Sport clubs for disadvantaged South African kids

by Inspired2Become

Alternative action sports by Chris

I2B Year End Cup 2016
On the 10th and 11th of December Inspired2Become held the annual I2B Year End Cup at the I2B Skatepark in Somerset West!



A lot of hard work went into preparing for this event. Firstly, we had to fix the last part of the bowl that burnt in the beginning of the year.


Another addition to the park was the new quarter pipe we had to build in less than a week's time! With the help of our park supervisor (Godfrey), some local skaters and an old employee of the park (Scott), we managed to finish the ramp at 1am the evening before the event!


Besides fixing up damaged ramps and building new ones, we also gave the park a new paint coat which made it feel as good as new.



We were very thankful to have received amazing sponsored prizes from a variety of companies/individuals. 


Thanks to our sponsors not one youngster had an empty spot in their tummy over the weekend!

On Saturday evening many of the skate club members slept over in the skatepark. They found it somewhat challenging to gather up enough energy for the best trick comp the following day:-)


Congratulations to everyone who competed in the I2B Year End Cup - to those who won and to those who gave it their all. We are extremely proud of each and every one of you!



I2B Year End Skim Jam 2016
On the 3rd of December we had our annual I2B Skim Jam at Camps Bay. We were surprised at the amount of skimboarders who joined the event and it was great getting skimmers from different areas together.


Thank you to eveyone from the USA who supported us with some awesome prizes!


Gayson's Gr. 7 Farewell
One of the I2B Gordons Bay club members, Gayson, recently had his Gr. 7 farewell. During previous skimboarding competitions Gayson and his friends met fellow-skimboarder Cameron. They also laid their eyes upon his racing car and decided months ago to ask him to chauffeur Gayson to his Gr. 7 Farewell. 


And so, myself, Gayson and Cameron (or as the kids like to call him Supersonic) buckled up and enjoyed sharing this special moment together.


HaveHeart 2016
HaveHeart held their annual longboarding competition. Inspired2Become also took a few ramps to the event and held a small skateboarding competition for the local skaters. Congratulations to the HaveHeart team for organizing yet another great event!



Ending off I2B Clubs
We had the last club sessions for the year. Thank you to all the loyal club members for growing and giving your all this year!

I2B Bonteheuwel Club:

I2B Kleinvlei Club:

I2B Cloetesville Club:

I2B Bright Lights Club:

I2B Strand Club:

I2B Somerset West Club:

I2B Strand Skim Club:

I2B Gordons Bay Skim Club:

I2B Surfing

One of the highlights of 2016 was to have Moose van Papendorp form part of the I2B Team!

Moose started his own I2B Surf Club and he is coaching youngsters from Nomzamo and Zola at the Strand Beach once a week.

His heart is really to see children's lives change and to be a father to the fatherless. 

Moose, we are so excited to have you part of the I2B Team and look forward to see what surprises next year will hold!

Athletics for people with disabilities by Fanie

We recently celebrated the Paralympics as well as the Green Point Stadium being named after Wade van Niekerk.

Maties Para Sport Function:

Sharing my story
I had the opportunity of sharing my story with university students as well as with the learners from Melkbos Strand Primary.

I also shared my story at the Stellenbosch Sport Ambassadors function.

Africa Region 5 Games
Congratulations to Sineleto and Recardo on your silver medal at the African region 5 Games!

Ending off the year
I celebrated the end of the year with the different sport clubs and schools.




Educational Therapy by Jami

Therapy at Raithby
I had my last few therapy sessions at Raithby Primary. It was great to see that the children could still remember some of the new concepts they learnt earlier in the year.


Aldorico started therapy in the fourth term and has already shown some good progress. Well done, Aldorico!


Here the grade 2 and 3 learners are celebrating the hard work they put in during the year. I am extremely grateful to have had to privilege of getting to know these amazing children and I look forward to the adventures that await us next year!



Alternative action sports by Chris

New equipment
These four Cloetesville club members were very excited about their new boards and have literally been skating every single day during the school holidays!

Cloetesville new members
We had some new members join our Cloetesville club. As you can see on the photo, the tennis courts are not ideal for skating. We are still waiting on the local municipality to finalize and approve our application for building the new skatepark.

New I2B Cloach
Grant is one of Inspired2Become's first club members and has been part of the team for approximately 5 years. Recently Grant decided to help out with coaching the skaters at the I2B Kleinvlei club. 

Bowl progress
Slowly but surely the bowl is starting to take shape. This is what the progress looks like so far:

Rainy skim days
When the rain interrupts our skimboarding sessions, we opt for the next best thing - coffee! 

