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by Comprehensive Disaster Response Services

Dear Friends,

I humbly request you to take a few minutes to browse our new website (links to a treasure trove of amazing photos, videos, info and reports are provided below). Please read about the work of Dr. Rukhsana Chaudhry, one of our amazing volunteers who worked with our team to provide mental health services and healing to children who've suffered from severe emotional trauma:

We have great volunteer opportunities in the field and in your city. See all the info and fill out our volunteer form here:

CDRS has a proven track record of success in Pakistan for nearly eight years, responding to floods, earthquakes, conflicts and outbreaks in some of the most challenging environments and tragic circumstances that any relief organization has ever had to face- and when needed, we stay years after an emergency to provide long term assistance towards the re-establishment of destroyed healthcare delivery systems. Please review the following links at the new website:

See our photo galleries here:
View videos featuring our work here:
Read our 2012 Annual Report here:

CDRS has managed over 600,000 patient visits and served over 2 million Pakistanis in their most urgent times of need. Our patient numbers and reports are documented and verified. View them here:

CDRS is supporting many wonderful, positive and life-changing projects in Pakistan:
a) Our Mother & Child Health Center In Northern Swat provides medical care to about 2,500 poor patients per month ever since their only health facility was washed away in the floods of 2010.
b) Our Special Patients Project provides extra support to poor and deserving patients who need a medical procedure or ongoing care that they could never afford on their own: surgery, physiotherapy, medicines and educational support.
c) Our School Health Program provides basic health screening and classes in health, hygiene and first aid for students, their Moms and their young siblings.
d) CDRS / HUM TV House Reconstruction Project near Mirpurkhas, Sindh provides new well-built houses for families who lost their homes in the 2011 floods.
e) We are supporting Saba Home for Orphan Girls and assisting their expansion to provide a proper home to 1200 boys and girls in Rawlpindi, Peshawar, Multan, Lahore, Faisalabad, Quetta and Karachi.

Read more about all the above projects here:

CDRS has a long list of partners who have been very satisfied with our work. Some of them have collaborated directly with CDRS in the field; others have provided financial resources to keep our mission going. See them all here:

CDRS will be supporting innovative new visions such as:
a) Imran Khan Developmental Academic Research (IKDAR) Knowledge Cities. Read more here:
b) Rashidabad Welfare Cities in rural and under-served areas of Pakistan. Read more here:
c) Tele-health and data management projects with partner UM Healthcare. Read more here: CDRS has received dozens of awards for its services from various organizations, including the Tamgha-i-Eisaar (Medal of Sacrifice), a medal from The Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians and an award of appreciation for our service to Pakistan from the Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of the UK. See them here:

We have 7 years of cleared independent audit in Pakistan. For our audit reports and financials from 2006 to 2012, Read them here:

(We have passed stringent annual program audits to be rated a Superstar Charity by our US Fiscal Sponsor of the last 7 years, Global Giving Foundation. Global Giving is a top rated charitable organization by Charity Navigator and The Business Bureau. CDRS also has cleared each audit and review of emergency relief missions funded by UNICEF, Direct Relief International and The International Development & Relief Foundation of Canada).

Prominent members of the Pakistani Community have seen the CDRS Team at work in our Swat Mother & Child Health Center with their own eyes, such as Tehmina Jesrai of DIL, Taher Anwer Khan of Interflow Communication & TV 1 / News 1, Anwar Iqbal of Dawn News and Tanvir Qureshi of Medical Aid to Pakistan UK. Please meet our Distinguished Advisory Board here:

Thank You for supporting CDRS. Feel free to contact me anytime if you need any further information :)

With Best Regards,

Todd Shea
Founder and Executive Director
Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (CDRS)

Dr. Rukhsana Chaudhry working with schoolchildren
Dr. Rukhsana Chaudhry working with schoolchildren

Mental Health Professionals, Orthopedic Surgeons, Eye Specialists Helping CDRS Beneficiaries
(Please see photos of Dr. Chaudhry's work attached with this report) 

Dr. Rukhsana Chaudhry, a clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology of the George Washington University volunteered with CDRS in May to work with women, girls, and boys during a mental health relief mission in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Dr. Chaudhry and CDRS visited the Pehli Kiran School System and introduced a self-esteem and empowerment model to work with girls who were identified as at-risk by their teachers. She also introduced a bullying prevention and education initiative while working with both boys and girls. Dr. Chaudhry worked with 48 children where she established twice weekly counseling groups, consisting of gender-specific groups. All the children were between the age of 6 and 14 years. In the younger–aged groups, she utilized art-based therapy techniques to explore the histories of the children and current environmental stressors while living in and around the slums of Islamabad. With the older-age groups, she utilized role-playing and a safe-space model, which ehlped the children explore ways to manage stress and to cope with violence in their communities.

