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by Karm Marg
Discusion at kiran naddar musium.jpg
Discusion at kiran naddar musium.jpg

Karm Marg runs a full-fledged residential care home in Faridabad, where upto 60 children (4 to 18 years old) are given shelter, nutrition, medical care, education, counselling, extracurricular activities, vocational training, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities since 1997.
Our income generation program creates revenues by making eco-friendly products using mainly waste, re-usable materials. It is sold under the brand name ‘Jugaad’ and the revenue generated helps us meet approximately 50% of our expenses of the children’s home. 

Success Story

Poonam came to Karm Marg at the age of 5 along with two younger sisters in the year 2000. As we interacted with her more, we discovered that she is a slow learner and has a speaking disorder. She was full of anger and resorted to physical violence when others didn’t understand what she wanted to convey. Communication was a huge issue highlighted more by the fact that her IQ pegged at 55.
Along with a lot of love, care and warmth at the home by the caregivers to win her confidence, what worked brilliantly was sending her to a school for children with special needs. First she attended Sahyog Training centre where she learnt how to read and write basics. Meanwhile we discovered that she had a lot of potential in doing methodical repetitive tasks. So we arranged for her vocational training at Shaurya Foundation. She was quick to learn so many things like packaging, candle making and baking. They moved her up to training her in stock taking and sale of products. After a year of training, we were very impressed with the confidence she exhibited along with an inherent leadership quality and thorough management skills.
We sent her for further three month skill training to Very Special Arts India in Vasant Kunj, where she learnt block printing, cloth pasting and news paper bag making. She is currently handling Karm Marg’s new bakery unit. Not the one to stay passive, her interest in a Beautician’s course is now consuming her full time and she is under training one of Karm Marg’s alumni who runs a training centre cum beauty parlour near by. According to her mentor, she is very diligent and has almost learnt waxing, hair massage, manicure, pedicure and facial.         

With all these skills in her kitty, we are sure that she will soon be able to become financially independent. Seeing her progress makes us all really proud of her.  



Special task 

This whole quarter was busy with receiving and discharging children because of  Muskan Operation 2, which is a focused initiative taken by Govt and Police department to reunite missing children with their families. It was really taxing time for us to deal with so many new children as well as co-ordinate with the government departments and the police at the same time. In July itself, we had to deal with 35 such cases. Most new children placed with us during this operation for short term care came with severe behavioural issues due to emotional and sexual abuse. We were expected to fulfil our duty to provide them emotional security and support as well as find out their family whereabouts. Doing both in such short time, under so much pressure, for so many children was a tough task requiring a lot of skill and emotional strength and a logistical nightmare. But we are proud to report that we successfully managed to restore all the children to their biological families. A lot of learning took place along with the experience that has been an invaluable addition to the care giving and co-ordination skills of the staff. Dealing with the triggering of emotions and the upheaval it brought into the lives of children who are under long term care with us continues. It will take a few months for them to settle down again into a regular rhythm.


Beneficiaries at a glance

This quarter we had a 100 different children staying at our home in batches. Our direct beneficiaries were 122. And we had 248 indirect beneficiaries. It brings the total number of beneficiaries to 370 children, women and youth. Our efforts to provide more outreach services impacting more people have been bearing fruit.

News from Home

 On 20th July, 20 of our children went to Kiran Nadar Museum to see the wonderful exhibition of Himmat Shah's work organised by Art Reach. All the children were very enthusiastic to see the different forms of art. They also got a chance to do some painting and art work.


In August, 10 of our kids went to Creativity Adda (an after school program) in Dariyaganj to participate in Dhamaal Chawkdi program. It is an alternate form of learning, through peer to peer interaction amongst children from various NGOs. Tara and Shama conducted a workshop on ‘Making a Planter’ with plastic bottles and also put up a stall for showcasing Jugaad products.  It was an exciting day for the children as they learnt so many new things there and got the opportunity to participate in many different activities.    


