Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund

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Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund

What's Happening and How to Help

We believe that organizations that are deeply rooted in local communities are in the best position to provide long-term support for survivors of natural disasters like these. By funding the relief efforts of local organizations, donations to this fund have the potential to build stronger response capacity so that these organizations are better equipped to face future challenges.

The projects listed below are led by vetted GlobalGiving partners responding to this disaster. You can donate directly to a specific project or to GlobalGiving’s Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund and we'll allocate it to where it's needed most. GlobalGiving will post reports about how your donation has been put to use.

Educate 100 Children with Disabilities in Syria
In Syria, over 10,000 children with physical disabilities face educational challenges. Already burdened by the birth defects and war injuries, living in makeshift camps far from schools, they lack the necessary support and resources to continue their studies. Our goal is to extend a helping hand to these students, enabling them to receive quality education and thrive in society. With your support, we can empower more than 100 students with physical challenges. Help them learn and grow.
Support Student Mental Health in Northern Syria
Our goal is to support and enhance the abilities of students in Northern Syria who have been affected by armed conflict and the multiple challenges they face due to poverty, early marriage, and painful displacement. Through this campaign, we aim to provide support to 100 students who are facing psychological and social challenges following the tragic events they have witnessed, enabling them to overcome these obstacles and build a brighter future.
Now is time to help all the Syrians
While all our eyes are focusing on the ongoing suffering in Gaza and Israel, I ask you not to forget the children in Aleppo. Years of war, paralysing international sanctions, Covid-19 and a massive earthquake have left millions of people in Syria out in the cold, homeless and with nowhere to turn to. Regardless of political beliefs, religious creeds, and polarising divisions, now is the time to help these people that have lost everything and have been living from one trauma to another tragedy.
This Ramadan: Feed 100 Displaced Families in Syria
This Ramadan, join us in a sacred mission to feed 100 displaced families in Northern Syria. We will provide essential food supplies, directly aiding those uprooted by war and the Syria-Turkey earthquake. In this holy month, we ensure these families can observe their fast with peace, dignity, and hope. Beyond nourishment, we also support their children's education, fostering a nurturing environment for learning and growth. Help them observe Ramadan with the reassurance of a community that cares.
Holistic Support to Children in Rural South Africa
Thanda provides a holistic response to the critical needs of children in rural Mtwalume through high- quality early learning, parenting, and social-emotional out-of-school education programmes, as well as organic farming interventions enable food security in order for households to thrive.
Ramadan Relief: 500 Food Baskets for Syria
This Ramadan, let's unite to empower needy families in northern Syria, a region where over 5.5 million people, including countless women and children, face severe poverty. Our mission is to alleviate their suffering by providing essential food baskets during this holy month, making a real difference in their lives. Join us in our campaign to deliver hope and sustenance to 200 displaced families.
Education is Power
Our project aims to provide scholarships for female university students to help pursue their educational goals. Purpose of grant is to empower girls by removing the financial burdens associated with going to, surviving in, and graduating from university. On the other hand, after a devastating earthquake struck Turkey on February 6, we decided to support female students, studying in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, and geology engineering from earthquake-affected areas.
Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund
Two powerful earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria on Feb. 6, killing more than 50,000 people and injuring thousands more. Millions of survivors urgently need help. Your donation to the Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund will provide emergency relief and fuel long-term recovery efforts in Turkey and Syria.
Support Maria's Family: Life Essentials
In Northern Syria, where dreams flutter on the edge of reality, Maria's family stands facing deprivation. Our goal is simple yet profound: to transform the life of this displaced family by providing winter blankets, a heater, food baskets, and securing education for Maria. With your donations, we can restore their hope and build a better future for them
Children's Emergency Fund
Children should be protected in the aftermath of disaster and in the midst of conflict. That's why Save the Children is helping children in the U.S. and around the world to prepare for and recover from disasters, from earthquakes to extreme flooding. As severe weather, crippling poverty and war continue to impact children's lives, your support today for the Children's Emergency Fund can help save lives.
Emergency response to Turkey and Syria Earthquake
Bonyan is working with local authorities to provide essential aid including food, water, housing, medical assistance, winter clothing and warm blankets. The 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey and N-Syria, left a devastating destruction with over 9000 fatalities and 60,000 injured. Thousands families are without shelter, food or medical aid. Your donation, no matter the amount, can save a life and support families in need. Help us to save more lives and sheltering countless families.
A Beacon of Hope: Constructing Houses for Refugees
This project aims to build high-quality housing for homeless Syrian families affected by the earthquake instead of the weak tents they live in.
