Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest

by Rainforest Rescue
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Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest
Buy Back and Protect Forever Endangered Rainforest

Dear Rescuers,

Just to let you know, we've made our biggest leap of faith a reality ... our largest single appeal-driven rescue of intact Daintree habitat was a success!

Lot 41 Cape Tribulation Rd is now safe and part of our Protection Portfolio, and has effectively DOUBLED the size of the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor. This is history in the making, both in the significant capital involved, and how this biodiversity rich property is a major addition to the nature corridor and overall environmental protection in the Daintree.

Now it is protected forever.

It is awe-inspiring to think about how individuals like you made this possible, and I feel encouraged when I see the number of people from around the world that have gotten involved to support this campaign. That support, from $5 to $100,000, doubled the size of our Cape Kimberly Wildlife Corridor, and takes us another step towards protecting the unprotected Daintree Rainforest.

This is significant. This is good news. This makes for a greener, cooler future.

Ensuring biodiversity conservation through the expansion of this protected wildlife corridor, watershed protection and the preservation of the scenic beauty of the Daintree for people to appreciate and connect with forever is what we do. It is a global treasure, and for the local Yalanji people, it is a sacred place of living, learning, healing and the foundation of a meaningful life.

We continue to create long-term, positive conservation outcomes in the Daintree. We find innovative ways to ensure nature is protected forever. We are now growing more genetically diverse rainforest trees in the Daintree than ever before.

We are able to do this because of the support we receive from people like you, who really care about Nature and about rainforests, and all the creatures and forms therein.

Standing with us to Protect Rainforests Forever makes you a part of this win – a part of this legacy for future generations.

From all of us at Rainforest Rescue ... thank you!

With gratitude, for the rainforests,
Branden and the whole team at Rainforest Rescue

Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor
Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor
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CEO Branden Barber & Board Chair Madeleine Faught
CEO Branden Barber & Board Chair Madeleine Faught

When Rainforest Rescue commits to Forever Protection, we mean it. And protecting Daintree Habitat is the best thing we can do! Creating a nature refuge is the highest level of protection afforded under the laws of Australia. Imagine the significance of creating a windfall of 11 nature refuges with the stroke of a pen (or two)!



Of course, putting aside land for nature is nothing new. The first national park was in Mongolia in 1778. Yellowstone in the US and Banff in Canada were created over a century later.

In the decades since, prominent ecologists and scientists around the world, including biologist E.O. Wilson, have stated “the earth needs half” … suggesting that nature must have priority of at least 50 percent of every eco-system in the world. This is based on what these forests create – free of charge – fresh air to breathe, great beauty, biodiversity, and the capacity within Nature to regenerate all our natural systems. We approve.

Today the rights of nature are advancing rapidly across the world, with countries such as Bhutan, Brazil, Costa Rica, Belize, New Zealand, Ecuador, Spain, France, Germany, Austria and Norway having designated enormous tracts of land as nature refuges and wildlife sanctuaries.



In Australia, for the last 23 years, Rainforest Rescue has been working to boost the percentage of land protected with the creation of 20 nature refuges across 40 properties. We accomplished this through agreements with the Minister for the Environment to conserve the significant natural and cultural values of privately managed land.

This is one of the strongest ways a landholder can demonstrate a commitment to environmental stewardship and to ensure that their good land management practices are continued into the future, even if the property changes hands.

The journey has been long and difficult, with departmental capacities and ‘red tape’ getting in the way … providers changing … it’s been more than a demanding process. But this year we are celebrating a windfall of protections!

In early December, Rainforest Rescue added 11 nature refuges to our portfolio of rescued properties with the stroke of a pen. CEO Branden Barber and Board Chair Madeleine Faught, met to put pen to paper and make it official.



All of these refuges will be part of the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor and will increase the size of the Milky Pine Refuge, now comprising 14 properties that are all “bulletproof” protected as nature refuges. These are self-perpetuating ecosystems working collaboratively … from under the ground with the mycorrhizal fungal networks, through the leaf litter and ground level, through to the various heights of the different species … ultimately all through the ecosystem up to its closed canopy.

