish & Educate HIV Affect Children In India.

But, I would like to take this oppurtunity to share that we have two more projects listed with Global Giving. Please visit our Projects and we request for your support like all of you have done in the past.



Children attending the workshop
Children attending the workshop


Children interacting during the workshop
Children interacting during the workshop

Udayan Care has provided counselling and financial support to 67 families and 80 children during the last quarter January-March 2012. HIV/AIDS is recognized as more than just a health issue – it is an issue of development, of economics, of security, and of human rights.

Quotes of the Beneficiaries: *(Names have been changed to protect privacy rights of parents and children.)

Mandeep* - “I am really grateful to the donor who supported me and my family at a very poor financial stage. After the death of my husband, I was worried about the future of my children, but it is my good luck that I became a part of this programme and my children are now doing well.”

Reshma*- “How I can forget that this programme has changed my entire life. When my first husband passed away, my in-laws threw me and my daughter out of their house. I joined this programme and fortunately met with a man and got remarried to him. Now I am happily married and living with my two daughters.”

During the last quarter all the children appeared in their final examination and are expecting good results. Their parents also supported them throughout, not only by providing them with good nutritious food but also boosting their moral to help them thrive well in academics.  

Monthly Workshops for HIV+ Parents:


To strengthen the capacity of families and family networks by facilitating an environment for the HIV infected parents, Udayan Care conducts monthly workshops with them on the last Sunday of every month. The agenda is to make them realize their potential of creating and using institutions of mutual self-help for themselves.

 Table of the monthly workshops for Parents

Resource Persons: Mr. Faheem Khan, Ms. Megha Garg, Ms. Ananya Mukherjee & Mr. Joy 

Theme of the workshop-Role of Parents for the academic betterment of their children .

 Date– 26.02.12

No. of participants- 53

Major outcomes:


  • Parents were asked to keep a tab on their child’s academic preparation.
  • Parents have shown interest in monitoring tips for their children in academics.
  • Parents were given advice to attend PTAs in schools.
  • To keep cell phone numbers of class teachers.
  • To visit the schools regularly and meet the class teachers.
  • To motivate their child to use the leisure time in outdoor games.

Theme- Experience sharing.

No. of participants- 51

Date- 25.03.12

Major outcomes:


  • Entire group shared their joys and problems openly.
  • Parents were happy with academic performances of their children
  • They offered Psychological support to each other within the group.
  • Group showed signs of confidence for being socially accepted.  



Monthly Workshops for Affected children of HIV +ve Parents:


In order to make the HIV affected children realize the charm of childhood, we also conducted workshops with them. For instance, we organized a drawing/painting session with them, where they freely shared their feelings and emotions with others. Through the workshops, Udayan Outreach Programme aims to help the children develop their personality and overcome the emotional trauma they have experienced in their lives. To build their confidence the workshops were also designed with interactive sessions where children shared their views, opinions and experiences of their lives. 

Sonam*- “I always enjoy the workshop here as I learnt a lot from them. I always participate in my school activities and keep trying my hands on things which I learn here.”

*(Names have been changed to protect privacy rights of children.)

Table of monthly workshops for children:           


Resource Persons: Mr. Faheem Khan, Ms. Megha Garg, Ms. Ananya Mukherjee & Mr. Joy

Theme of the workshop-Art and Therapy.

 Date– 26.02.12

No. of participants- 59

 Main outcomes:


  • One of our Shalinis from USF Programme conducted a session with children.
  • Children were happy to interact with a “Didi” (elder sister) and learnt a lot from her.
  • Children participated with full enthusiasm in the interactive session.
  • Children learnt how to recycle used paper.
  • Children were encouraged to use these learnings at home and schools.

Theme- Fun & Learn.

Date- 25.03.12

No. of participants- 63

Main outcomes:

  • The session was intended to teach these children about time management in studies.
  • Children received an opportunity to express themselves.
  • Children also shared their schools’ time tables.
  • Children became friendly with older children.