Damien's new board
Damien is super stoked about his new skimboard. Thanks to Andrew Greybe from GREYB Skim for the support.


Athletics for people with disabilities by Fanie

Unashamedly Ethical Awards 2016
We had an amazing evening during this event and I feel privileged to have been awarded for making an impact in the community.

Impact All Ability Camp
Some of I2B's athletes and some of The Ark's children (where Thabo Dube is involved) joined the Impact All Ability leadership camp.

Eurotrip 2016 Continue
We are privileged to train and race in Europe for 5 weeks.

Here we are taking an ICE bath!


We had time for a braai at Charl's brother in London - it really felt like home away from home!

We attended the Anniversary Games in the London Paralympic Stadium.


We also celebrated my coach, Suzanne's, birthday. Thank you Suzanne for your selfless love - we appreciate you! 

Enrico March
Enrico is a former I2B athlete and I went to visit him just before we went overseas. It is amazing to see how his life has changed!

Educational Therapy by Jami

Educational material
After hearing about the room at Raithby School that got vandalized, Monique van Staden felt it on her heart to donate some educational material she is not using anymore. Below is just a few of the things she has donated. Thank you so much for your kind heart, Monique, and for also seeing the need of others and of our children.

Therapy continues
At the end of the second term I formally assessed certain identified learners who might have to be placed in other schools. I also continued with therapy as usual.

The children at Raithby are such a lovable bunch.  They are inquisitive and eager to learn - this makes therapy so much easier and so much fun!

Here Ali-Dean and Lee-Roy are catching the beat while singing "In the Jungle"!

I2B and CSA updates

What we've been doing to inspire the youth....

Inspired2Become has a new WEBSITE!

Inspired2Become is very excited to announce that we launched our brand new website! Jolande Jardim from the Cyrus Trust worked very hard in making our website look amazing and we are so grateful for all the hard work that she has put into it. Crab a cup of coffee, some biscuits, find a comfortable seat and go and have a look (!

Alternative action sports by Chris

Inspired2Become on Kyknet
Bibi Slippers from the Kyknet TV series Flits came to do an interview with me regarding Inspired2Become's action sports clubs.

Flits featured this short insert of Inspired2Become on South Africa's Youth Day 2016.

Skate deck for Cloetesville skater
Congratulations Cheslin on getting a new deck!


Bowl progress
We anticipated to have finished the bowl already but due to a lack of time and a busy schedule, we are still in the process of fixing it. This is what it looks like so far:  

It's an I2B Day
A special thank you goes out to Jaden from I2B Somerset West for designing a very cool flyer for our "It's an I2B Day" at the I2B Skatepark in Somerset West. Jaden is a gr. 9 learner and a regular local skater at the park. He is helping with this event as part of a school project.


New members
The I2B skimboarding club in Strand recently had some new members joining the club. These two girls bravely faced the cold and eagerly tried to skimboard for the very first time.

Sandiso and Apelele created an art piece on a skimboard at the club. It is Africa with sun rays behind it.


Athletics for people with disabilities by Fanie

U/20 Springboks
I had the opportunity to share my story with the young Boks at SAS to motivate them before they go to the World Cup!

Grand Prix in Switzerland
Our start for the Grand Prix Series was held in Switzerland. We had some great races with Dyan Buis, Arnu Fourie and Charl du Toit running their personal best. 

Congratulations to Charl du Toit who ran an African record in the 400m and a World Record in the 100m on the same day.

Helderberg Residence Fitness Group
I shared my journey with the Helderberg Residence Fitness Group and afterwards we had a Q and A session.


New athlete
Paul is a double amputee who started training with us. Here he is going for classification:


Educational Therapy by Jami

Making my room "vandalize-proof"
After we renovated the room I use for therapy at Raithby primary, someone broke in over a weekend and vandalized the room. Chris and I then went to put up a door with a lock to keep it from happening again.

Therapy at Raithby
I continued giving therapy to the lovely children at Raithby. I am so inspired by the amount of hard work and passion the teachers show toward their learners.  

What I particularly like about this small farm school, is the way they teach their children to look after animals. This is a picture of Bonzo. Bonzo follows his little owner to school every day and has his spot reserved for him in class! At the end of a very busy school day, Bonzo says goodbye to all the children and teachers and faithfully accompanies his little owner back home. 

Meeting at Sentinel Primary, Hout Bay
I had a meeting with the parents of one of the referred learners in Sentinel Primary. We discussed the therapy home program I started developing for this learner. Her teacher, Elke Wicht from the Hangbrg Educational Trust, and parents will do the program exercises with her at school and at home.  


Thank you for your support and interest!

