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Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala

by Engozi Za Mukama (God's Love Home)
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala
Educate and support 40 orphans in Kampala

Dear Supporters,

April has been superb with high excitements from our children. Learning has gone really well and finally came to the end of our school term on 22/04/2015.

We are thrilled for our visitors during the month who came to see our brilliant work….Rosie (and friends) from UK, Greg and Sandra fromAustralia all visited after the recommendations from our project friends Wendy and David respectively. We are really thankful for the generous gifts/donations they gave us .From the picture you can see how excited some of our children were after receiving gifts like books, pencils,………….

I share about Jackeline again, second last girl front line in the picture. She is a clever girl, very playful but finds it hard to settle in class. She is a single orphan with her mother struggling with Maize roasting as a business within kibwa to add on the support given to Jackeline by GLH monthly. Her mother found it hard when she was told to leave her rental house after failing to pay the rent. Remember Jackeline needs to attend school at GLS irrespectively of hard conditions her mother lives in. Jackeline will be staying atGLH forat least 2 months as her mother looks for another house to rent. Guardians’ allowance has been helpful to support children like Jackeline. Thanks so much for supporting us this far.

We have been able to pay all school fees for our children in other schools for first term which ended officially on 24/04/2015 and now looking forward for second term which will open on 24/05/2015.Good feeding has really been maintained as well.Many thanks again for your support!

It is still a continuing struggle raising finances and at quick glance to our 2015 Budget, “operational (food and school fees)55M(operational income is forecast as 42M giving a shortfall of 13M), capital (purchase of house (completed) and hopefully a second plot) 85M) capital items have already been gifted 41 M” (Roughly 4M = £1000)

Your support really makes a difference ...25 pounds educates and feeds a child for a month. I will happily answer any questions you may have or Mark or David at can help

God bless you all

James Mukiibi
Project Leader

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Hi Everyone,

We love February – the recently enrolled students have settled in, our teachers are enjoying their classes, our energetic support staff have everything spick and span after the holidays, the office is buzzing, and we've just released our latest newsletter! And to really energize us, the rain has come – we, the trees, the lawns and the gardens are all looking a little less wilted!

Lazarus, a Tanzanian pastor friend based in Arusha visited and gave us a sewing machine to train some children. GLS is now sewing their school uniforms and this will be reducing on big costs previously paid on uniforms. The saved small amount will now feed our GLH children. Thank you so much Lazarus…I attach a sowing machine photo with Ian learning.

With another milestone month starting, we’ve lots to tell you about in this newsletter too. Enjoy!
In this newsletter:

• The recently graduated Top students to primary one have settled in.
• Our Seventeen older kids returned to their schools P4 and above after a long school break.
• We had exciting Community Service Program. Kids did some clean work like sweeping, slashing, serving their fellow kids, …..
• Our intrepid God’s Love School, Jabarah, shares his last year experience-He can now see his good future! GLS has complete freedom and no harsh punishments given for mistakes made- GLS give dentations as a form of punishment which is a fair punishment compared to caning in others schools around – But again this is bad to be put in one place for 10 to15 minutes for the offense committed .I love Teacher Julius our head teacher!
• We have had Global Giving UK online learning Session-Tips on Organisation successions-Early planning, openness within the organisation …we heard experiences from different project leaders,
• A great interview with Jackeline’s guardian – her views on GLH! She enjoys GLH kind acts to Jackie like monthly food ratio given , Quick action when it comes to sickness, love shown as a real biological parents…. may God bless GLH.
• But how could we do all these without you? Many thanks to you all!

We are currently praying for our feeding needs and GLS extension as we share the costs. We have 34 M for the plot raised out of 40M needed, so any well wishers would kindly help us raise the balance. 25 pounds can feed and educate one orphan for a month. However, any amount donated means a lot to us .Please consider supporting us through Global Giving UK or Mark who can be contacted via email; or myself via;

All the best,

James Mukiibi

Project Leader God’s Love Home

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 Dear Friends!

Happy News 2015 and Glory to the Lord for seeing us through January so far. GLH feeling for this New Year is sending out monthly brief news letters. Here is for January!

There have been lots of activities –Some children working on sugar plantation, Paintings…,….

January 1 was happy day kids jubilations for a new year –They nearly had foregone sleep waiting to see a new year. We want thank you all for helping with our feeding needs. Kids had a goat slaughtered for them, some guardians were given meat, special foods...May God bless you heaps and heaps!It has gone well for us and no cases of serious sickness registered so, glory to God.

