Help Syrian Refugees Receive Emergency Aid

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This project is located in Syrian Arab Republic and can also be found under Disaster Recovery.

Over 412,000 Syrian refugees have fled to Lebanon to date.
Bassel El Asad, Lebanon
(34.43114, 35.82189)
More than 293,000 Syrians have refugees have arrived in Turkey.
D400, anlurfa Province, Turkey
(36.88408, 38.71500)
Over 415,000 Syrians have registered or are awaiting regristration in Jordan to date. A second camp has opened to accommodate the influx.
10, Jordan
(32.26358, 36.44399)
Aleppo's UNHCR Office helps distribute aid to Syrians and Iraqi refugees trapped in Syria.
Aleppo, Syria
(36.20835, 37.15791)
Damascus's UNHCR Office reports receiving hundreds of calls from frightened refugees
Damascus, Syria
(33.51339, 36.29061)
Over 127,000 Syrian refugees have been registered in Iraq.
2, Iraq
(36.57279, 42.83849)
Over 35,000 Syrian refugees have been registered in Egypt
Al Arish - Al Qantara Shark, Al Qantarah Sharq, Ismailia, Egypt
(30.97353, 32.48657)
Palmyra, Syria
(35.03629, 38.46947)
Chatine, Lebanon
(34.18636, 35.87670)
25, Jordan
(32.36790, 36.05248)
O-54, anlurfa Province, Turkey
(37.23645, 38.22777)
Damascus, Syria
Al-Thawra, Damascus, Syria
(33.51225, 36.30022)
Aleppo, Syria
Al Telal, Aleppo, Syria
(36.20724, 37.15379)
al Hassakeh, Syria
7, Al Hasakah, Syria
(36.51155, 40.76395)
5, Syria
(32.57660, 36.06181)
Bednayel, Lebanon
(33.93622, 35.95194)
20, Iraq
(34.31818, 41.09354)
Antakya Cilvegozu Yolu, Hatay Province, Turkey
(36.25505, 36.47929)
Amman, Jordan
(31.56001, 36.19447)
10, Jordan
(32.32447, 36.28236)
Khirbet Rouha, Lebanon
(33.57255, 35.83538)
M20, Syria
(34.70733, 38.35182)
D850, Gaziantep Province, Turkey
(36.93763, 37.36305)
Ar Rutba, Iraq
(33.74812, 40.57106)
Al-Mukharram, Syria
(34.92467, 37.89818)
Homs, Syria
Al Jalaa, Homs, Syria
From report: Shivering
(34.71964, 36.72729)
UNHCR completed a first delivery of winter emergency relief to the Azzas area of northern Syria.
A'zaz, Syria
(36.58510, 37.04144)
Amman, Jordan
Abou Al Alaa Al Maarri, Jordan
(31.95554, 35.94486)

For more information about Syrian Arab Republic, read the Human Development Report on Syrian Arab Republic or the Wikipedia entry for Syrian Arab Republic.

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