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Send a vulnerable child to school in Malawi


Greetings from Namwera, Malawi

Namwera Aids Coordinating Committee (NACC) is pleased to share with you our invaluable donors and supporters the progress report of “Send a Vulnerable Child to School Project”

Many thanks should go to Global Giving and individual donors for the technical and financial support rendered to the project. We would also like to thank the local leaders, teachers, parents, school management committees and the pupils themselves for the support given to the project. Send a Vulnerable Child to School in Malawi is marvelous because of you. 

In the provision of school fees, the project has supported 11 children (4 girls and 7 boys) from Namwera, Majuni and Masuku High Schools, among them, 3 children are new. Volunteers in collaboration with local leaders, extension workers from Ministry identified, assessed and approved the new beneficiaries using the vulnerability index established by the community. 

In the provision of school uniforms, the project has supported 10 children from Primaries schools and 8 From High Schools. As usual, the uniforms were made by other vulnerable children who were trained in Tailoring by NACC. This empowers child headed households economically and socially. With the earnings they get from the contract of sewing machines, they are able to buy food, beddings, clothes and medication for their siblings and grandparents. 

The project has provided educational counseling and psycho social support to 142 Children and 94 primary caregivers. This component was very vital during the quarter because of the floods that we experienced in Malawi. Children were displaced, houses were washed away, properties were damaged many bridges and roads were impassable, schools and churches turned into camps and shelters for the affected households. During that trying moments psycho social counseling was crucial for the kids and family members who either lost their beloved ones or properties. We are thankful that the situation is normalizing. 

During the quarter, the project mobilized the community to protect the children from adversaries that comes with floods; from abuses that others might take advantage of the floods situation. The damaged school blocks are being renovated to be suitable for learning. Local leaders and the district assemblies are championing and funding for the renovations while the project is sensitizing and mobilizing the communities to actively participate and own the developments.

The Namwera community has decided to provide solar power to Chingwenya Primary school to complement the efforts of teachers and the pupils. The idea came out during the cerebration that NACC organized to recognize the hard working pupils, teachers and the School Management Committee.   

In performance and completion, the project has facilitated the completion of 1 boy and 5 girls in their high schools. The project has also witnessed the increased number of pupils selected to high schools which was not there before the project. Congratulations to these hard working girls and boys.

Simple solution Huge Impact the story of Amina

Amina was a student at Majuni Secondary School (High School). She comes from Mwamadi village, 15 kilometers from her school. The school has no boarding facilities. Therefore, Amina used to walk 30 km daily to and from her school she was always tired and could not concentrate in class. During rain, she could not go to school because the roads were not passable and had no raincoat. She was missing classes and that contributed to her poor performance in class.   

She was brought up by a single parent; a grandmother, who struggled to fend for themselves. The grand mother could not afford school fees and other scholastic materials. No one from her village gone to school and excelled to secondary school level and many people felt graduating from the primary school was enough. “I wanted to marry her off because I could not afford her fees, thank you for coming in with the support” said her grandmother. 

The project used simple human centered design to understand her situation, walked with her and the grandmother to find simple solutions to address the challenges. We empathized; observed, engaged, and immersed.  The project provided education counseling to motivate her and work hard. The biggest issues that she wanted to be addressed first were school fees and long distance to school. 

The project in collaboration with school management committee, the grandmother, the village headman and Child protection Worker from the Ministry of Gender and Community Development identified a simple house where she moved in to stay near her school. The project talked to the landlord; Mrs. Kandulu to provide maximum protection. “This girl is genius she works hard, has good manners and I decided to give her free shelter to support her efforts” said the Landlord. 

The project discussed with her class teacher, to provide with part time sessions to cover the missed sessions. By stay near the school she could no longer miss classes. Had more time and energy for home work and reading. Amina completely changed she started doing well in class. Come final Malawi School Certificate Examination which is equivalent to O level, she has done pretty well with 17 points. Indeed she is a College material. 

“I want to be a medical doctor, I want to give back to the community for what they have done to me.” 

We would like to thank you our donors for your generosity and the kind heart and the global giving for the financial and technical support. Amina will not be the same she has hope for the great future. 

Simple solutions huge impact


Dear Friends and Colleagues

Warm and Tender Greetings from Namwera, Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa

Namwera Aids Coordinating Committee (NACC) is pleased to share with you, our donors, supporters and the Global Giving, the third quarterly report of Send a Vulnerable Child to School in Malawi Project.

NACC would like to express her profound gratitude to Global Giving for the timely technical and financial support given to NACC; we would also like to thank you, our valued donors for your financial and moral support. Your kindness and generosity is bringing pride, smile and hope to the underprivileged children.

Send a Vulnerable Child to School in Malawi Project continues to amaze people in the rural and underserved areas of Namwera, Malawi.

In improving access to education, the project has paid school fees for 8 new pupils at Majuni Secondary school during the quarter. The pupils were missing classes to do casual labour/piece work in order to get school fees, scholastic materials and school uniform as a result, school attendance and performance were very poor. Community volunteers and teachers in collaboration with the village heads referred the children to the project, the district social welfare office conducted verification exercise to establish the vulnerability of the children.