Looking specifically at Jabarah ( photo attached!) is a 10 year old boy orphaned by both parents. He grew up thinking that James and Sylvia (Matron) werethe biologicalparents until of recent when he wondered why they are so many in the family (at GLH) compared to other homes. Jabarah has no any experience of biologicalparents. When his parents died, some one took over the responsibility and this boy was being caned for any small mistake he could make until one day he run out of thathome went on the street to start his personal life where GLH co-founder(Late Patrick) found him,helped him and followed up his story with the legal people. He is a lovely boy now in p.3 at GLS –He is a practical boy, silent, he feels to becoming an engineer or a carpenter in future. His age seem to be quite old compared to his class locally. He is very confident with time management so is GLS school time keeper. Supporting such kids is serving God –Isaiah58; 7 “I want you to share your food with the hungry and to provide shelter for homeless, oppressed people. When you see someone naked, clothe him!”

It is still continuing struggle for our feeding needs and school fees as money from GG has run out. The money which is currently shown at Global giving website was effectively used last year and so far in this year 473 pounds has been raised. Thank you to all who have stepped in with their support in January as it has given us hope already.

We still need next class for p.3 and our focus is to expand by buying a nearby plot of land with some existing houses which could act as immediate solution for next class. The owner wants 40 M Ugandan Shillings (£10 000) and 20 MUgSh (£5k) has been given to GLH already looking for the 20M (5k) more. The owner is very much willing for a full payment. Alas,our school term opens up on monday  02/02/2015.

Any help could come through global giving UK or mark who could be contacted at

Again, on behalf of GLH, thankyou so much for your continual help.

Best Regards,
James mukiibi

Project Leader God’s Love Home

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Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Psalm 25:3-5

Dear Friends

We are thankful for a strong finish to the 2014 school year and look forward to a successful year in 2015. 2014 has been a really happy year with improved diet (banishing kwashiorkor) and with school fees paid thanks to your generosity.

David from Australia visited GLH on 08November. We spent time together discussing the GLH project and he advised on building plans for GLS. We are thrilled that he brought us learning materials, kids plays, and childrens’ hair cutters. ( Now we are able to save on hair trimming). We shall save more if we get electricity connection in our home as we currently use neighbours electricity at a small fee. Thank you so much Mr. David!

We have come to the end of our school term and next term opens on 02/02/2015 .We want to thank all our supporters who have given to us through Global-Giving UK and through mark. Your support took us far in our home. We have had support from a Church in Moshi Tanzania and generous help from the Ugandan directors. I want to thank those who helped me with paper work and special thanks go to Mark, Elizabeth Petersen, David and Global Giving UK Team. We have been able to achieve a lot throughout this year. May God bless you heaps and heaps!

Can I please, bring this to your notice that we urgently need the next classroom with effect from 02/02/2015. Money for school fees and feeding with Global giving UK has run out therefore we have no security for 2015. We would REALLY appreciate it if you could share these needs with your family, friends, church, colleagues, etc . You can get details through Global Giving at


We were sad to say goodbye to two of our beloved GLH friends

Businge Tadeo was 18 years old and he was one of the older orphans at GLH who joined us in 2007 was trained to be a motorcycle taxi driver and left us 2014 January. He met thieves driving a motorcycle and in the struggle to defend himself he was hit on the head. We did our best to save his life by rushing him to hospital but sadly he rested. RIP TADEO!

Kawesi John was an elderly man of 54 years old. He has been our GLH children driver using his own vehicle since 2007. He could deliver kids to different schools, bring them back home after holiday and pick visitors from Airport or locally to GLH. Doing all this at small costs or sometimes zero cost.Thieves killed him and took his vehicle.RIP KAWESI! He has left family of 10 children. 6 children between the age of 2 months and 6 years. Pray for the family and GLH.

Wishing you and your family special blessed Christmas and New Year.

Project Leader
James Mukiibi


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GLH started a school to support orphans; it is now nearly two years old. See Julius in picture  the head teacher addressing the school

Matron serving breakfast to some of the younger children










In picture is Michael enjoying his meals. He was born in  2009  and is studying at GLS, he likes playing football, boxing plays. He wants to become a teacher. Michael’s questions are only on Jesus. “Musumba (pastor) when will Jesus come? I always go to church but the pastor tells us that Jesus is in our midst but when I open my eyes, I don’t see him. Please, let us plan visiting him one day.”