Dr. Chaudhry also visited with the girls of our partner Saba Homes in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Saba Homes is a home for girls who have lost their parents and some have faced trauma before being rescued by Saghir Aslam and the wonderful staff at Saba Homes. Each of these girls expressed loneliness, confusion and struggle as they began to discuss their stories of losing their parents in the Kashmiri earthquake or due to illness. Utilizing a “Girls Only Safe Space” model, each of the girls shared feelings they had not shared before and began to put their own stories together which will help with their emotional recovery from the past tramua they faced. Dr. Chaudhry worked with 18 girls at Saba Homes.

Dr. Chaudhry also spent a day with teachers at Pehli Kiran School, where she provided training to teachers on bullying prevention and intervention. She also provided training on recognizing signs of trauma in children and ways to talk to children about their feelings when the teachers believe a child is struggling with difficult experiences.

Orthopedic and Eye Camps in Swat This Month
CDRS staff will be assisting visiting doctors who are volunteering at the Swat Health Facility to provide Orthopedic Surgeries from June 16 to 22. One of the finest Orthopedic specialists in the World, Dr. Amhad Gulzar, will be leading the team in performing knee, shoulder and hip replacement surgeries and will also treat the patients who suffer from polio deformities. An Eye Camp will also be held at our Swat Facility from 27 June to July 1. 1,500 eye patients are expectee to be treated. 

Visit by World Reknown Pakistani Journalist To CDRS Mother & Child Health Center in Northern Swat
(Please see photos of Anwar Iqbal's visit attached with this report) 

Anwar Iqbal, Dawn News correspondent in Washington DC, visited The CDRS Swat Mother & Child Health Center in this past May. He was very impressed and pleased to find a fully functional hospital in such a remote and affected area. He was so moved by the work he witnessed from the CDRS staff. 
Dr. Chaudhry with orphan girls at Saba Homes
Dr. Chaudhry with orphan girls at Saba Homes
Dr. Chaudhry with Girls at Saba Homes
Dr. Chaudhry with Girls at Saba Homes
Anwar Iqbal visits our Pharmacy in Swat
Anwar Iqbal visits our Pharmacy in Swat
Anwar Iqbal of Dawn News visits our Lab in Swat
Anwar Iqbal of Dawn News visits our Lab in Swat
Anwar Iqbal visits our X-Ray Dept. in Swat
Anwar Iqbal visits our X-Ray Dept. in Swat

CDRS has had a great start in 2013. My team and I have been very busy with operations, new collaborations and expanded missions and have been coordinating with media partners and friends who are helping CDRS with more and better ways to inform our loyal supporters about our mission and reach new supporters who had never heard of us before.

CDRS has formed strategic partnerships to assist the efforts of great impementing organizations such as UM Healthcare, Hisaar Foundation, Rashidabad and Saba Trust Home for Girls. These four organizations are doing amazing work and CDRS will be working together with them on new and exising projects and using our contacts and networks to help ensure they’ll be able continue their important and noble missions.

CDRS has formed partnerships with The Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of The UK and UK Medical Aid for Pakistan. They contributed £6,000 (about $9,500) each to our Swat Mother and Child Health Center in the first quarter of 2013, and CDRS will begin implementing new projects with each of these esteemed organizations. And a Big Thanks goes out to to The British Pakistan Foundation, United Pakistan UK and Anwar Akhtar of for all their support with contacts and opportunities to promote our mission to potential supporters in the UK. 

We have completed our seventh consecutive successful independent audit and have begun working on new partnerships with The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government and The Pakistan Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority to build a new hospital in old Balakot. Each is providing $500,000 for the hospital construction towards the cost of $1.5 million. CDRS is currently working on grant proposals with large donors to raise the additional $500,000 needed for this important project, which will specialize in expert Mother & Child Health for hundreds of thousands of citizens in areas of Mansehra and all of Kohistan. The hospital which was provided in pre-fab structures after the earthquake was washed away in the 2010 great flood, and the people of Balakot urgently need a new facility. 

CDRS has also begun accelerating its volunteer program in 2013. Students Chapters of CDRS are being formed in several cities around the World, and the CDRS Student Chapter of Sindh Medical College (SMC) has nearly completed the first phase of its efforts to digitize all the data from our patient registers for their joint research project with CDRS. The SMC students are also arranging a second field trip to our Mother & Child Health Center in Swat and a trip is also being planned with the Allama Iqbal medical students. CDRS is also unveiling a new charitable tourism initiative with The Pakistan Tourism and Development Corporation and The KPK government so doctors, medical students and volunteers and their families can visit beautiful places like Khagan Valley, enjoying the sights and attractions while also providing healthcare services to the people living there. We’ll begin in Khagan Valley and expand from there.       