In promoting good performance and completion, the project is providing education counselling to the pupils and their primary caregivers, conducting focus group discussions to identify and address challenges related to school enrolment, attendance, performance and completion in all the twenty Community Day Secondary Schools in the rural and underserved areas of Mangochi.

The project is also identifying slow learners and special arrangement are been made to help the children who are having learning difficulties by conducting afternoon classes. This is contributing to hard working and good performance for example; 95% of the pupils from Masuku, Majuni, Namwera and Mdinde Secondary schools under the project, who wrote Junior Certificate of Education (JCE), have passed, exceeding national pass rate.

In community sensitization and mobilization to address barriers that prevent access to education, the project conducted interface meetings between the school pupils, primary caregivers, local leaders and education authorities to identify and address barriers to education. One of the resolutions coming from the interface meetings was to establish bye laws that would prevent school dropout and increase school enrolment.

We are excited to learn that the project is empowering the community leaders and the pupils to lead in the activities that are improving access to education.

“Am coming from a poor family, am staying with my grandmother, when I got selected from my primary school to Masuku Secondary school, I received the message with mixed reactions; I knew that my grandmother would not afford to pay school fees and therefore that would be the end of my school life, on the other hand I was happy because that was the sign of progress, a step towards my brighter future, many thanks to the Global Giving and every individual donor who has contributed for my cause” Said Bertha a school girl at Masuku Secondary School who got selection to further her studies at Masuku Secondary school but her grandmother could not afford.    

Simple approaches, huge impact

Practical experience from Chingwenya Primary School that has managed to send 34 pupils to national and district secondary schools for the first time in history


NACC, Pupils, teachers and Parents are pleased to share with you the tremendous achievement of the 2014 Primary School Leaving Certificate Examinations.

Chingwenya Primary School is situated in the rural and underserved area of Namwera, Mangochi, Malawi. It was established in 1912 by the Anglican Missionaries. It has three school blocks of two classes each. Enrolment of 1065 pupils (527boys/538girls) against 9 teachers (teacher pupil ratio is 1:118.3) and half of the pupils are learning under trees, it has no chairs, no electricity, and no piped water.

School enrolment and attendance, performance and completion were very poor. NACC in collaboration with school management committee, Parents and Teachers Association conducted an assessment to identify the key factors that influence poor enrolment, attendance performance and completion. NACC communicated the results to community and education authorities.

Special meeting was conducted to identify the means to address the challenges. As resolutions, the community agreed to start afternoon and evening classes for Grade 8 pupils. Communities contributed food for lunch and evening meals. Pupils with learning difficulties were identified and assisted accordingly. Parents were asked to buy simple torches to be used at night.

As a result the pass rate has improved from 40% in 2012 to 95% in 2013 Primary School Leaving Certificate Exams and it is the best performer in the year 2014

We would like to express our profound gratitude to the teachers, pupils and parents for the job well done, despite inadequate resources like teaching and learning materials, classrooms and only few teachers, you have done it.

The Project only initiated the ideas and provided guidance but the job was done by you our hard working and dedicated teachers.

We are planning to cerebrate and recognize teachers and pupils in a special way at NACC hall on 15th December 2014 during the School holiday.



Setting the Bar High

Mdinde, Namwera, Majuni, Chilipa, Mpondasi and Masuku Secondary Schools have improved the pass rate of Junior Certificate of Education from below 50% to 98% for the first time since their establishment surpassing national pass rate which is around 51%


Situation before the project

High school drop out

Poor school enrolment, attendance, performance and completion

Lack of interest by both pupils and the primary caregivers

Inadequate learning and teaching materials

Unfavorable learning environment


Strategies used

Sharing the assessment results

Conducting one on one and/ or small group discussions on importance of education targeting school pupils, guardians, teachers, school management committees and education authorities

Provision of school fees and scholastic materials

Initiated afternoon and evening classes



Improved school enrolment, attendance, performance and completion

Reduced school dropout

Improve school transitioning from primary to secondary


Indeed simple strategies but huge impact.



Once again, Namwera Aids Coordinating Committee (NACC) would like to thank you our donors, for the donation that you are making towards “Send a Vulnerable Child to School in Malawi”

The donation is not only improving access to education for the vulnerable children in the rural and underserved areas of Malawi; but it is also breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.


I hope you will enjoy reading this report.


Saeed Wame

Executive Director


Maganizo with her grandmother
Maganizo with her grandmother

Dear Colleagues,
Greetings from Namwera, Malawi
Namwera Aids Coordinating Committee (NACC) would like to share with you, our valued donors; the second progress report for “Send a Vulnerable child to school in Malawi” project.

