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Empower 50 needy girls in India through education.

by Udayan Care
induction ceremony
induction ceremony

The family of meritorious Shalinis at Delhi chapter got bigger with the addition of 100 needy and meritorious fellows of 13th batch.

At the ceremony held at Mahavir Senior Model School for another 50 girls, Dr. Satyanarayan Jatiya, Member Rajya Sabha & Former Union Minister was the Chief Guest with Dr. Kavita A. Sharma, Director India International Center gracing the occasion as the Guest of Honour. The poetic touch rendered to the speech by the Chief Guest captivated the fellows and not for a minute could they miss his inspirational words. Dr. Kavita spoke of her journey towards education which was the best motivation for the fellows to excel in academics.

The Honorable Chief Guest administered the oath to the new batch. A sense of pride echoed in the voice of the fellows when they took the oath. After the oath the fellows were awarded their first fellowship cheque along with the Badge of Honour by the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour.


Quarterly workshop on the theme of “Mai Samarth Mai Shalini(I am Capable, I am dignified) to reinforce the spirit of being a Shalini fellow was conducted by one of the prominent members, Mr. Ashish Aggarwal to inspire them for vertical thinking. Diverse and relevant workshops defined each month of the quarter.

Self Awareness was the theme of the first small group workshop of the quarter conducted to address a very important Life Skill and its applicability in their daily life situations. For the newly inducted batch, the theme of Communication Skills was chosen at the very beginning to provide a strong foundation for effective communication and its different aspects. Giving back was the theme of small group workshop in December to inculcate strong value among fellows and develop inclination towards opportunities to Give Back in diverse ways possible.



  • Highly interactive and motivational session by Ashish  Aggarwal reinforced the value of being a Shalini.
  • Fellows making efforts in giving back became more visible this quarter. The gesture of Tanya Maggo, a 10th batch who sent Rs.300 along with the performa was praised and idea of voluntary small contributions was encouraged. Javitri, 10th batch, Manali Malhotra, 11th batch and Bhawna Gupta, 11th Batch made contributions of Rs.200 each out of their small savings.
  • Importance of Shalini Pledge was re-emphasized and Pledge was read by Preeti Lata, a 10th batch fellow to orient the fellows again towards the Pledge.
Shalini's taking pledge
Small group workshop
Small group workshop
Selection of Batch 13
Selection of Batch 13
Jyoti Bhatia- our Shalini fellow turned donor
Jyoti Bhatia- our Shalini fellow turned donor

Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program (USF)

With an aim to develop the overall personality of our Udayan Shalini Fellows, Udayan Care organized a quarterly workshop to hone their communication skills.

The workshop was organized by Amex Team on 13th July 2014. The major focus of the workshop was on enhancing the communication skills of the participants attending it. It was not only about communication but rather effective communication and the practical aspects for improvement.

Among the many different aspects of communication the major discussions took place on the following aspects:

  • Seven C’s of effective communication
  • Role of verbal and non verbal communication
  • Common mistakes in verbal communication.
  • Tips to enhance usage of nonverbal communication.

The facilitator used videos and plays to explain what you shouldn't do while communicating. For each of the trait like “not keeping eye contact” the facilitator discussed the role and impact subsequently. While the workshop began with facilitator’s explanation and discussion, the fellows started sharing their personal experiences where they figured out their strengths and weakness in communicating.

Further Amex team also performed an engaging skit “Bolo bolo par theek se bolo” (Communicate but communicate well) depicting the role of effective communication and the flaws that are commonly made as part of communication.


The programme has now spread its reach in schools located in South Delhi as well. We received more than 650 applications from all over Delhi from varying backgrounds ranging from resettlement colonies to slum clusters. Out of these, the shortlisted applicants appeared for the written test which was their first step for the selection process on the basis of NAT. The written test was set to evaluate them on their knowledge, general awareness and awareness of social issues.

After conducting the home visits in both north and south Delhi, 100 bright girls were shortlisted to be inducted as Shalinis in a grand ceremony to be scheduled for October.