Other Important CDRS News:

The 2012 CDRS Annual Report will be posted before April 1st and will include operational outcomes, statistics, photos and audit report.

Magnus Communications of Karachi has just produced a promotional film for CDRS free of cost which will be released by before April 1st.

Digital HeadQuarters of Karachi is developing the new CDRS website and e-store, to be unveiled before the end of April

Interflow Communications has just released the new CDRS Logo design, as well as the new CDRS YOUTH logo.
CDRS has signed a partnership deal with KKZ in Malaysia to bring “21st Century Skilled Worker” trainings to Pakistan, then help find jobs for those who pass the 6 point program and receive an internationally recognized certificate that they have mastered the skills necessary for entrepreneurial and management success whether they open a business or pursue a career in their village, country or in the World marketplace. 

My Son Tim and will be visiting Washington DC, Atlanta GA, Princeton NJ, New York, NY, Boston MA, Pittsburgh PA, San Francisco CA, Los Angeles CA and other places from March 22 to May 7 to meet directly with supporters and fine organizations such as The American Pakistan Foundation and several chapters of The Pakistani Student Associations and brief them on all the hard work we’ve been doing and exciting new projects we’ve started. We’ll also play some music after the presentation. Singer and CDRS supporter Quratulain Balouch will be joining us at some of the events.

Dear CDRS Family, 

CDRS is proudly moving forward into 2013 as a battle-tested and highly decorated implementing field organization of Humanitarian disaster relief (emergency and long term) and sole creator / designer / developer of The "Sustainable Healthcare Initiatives Now Empowering" conceptual model (S.H.I.N.E.) with THE SAME goals we've always been dedicated to ever since my field team and I began working together during the 2005 Pakistan earthquake relief mission, with THE SAME minimum spending and maximum effectiveness that it made its name and reputation on (which NO Similar Organization can even dream to match unless their CEOs and core staff are willing to sleep on floors, own zero personal property, work 24/7 on the lowest salaries you'll find in the non-profit World and NEVER travel above economy class), and with THE SAME amazing outcomes and positive impacts on disaster affected citizens and communities and THE SAME independently verified financial transparency that has kept wonderful donors just like you happy for years and years with the satisfaction of knowing they made a well spent contribution to a noble cause that is still serving and prospering despite facing so many epic challenges over the years. We have survived whatever has been thrown at us and only grown stronger, and we pledge to continue our hearts-and-minds winning, effective, meaningful, creative, competent, compassionate and comprehensive humanitarian interventions in some of the poorest and toughest areas of Pakistan through the following active and developing collaborations:

Current Partners and Ongoing Projects
1) CDRS Mother/Child Health Center, (at Begum Effendi Hospital in Bagh Dheri, Swat, KPK)
2) Rehabilitation Response UK (Special Patients Orthopedic Surgeries and partnership to supply top notch facilities like Blood Bank, Thalassemia Center and Operation Theatre to Begum Effendi Hospital in Bagh Dheri, Swat, KPK) 
3) UM Healthcare Trust (Telemedicine Project, Pakistan Development Data Map and UM Trust Hospital in Zahidabad, Mardan, KPK)
4) HUM Network Foundation (Reconstruction of Homes destroyed by flood in Mir Wah, Mirpurkhas, Sindh) 
5) School Health & Music Programs in Pehli Kiran Schools, Mashal Schools, Qasim Orangi School, Lettuce B. Kids, Fakhr-e-Imdad Foundation, Green Grammar School (Pakistan-wide)
6) Special Patients Project (Pakistan-wide)
7) Jinnah Hospital and Allama Iqbal Medical College (Medicine Donations and volunteer medical camp program)
8) Sindh Medical College (CDRS student chapter)
9) CDRS Volunteer Program (Pakistan-wide)

Partnerships beginning work between now and February 31, 2013
1) The Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority of Pakistan (ERRA) (Hospital Reconstruction Project, New Balakot City, KPK)
2) Karachi Relief Trust (Mobile Medical Team, flood affected areas of Interior Sindh)
3) Hisaar Foundation (Kitchen Gardening Project, Swat and Karachi)
4) IDSP and UK Association of Medical Aid Pakistan (Special Patients Project and support to poor medical students, Balouchistan)
5) AJK Health Department, Pakistan Army (Basic Health Unit and Mother/Child Health Support, Leepa Valley, AJK at The Line of Control) 

Please note: New collaborations are being developed with fine organizations such as United Pakistan, The Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons UK, The British Pakistan Foundation and The Citizens Foundation and will be announced as soon as they are finalized before our next Global Giving report is due!! 