Moments of Joy

 One of the very committed donors “Gerlinde” from Germany attended the session and interacted with the parents and their children. They were happy to meet her as she was very warm, enthusiastic to meet them too. She shared some motivational words, distributed cookies and had lots of fun with all of them.

Home Visits:


Home visits are an integral part of the project which helps us to meet parents as well as children personally. These visits also provide a space to monitor the involvement of parents for the betterment of children. These home visits also help us to strengthen the bonds with the families.  


Children attending the workshop
Children attending the workshop
Gerlinde from Germany interacting with children
Gerlinde from Germany interacting with children


A boy addressing an audience with full confidence.
A boy addressing an audience with full confidence.

Quotes From Beneficiaries (*names have been changed to protect privacy)

Raman* – “I lost both my parents in a span of one year. Now-a-days I am staying with my two siblings at my grandmother’s. I have other relatives but none of them are helping us. There was a time when I was worried for my education. But it was my fortune that my late parents had come in contact with Udayan Care which supported me for my education. Right now I am studying in class 12th and working hard to get good results, so that one day I will be standing on my feet. I love to attend the workshops conducted by Udayan Care. This organization helped me to come over the setback of my parents’ death and gave me the confidence to do better in education.”

Manav* – “My family belongs to Bihar but I was born and brought up in Delhi. My father is a driver and my mother is a housewife. Both are HIV positive. My father always falls sick and because of that he is not able to work for months which affects our family income. Due to this I was about to leave my study for good. But it felt like a rebirth when my family came in contact with Udayan Care’s programme for supporting children like me. Then I continued my studies without any interruption. I not only got the financial support but also the opportunity to attend the workshops. Here I have gained my self confidence and now-a-days I also try to mix-up with other children. Such motivational workshops have inspired me.”

Current Status of the Project

Currently Udayan Outreach Programme is providing financial support and counseling to 80 children and 67 families, out of which 60 children and 48 families are supported by you.

During this quarter, installments (financial support) were electronically distributed to all the children.

Confidence and Public Speaking Skills Building Exercises

(Workshop on 30 October 2011)

Public speaking is important for every people of all the age groups including children. It encourages confidence and enables people to express their point of view, which also helps them to become better communicators. However, if children are not forced to learn and recite, they are generally much more spontaneous speakers than adults. Given the chance, they can often express themselves more easily as well. But they do need training when it comes to the structure and presentation of speeches.

The Udayan Outreach Programme’s aim is helping these children to develop their personality through these monthly workshops. The special focus of this month was on the need for public speaking skills of the children. As these children have had minimum exposure to adopting and exercising public speaking skills and confidence building in their homes and school environment, so we encouraged our children to prepare stories, skits, and newspaper articles to share with the whole group. They participated in these activities wholeheartedly.

“I enjoyed these workshops a lot. I learnt so many new things, especially about my own talent in this quarter. Now I am confident to face the audience and taking part in school’s activites” – Maria*

Identifying and Encouraging Children’s Talents and Interests

(Workshop on 27 November 2011)

Supporting children's individual strengths is important for developing self esteem as well. This workshop was conducted keeping in mind that it is important for all parents to find the area or interest that is a talent for their individual child, as all children have some innate abilities and interests that are special and unique. It was emphasized that over time, by supporting these talents, they may be able to help your children acquire a life-long love of learning. The workshop proved to be a great bonding exercise between parents and children, who were only too happy to understand each other better! Parents learned to give attention to their children’s hobbies and interests, without losing sight of academics. On the other hand, children who were earlier too shy to share their thoughts with their parents, chose to speak up. As parents discovered the hidden talents of their children and appreciated them for who they are, the children realised they do not need to be shy about expressing themselves in front of their parents. Parents realised the benefits of letting their children pursue their interests as it can also enhance their career prospects.

Talking about her son’s interest in computers, Sumit’s* mother said, “I always encouraged him to join computer learning centre after school so that he can learn more and take it as a future prospect.”