The reach of the programme has widened with greater presence in South Delhi. A major accomplishment of the programme is the letter of permission from Directorate of Education received for South Delhi schools that supported in reaching out to the schools as well as added value to the programme.


USF Alumnae got together to elect the members for different posts –president, vice-president, joint secretary, treasurer, executive members for the new term of Udayan Shalini Fellowship Alumnae Association. Before the actual selection of future office bearers the members present discussed about the functioning of the Association along with the course of action. Archana Kumari from batch 6 gave her nomination for the post of president and all those present approved of her name.


  • Participation of Gurgaon fellows made the workshop unique and a way towards networking of different chapters providing opportunity and exposure for learning.
  • The workshop saw equal and active participation of the facilitators as well as the fellows. More than a form of workshop, the sessions were exchange of experiences where fellows shared willingly about their flaws and achievements in the domain of communication.
  • The visual medium of conducting workshop (PowerPoint presentation and videos) enhanced the effectiveness creating greater impact on the minds of the fellows.
  • The small group discussions post the main workshop helped participants to come up with their queries in a more open and comfortable manner and seek suggestions that might not have been possible in bigger groups.


There is something extraordinary which sets Jyoti Bhatia apart from other donors which is that she not a part of the Udayan family as a donor but as our own Udayan Shalini fellow. Inducted as a part of the 3rd batch of 126 girls, she was a shy but bright student. Supported by modest family earnings and Udayan Care’s Shalini Fellowship, all she ever dreamt of was to become a teacher one day. This motivated her to pursue her goal.

She completed her elementary teacher training course and began her teaching career in 2008. After gaining the initial years of experience she joined Sarvodaya Kanya Vidalaya. Here, moving in the corridors that resembled her own school, she was motivated even more to reach out to the students. Today she comes across as a confident young teacher and is a role model for many.

Jyoti’s feat becomes even more special because she has not been a passive recipient of what life has given her. She started contributing as a donor to Udayan Care in 2012 and has unfailingly done so for three continuous years. When asked about what motivated her to donate she answered “The Udayan Shalini Pledge administered about 10 years ago reminds me each day to give back”. The desire to give back still sparkles bright in her eyes when she donates that cheque of Rs 10,000 which is a part of her hard-earned money. Her journey reflects nothing but what a true Shalini would aspire to be someday.

Quarterly Workshop
Quarterly Workshop
Interview for batch 13 selection
Interview for batch 13 selection
written test for batch 13 selection
written test for batch 13 selection
Alexis with USF Fellows
Alexis with USF Fellows

We are so grateful to Alexis, Programme Manager, Global Giving for taking out some time to meet USF Fellows in her short trip to India. After Global Giving’s ambassador’s visit last year, it was the second time that a direct global giving representative visited Udayan Care and spent time with the fellows and children we work with.

It was an amazing experience for our fellow girls since they got to meet Alexis, who is a face of those who had supported them in transforming their life and allow them to fulfill their aspiration for higher education. Alexis had a group interaction with our Shalini’s in which they told her about the transforming experiences of their journey and how the programme had groomed their personality and inculcated a sense of leadership and confidence in them. 

Fellows sharing their experiences with Alexis
Fellows sharing their experiences with Alexis
Capacity Building Workshop
Capacity Building Workshop

Udayan Care initiated the programme with a Visionto turn deserving and talented girls from weak socio-economic into empowered and dignified women. Since the programme’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it goes beyond being a usual scholarship programme by not only supporting higher education but also providing regular mentoring and leadership development and inculcating a sense of social responsibility to the selected talented girls. Therefore, many personality development Workshops and camps were organised during the period of reporting. All of these workshops were based on the objective to develop Confidenceand Leadership skills in their Personality. Following are the few activities organised during the reporting period

  • To develop Confidence in our students a workshop was organised by one of our Alumnae student and our volunteer from one of our Cooperate partners. The Workshop was divided in three sessions – the first session talked about the identification of motivation factors in ourselves and the second discussed about how to get over your fear and how to balance between confidence and over confidence. The last session emphasized on Identifying the five signs that show lack of confidence, How to overcome shyness and the Strategies to bring for instant confidence in ourselves.

