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STOP YOUTH POVERTY – continuous reporting

 Stop Youth Poverty is our umbrella programme that was designed to help all our incubation projects to get young entrepreneurs to create jobs and employ other needy unemployed youth. Since we start this programme, we have seen Felix, Derick, Mami, Urica, Seth and others come through. Currently we have Allen who is on the verge of launching his own health beverage business, as soon as we are able to raise an amount of US$5,130. This seed money will immediately kick-start a viable business that will provide steady income for Allen and give 4 unemployed youth jobs. Allen will earn enough to become sustainable within a year. In the long term, he aims to create thousands of jobs for unemployed youth, due to the boom in the health and beverage markets.


By the end of this month, Rafiatu will be joining our Business Facilitation programme under our Stop Youth Poverty umbrella. The specific programme element helps single mothers earn a decent living, in Rafiatu’s case through bead jewelry making. She will be getting free accommodation and utilities, access to the Fashion Centre with all its facilities as well as support for consumables under a revolving fund system.


Even though the impact of all these incubation projects is very high, we have unfortunately not been able to attract even a tenth of the funding we need to provide timely support to a reasonable number of people at any given time,. This shortfall comes at a time when the number of jobless youth grows daily and along with the costs of providing office space and equipment for incubation.


As an NGO which is dedicated to contributing in a practical ways to stopping youth poverty through the concept of “Youth Creating Jobs For Youth”, we have continued to invest our monies and that of family, friends and acquaintances. Since the launch of this programme, we have also been fortunate to have support from several benevolent donors who together have given us US$.... out of the US$ needed to make this programme self-sustaining. We are forever grateful to all our donors – one-off and recurrent donors. However, we urgently need our current and new donors to kindly come to our aid to save this laudable programme.


To this end, we are therefore making a very special appeal to all individuals, institutions, corporate entities and grant foundations to help make STOP YOUTH POVERTY a sustainable programme that can self-reliantly set-up a minimum of 20 Youth Start-Ups each year. If you consider the minimum of 5 young people getting into full employment per incubation, we will be taking 5 x 20 = 100 unemployed youth off the job market each year. If we increase the number of incubators even by as little as 5 each year, we will be reducing unemployment by more than 1,000 in five years. This is a very conservative calculation, especially if we consider the domino effects that can follow, based on growth in confidence of donors and grant-givers in the concept of “Youth Creating Jobs For Youth”.


We need your benevolent donations and grants. Please rally round and help our STOP YOUTH POVERTY programme now. It will produce responsible citizens, reduce crime, stop dangerous migrations and contribute significantly to youth development.


Thank you for all your past generosity and may you find it in your heart to support this worthy cause even more

Allen - Health Drink Production Start-Up
Allen - Health Drink Production Start-Up

It is so uplifting to be able to give you successful real-life stories, which are linked directly to you - our donors. We are very grateful to our new donors in the UK who have just given us £100 and we say welcome on board and please do stay with us on our journey to stop youth poverty. We, as always, are thankful to GlobalGiving for giving us this platform to share our humanitarian activities with you.

Working together with you as partners, we are happy to inform you that Frank has now been accepted for a job and is waiting for his appointment letter, which is due this coming Monday, 21 March 2016. Furthermore, we have taken on board, Allen and Derick, under our Incubation programme.

Allen has gained a patent for two health drinks and is now looking for support to start a beverage production business. His products have passed all the necessary scientific and food tests. We are currently helping him to produce and package one of his beverages for the final certificate from the Ghana Food and Drugs division. We continue to mentor and coach him and have helped him with his business development. He has free access to a shared-office space, laptop, Internet and secretarial support, at our premises. Allen now needs US$4,000 to bring in his first consignment to start his business. If he receives this amount, Allen will be able to employ four (4) unemployed youth in the course of the year - namely, an Administrative Officer, Finance Officer, Marketing Officer and Sales Officer, in line with our concept of “Youth Creating Jobs for Youth”. We believe that with your continuing support, Allen will soon start earning a decent salary from his business start-up and be able to support himself and his aging parents. The same will be true for his four employees.

Derick wants to start a restaurant and has acquired a few chairs, a television set and some table lamps. He has free access to our Catering Centre and Event Space, to start his restaurant. Derick has some experience in the restaurant business and we are mentoring and coaching him on all the aspects of running a restaurant. He will have to employ a minimum of 13 unemployed youth who will start as interns (cooks, waiters waitresses, cleaners, etc.) to start his restaurant. Derick needs US$11,000 to acquire additional items such as awnings, tablecloth, fans, etc. With your donations, Derick’s dream will surely come true. Furthermore, a minimum of 13 unemployed youth will now have jobs.