7.8 Earthquake Emergency Response in Turkey& Syria
A 7.8-magnitude quake struck east of Gaziantep, knocking down buildings and causing hundreds of people to flee into the streets in the winter morning of 6 February. International Blue Crescent (IBC) has begun relief efforts working from offices in the cities of Gaziantep (responding to Gaziantep and Kahramanmaras, the epicenter of the disaster), and Hatay where severe damage has been reported. IBC offices in Kilis are serving Northern Syria and IBC is providing relief aid.
2023 Turkey Earthquake Recovery for Children
With this project, we aimed to meet the most basic needs of 500 children living in the disaster-affected region, such as baby formula, diapers and blankets, and we achieved our goal with your donations. However, in this period, after two weeks of the earthquake, children need psychological recovery as well as their basic needs such as food and diapers. Therefore, we want to continue by adding a toy set to food, diapers and hygiene items for 1000 babies and children.
Responding to Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria
On February 6, a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the south of Turkey close to the town of Gazantiep, affecting thousands of communities in southern Turkey and northern Syria. Hours later, a 7.5-magnitude quake hit just outside Ekinozu-100 km to the north of the previous one. International Medical Corps is responding in both Turkey and Syria, where we have worked since 2008. We expect to provide basic needs as well as robust health services.
Provide warmth to 100 families in Northern Syria
As winter unfolds, with rain and snow descending and temperatures dropping, many IDP Syrians spend their nights in tents without protection or warmth, vulnerable to the cold and illnesses. Their hearts are shattered, their simple wishes for warmth and safety seemingly unreachable. Our goal is to alleviate their suffering by providing support to over 100 families in Northern Syria
Talking Turkey
We take play & laughter to children living through crisis around the world. Following the devastating earthquakes in Turkey, this project will create safe environments for displaced & traumatised children to laugh and enjoy moments of childhood. Our teams of experienced entertainers, clowns & musicians will tour the unofficial shelters, camps & temporary accommodation centres delivering a magical, uplifting programme of circus & arts which is shown to improve wellbeing, communication & skills.
Heal the Wounds in Turkiye
ASAM continues to provide humanitarian aid and protection support for the most vulnerable in the cities that are hit hard by the 7.4 earthquake affecting 10 cities. There are hundreds of dead and thousands of injured with an unknown number of missing persons. ASAM will provide humanitarian aid kits, disseminate information and conduct research and rescue operations through its Disaster and Emergency Response Unit in coordination with AFAD, the main authority for disaster coordination.
Urgent Earthquake Response in Turkey and Syria
6 MONTH UPDATE: In February 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the southern part of Turkey and northern Syria, killing more than 55,000 people. ActionAid has reached more than 200,000 people in Syria with life-saving humanitarian assistance. The earthquake also left more than 2.3 million women and girls without access to proper healthcare, making them vulnerable. A gift of any amount will enable us to support relief efforts to women and girls in situations like this around the world.
LOSEV - Earthquake Relief Aid in Turkey
On the morning of February 6, 2023, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 occurred, which developed in Kahramanmaras (east of the country) and deeply affected 9 different cities in Turkey. The damage was further increased by a second 7.7 magnitude earthquake which was occurred 9 hours later. According to the official institutions, the earthquake affected more than 13.5 million people. The death toll continues to rise in the earthquake and more than 12.000 houses/buildings collapsed or damaged.
Financial Sponsorship for Children in Need
Thousands of children who have families affected by the earthquake on 6 February, refugee families trying to build a new life after war and migration, and families struggling with the economic crisis in Turkiye need regular financial support to have equal opportunities with their peers. As YECED, we provide regular financial support to strengthen children; however, we need more financial sponsors to change children's lives! Sponsors are supporting children with 18$ monthly and 126$ annualy!
Children, pregnant mother, old aged, Person with disabilities and their families in Turkey Planning, measuring and counting to implement adequate service delivery in action on free food distribution,cloth etc as well as shelter and health services. Employing more staff in the office. Also by assisting Government in social service as well.And also by TIKA Bangladesh office Turkey (by TIKA Bangladesh office)
Turkey Earthquake Response
Disaster Aid USA is working in close contact with Rotarians on the ground through our sister Org. Disaster Aid Europe. They are assessing the area and requesting shelter, blankets, generators, and other emergency supplies. We are in contact with our suppliers, and their warehouses and have located tents already in Turkey, we just need donors and funds to keep the supply lines open.
Reconstruction of Women's Cooperatives
After the devastating earthquake that occurred in Turkey on February 6th, we have been working tirelessly to support life since the first day. As Hayata Destek in the earthquake zone, we have focused on supporting 'Reconstruction of Women's Cooperatives'. Our goal is to increase employment in the region by quickly restoring women's cooperatives to production.