Since one of our Resource person for the workshop was one of our Alumnaestudent, it brings the sense of responsibility of giving back to the society amongst our existing students.

  • With the central theme of Leadership & Personality Development a five days Residential Camp was organised during the month of May, 2014. The basic aim of the camp was to provide meaningful exposure to the fellows of different states, to interact, participate and engage on a common platform for mutual learning and develop positive attitude towards each other.

Every day was planned around the OBJECTIVES and activities were also planned accordingly.

social campaign was also organised by our students during the reporting period. The campaign was organised to create awareness about the cause and the preventive measures of DIARROHEA. The Camapign helped both illiterate and literate mothers to understand the causes of Diarrohea and how they can protect their children from the disease.

Sucess Story - Miracle of Hope    

In the narrow lanes of Sangam vihar area of South Delhi young aspirations are taking shape. While most girls in the area venture out only to their schools, Pooja travels, the distance of approximately two hours, confidently toin North Delhi, which is distantly located from her home.

Now, after completing her school this year with 78% marks, she is looking forward to join a renowned University of Delhi. However, before joining the programme she wanted to pursue graduation through distance education because her unfavorable family’s economic conditions.

Her achievement is an absolute success of overcoming hardships at different steps. While the family was coping up with economic crisis, the academic engagements kept her over occupied.

Today there is a confident spark in her personality and she is looking forward to pursue her graduation in commerce and the option of doing it through the distance mode does not exist anymore.

Capacity Building Workshop
Capacity Building Workshop
Residential Camp
Residential Camp
Residential camp
Residential camp
Social Campaign
Social Campaign
Manisha_Interviewing Founder of Udayan Care
Manisha_Interviewing Founder of Udayan Care

Udayan Shalini Fellowships: Higher education to develop girls into dignified, independent young women

 The situation of education for girls in India is abysmal, especially for girls from underprivileged communities.  The biggest hurdle faced by the girls is during transition from schools to colleges where dropout rates increase dramatically. While 16% girls study till Class X, there is only 1 girl among every 100 college going students and only 8.7% women complete graduation, even in urban India.

Making a conscious choice to support higher education of girls, Udayan Care began the first Chapter of the Udayan Shalini Fellowships in 2002, in Delhi.

USF is a unique fellowship as it goes beyond monetary assistance to ensure holistic development of each Shalini through a strong mentoring programme. Young entrepreneurs, educationists and experts keen on change, join us as senior mentors.

Regular camps, workshops and a mandatory 50 hours of social work helps Shalinis gain confidence and self esteem. Today, our Shalinis are excelling in varied fields like Engineering, Medicine, CA and Computer Science, among others, becoming a source of inspiration for their families, communities and peers.

 Since inception in 2002, USF has supported over 3000 girls. Currently 1560 Shalinis are availing the Fellowship in 9 cities/Chapters – Delhi, Kurukshetra, Gurgaon, Dehradun, Haridwar, Phagwara, Kolkata, Aurangabad and Jaipur.

 Last quarter's activities with our brilliant fellows:




PARTICIPANTS:60(10th&11th batch)







The workshop was designed keeping in mind the relevance of stress management for the fellows in their personal and academic life.


Stress has become a major issue affecting the students who find it difficult to understand the real reasons of stress and cope with these factors eventually affecting their performance. Therefore it was important for the fellows to understand and become aware about stress as well as learn the ways to manage stress. The workshop was specifically planned and designed for two batches, the fellows who would be moving from school to college in a few months and those in the first year of the college.


  •    To enhance the awareness of the fellows about their thoughts that lead to stress.
  •    To make the fellows express their perception about stress and its causes in their own lives.
  •    To orient the fellows about the ways in which stress can be managed using simple methods.


  •      Fellows were able to understand the perception of stress in the context of their own lives and became aware about “good” and “bad” stress.
  •      The idea to identify the stressors and work on their behavior so that the impact can be minimized was understood by the fellows.
  •      Through the understanding of “Me-Time”, the fellows were able to discover the different ways in which they can overcome and deal with stress.
  •      The ways to reduce their exposure towards stress was developed.



