Train 300 destitute Kenyan girls for self-reliance

by Vision Africa
Business partners Anne, Monicah,Shakira and Hannah
Business partners Anne, Monicah,Shakira and Hannah

Fridah was among the first graduates in Home Care Management at Nairobi Seed of Hope. When she recently came to visit our offices, we couldn’t believe the transformation. Instead of the student we were used to seeing, in walked a confident young lady proudly telling us about the work she is now doing at a large restaurant. She is independent and able to provide for herself and family who are in the village. This is exactly what we want for every graduate of Seed of Hope.

Sitting beside Fridah at a recent meeting of Seed of Hope alumni were three young ladies Monica, Anne and Hanna who graduated from the same course just last year. Although one of the girls named Shakira was not among them during the alumni meeting, each of the girls shared that they are working, building up their experience before they start a business together. Through one of our supporters, they have been bought an oven as part of our Roots programme to help them set up their own business. Their training in enterprise skills has helped them to prepare their business plan and they are ready to put all their training in to practice!

Irene is a second year student in the Fabric and Fashion Design Course. She touched the hearts of a group of American visitors recently when she told them that before starting at Seed of Hope “I felt useless because people discriminated against me because of my low level of education.” Irene went on to explain how the life skills she has learned at Seed of Hope have really boosted her self-esteem and made her value herself. This is so important because as a young mother of two, Irene is a role model to her children and can use the life skills she has learned to ensure they grow up as confident individuals. That’s the great thing about Seed of Hope – it doesn’t just impact the students who are enrolled at the centres. There are ripple effects that ensure many more lives are touched.

Irene is one of a group of students using the August holiday period to work on her final project for Seed of Hope – designing and producing one outfit for a model and one outfit for herself. These will be on show at the graduation at the end of the final term. Irene then hopes to go on an industrial attachment for three months before setting up her own business. And what is great is that with the vocational, enterprise and life skills training that she has received at Seed of Hope, Irene believes that this will happen. She has confidence that she can make it happen!

Irene, Fridah and the group of Homecare students would not have been able to study and transform their lives without the help we receive through Global Giving. Every donation received contributes to the success of Seed of Hope and ensures the programme continues to run and to give girls Dignity, Opportunity and Hope.

Thank you for being part of the team making a difference to the lives of young girls in Kenya.

Irene designing her Graduation Gown
Irene designing her Graduation Gown

Giving can be done in many ways.

Although we are extremely grateful for all the financial donations we receive, there are other ways in which people can support our work. Recently, a film-maker in Nairobi offered to make a professional promo video for our organisation, Vision Africa, at no cost. This is an extremely valuable resource and we are so excited that he has now offered to make another video focussing on our Seed of Hope programme.

In the meantime, we couldn't wait until next quarter to share this footage he shot which shows how Seed of Hope has transformed Naomi's life.

Please take two minutes to check out her story

By supporting Seed of Hope through GlobalGiving you have given hundreds more girls like Naomi a chance to transform their lives and break the cycle of poverty for their family.

On behalf of each and every one of those girls...THANK YOU!

We are making good progress in fundraising for this year's budget to continue training the girls who are currently enrolled however we still have some way to go to reach our target. If you are touched by the impact that Seed of Hope has made on Naomi's life, please consider making a donation via GlobalGiving on Wednesday June 15th when all donations to this project will be matched with 50% while bonus funds last.

Beautiful Girls From Kitui
Beautiful Girls From Kitui

Seed of Hope Centre will soon be counted as one of the best vocational institutions in Kenya. This can be attributed by the quality of courses being offered, resources available and the increased number of girls being enrolled each year to undertake different training courses across the four centres. In 2016 the number of girls who enrolled in various courses has increased from 191 in 2015 to 236. Previously there have been challenges within our communities in giving girls equal opportunities in education but the Seed of Hope community outreach has resulted in parents now determined to release their girls to our centres to acquire skills as they are now aware about the programs and the positive impact it has brought in their community.