Apart from the workshops, home visits were also made in this quarter. We found good involvement among parents and their children. Parents are providing every possible facility to the children within the limitation of the given fund in relation to education and nutrition. We also observed that these home visits help us to build up relationship with the families more closely.  During our visit this time, the parents were much less hesitant to ask questions. At the same time, it also provided us a chance to know their health status.

A girl sharing her views with the group.
A girl sharing her views with the group.
Parent sharing various interests of her child.
Parent sharing various interests of her child.
Children at a workshop
Children at a workshop

Our Miracles of Hope:


Rajneesh’s parents got infected with HIV/AIDS one after the other. His father who was sick for a long time, eventually succumbed to his illness, leaving him and his mother behind. After the sad demise of his father, Rajneesh and his mother went to live with his paternal aunt, who works as a domestic help in households. The financial crisis in the family led Rajneesh and his mother to join the Udayan Outreach Programme, when he was in class 7. Since then, he has been performing quite well in his academics. Today, he is a very confident and intelligent boy who is going to appear for class 10 examination this year. He dreams of becoming a doctor and treating people infected with HIV/ AIDS.

It is the support that he has received from our Outreach programme that gives him confidence to pursue his dreams. The financial assistance given by this programme has also brought relief to his paternal aunt who has to take care of 3 other children besides Rajneesh. She has many hopes for Rajneesh and looks forward to the day when he will be capable enough to take care of the family on his own.


Neelam’s father passed away due to HIV/AIDS when she was in class 6. Neelam, who was always good at academics had to forego her studies due to her mother’s failing health and poor financial condition. In order to support her family, Neelam took up work as a domestic help in a household, earning a meager salary per month.

Just as Neelam was abandoning the idea of going to school forever, she came to know about Udayan Care’s Outreach programme. The program not only gave them hope for a better life but also gave Neelam courage to pursue her studies further. Neelam’s mother also encouraged her to continue her studies after receiving financial aid from our programme. Neelam has now passed Class 10 with excellent marks and dreams of becoming a teacher someday.

*Names changed to protect privacy rights

Our Endeavors:

  • Monetary support for the education & nutrition of the affected children

 With financial assistance, the child beneficiaries under our Program receive an opportunity to improve their lives that have been affected by their parents’ illness and continued dwindling of monetary resources. They are now able to pay for their school fees, after-school tuitions and a nutritional diet only due to the aid that they receive from this program. As a result, their living conditions have improved and there is a huge sense of relief in the families.

 The funds are now being electronically transferred to all the children every month.  

  • Monthly Workshops with HIV/AIDS infected parents and HIV/AIDS affected children

 July, 2011

Workshop in the month of July was divided into 2 separate groups, one for the parents and the other, for children. Discussion with parents consisted of an exchange on the importance of spending time with children. Our resource person, Mr. Sameer Pathak asked the parents to spend some quality time with their children on a daily basis, asking them about their studies and their social life in general. This was done to make the children feel cared for and loved by their parents.

They were also asked to keep a note of the areas in which their children required attention such as studies/ personal behavior etc. so that they can seek assistance from the Program team in coming at solutions.

The children’s workshop was held simultaneously by our resource person, Ms. Megha Garg who emphasized on personality development through team work. Age based activities were performed by the children wherein a few were expected to draw as per their wish while others were asked to develop an advertisement.

Thereafter, the group was informed about ‘Big Friend Little Friend Program’, another child-centric program being run by Udayan Care in which the children could participate and gain benefit from. They were informed about a fete - ‘Udayan Care Friendship Hungama 2011’ (UCFH 2011) that was being organized by Udayan Care on Friendship Day for the very first time to celebrate the spirit of friendship. The children were invited to attend the event along with their parents and experience a unique celebration of friendship.

The Big Friend Little Friend Program is a unique and first-of-its kind programme in India which facilitates a willing volunteer (Big Friend) to become an equal and supportive friend to a disadvantaged youngster (Little Friend) of the same sex.

For the next month, the children were given a topic for General Discussion (GD) and were asked to go through the newspapers regularly in order to prepare themselves for the same.