The Inspired2Become Team

I2B and CSA updates

What we've been doing to inspire the youth....

Alternative action sports by Chris

New skate ramps for I2B Macassar

Last year we built a skate ramp for the I2B Macassar club but unfortunately it was stolen. This year we decided to build them a manual pad and rail to give the club a boost for 2016! It was great to spend some quality time with these ambitious skaters and also to partner with local people like Pastor David Ligwa.

Cloetesville park mini revamp

We have been trying to get permission from the municipality for quite some time to rebuild the I2B Skatepark in Cloetesvile but we are still waiting for the final papers to be approved. Until then the best we can do is to temporarily fix up parts of the tennis courts that are being used for skating.

It was an I2B Day!
During the school holidays we held an "It's an I2B Day" at the I2B Skatepark in Somerset West. Many skaters came to strut their stuff and enjoy a skate session.

Congratulations to Max Ahrens for getting added to the CS team!

Our I2B Skim Day was held on the coldest day of the holiday but this did not stop our skimmers from pulling off some amazing tricks! 

Cape Argus Sport Show
I had the privilege of rollerblading at the Cape Argus Sport Show at Sandringham farm near Stellenbosch. A special thank you to Brent and Melody Tuson for giving me this opportunity and for sponsoring our Kleinvlei skaters with tickets to join in the fun!

Athletics for people with disabilities by Fanie

Nationals 2016
We had an amazing time during Nationals in Bloemfontein. I am thankful for the family that I made throughout the years, all the support I received and to be able to finish my Nationals-career in my home province - where it all started.

Outreaches in Bloemfontein
During my time in Bloemfontein we also connected with the local community. Here we spent some time with younger athletes at the Martie du Plessis school.

We also visited a Rehabilitation Center.

Our time at Nationals was jam packed with a lot of activities... we had great fellowship, served some coffee and shared stories. Thanks to Tori, Julia and Chrissie for taking the lead. Thank you to Marius for sharing your story and also to everyone else who helped.

Visiting my hometown
It was amazing to spend some time with old friends and getting to know some new family member in my hometown, Virginia.

We even had a race for the fun of it!

It was also great to connect and encourage some friends at Repairite.

Educational Therapy by Jami
Therapy at Raithby
I started giving small group therapy after screening some of the learners at Raithby Primary School. I mainly focused on Phono-Graphix Therapy (reading and writing) with the younger grades. I also started giving language therapy to a group of isiXhosa learners who have to follow the curriculum in Afrikaans as Raithby is an Afrikaans medium school. Already I have seen progress during the few sessions I have worked with these amazing children!

Chris and I started revamping the therapy room at Raithby. It was a bigger job than we had initially thought but we are excited to see what the end result is going to look like!



You can join our team in the following ways:

  • Volunteering
  • Donating building material or equipment
  • Financial support monthly or once-off


Thank you for your support and interest!

The Inspired2Become Team

I2B and CSA updates

What we've been doing to inspire the youth....

Alternative action sports by Chris

I2B Cloetesville visited the new CS Paarl skatepark this month.

The new wall-ride at the I2B Skatepark in Somerset West.

The Kimberley Diamond Cup (KDC) 2015- We took a tour group of 6 people to go represent at the World Cup of skateboarding... yes, in Kimberley! This was an awesome group and great skating went down from our guys. Proud!

Thanks to these two awesome guys who we made contact with in Kimberley - Aldin from Langebaan and Sanda from Kuruman in the Northen Cape.

The stadiums were packed with spectators and the skating was amazing.

We even had the opportunity to go see the lions just outside Kimberley.


Trip to Cape Verde Islands. The International Sports Ministry sent me to two islands in Cape Verde to reach out to the action sports communities over there. 

I went to the Island of Santiago to a town called Praia for rollerblading. They have a really good public skatepark there and we ran a best trick contest.

I went to the Island of Boa Vista to a small town called Sal Rei for skimboarding. There are many skimboarders there.

Without really advertising an event lots of the skimboarders pitched up at the beach for a little contest.

I am extremely grateful to Wedson Barbosa and his family for looking after me in Praia and Agostinho Pereira for looking after me in Sal Rei. I hope to see you soon again!



Athletics for people with disabilities by Fanie

Maties Sport Awards- Congratulations to my coach Suzanne Ferreira, with being coach of the year and Ilse Carstens for Sportswoman of the year (with a disability). I received the Sportsman of the year (with a disability) award.


Maties Athletics Club Awards- Myself and Ilse were also Sportsman and Sportswomen at the Athletics Club awards.

IPC World Championships 2015- We are extremely thankful for the experience we had in Doha, Qatar. The team did very well with a 13th place overall.


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