All the children visited Neighbourhood Woof, an animal care shelter to celebrate their first anniversary. This NGO is run by Ayesha Christina who has been a supporter of Karm Marg and helps us with all our dog related issues.



Deepak, our alumni, who has successfully completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree has started taking art class at KM. Children love attending his workshop. Together they have made a beautiful mural on the wall. The way he has honed his talent is an inspiration for the children. 

In September Tanu Shree Singh, another regular supporter conducted a storytelling and greeting card making workshop for all the younger children.

Seven of our older girls performed a theatrical piece in their school under the government’s ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhaao' campaign. They ideated, wrote, acted and directed it all on their own. Their play received much appreciated by the teachers and local village Sarpanch. 


Our resident yoga enthusiast Babli did a Yoga demonstration at her school in the presence of village Sarpanch. They all were very impressed by her yoga skill and she was awarded Rs 500 as a token of their appreciation.



Skill Training & Alternative Learning  

Two of our young boys Rahul and Abdul had no interest in going to a traditional school. They were becoming withdrawn and disruptive. In spite of being very intelligent, they were absolutely disconnected with the formal way of learning. So once they turned 14, we decided to send them for an alternative learning program. They have been attending Creativity Adda in Daryiganj for three months now. They are learning the art of slow cooking and baking. They are also exploring how to use different kinds of millet flour in everyday cooking to add to the existing nutrition value. The best result has been that they are now enthusiastic about learning again and treat the children at home with whatever they learn there. The kids tasted their first homemade Pizzas and Momos thanks to Abdul. Rahul got the opportunity to a attend a 4 day cooking workshop at Namah resort,Jim Corbett Natinal Park. We are very pleased to see them happy and excited with life again.

Library project 


On 20th September we organised a storytelling session titled ‘Swar’, for the local Government Primary School and Paramhansa Sr. Sec. School. The workshop was conducted by Rishabh Mittal a very talented storyteller and theatre artist. Over 200 children were absolutely captivated with his theatrical storytelling style. The language content, the message of self confidence and the discussion post the session made it even more meaningful.


 Health Care

On 6th Sept, doctors from the local hospital came to KM to conduct an awareness program on Dengue and Chickengunia. Both these seasonal fevers have been creating havoc around Delhi. They gave good tips and cleared many doubts that our staff had.  


Mahua fall sick in the month of July and was diagnosed with Pneumonia. Samadhan was also admitted in AIIMS hospital after being diagnosed with Dengue. Samadhan has fully recovered and Mahua is still under treatment. Fortunately due to timely intervention and natural measures like drinking Giloi concoction, all other children managed to escape unscathed in this epidemic. 

We can now clearly see the benefits of living an alternate lifestyle, growing and using our fresh produce and using traditional natural recipes to booster good health. Living in harmony with nature has been our vision and is immensely satisfying to see it bear such positive and therapeutic results.

Babli performance at School.JPG
Babli performance at School.JPG
Library project Rishabh Story telling.jpg
Library project Rishabh Story telling.jpg
Abdul making momos.jpg
Abdul making momos.jpg
Beti Bachao Beti Padhao event.jpg
Beti Bachao Beti Padhao event.jpg
Poonam on Holi.jpg
Poonam on Holi.jpg
Deepak's Art Mural in KM.jpg
KM youth taking waste material workshop at Creativity adda.jpg
KM youth taking waste material workshop at Creativity adda.jpg
Karm Marg Quarterly Update April-June 2016

This quarter we'd like to  share the story of our ever-smiling Anamika. 

Anamika came to us from an adoption agency in March of 2002 when she was just 11 years. Owing to her being a slow learner, the possibility of her adoption were extremely limited.

Settling in well at Karm Marg, she blossomed into a very affectionate and caring young lady. She retains her childlike innocence which makes her very lovable. She has a very cheerful personality and is very sensitive to all. Shy with outsiders, she prefers to stay in the background doing the work assigned to her. Very fond of dressing up, she loves to be a part of all the group activities. 