Seed of Hope has continued to empower the young girls through its program by giving them hope, dignity and the opportunity to have a better life in future. There are positive impacts that have been seen throughout the years from the time that Seed of Hope centres were established and the courses being offered have benefited many who came in with only the primary school certificate but after going through the training, they not only graduate with a certificateheir course of study but they learn other skills such as business enterprise, life skills. The establishment of empowerment clubs has enabled the girls to develop their confidence and equips them with knowledge that will ensure they have equal opportunity in all aspects of life. Through mentorship, the girls are taught to stand for what is right and to believe in themselves so that they can face any challenges that come their way as they complete their courses and either start their business or join the job market.

Vision Africa has adopted the Sustainable Development Goals and has not only integrated these goals to fit in its vision 'to give a child a future' but ensured that Seed of Hope centres work towards achieving these goals so that the girls who join their program are empowered to participate at all level of decision making in political, economic and social life. There are several ways through which the girls are being empowered. One is through the Amuka Program which is two week program that is  designed to help the newly enrolled students develop self-awareness, build their self-confidence and helps them to explore their purpose whilst developing core values.  There is also the Empowerment club sessions where by the girls learnifferent topic each month from different facilitators but also meet some of the successful young entrepreneurs who become their mentors. In the month of February, a group of actors from a local comedy aired in one of Kenya's TV stations visited the Nairobi Seed of Hope. They spoke to the girls about nurturing of talents and how they can combine both the skills they have acquired from Seed of Hope and the special talents they have to earn a living and become independent. The girls were also encouraged to invest in profitable business by making sure that their business plans attract any investors but also enables them to benefit from the National Youth Fund that is being offered to young entrepreneurs.

 Last but not the least, the girls had the opportunity to engage in beneficiary participation training whereby they learned about their role as beneficiaries in making decisions, contributions, giving ideas of how to improve the project. Many of them shared their sentiments after the training. Eunice a first year Student in Hair Dressing and beauty in Seed of Hope Kitui had this to say after the training “I have always wanted to share some ideas of how to make our course more interesting but I never had the courage to tell the teacher because I was not sure she will agree but today I have learned that it is importance for me to contribute in this project because the decisions that are made to improve the project that affect both me and my fellow students.”

Everline a Second year student from Nairobi had this to say “This training would not have come at a better time than this. I have always thought that it is only the teachers who are supposed make decisions regarding the courses being offered, feeding program and other activities that take place here at Seed of Hope. I am glad to know that my voice too can be heard if I share my concern with the Administration at Seed of Hope”

Apart from the beneficiary participation training, the girls formed a beneficiary council called Vision Africa Young Leaders Council. This council acts as representative body through which the girls in all the four centres become involved in the affairs of the project, working in partnership with management board and staff for the benefit of all parties involved within Seed of Hope. The Council also helps to share beneficiaries’ ideas, interests, and concerns with the administration as well as Vision Africa team. We are looking forward to more engagement with the girls as their opinion counts regarding the improvement and development of Seed of Hope.

The girls took their participation a notch higher as they played an important role during the fundraising campaign called ‘Haba na Haba’ in support of quality education and training for all children and youth who are supported through Vision Africa. The campaign is ongoing and each Seed of Hope Centre is carrying out its fundraising events to achieve their set targets. 

We believe that these girls have the potential to become independent and have a brighter future. They also have potential to raise the living standards of their families and create positive impact wherever they go. We believe that through their participation in project activities, Seed of Hope will continue to grow from strength to strength and reach out to many young girls who have equal opportunity to improve their lives through quality education and training. We thank everyone who has continued to support the work at Seed of Hope because it is through your generous giving that this program had significant impacthe lives of many girls who were once hopeless.  