August, 2011

August saw another workshop of parents and children wherein our resource person, Mr. Sameer Pathak initiated a discussion with parents on the importance of leading a quality life. He brought hope into the group by informing them that a life well lived is thousand times better than a life lived without zeal. He encouraged the parents to lead a healthy and nutritious life so that they can live longer. 

Our Resource person for the children’s workshop was Mr. Rashid, a social worker working in NGO, Sakshi. He related the importance of studying to children by sharing many real life examples with them. This generated a lot of interest amongst the group and all the children listened very attentively. 

Since the session was interactive, the children also shared their problems related to academics besides sharing their achievements with Rashid. 

Exclusive Invitation- Udayan Care Friendship Hungama 2011 (UCFH 2011)

Beneficiaries from our Outreach Program were cordially invited to participate in an Udayan Care Event that was organized under Big Friend Little Friend Program on Friendship Day in India. A Fete was organized at Tagore International School on 7th August to celebrate friendship between Big and Little friends. The event proved quite a memorable one for our beneficiaries where they took out a day to celebrate the spirit of friendship with one another.

Children from our program were paired up as Little Friends with adults who became their Big Friends for the day and sponsored their food and games. There were several game stall where our children participated and won prizes. They participated in dances and other competitions and received a lot of encouragement from their Big Friends. 

Our children were extremely happy for being part of the event and they made the most of the day. These children who had always experienced discrimination and apathy from society at large, felt accepted for the first time in their life. There was a sudden increase in confidence as every child felt important and wanted.

The happiness that was very evident on their faces was as much a result of this interaction as due to the innumerable prizes that they won in the various games.

September, 2011 

Moderators- Mohd. Faheem Khan and Ms. Megha Garg asked the parents and their children about their experiences of being a part of the event. The entire group expressed their joy and gratitude for giving them such a unique opportunity of interacting with society at large. 

Thus, taking this experience forward, they discussed the importance of having friends in one’s life. Children themselves came up with such innovative ways to express their need of a friend. Many of them also conveyed that books are their best friends as it gives them complete knowledge on a variety of issues.

Summary of the monthly workshops for children:    

Name of the resource persons: Mr. Sameer Pathak, Ms. Megha Garg, Mr. Rashid & Mohd. Faheem Khan

1. July 2011

A. Importance of spending time with children on 31st July 2011 

B. Personality Development through Team Work on 31st July 2011

The workshop was attended by 67 children and 42 parents.

Main Outcome:

  • Importance of parental role in a child’s life, besides providing food and clothing, was understood.
  • Parents also understood the ways through which they can easily access and approach their children’s problems.
  • Children realized how important it was to work as a team.
  • The power of unity was realized.

2. August 2011

A. Leading quality life on 28th August 2011

B. Importance of Academics on 28th August 2011

The workshop was attended by 68 children and 48 parents.

Main Outcome: 

  • Hope to lead a better life was sustained amongst the beneficiaries.
  • Ways to lead a quality life were informed.
  • Children realized the use of education through stories.

3. September 2011

A. Importance of having friends in one’s life on 25th September 2011

The workshop was attended by 73 children and 53 parents.

Main Outcome: As a result of the discussion, there were many beneficiaries who were keen to have a friend in their life. We plan to provide these children with a Big Friends of their own soon.

Children's workshop in July
Workshop for Parents in August
Workshop for Parents in August
Having a great time at UCFH 2011
Having a great time at UCFH 2011
A child reciting a story in the workshop
A child reciting a story in the workshop

Current status of the project:

Currently Udayan Outreach Programme is providing financial support and counseling to 80 children and 67 families.

Our young achievers

Ravi Raghav*

Ravi is a resident of Savitri Nagar, New Delhi. His father passed away after cancer claimed his life. His mother works as a domestic help and fetches for a family of four. In addition to taking care of the family, she also bears the burden of being infected with HIV and is prone to illness. Ravi joined the Outreach Programme when he was studying in IVth standard. He has been consistently fairing well in his academics and has recently passed class Xth exam with 62% marks. He is a confident and an intelligent child who aspires to do well in life.