Along with the other special needs youngsters, Anamika attended Shaurya Centre for Special Needs youth in Delhi. Her interest in cooking and baking has now led her to complete her three year training there successfully.  

She is now 25 and is employed as a Kitchen Assistant at Karm Marg as we felt that sheltered employment would be in her best interest. She is working very responsibly and is happy to be earning her own money. She enjoys baking too and we are planning on starting a baking product line which she can work on and we can help market.

Exposure trips....

This quarter is usually accompanied by the heat of the summer. Summer holidays, excursions and workshops are what keep the children excited and productively occupied.

This year we provided an opportunity to our children to go to other NGOs for an exposure visit and understand different ways of learning.  We organised a separate trip for the smaller children to visit the NGO Aavishkar in Himachal Pradesh. 

There they explored learning Science and Maths through innovative and creative games, stories and practical experiments. It was a whole new concept of learning and the kids  really enjoyed the interactions immensely. They came back with a lot of enthusiasm and ideas to apply to their current study patterns.

For the young adults, we organised an sort of an exchange program to the Space for Nurturing Creativity in Uttarakhand. It required quite a journey in the bus after a stop over at Rishikesh and then an hour's trek uphill on foot. That journey itself gave all them them a time to bond and have fun with each other and the staff that accompanied them. It is run in a totally different way.  There are 25 children staying there with a lady called Archana. It's a self sufficient way of life in a remote village. No one goes to school, they learn everything at their own home.  Music, dance, yoga, cooking and craft are some of the areas they excel in. The children are all self motivated to practice the skill they enjoy on their own everyday without any prompting from the staff. 

Our children were also very impressed with the whole concept and liked starting their day early with meditation and yoga. They have been replicating this throughout the rest of the summer holiday and have also been going for walks everyday at 6 am with Shabila, our alumni and staff member.

The whole idea behind this visit was to observe, absorb and adopt similar ways of working, discipline, time management, daily routine and how to manage all the challenges while maximising output with minimum resources. We feel this exchange has been really a huge eye opener for all the youngsters and the accompanying staff members.

While there, a series of workshops were also introduced by our talented in house KM team to all their children and staff. Jewellery making out of cloth, stitching bags form old cloth pieces, paper bag making and wall mural art were some of the in-house workshops that kept everyone creatively and productively occupied. This exchange of ideas and skills have been mutually beneficial for all children. Knowing that they too have skills they can teach and be appreciated for, has been a great morale booster for our youth.

Community projects

In the first week of May Karm Marg organized a 'Life Skills' workshop at the Senior Secondary Government school in Kheri Kalan village, Faridabad. Conducted by our partners Modicare we've started with class 11s. Many relevant and necessary topics were discussed in the workshop like peer pressure, life skills, HIV/AIDS, and personal hygiene. The youngsters were very attentive. There were many participative and interactive discussions. The feedback from them was very encouraging as they said they understood each topic very well and welcomed many more such workshops.

Shabila organised a natural homemade soap  making workshop. She used easily available and natural ingredients like neem, tulsi, lemon and multani mitti. Each child had a great time making a soap for themselves. Along the way they were also told why other commercially made chemical soaps are harmful for their body.

Ten of our creative children went to Creative Adda at Dariyaganj to participate in Dhamaal Chawkdi peer to peer learning program under the guidance of Shikshantar, Udaipur. Our children got to chance to explore so many different craft, science, music and other workshops. Kabaad se jugaad, Jewellery making, candle making, Solar panel were their favourite. Our very own Rihana and Shama conducted peer learning workshop of Jalkumbhi where they taught how to make jewellery and mats with the help of jalkhumbi (weed).  

Our 'Library Project' for local primary schools is also going well. 

We continue our weekly four hour session of storytelling and craft followed by the children borrowing books as per their interest and returning it back after reading it.