Please note that CDRS has six cleared and first class independent program and financial audits (1 for every year of operation), has cleared and first class financial and project audits for disaster relief and healthcare rehabilitation projects funded by UNICEF, Direct Relief International and The International Development & Relief Foundation (IDRF) and The Swiss Government and has passed Global Giving's rigorous due diligence process in each of the 5 years they've been our key fiscal sponsor in the U.S. 

Thanks for all your generous support over the past 7 years- we have proven that we deserve it, and we humbly request and look forward to your generous support again in 2013 :)

And be on the lookout for the new CDRS Online Store at Global Giving's Gifts For Good Coming Soon, where you can support our projects AND choose from great items like crafts, jewelry, children's clothing, shawls, decorative candles and original art (much of it created by ladies and children affected by disaster who will directly benefit from your purchase), as well as great music, t-shirts and other promotional items from CDRS / Sonic Peacemakers Artist Ambassadors like Sanam Marvi, Sohaib Alikhan, Farhan Saeed, Arieb Azhar, Strings, Abrar Ul Haq, Lanny Cordola, Quratulain Balouch and many more! 

Best Regards,
Todd Shea 

P.S. Please take a few moments to share this report and our Global Giving website link with all your Family and Friends !!! And please "like" us on Facebook at

At the end of October 2011, as CDRS was concentrating its efforts on deploying its Mobile medical team in the flood affected areas of Mirpurkhas and The Thar Desert in Sindh, CDRS ended its support of the government RHC (Rural Health Center) in Chikar due to new disasters being a priority for CDRS and our donors. CDRS served the People of Chikar Union Council and its surrounding areas with great dedication ever since the earthquake, however it was time for a change as the area had long since normalized from the earthquake disaster of 2005: houses and villages were fully rebuilt, proper roads to Muzaffarabad had been repaired, the people of the area had fully recovered from the earthquake, and for many years they enjoyed excellent free healthcare at the CDRS sponsored RHC. The community health insurance program that CDRS had established in early 2009 to give the people of Chikar an avenue of ensuring a long term, stable and effective health facility for years to come had collected more than 1 million rupees (over $10,000) from patients, however, the vision for the program was never fully realized because only those citizens who needed regular treatment and medicines for chronic ailments would regularly support the program with their monthly payments. Everyone else just continued to expect excellent free medical services without contributing, as though CDRS and its donors could just continue forever supporting 100% of their healthcare needs. With other disasters in the World and Pakistan, You (our donors) wanted your money to go for current missions in the flood areas, and in Haiti and Japan. Utilizing donor money in the best way is always my first priority, so we suspended our operations with an offer to the people of Chikar that we would be happy to come back and formulate a new plan with them and the government if they would be willing to help fund the project. Simultaneously, a new Prime Minister and government had come into power in AJK, so it took a few months before the new officials had settled into their new jobs. When I was finally able to meet the new Secretary of Health for AJK, I asked him about Chikar and he said that they were increasing the government's budget for medicines, supplies and doctor's salaries and so he wouldn't need us in Chikar as much as some areas that were more remote and currently a higher priority for assistance by charitable organizations such as CDRS. He then requested for CDRS to start a project in Leepa Valley, an area of around 60,000 people that is nestled between a 10,000 foot mountain and the disputed border with India (The Line of Control) and only had a small Pakistan Army medical post. CDRS has always coordinated directly with the AJK government on where to operate, so I told him we would support the small facility with some medicines and then, after spending some time their to assess the best way to help, we would consider starting a project there. We have now seen and understood the needs of the area for ourselves and are ready to begin fundraising for a project to support the healthcare needs of families in this very harsh, poor and remote place.

As our mission has evolved and grown over the years, CDRS has built a great reputation for 1) deploying mobile medical teams and volunteers, providing logistical support to doctors and medical students coming in from all over the World during the earthquake, IDP and flood disasters, and 2) providing long term rehabilitation to damaged or destroyed healthcare systems (AJK, Swat, Charsadda, Shikarpur), but we also have distinguished ourselves in implementing successful programs for school health and special patients. We plan to greatly expand these programs in the coming months, and are very thankful for the support and faith you have given us which allows us to do such amazing, award winning Humanitarian work. Please see the attached CDRS Newsletter to read about these expanded programs which are changing the lives of children and families for the better, one person at a time. 


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