Turkiye and Syria Earthquake Relief Appeal
On 6th Feb 2023 two major earthquakes of the magnitude of 7.8 & 7.5 struck border areas of Turkiye and Syria on the same day, killing more than 4,000 people and injuring thousands more. More than 3000 Buildings have been turned into rubbles Homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure have been destroyed under layers of rubble. The earthquake affected people of Turkiye and need immediate help and support. Turkiye and Syria Earthquake Relief Appeal will provide emergency relief and long-term
Emergency support for earthquake damage on Turkey
On February 6, an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale hit southeastern Turkey. At least 641 people have died so far, local authorities say, but much more casualties and injuries are expected. About 284 people died in Turkey and about 357 people died in Syria. It is estimated that more than 1,500 people were injured so far. Many casualties occurred as medical facilities were underdeveloped and residents lived in an aging environment. Medical support for the injured is also not easy.
Earthquake Emergency Relief/Search and Rescue
Rapid response immediately following a major earthquake is the key to providing immediate, life-saving humanitarian assistance. Peace Winds deployes specialized technical teams with search and rescue expertise, along with emergency medical personnel.
One of the strongest earthquake in more than 100 years in the region hit Turkiye. On the morning of February 6, the 7.7 magnitude earthquake, which took place in the province of Kahramanmaras, near the center of Turkey, affected more than 10 provinces in the southeast. Multiple strong aftershocks have been felt across the region for hours after the first quake, including a severe quake measuring magnitude 7.5.
Child and Family Centers in the Earthquake Region
In crises like earthquakes, children are the most vulnerable and have urgent health and developmental needs that go unmet. ACEV operates three Child and Family Support Centers that provide integrated programming for children, their families, and young women in the earthquake region in Turkiye. The three centers are in prefabricated container cities in Gaziantep (in Nurdag district), Hatay (Defne district), and Adiyaman. Each center ranges between 600 to 950 M2.
Turkiye - Syria Earthquake
This project aims at providing urgent relief items, including shelter, winter clothing, mobile heaters, and blankets to the survivors of the earthquakes that hit southeast Turkiye and northwest Syria.
Turkiye Earthquake Emergency Response
by IsraAID
A colossal 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkiye and neighboring Syria early on February 6, 2023, followed by a second 7.5 magnitude quake less than 12 hours later. More than 5,000 people have been killed and tens of thousands are seriously injured and/or trapped. Just 30 hours after the first quake, IsraAID deployed a team to Turkiye to provide immediate relief to devastated communities. This includes distributing warm winter supplies, hygiene kits, and water filters.
Two earthquakes of magnitudes above 7.5 hit southeastern Turkey on Feb 6th, razing villages and cities like Hatay, Antakya. Hundreds of thousands of families lost their houses, families and loved ones. As the area hit was immense, rescue efforts for people under the rubble and immediate aid for those lucky to be above need the support of every organization.
Turkiye Earthquake Response
Two catastrophic earthquakes hit Turkiye and Syria early on Feb. 6th, 2023, followed by over 1600 aftershocks that took the lives of over 50,000 people and left millions in need. Concern was well-positioned to offer immediate relief to this sudden emergency, distributing blankets, food, water and heaters for emergency shelters. We are working with local partners to ramp up efforts for additional, longer-term support, and your support would help us expand our efforts and further our impact.
Medicos del Mundo (Doctors of the World) teams are already mobilizing to reach the most affected areas for an initial emergency response. This earthquake only adds to a crisis already being experienced by millions of people on Syrian territory and on the border with Turkey.
Turkey & Syria Earthquake Emergency Response
The extent of the destruction caused by the earthquakes that struck south-eastern Turkey and north-eastern Syria last week are becoming more and more clear. What is absolutely clear, however, is that help is urgently needed. The quake with a magnitude of about 7.8 was felt as far away as Lebanon and Cyprus. Thousands of people lost their lives and almost a hundred thousand were injured. At a stroke countless people lost their homes. We must help as quickly as possible - Caritas aid is underway!
Keep Them in School
As TEV, we remain deeply grieved by the earthquake that hit Kahramanmaras and the surrounding 11 provinces. We offer our heartfelt condolences to all our citizens who have lost their lives in this disaster, and we hope for the speedy recovery to tens of thousands who remain critically wounded. Lastly, we'd like ensure all our supporters that we will do our part in the aftermath of this disaster by prioritizing a sustainable plan to secure the continuity of the education of students.