Vocational Training

Deepak worked hard and graduated from Modinagar College of Art after a four years Bachelor's degree course with Distinction. We are looking for options for further training for him.

Vipin, Govinda and Iqbal have got an opportunity to receive training in the Radisson Blue hotel in areas of Services and Kitchen for six weeks.

Avishkar trip Himachal pardesh (2).JPG
Avishkar trip Himachal pardesh (2).JPG
Life skill workshop at govt school by modi care foundation.jpg
Life skill workshop at govt school by modi care foundation.jpg
Soap making.jpg
Soap making.jpg
Deepak at his Graduation Art Exhibition jpg.jpg
Deepak at his Graduation Art Exhibition jpg.jpg
Dance Audition.jpg
Dance Audition.jpg

This quarter's story is not about a child but a pup that we were give by Aysha, founder of an animal NGO as they were unable to cater to his needs at their shelter. 

Veer, the brave, was found with his spine and hind legs completely paralysed. He was so frail and ill that the vet advised us to put him down. But destiny had a different course charted out for him. The kids of KM were in love with this adorable and affectionate creature. The wanted to give it a try for a few weeks, ready to face the inevitable after that anyway.

So the vet suggested tonics and medicines and some generous donors were willing to contribute for his treatment. As he grew in strength, we realised that mobility was his main issue. To sort that, a creative intervention was planned. The kids, staff and board members got togther to build a sort of a wheelchair type equipment designed specially to take off the load from his dead  hind legs onto the wheels. 

We are happy to report that in a month, Veer has made tremendous progress and glides across the campus with his cool set of wheels!

While this seems like a story about a dog, what underlies this whole episode is the feeling of saving a life, going beyond the call of duty and not giving up till very creative option is explored. It has been such a morale booster for the children to be involved in this unbelievable healing process. 

Sometimes, life's most beautiful lessons come on four paws and a cool set of wheels!!

Main highlights this quarter!

The festival of Lorhi with it's bonfire and treat of popcorn, peanuts and sweets is a highlight marking the end of peak winter.

The other most celebrated festival at Karm Marg, Holi, also falls in this quarter. Preparations begin from weeks before with making organic eco-friendly colours from flowers, spices and beetroot. Soaking, grinding, drying takes up a good chunk of activity time. It's the day most alumni and friends visit us to be part of the masti. No one is spared and after we run out of colours, mud, water, everything is used to go crazy with fun! It's a festival where every one enjoys to their heart's content.

A local dance studio owner Himani met us at the Christmas fair we attended in December. She was impressed by the dance moves of some of our youngsters. She contacted us to hold auditions for our kids so that she could offer dance training for them at her studio. She selected 9 of them (7 girls, 2 boys) and they are now attending and throughly enjoying her classes twice a week.

With no sanitation facility provided in the village, the garbage has been piling up on the road leading to our campus. Karm Marg children and staff have been talking to the villagers about the ill-effects of open dumping on the health of their kids, animals etc. cleaned the road up trying to demonstrate to the villagers the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. Seeing us in action, we are hoping they will realise how they can do their bit in reducing this menace.

An art and craft workshop was conducted with the children where they were taught to make earrings out of used egg tray and colourful thread. They all enjoyed making different designs and presented it to older didis as gifts.

Ten of our creative children went to Creative Adda at Dariyaganj to participate in Dhamaal Chawkdi peer to peer learning program under the guidance of Shikshantar, Udaipur. Our children got to chance to explore so many different craft, science, music and other workshops. Kabaad se jugaad, Jewellery making, candle making, Solar panel were their favourite. Our very own Rihana and Shama conducted peer learning workshop of Jalkumbhi where they taught how to make jewellery and mats with the help of jalkhumbi (weed).  

Our Young Adults with Special Needs team helped in completing our paper bag order. They were very dedicated in doing their job. 