NACC would like to express her profound gratitude to the Global Giving for the technical and financial support rendered to NACC; we would also like to thank individual donors for their financial support.
Send a vulnerable child to school in Malawi Project is not only improving access to education to vulnerable children in the rural and underserved areas of Mangochi, Malawi, but also building confidence and hope to the abused children. During the quarter, the project has supported 14 (9girls/5boys) new children with school uniform and writing materials. School uniform is an issue in rural and underserved areas, schools does not allow pupils to attend classes without school uniform, it is a compulsory. They do this to minimise stigma and discrimination among the children yet limiting access to education to the underprivileged.

Success story

Ester is a 10 year old girl of Kaloka village. She is studying a Primary school in her village and she is in standard 4.
Ester has been one of the girls who had difficulties in accessing primary school education, her mother is poor, she could not afford to buy school uniform and school development fund as a result she was not allowed to attend classes. Secondly, Ester was been mocked and ridiculed by her classmate and teachers because of her skin colour. Her mother and relatives were not comfortable with her; they discouraged her to go to school because they thought that she was bringing shame to the family. The project counselled Ester and her parents on the importance of education and also address psychological related problems. She is now happy and attends classes regularly.

From left are Mphatso, Maganizo, Tuweni and Sophret.
Because of your support, these girls are completing their Secondary school level at Majuni and Namwera Community High School. They are currently sitting for Malawi School Certificate of Education. It was not easy but because of your support they have made it.

The above pictures are showing Maganizo with her grandmother, then her daughter and herself.
Maganizo lost her both parents when she was at school. As usual, she took over her parent’s role of taking care of herself, her three siblings and her grandmother. Life became very hard for her; she could do casual labour to support her family while attending school. Eventually, she could not afford to get the basic needs for the family and school fees and was chased away. In the process, she got pregnancy and her place at the high school was declared vacant. After delivery Maganizo wanted to go back to school but the only stumbling block was lack of school fees and scholastic materials. We are grateful to report that your support has ignited her dreams, now she has a hope and is completing her Secondary school level at Namwera High School (Secondary School).
“Life is full of challenges, ups and downs, I loved my mother and my father, and they provided me everything. When I lost my parents it meant a lot to me. I lost my childhood, my basic rights that included education, food and nutrition, health care and many more. I thank all the people who have contributed to my cause. Now I can for see my bright future” Said Maganizo.

Send a vulnerable child to school in Malawi Project would like to express her profound gratitude to Global Giving for the technical support and to all the donors who are donating for the cause. Your money is changing the lives of the underprivileged in the rural and underserved areas in Malawi.
It is our hope that you will continue supporting these children to realise their dreams.

Saeed Wame
NACC - Executive Director

Maganizo at school
Maganizo at school
Maganizo with her daughter
Maganizo with her daughter
Ester is a 10 year old girl of Kaloka vge
Ester is a 10 year old girl of Kaloka vge


Dear Friends,

Warm and tender greetings from Namwera, Malawi, the warm heart of Africa

Namwera Aids Coordinating Committee (NACC) would like to express her profound gratitude to the Global Giving and its donors for the wonderful support rendered to “Send a vulnerable child to school in Malawi” Project.


In the rural and underserved communities where literacy rate is 47% education should be given priority because it is not a privilege, it is a basic human right. Many thanks should go to all individuals who donated to this project. Your donation has supported 48(21girls and 27boys) from 5 high schools namely Namwera, Masuku, Mdinde, Majuni and Chowe with school fees and uniform and also 25 (14girls and 11boys) children from Primary schools with school uniform and writing materials.

NACC in collaboration with community leaders, head teachers, volunteers and Representatives from the Ministry of Gender, Children and Community Development identified the children who benefited from this project. This exercise was done in collaboration with other stakeholders to promote transparency and accountability. The children were selected using vulnerability index developed by the community. Only the most vulnerable children were selected, they either lost one or both parents, coming from child headed household, woman headed household, old aged headed household or disabled headed household, chronically or terminally ill or poor parent who cannot manage to meet the basic needs of children like food, education and health care.

Other achievement

Apart from improving access to education for 73 vulnerable children, the project gave contract of supplying school uniform to 3 (2girls and 1boy)Child headed household leaders who are caring for their siblings, they all lost their parents due to Aids and are playing the parents role. There are 11 children from these three households. These Primary caregivers were trained in tailoring and were given tools and start up materials by the previous project. “I thank NACC, the Global Giving and its donors for the gesture, you empowered me economically, Am happy because I was able to provide my siblings three meals a day even during the months of January and February for the first time after losing my parents” said Patuma James from Chiwina Village.


NACC will be updating you every three on the progress, challenges and lessons learnt.


Once again on behalf of the Namwera Community I thank you for the timely financial and technical support you provide to the “Send a Vulnerable child to School in Malawi” Together we can create enabling environment where a child can grow and learn. It can start with me and you.


Yours faithfully


Saeed Wame

Executive Director


School fees beneficiary Picture 2
School fees beneficiary Picture 2
School uniform beneficiary Picture 1
School uniform beneficiary Picture 1


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Location: Namwera, Southern - Malawi
Project Leader:
Saeed Wame
Mangochi, Southern Malawi

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