Neddy a first year student from Seed of Hope Kisii had this to say to: “I thank everyone who has been supporting this program because Seed of Hope has helped me to realize the real potential in me and I can make a difference from the life I lived yesterday. I now realize that the skills I have acquired is a gift in my hand which will bring the Impact of Seed of Hope in my community”

Teacher Jane giving instructions to Wahu
Teacher Jane giving instructions to Wahu
Learning Through Practical Experience
Learning Through Practical Experience
Nancy a first year student at work
Nancy a first year student at work
Nairobi Graduates with Teacher
Nairobi Graduates with Teacher

Seed of Hope has gone from strength to strength in 2015.

This year saw 137 girls graduate in 3 vocational skills across the 4 Seed of Hope centres.

  • 21 students graduated in Home Care Management (catering, hospitality, childcare, managing a home, laundry etc)
  • 46 students graduated in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy
  • 57 students graduated in Dressmaking and Fashion Design

The Home Care Management and Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy courses are one year and the Dressmaking takes two years to complete. All of these are complemented with lessons in lifeskills and enterprise skills so that graduates are equipped to pursue employment or self-employment.

In 2015, the introduction of an "Amuka" (rise up) programme and Empowerment Clubs worked on developing the confidence of students and equipping them with knowledge in areas such as rights and justice, healthy relationships and financial planning. All of this helps build well-rounded individuals who are capable of living independently and finding their way in the world. At the graduation ceremony in Nairobi, both graduating student Florence and first year Beverlyne spoke passionately about how these two programmes had helped them get even more out of their time at Seed of Hope because they had confidence and self-belief that they deserved to improve their lives.

In Kitui Seed of Hope, it was a former graduate who had everyone hanging on her words. During the graduation ceremony, a call was given for any former pupils of the school to stand up and give a word of encouragement. A couple of young ladies in the crowd stood up and wished the graduating students good luck. Then…much to our surprise, the lady sitting beside the pastor at the top table stood up. She introduced herself as Emily, a former student of the school. She then gave a motivational speech which was referred to by those who spoke after her. She encouraged the young girls not to rush into marriage when they graduated and to tell anyone interested in them that they should just wait. She advised that hard work is needed in order to succeed but that success is possible. Her husband then proudly stood beside her and said “She is my wife. Every morning when we take bread we give thanks for Seed of Hope because what we are eating is because of what was imparted in her here.” This was a great example of how graduates of Seed of Hope can go on to provide for their families.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Seed of Hope in 2015 and helped ensure that lives have been changed.

We wish you all a prosperous New Year.

Kitui Hair and Beauty Demo
Kitui Hair and Beauty Demo

Seed of Hope had an eventful term where by students were involved in various activities with the aim of making their learning interesting. We all know that being confined in classroom throughout the term is not an easy task, therefore the Seed of Hope administration came up with activities to allow their students nurture their skills creatively through learning from other professionals. For Nairobi Seed of Hope’s Fashion Design students, there was an opportunity to leave the classroom and be immersed in the world of Fashion Design for a day.

The tour was an eye opener for students as they got to learn from people who have succeeded in the competitive world of fashion industry. Their first stop was at a shopping mall where they visited several shops to look at how clothes are displayed, variety of designs from wedding gowns to high street fashion, different types of crafted materials and products.

Their next stop was at two work stations that is Kiko Romeo and Kache collection who are among the Kenya's top designers and are running successful business . The Managing directors of these businesses took time to share their journey in fashion industry and the students could not hide their joy when they interacted with employees and heard of their experiences.

Teresiah a first year said “I met a former student who had graduated from Seed of Hope and now working at Kache collections. She made me realize that I am in the right place and doing the right course. The madam told us that we need to believe in ourselves and everything that we do in this life in order to become successful and that everything is possible if we do our best.”

They made a final stop at Joy Vision fashions a business established by Rosebella who is a Seed of Hope graduate. Rosebella has be instrumental in mentoring the first year students at Seed of Hope as well as allowing graduate students to join her business during attachment. There was great excitement among the students when they came back and shared their tour adventure with the rest of the girls.