They visited their old school, Shaurya Center for their Annual day celebration and participated in activities there. They were very happy to meet their old teachers and friends. 

Poonam practiced making and baking mathi on her own without any assistance. It was a big accomplishment for her and us.

Organic vegetable holi colours.jpg
Organic vegetable holi colours.jpg
Veer The brave pup.jpg
Veer The brave pup.jpg
Excercises for Veer.jpg
Excercises for Veer.jpg
Young Adults with Special needs making newpaper bags.jpg
Young Adults with Special needs making newpaper bags.jpg
Jalkumbhi Intach Workshop.jpg
Jalkumbhi Intach Workshop.jpg
This quarter, our success story is not about an individual but about our experience with the wider community.
Joy of Giving!

This Children's day was special. Our children felt a deep sense of gratitude. They felt they individually had more than many of the street kids they saw around the area along the village canal in Faridabad. So they chose a few bits of whatever they could spare...their clothes, pins, sweets, biscuits, erasers, pencils etc and packed them into small bags to be given away to those more unfortunate. We all piled onto our bus and reached the basti(slum area) around the main drain where these families stayed. What followed was something they hadn't expected at all...There was a near stampede outside their bus, with little kids, teenagers carrying baby in arms and adults, jostling, almost snatching away the gifts. The small kids being scolded by their parents to grab more things, older ones climbing over really young ones trying to tug at our kid's clothes to get more things....
It was an eye opener for them. The kids were evidently scared and shaken up and could barely get off the bus. So we decide to abort the plan and come back later. In a discussion with them, a day later, it was heartwarming so see how much more empathy they had towards them. Most wanted to go back and share more than just their little packets. They wanted to meet them regularly, talk to them about improving their hygiene, manners and lives. They were appalled seeing such young parents, barely older than themselves and vowed they wouldn't make the same mistakes.

They felt so fortunate to be living a life where they were safe and not left wanting of basic needs in life. Always takers till now, their experience as givers was what made them most aware of the differences in the way people lived. More power to such interesting experiences and cheers to the big hearted, empathic and enthusiastic children of Karm Marg!

Community Workshops

  • Realising the growing need of the community youth, we also organised a 3 day workshop on Gender with around 50 children for our NGO and students from the senior government school in our area. The focus was on life skills, gender equality and HIV/AIDS. We roped in a professional agency Modi Care Foundation who have a lot of experience in conducting such workshop.It was very new experience for the students because they have never attended this kind of workshop before. Also the girls found it very interesting because there is no one in the family whom they can discuss all these things with. It gave both the girls and boys a very different perspective.They are very keen to attend more such workshops in future and want their friends to join in too. This has been a very heartening experience for us.
  • Another interesting workshop we organised for the rural women of our area, our staff and young adults, was a three day residential workshop by trainers from Jalkumbhi, organised by INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage). Jalkumbhi is a kind of water reed which grows wild locally and can be dried and used to weave products out of it just like rope/wild grass. These unique techniques can now be incorporated in our products made for income generation too.
It's been a year since we have started a library project with a local government primary school in the rural village where we are.There are approximately 150 students from different grades who attend our storytelling sessions now.
This project gives us the chance to connect with children from very different backgrounds. Most of them are rural children living with their parents, but they are probably first generation learners and have no one to guide them with learning in their homes. 
With parents busy with farming, cattle raising and household activities, they are often left alone most of the day. Specially the girls who are often have to take on household chores of cooking, cleaning and looking after their younger siblings once they go back home. For them instilling the love of books can really help them connect to the outer world, encourage them to read on their own and inspire them to continue their education.
We did observe that it doesn’t matter which background children are from or where they live... the only things that matters to them is reading books, listening to stories and having fun. for the soul!
We always encourage volunteers from around the world to share their skills and experiences with our children. Often language is seen as a barrier. But Monique, a Dutch volunteer demonstrated that music is a language that can unite the whole world. She came for a two week stay with us and left behind her love for music and immense confidence in the hearts of all our children. She had a bit of trouble settling into our rural lifestyle, but once she began her sessions, she was on a roll.