The support from the Outreach Programme has brought about some relief to his mother who now feels unburdened about her son’s education. She feels that it would have been impossible to send Ravi to school without the support of Udayan Outreach.


Purnima cannot help but beam with joy; she has cleared her Xth exams with 65%. It’s hard to believe that this happy and confident child is the same Purnima who joined our programme four years back.  Her mother who works as a domestic help, virtually forced her to dropout from the school due to her inability to look after her three children as a consequence of her husband’s early death. To have two squares a meal a day was their top priority. But through our Outreach Programme, Purnima and her family are not only financially supported but are also dealing with the stigma positively through our workshop and activities which we organize every month.

  • Monetary support for the education & nutrition of the affected children

With the help of the monthly funds, Udayan Outreach provides an opportunity for the affected children to overcome the hindrances caused due to their parents’ illness and lead a normal and healthy life. The children currently enrolled with the program use the monthly amount provided to them to pay for their school fees, after school tuition and a nutritional diet.

During this quarter, the fund was electronically transferred to all the children on a monthly basis. 

  • Monthly Workshops with HIV/AIDS infected parents and HIV/AIDS affected children

The first workshop took place on 24.04.2011 at Mahavir Senior Model School and the motto of this workshop was to teach the children the essence of team work. The theme of the workshop was, “Personality Development”, facilitated by Megha Garg. The children were divided according to their age and were assigned tasks like making shirts with logos or a list of cities starting with specific letters, group discussions etc.

This workshop provided the children a chance to face groups which will help them in increasing their confidence level. It also aided them in identifying their weaknesses in communication skills and helped them understand ways of improving the same. The children felt more confident after the workshop and felt encouraged to educate themselves about general issues and facts.

The children were assigned task for next month’s workshop and were asked to make one more shirt, to write name of capitals of the cities which they wrote in class, to read newspaper so that current topics can be given for group discussion in next session.

The parents also took part in a separate session on the same day which was facilitated by Sameer Pathak, Mohd. Faheem Khan and Megha Garg. The session initiated a general discussion to impart information on the government scheme for Jhuggie dwellers to give Pucca houses as about 30% of our group members come under the scheme. On the other end, the discussion was focused on children’s education and the role of parents in guiding their children use the summer vacations in a fruitful way.

Facilitator also guided the parents to identify good tutors, who can help the child to perform better in academics and were told that it is every parent’s duty to meet the tutors on regular intervals to monitor the progress of their child.

The workshop encouraged free sharing and the parents started thinking about following the instructions seriously.

The second workshop took place on 29.5.2011 on the topic, ‘Encourage Children’s Talents & Interests’ at Mahavir Sr. Model School and was facilitated by Sameer Pathak, Megha Garg and Faheem Khan.

The message imparted by the workshop was that every child has some natural talents that are special to them. These are such areas of interest and ability that motivate a child to achieve well in life. Nurturing those talents and interests is important since it might enable many children to have a happy, fulfilling life-long career based on their individual strengths. Hence, supporting children's individuality is important for developing their self esteem and is necessary for all parents to locate and encourage the area or interest where their child’s unique talents lie. The session ended with the parents acknowledging the importance of helping their children pursue their interests and encourage them in their own little ways.

The third workshop took place on 26.06.2011 on the topic, ‘Importance of Academic Performance’ at Mahavir Sr. Model School and was facilitated by Faheem Khan. The aim of the workshop was to talk separately to children and parents and explain them the importance of sound academic performance for a child’s future. This workshop further became an occasion to congratulate and encourage students with good results and make them understand the importance of sound academic progress. While the parents left convinced, the children promised to work hard.

(*Children’s names have been changed on their request to protect privacy rights)

Children in action during workshop
Children in action during workshop
HIV infected parents participating in a workshop
HIV infected parents participating in a workshop
highest marks scorer in their class
highest marks scorer in their class

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