 Elizabeth and Michael wearing GLS t-shirts  brought for all pupils. Elizabeth says,” I love the school T-shirts and now I am smart!”.


Mugisha is an orphan who is also HIV positive. He is in primary two and is very disciplined and hardworking .


Michael says “musumba(pastor)  is this mine permanently ?”

     He has the visitor’s book welcoming guardians/ parents to GLS .He   likes playing football in our small school compound and is good at taking his retrovirals on time. He plans to become a lawyer in future. Mugisha recently developed wounds in the mouth and serious malaria and we took him to hospital immediately. Please pray for Mugisha.


Challenges we get with HIV positive kids is we need all of them to possess watches with ringtones to remind them of their drug taking time. Some forget more especially when far from matron/guardian who must remind them about taking. We need watches with ring tones


GlobalGiving money has deeply helped GLH in the ways below;

1-Improved diet at GLH. We can now afford  eggs, fruit,  meat ….kwashiorkor  in GLH is now a thing of the past.


2-Paid school fees bills for a full year 2014 for our children in P3, and above, who are in other schools


3-Paid salaries for workers at GLH and GLS (teachers at GLS, matron etc,………and allowances to guardians.


4-Met some big medical bills which happened unexpectedly.


5-We have maintained hygiene in our home to the maximum. We can now afford to buy soap for cleaning our toilets, wash children clothes, buy water during dry months,………..paint our younger school.


6-We have bought scholastic materials for our kids like exercise books, pens, pencils, school uniforms, shoes,………….and study trips ,..


We have also received support from


A church in Moshi Tanzania


GLS  primary task is to teach GLH children but other children attend and they pay fees which helps support GLH.


A landowner in Masindi has loaned land for 5 years so the proceeds from the sugar cane can support the orphans


Friends who give via Mark who then sends me the money






Thank you , each of you, so much





Elizabeth (3) below in the picture –She has asthma due to less support she got when she was a baby. Her father died when she was 9 months.







Jabarah is 10 years old. He is in p.2 at GLS . He is an orphan of both parents-He plans to plans to become a civil engineer. Jabarah says “It is of recent when I realised that my parents died. All along I knew James is my true father and matron is my mother. It is when I asked James why he produced so many of us “. James tried to explain that “God told me to help orphans like you”. “Who is an orphan? What differentiates you from my parents whom I did not see?”


I started taking care of Jackie  at a baby stage in picture below and I am now glad seeing Jackie holding a cup of  porridge from matron. She is now 2.5 years! She is struggling with talking. Jack is in baby class. She is a lovely orphan girl. Her late father was killed in cold blood one night. Now mama Jackline roasts maize in kibwa selling each at 500= during maize season and unemployed after maize season. Her working capital is 10,000= she cannot afford renting a house at a fee of 70,000= a month, the least in kibwa area. She sleeps in some one’s kitchen paying 30,000= monthly which she gets from GLH as a small monthly allowance.  This means our monthly allowance is still small to help Jackie and many others of our guardians. The cost of living is high due to inflation. The current Uganda budget reflects this.









Please help us go further ;


1-Increasing guardian allowance from 33000=monthly to 50,000= monthly-We have realised that GLH diet is clearly good compared to our other orphans diet under guardianship. Our guardians meeting reflected this.


2-We need another classroom to take P3 next year. It would be sad if our leavers from P2 had to go to P3 in other schools and it will definitely affect parents morale.


3- Our staff need computer knowledge to serve better. We have one computer and need others and training for all our staff.



Comments from Mark


At risk of repeating what James has already said can I thank you for the enormous impact your money has made.

  • In the past there have been kwashiakor (vitamin deficiency) cases in the home due to the very limited diet: now your money has improved the diet.
  • In the past James was sitting under an impending avalanche of debt due on school fees: this year he is up to date.
  • He is trying for local sources of income as you have read.


What he has only implied is that they are in a real bind over growing the school. Present buildings are well used. Where does he get the space for more classrooms?  Land is expensive and buildings don’t come cheap.


What he has not said is that the money for food and fees for the orphans via Global Giving runs out in October. Do you have friends who might support this project?


You can access details of the project from Global Giving at


Or via Mark Shaw-Hamilton at

Tel  01633 615339

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