In such a short span, she was amazed that our children learnt how to play the recorder, guitar and keyboard (and one without a battery or elctric source, which can be played by blowing into a pipe). The children learnt 7 different styles and compositions. From classical, folk to middle eastern, indian and pop songs. They showcased their learning in a beautiful program attended by few of our board members and friends.
We also invited a local music group The Manzil Mystics to join Monique for a day and had so much fun mixing up their diverse styles.
She left Karm Marg impressed with the talent and exuberance of our children and is very keen to visit again.

Among Other News!

We restored 11 children back to their families.

It has been a very proud and momentous occasion for us that our young adults with special needs have completed their vocational training and have earned their first salary in December.

We are very proud that our alumni Deepak stood first in year 3, at the Fine Art at Modinagar Art College. He is the first child from Karm Marg who had gotten through a professional Art college. We found sponsorship for his education and still provide him a stipend for his expenses.

Shayra, another child whose now pursuing Bachelor's in Art at Faridabad College, has always been fabulous at dance and drama. She came first in a state level theatre competition and will be going for a national level competition soon.

Ajay, our young adult who is very passionate about cricket started attending Raja Nahar Singh Cricket Academy to learn and practice cricket under a professional coach.

10 of our children who are interested in art, attended a 2 day Madhubani folk art workshop at the Craft Museum in Delhi conducted by Urmila Devi, who is awarded master of Madhubani Art. Children also received certificates of participation.

Festival and Celebrations!

This quarter also brings in many festivals. Each of which we celebrate with full enthusiasm.

  • Starting with Dusshera, in which the children made Ravan with the help of Deepak,an art student and our alumni.
  • On Diwali, our biggest festival, kids decorated the whole campus with lights, candle and diyas, made rangolis (colour patterns on the floor) and enjoyed delicious treat of homemade pasta. Our young adults made paper mache wax diyas for sale at exhibitions. It ended with a full on dance party to loud Bollywood music, which is by far the favourite fun activity for most of our children.
  • Children's day on the 14th of November was celebrated by the children getting a treat of ice cream and their favourite street food, golgappas (spicy water balls) at the local speciality food shop.
  • On Christmas our friend and storyteller Tanu Shree Singh, along with her friends invited us to a carnival specially organised for children from three NGO's, including ours, at the lawns of Kisaan Bhawan in Faridabad. They set up 20 different kinds of game and food stalls for children, manned by them and their children. It was lovely for both sets of children to get to know each other and have fun together. The Carnival was full of dance, music and stories by Delhi's renowned Dastangoi (storyteller) Ankit Chaddha. Children also received gifts from Santa. It was a party to remember.
  • Our well wishers and friends from the Albatross Travel Company also gifted wrist watches to children on the occasion of Christmas. 
  • New Year's Eve saw a family reunion of sorts, with our alumni joining in for a party along with our founder Veena di and some staff members. A delightful end to a great year and a beginning with a bang for the next year, as the rocking party continued till wee hours of the morning!
Joy of Giving.jpg
Joy of Giving.jpg
Music Food for the Soul.jpg
Music Food for the Soul.jpg
Christmas Party 2015.jpg
Christmas Party 2015.jpg
Special Needs Adults First Salary.jpg
Special Needs Adults First Salary.jpg
Diwali 2015.jpg
Diwali 2015.jpg
Street Food Party.jpg
Street Food Party.jpg

Of Hope and Being Human....

Since a few months we had been worried about the funding situation at Karm Marg after going through our financial audit submission. Though we firmly believe, with proof for the last 18 years, that when you are doing something good, the money comes matter what; this time the gap is substantial.