Both Derick and Allen fall under our project – “Stop Youth Poverty” and our concept of “Youth Creating Jobs for Youth”. Please help Allen and Derick achieve their dreams and also give jobs to 17 unemployed youth in Ghana. They need all the support they can get through your benevolence and continuous support. Together, we can make this happen.          

Thank you for all that you have done and the continuing support you will providing from now on. God bless

Derick - Restaurant Start-Up
Derick - Restaurant Start-Up


With the introduction of our Career and Business Facilitation Programmes, our Transitional Internship and Incubation Programmes have reached a new level. This is mainly due to the support we received from our recurrent, old and new donors and we are very grateful.

Our last report requested for support for Larbi, Deborah and Frank. We are happy to announce that we were able to build the capacity of Larbi, Deborah and Frank as well as Isaac, Enoch and Hannah. Furthermore, we were able to place Isaac, Larbi, Hannah and Enoch within record time. This proves that with adequate and timely funding, we can put smiles on the faces on depressed unemployed youth and more importantly, give them sustainable incomes. Unfortunately, we lost our office laptops, mobile phones and iPad to a burglary, so I cannot share any pictures with you this time. We will do so in our next report.

Frank, Isaac and Larbi heard about Totally Youth from a presentation made by the CEO on different radio programme. Hannah learned about us from her neighbour who advised her to contact us for a job, while Enoch was introduced to us by Hannah. Enoch and Hannah live in the Greater Accra Region where Totally Youth is located, Frank is from the Volta Region and Isaac and Larbi are from the Ashanti Region. We therefore had to accommodate Isaac, Larbi and Frank during their capacity building segment. When Isaac and Larbi were placed, we had to transfer them to our Career Facilitation Programme, which allowed them to continue to live on our premises free of any charges. This will enable them earn enough to move out and manage on their own. Hannah lives in, where she works and Enoch is living temporary with some friends.

These are beautiful and heart-warming real-life stories, which can be repeated for the million other vulnerable unemployed youth still out there. It was not easy helping these six unemployed youth and we actually lost Deborah, because she needed more help for her business incubation than we could provide, with our scarce funding. With your support, we can help a lot more young people like her. Frank still lives at Totally Youth and has taken up part-time school to improve his grades. This will make it easier for us to place him, early next year..

You have helped put smiles on the faces and income in the pockets of four young desperate people. Please join us once again to repeat this humanitarian act that produces responsible citizens and reduces poverty and crime. If this is ypur first time reading one of our reports, please join us to put a smile on the face of a needy but worthy youth. With Christmas and New Year just round the corner, you can extend your goodwill and good cheer to at least one deserving unemployed youth. It will be the Best Gift Ever for that young person and you will be glad you did. Please give it a try at THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.

                          MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR

We say a big thank you to all who supported us after our last report. This is because we were able to add Michael to our list of successful participants who are now gainfully employed. Due to your timely support, Michael is now working for one of our big foreign Banks. We are grateful for your generousity. Our recurrent donors have been great with their automatic monthly donations.

We are pleased to inform you that we now have with us Deborah for business incubation and Frank and Larbi for career development. They all started last week and we need your support to make their stay here short and productive. At Totally Youth our success is based on the rate at which we process our participants into sustainable jobs or businesses. The longer a participant stays with us the more it costs and undermines our sustainability. With your timey support, we will be able to give them the neccessary skills and opportunities to become responsible and productive citizens in their commuities.

Deborah is a hardworking young women who has been doing ad hoc trading for years to keep herself in school, eat and pay her bills. She now needs urgent support to earn enough money to pay her university fees. She is now in transitional incubation at Totally Youth, to enhance her business skills and ensure a steady income generation, so she can focus on her education. She has some hairdressing and marketing skills, so Totally Youth is giving her full access to its Beauty Centre to ensure that she concentrates on income generation and not the overheads and inputs for her business. She will be mentored and coached to ensure that she generates enough income to go out and make it on her own and still complete her education. She is a determined but needy young woman who have chosen a responsible path to achieve her life goals. She is willing to create jobs for other needy young people even at this stage of her start-up. She will recruit one Totally Youth participant, to help with her start-up while she is in school. This is in line with our concept of youth creating jobs for youth. Deborah is an orphan.

Frank is currently living a hand-to-mouth existence, which is keeping him in constant depression. He has been unemployed for years, with only a few temporary jobs coming his way. To improve his chances of getting a good steady job, he needs to go back to school. This will require money to pay for his fees, transport, meals, etc.  This means getting a steady job. Frank has joined TY to help him find a job in order to meet his financial obligations and focus on getting his higher education at the University of Ghana, Legon.  He has no where to live in Accra, so Totally Youth is providing him with free accommodtion (free rent, electricity and water) on the premises. Totally Youth will be mentoring and counseling Frank and will build his capacity and give him employable skills. He will go through our transitional internship programme to gain practical office skills including ICT for operations, work ethics and office management. He will be coached in resume and application writing as well as interviewing skills.