Lilian is a second year student and had this to say “I learned a lot about business marketing, key resources and customer relationship as some of the important elements of a successful business . I was inspired by Rosebella when she told us that in order to succeed in business, one needs to have interest in their work, satisfy your clients and be strong when faced with challenges”.

Apart from the fashion day tour, other highlights that made the term successful were:

  • The"Amuka" programme was run for second year students at the Nairobi centre after the success of the pilot programme for first year students .
  • A team of teachers from a School in Scotland ran a "Step Up Skills Camp" for forty students from all Seed of Hope centres. Workshops were held on practical skills such as embroidery, felting and printing as well as personal development sessions to build self-esteem and develop marketing skills
  • The same teachers also held a workshop for all Seed of Hope staff to train them on various styles of teaching.
  • Second year students in Fashion Design have sat their Grade 2 NITA (National Industrial Training Authority) exams.
  • 15 new laptops have been delivered to Seed of Hope Centre in Kitui for new courses in Computer Packages and Business Administration.
  • A new workshop has been completed at the centre in Kisii which will house the course in welding and metalwork.
  • Students preparing to graduate have begun working on their business plans. Some have even had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to potential investors.

We spoke to few girls on the impact of being at Seed of Home and they shared their journey.

Beverlyne shares her journey so far...

"My name is Beverlyne. I am a first year student taking fashion fabric design. Before I came to Seed of Hope I used to work as a house girl. My life was a frustrating one because of mistreatment I received from some of my employers. I never knew what happiness was.
I thank God for the opportunity to join Seed of Hope. It has given me reason to live again. The opportunity I had lost in life I have received it at Seed of Hope. Seed of Hope has impacted in me skills and knowledge that will help me reach my dreams.

Through Seed of Hope, I was able to attend the Step Up Skills Camp that gave me a lot of experience in the area of business, marketing and also the area of craft and new techniques that will improve my working skills.
My level of confidence, courage and self-esteem have grown to a high level because of the generosity of teachers who sacrifice their time to mentor and impact knowledge in us.
May God bless Vision Africa and Seed of Hope and all the sponsors, for they have transformed my life through the skills and knowledge I have acquired.”

Caroline also shared her journey as she prepares to graduate.
“I am Caroline a second year student at Seed of Hope. I never knew about Seed of Hope until the day my uncle came to the village. He told my parents and some of our neighbors about Seed of Hope and they all agreed that since we were idle after completing primary education, we should enroll in this program to acquire knowledge and skills. My uncle brought me and 5 other girls from the village to join Seed of Hope in Nairobi. He rented a house for us and our parent would have to send monthly support to enable us meet our basic needs.

Since I joined Seed of Hope, I have gained skills in my course of study, my self esteem have increased and I have become courageous. In my first year, I sat for grade 3 exams and passed well and this year, I did grade 2 exams which l hope to get good results. I can't wait to graduate in December and go for attachment since I want to also sit for grade 1 exams in order to pursue my dream career as a fashion design teacher.

My future plan is to establish a successful business before I advance in fashion design course at the university in order to be the best teacher and designer. I look forward to the time when I will be able to give back to the community by imparting the same skills that I received from Seed of Hope to other girls who are disadvantage and had lost hope to have a better life. I know I will become a better person, independent and successful.
I thank Seed of Hope for the many opportunities they have given me. May God continue to bless the good work in transforming lives of young girls like me”

Seed of Hope would not exist without the support received through your generous giving . On behalf of Teresiah, Lilian, Beverlyne, Caroline and the 303 other students we thank you for planting a seed and giving them the opportunity to improve their lives and that of their families.
Thank you all for your ongoing support of our

Caroline and Lilian in Machine Room
Caroline and Lilian in Machine Room
Rosebella and students during the tour.
Rosebella and students during the tour.

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