Inspite of all ups and down, recessions etc, the children have never gone hungry or wanting. Yes, we have had to sometimes restrict ourselves to only necessities but that is one of the most important lessons of life we can give ourselves and the children. There has never been any lessening of happiness and love.
Yesterday, when we heard *Mosumi had run away from her home to come to us because she wasn't happy being reunited with her family in West Bengal a month ago, we were worried sick. She had been calling us since a week asking us to get her here. We contacted the CWC but had to wait for their guidance. She had come to us 18 months ago in a completely fragile emotional state, highly suicidal and depressed. We had arranged for her to get psychiatric treatment at Shahadra Hospital nearly 2.5 hour journey, one way. With six months of regular medications, behavior therapy and the unconditional love of her peers and staff at Karm Marg, she bloomed into a happy, confident individual. No visitor would leave Karm Marg without a warm hug and smile from her. She had been rehabilitated a month ago with her family through Police's Project Muskaan.

We informed the CWC, railway police and sent our staff to all the Delhi train stations since 5 am with her photographs, hoping to find her. None of us could sleep and we had our very first corporate conference to attend for CSR fundraising opportunity. By noon we got a call saying she had been found at Old Delhi railway station by our staff. Speaking to her on the phone, when asked why she ran away, she responded very nonchalantly, "Didi, ghar jaake baat karoongi" (I will talk to you later)

Moved to tears, instead of the usual presentation, we decided to tell this story in response to a question we are often asked....Why should we support only 60 children from a small NGO when the same amount of money can impact hundreds in another bigger institution. 
There wasn't a dry eye in the hall....and people were moved enough to open their hearts and wallets in their own personal capacity.

What we learnt was unforgettable. Amidst all the competition, intolerance and selfishness, there lies a heart that beats for others who we may not even know. That is what makes us human.

There are so many examples of people doing such good work, but we barely get to know about them in this noise of 'breaking news'.
We were sure we will sleep well tonight after the sleepless one yesterday, for there's hope and humanity, alive and kicking...just look around you and share the good things that you see.....



The circle of life... At Karm Marg
So it all started when one of our soft hearted staff while attending Dastkar Bangalore exhibition rescued a kitten and brought it with him to Delhi. The kitten grew up to have three lovely kittens of her own. One of whom ate up a squirrel. This squirrel had just given birth to two lovely babies who were now left orphaned and hungry.
As we tried to figure out droppers, syringes, cotton swabs to feed milk to these babies, our karm marg children found a unique solution.....

Those baby squirrels are now being fed on the same cat's milk.... The one whose kitten killed the mother squirrel...


Other highlights:


  • Necessity is the mother of invention. Our latest creative invention. First fun playground equipment for our little ones. Designed and made in-house, out of an old tyre. Watch this space for more such fun range coming up soon....
  • The summer holidays brings in it's myriad workshops to keep the kids brimming with excitement and fun. This year saw music, clay, puppet making, drawing, craft, theatre and gender sensitization workshops. 
  • Our library project for local government school is now regularly in operation once every week. This is a project which gives opportunity to those local children who are coming from very poor section of society and do not have enough money to buy story books and neither do their schools. Through this project we want to give them more access to other books apart from their school books, so they can develop good reading habit and know more about the world around them.  The children are always excited and are fascinated by the books. It is always a pleasure to see their keenness and interest.
  • Babli’s dream to learn yoga from a professional is coming true. Now that she’s older, we have started sending her twice in week for learning yoga at Navtej Johar's studio in Delhi. Under the tutelage of yoga expert Sunaina Arya she is really enjoying soaking up the various asanas and pranayams and is very happy to share her knowledge with the kids at home. She has been fascinated with yoga right from a young age and we are sure that her passion will ensure she excels in this area.
  • The rakhis made by our special needs adults for the Indian festival of Rakhshabandhan were a big hit. Trying out the market for such products was a successful idea and next year we intend to make it an even more profitable venture for them. Customers appreciated the designs and neatness of the product and have promised to even help sell them for us next year. 






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