Larbi is from a poor, single-mother home. He sleeps under a mosquito net without a bed, under the skies, in an unfinished house. He is a senior high graduate with no work experience, and have been living rough for quite a while in Accra. He found Totally Youth via radio and called for help. He is interested in becoming a security expert and is looking for a job in that area. He eats when he can and has no support from any where, since his mother, who is in his hometown cannot support him in any way. Larbi is now in transitional internship at Totally Youth and will receive all the requisite help under that programme. We have moved him to our free accommodation for safety and to provide him with a nurturing environment to prepare him for the world of work. Our latest alumni - Isaac is lending a helping hand - peer-to-peer support.

All three new participants need help with transport, consumables and meals. With the support we received from a number of benevolent donors, we were able to process Isaac successfully under or transitional interntion programme into a job in record time. We believe that you can extend the same support to Deborah, Larbi and Frank. Youth poverty leads to depression, suicide, drug/alcohol abuse, broken homes, fraud, riots and ather terrible social vices and crime. We need your support to keep unemployed youth including these three off this path.  Any donation made to our project – Stop Youth Poverty, will go a long way to help us support them and other participants to reach their potentials and become gainfully employed and to achieve academic success. US$20.00 a month will cover the requisite allowance for one participants. We currently have 10 new participants under our transitional Internship and Incubation programmes, in addition to the three. Please help us fight youth poverty.

Your generous donations make it feasible for us to meet our Mandate and keep our faith in our Vision. With your support we will be able to send many needy unemployed youth into the world of work and business in the shortest possible time, as responsible and productive citizens. Please support them via

Many of us have been blessed because we are able to put our talents, skills and competencies to good use and we therefore enjoy varying proportions of decent livelihoods. Yes,we earned it but I know that somewhere along the way, we all had a helping helping hand. There are many young women and men who need our "helping hand" to become productive citizens in the Global Village we all now live in. Please lend a helping hand today to needy but committed and consciencious unemployed youth to stop youth poverty.



Recent Alumni Now Working as a Teacher
Recent Alumni Now Working as a Teacher


We are sincerely grateful and appreciative for all the help we have received from our donors to date. We could not have helped Urica, Seth, Alice, Wisdom, etc, without your generous contributions. As an organization we are five years old now and have several of the facilities and amenities we need to run our programmes and projects. Your generous donations made all of this possible and made it feasible for us to meet our Mandate and keep our faith in our Vision. We can therefore say that even though the pace is slow, we are on course with our Mission, thanks to you.

Just as a car needs fuel to run, the allowances to participants for meals and transportation to and from our premises is the fuel that allows us to offer needed support to participants. This is because majority of the beneficiary groups that we serve are poor needy youth, who cannot afford the cost of daily transportation to and from Totally Youth to access all the free support that we have on offer. They are also unable to pay for the daily meals while on the premises. More often than not, we even have to waive the nominal registration fee they need to pay.

Without the support for allowances, we can only help a small number of participants at a time. The situation is so bad that we have had to stop advertising, since so many are not able to meet their transportation and meal costs to take advantage of the support we are offering to them free of charge. These two items are daily recurrent costs that we need urgent support for. We are therefore grateful for all our past donors and we will appreciate their return to support this programme. We are therefore appealing to all our readers and past donors to join our single anonymous donor. We trust that:

  1. Our recurrent donors will continue to support us until we become sustainable
  2. Our current donors will consider becoming recurrent donors for as little as US$10 or any amount of their choice
  3. All our donors will help us attract new recurrent and seasonal donors by sharing the plight of unemployed youth with them and giving them our website address
  4. That anybody reading our reports and project details will consider becoming a recurrent or seasonal donor

The number of graduates produced every year is now around 90,000. With only an estimated 10,000 getting into permanent employment, the situation keeps worsening every year. The figures of the unskilled and uneducated is even more staggering. Youth unemployment has directly led to rapid increases in poverty, depression, homelessness, fraud, rape, unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, drug/alcohol abuse, broken homes, violence, riots, etc, among the youth.

If our project succeeds, based on our concept of “Youth Creating Jobs For Youth”, we can together make a big dent in the unemployment figures. Youth businesses are bound to employ their peers.. Peer recruitments will therefore increase, especially at the community level. This is a formula guaranteed to succeed and you will be part of the success story. We are grateful for your support but we need your urgent support now. THANK YOU.

Stop Youth Poverty


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