Turkiye Earthquake Relief Efforts
People in Turkiye battle earthquakes on an ongoing basis.February 6th Gaziantep earthquake was a devastating one for many cities. More than 1,200 deaths were reported,and the toll was expected to increase. Immediate relief efforts provided by this fund will ensure that survivors and first responders receive critical resources, including food, housing, medical aid, water, and psychosocial care. TPF's partners at Afet Platformu immediately acted to provide support with recovery and immediate needs
Reaching Earthquake Victims with Qurbani
This Eid al-Adha, let's bring hope and joy to those affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Northwestern Syria. Many displaced families struggle to afford fresh meat due to high prices and poverty, relying on humanitarian aid for survival. Through the Saed Charity Qurbani Project, we're committed to delivering a message of love and humanity to our Muslim brothers and sisters. Our goal this year is to distribute fresh Qurbani meat to 10,000 beneficiaries by providing 100 sheep across
Mobile Medical Aid in Northwestern Syria
Saed Charity seeks your generous help to alleviate the medical shortage in northwestern Syria. After the devastating earthquake, people in these areas struggle with limited access to healthcare, requiring many to travel long distances or rely on costly private clinics. Most of these residents are displaced persons with limited financial resources. Your contribution will enable us to provide critical medical care to those in need through mobile field clinics equipped with internal medicine, pedi
The Child Amputees of Turkiye Earthquake
The purpose of Project CATE is to help amputee children grow as functional adults and be part of society by building the infrastructure of social, psychological, and physical rehabilitation opportunities. This initiative will start by ensuring child amputees receive age-appropriate orthopedic aids such as orthoses and prostheses, physical therapy and psychological support in tandem with their long-term education.
Turkey Search & Rescue, Connectivity & Solar Power
In the aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which hit in the early hours of this morning, a SmartAID Search & Rescue team is left this afternoon in Gaziantep quake affected region in Turkey to rescue people who are trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings. SmartAID is aims to install connectivity, solar energy and clean water units to support survivors, first responders and charities arriving to the field.
Post-earthquake Psychosocial Support in Turkiye
We are now working to meet the immediate needs of survivors in the earthquake zone. We are providing shelter, hygiene support, and psychosocial activities for our children and their families in Sanlurfa and Adana and our 7 mobile education trucks (Fireflies) in the region. We have also taken steps to deploy our 17-vehicle fleet from other provinces. We are planning post-traumatic psychosocial support activities for children, parents, teachers, and volunteers at our activity points and schools.
Syria Earthquake Relief Efforts
Two powerful earthquakes struck Syria on the same day, killing more than 3,000 people and injuring thousands more. Homes, businesses, and critical infrastructure have been destroyed under layers of rubble. Your donation to the Syria Earthquake Relief Fund will provide emergency relief and fuel long-term recovery efforts in Syria.
Turkiye & Syria Earthquakes Response
Project HOPE deployed staff to Gaziantep within hours of the initial quake. Project HOPE has initiated the coordination & shipment of three Interagency Emergency Health Kits (IEHKs), medical supplies, & pharmaceuticals. Through coordination with local partners, we are deploying K-9 search & rescue team in Turkiye. Project HOPE has a Type 1 Emergency Medical Team ready to deploy to provide primary care services, stabilize patients with acute trauma injuries & refer patients for specialized care.
Good360 Getting Goods to Turkiye and Syria
by Good360
On Feb 6 , 2023, earthquakes struck Turkiye and Syria, followed close behind by a 7.5 magnitude aftershock. More than 22,000 killed, 75,000 injured, and 700,000 displaced during extreme cold weather. Good360 is getting critical product needs to nonprofit partners based on specific requests. We need funding to help cover shipping and direct costs. Products include hygiene kits, first aid, blankets, tents, tarps, heaters, non-perishable foods, OTC medications to partners like IMC, Map Int., GEM
7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Emergency Appeal Turkey
On the morning of February 6th, a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck east of Gaziantep, causing widespread destruction and prompting many to flee into the streets. In response, the Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has initiated relief efforts from its international office in Turkey to assist those affected by the disaster. The organization is providing aid to those in need in the severely affected cities, which were the epicentre of the quake.
Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief
Malteser International's (MI) emergency relief team has been sent to the region to coordinate with our local partners to provide urgent support, especially in the refugee areas in the north of Syria where hundreds of thousands of people are living in simple shelters and are now defenseless after the earthquake. Temperatures in the region are currently freezing and it is raining extensively. In the hospitals where we work, the number of injured earthquake victims is increasing by the hour.
Help Families in Turkey Devastated by Earthquakes
A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and parts of Syria, killing more than 3,800 people and injuring thousands more. Families are displaced and thousands of homes are destroyed, causing a state of distress and uncertainty for the future of many people in the region. Due to the freezing winter temperatures, GHNI and trusted partners are bringing critical supplies to families such as blankets, sleeping bags, cooking fuel, and food boxes.
Support Women and Children in Earthquake Area
KEDV is opening 12 Women and Children Centers in area affected by Turkiye Earthquake that will serve as one of the main spaces in the container cities and neighborhoods where women will receive support on strengthening public health, increase their protection from risks, participate in trainings and psychosocial support activities, access livelihood opportunities such as production, and organize around their needs. Children will be provided with early childhood education and care.

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