Facilitator: Mohd.Faheem Khan


47 fellows of 12th Batch

23 Senior Mentor Didis



  •       To orient the new fellows with the mentoring programme and their role and responsibilities as a mentee.
  •       To provide a platform for first meeting and interaction with the respective mentor didis/mentors.


The sessions brought the mentor didis and mentees come together on a common platform to know and understand each other so that the foundation for a strong bond is laid.



PARTICIPANTS: 239 fellows across all the batches


American Express Team

THEME : Time Management


Time Management assumes relevance for all crucial for all target groups differently. Besides Time Management is largely a vital segment of one’s personality behavior that leads to success in academic and professional life. The earlier workshop on Positive Thinking was appreciated by the fellows and satisfactory learning was generated. The preference of the workshop came from the fellows who demanded the theme to be covered which was thus designed as a natural progression to the earlier workshop.


  •       To orient the fellows towards the need of appreciating the value of time and treating it as a resource.
  •       To develop understanding about strategies for efficient utilization of time.



Understanding developed about management of time to meet academic and non academic needs.

Platform provided to address individual challenges of time management by means of interaction with resource persons of American Express.

Effective and applicative tips provided like creating blocks of study time and breaks.




Theme:  Communication Skills

Participants:  65 Fellows: 8th &12th batch

Facilitator: Poornima Narang


The role of sound communication skills assumes great importance in the academic, personal and professional life. Therefore it became important to understand the different components of communication like verbal, non verbal and listening .The workshop was designed to impact the understanding of the fellows about the form of communication adopted in their daily lives and enhance their confidence level. The exercises and activities would help the participants to explore their own communication skills.


  •    To develop understanding amongst the participants about the importance of effective communication skills.
  •    To facilitate identifying difference between verbal/non verbal communication.


  •    Developed understanding about components of communication and their relevance in daily lives of the fellows.
  •    Generated awareness about active listening skills & ways to become a good listener & tips for improving both verbal and non verbal communication skills were discussed with the fellows.



  Manisha: Our Success Story of Last Quarter: 


Today, when Manisha mentions the name of the institution she studies in, she is greeted with a strange sense of respect. Pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Hindi Journalism at Indian Institute of Mass Communication, one of the country’s premier institutes for mass communication studies, she is aware that this recognition has come in regard of her academic journey. However it is not her admission that makes the academic journey different but her rise as a consistent performer. An ordinary student would have chosen some celebrity for her first interview but when it was the time for her to decide ,she did not think twice .She interviewed Dr Kiran Modi, the person she met 5 years back at the induction ceremony as a Shalini Fellow. Little did she realize then that one day she would be able to sit beside her as a confident journalism student and interview her. The quick reaction she gives is “Maine soch rakha tha ki zindagi ka pehla interview mam ke saath lungi”( I always told to myself that the first interview I will take will be of Dr. Kiran Modi) .She is extremely excited to publish and bring out “Rozana-Har Khabhar Par Nazar”, the newspaper prepared by the team.

The desire to grow and excel is strongly evident .This desire was instilled in her five years ago with the oath of Shalini Fellow. This transformation did not happen overnight. Looking back she remembers herself as a shy girl, hesitant to speak and voice her opinion. But today she travels for about two hours to the institute and participates in every role as an independent and confident student. Actively participating in different extracurricular activities as Celebrity Convener for Fest at the institute and anchoring at events, she has proved the learning of the different workshops and USF mentoring.

She has her eyes firmly set on Print Journalism and is aware that the opportunity to study in the academic environment guided by the best professionals of the field does not come to everyone. This makes her even more dedicated towards her academic goal. In her own words “admission in the course was the result of my performance but carrying forward the legacy of USF and the institution is my responsibility”.

Please do write us at: and share you ideas and feedbcak about the diffrent personality development workshops we provide for our fellows. With your help we can develop a Curriculum for the necessary workshops with them.

Mentor -Mentee Interaction
Mentor -Mentee Interaction
Quarterly Workshop with Fellows
Quarterly Workshop with Fellows
Small Group workshop
Small Group workshop
Workshop for Fellows
Workshop for Fellows



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