For landholders and those that have invested significantly in their natural capital and sustainable land management practices, a nature refuge offers a powerful living legacy as a testament to their commitment and investment.

For Rainforest Rescue, it is essential, and it’s always been our promise to you.

Creating a nature refuge is key to our ability to deliver on our promise, that protected purchased properties are protected forever. Each nature refuge is an opportunity to demonstrate the path towards re-establishing a healthy, sustainable relationship between humans and the eco-systems of which we are a part. We are, each of us, the guardians of these remarkable rainforests—the more we are educated about the intrinsic values of rainforest, the more we will understand ‘why’ it is so important to protect them, for ourselves, and for generations to come …

For the rainforests.

Lot 41 Cape Tribulation Road, credit John Benfer
Lot 41 Cape Tribulation Road, credit John Benfer
Cape Kimberley properties - nature refuges
Cape Kimberley properties - nature refuges
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Rainforest Rescue & friends at the Mossman Gorge
Rainforest Rescue & friends at the Mossman Gorge


The last financial year has been ‘interesting’ to say the least, with the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastating, catastrophic weather events around the country.

The Rainforest Rescue headquarters in Mullumbimby was also affected by the floods. We’d been contemplating downsizing for a little while, so, after much consideration rather than waiting for repairs, we made the decision to relocate to a smaller, more suitable space. As a result, we now find ourselves nestled amongst the vibrant community of Habitat in Byron Bay.

Despite all the challenges we’ve faced, with your support, we’ve doubled down on our resolve to rescue and restore the Daintree Rainforest, and propagate for a greener and more vibrant future for us all.

Here are just some of the things we’ve achieved together ... 



Because of you – and the many people like you who care as much for nature – Rainforest Rescue is in great shape. We’ve been able to increase the amount of protected Daintree rainforest habitat by 98,800m² this last financial year, rescuing:

  • Lot 36 Cape Tribulation Road in November
  • Lot 19 Forest Close in January
  • Lot 36 Ronald Road in May

What makes both Cape Tribulation and Ronald Road properties extra special is that we were able to purchase these without directly asking for your support. This was made possible due to a number of people and groups contributing extra funds towards buy-back. We call this our Rescue Fund – and that’s what it’s for.

Together we are protecting some of the most unique ecologies on the planet. Now, thanks to you, we have 40 protected properties so far – with more to come!



Our Annual Tree Planting was held in April at NightWings Rainforest Centre – a once decimated sugar cane field in the Daintree lowland, on Kuku Yalanji Country – and what a planting it was!

137 Rescuers from all walks of life came together to grow the Daintree and fight the effects of climate change … in record time we put over 2,500 young trees in the ground—85 different rainforest species in total!

We also saw the start of restoration at Tranquility—situated at the top end of Douglas Creek in Upper Daintree, this whole property could see up to 300 acres restored, and Rainforest Rescue has been asked to get it started, setting the pace and tone for what we intend will be a wonderful restoration effort.

We’re trialling monthly community plantings and so far we’ve had 3 planting days at Tranquility (NovemberJuly and most recently in August).


In 2020, Rainforest Rescue commenced plans to build the most productive nursery in the Daintree region. This year, with your support, it became a reality, as the project received approval from council and building commenced.

Finally, as the financial year drew to a natural close – with your incredible support – we now have the funds to purchase the equipment and consumables to scale up the new nursery for its first year of operations.

The new nursery will ultimately produce 150,000 trees per year, providing for the replanting of almost 200,000m² of rainforest habitat every year!

We simply couldn’t do what we do, without you.



Lot 36 Ronald Road, image credit Martin Stringer
Lot 36 Ronald Road, image credit Martin Stringer
2022 Tree Planting, image Silvia Di Domenicanton
2022 Tree Planting, image Silvia Di Domenicanton
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Lot 18_credit Martin Stringer
Lot 18_credit Martin Stringer

At Rainforest Rescue we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to protecting and restoring rainforests. Our cornerstone activity - which makes us stand out from many environmental organisations - is our buy-back program, through which over 150 hectares of Australian rainforest (mostly zoned for development) has been purchased for preservation.

In this last year alone, with your help we’ve rescued 42 acres of pristine rainforest habitat! And thanks to our very positive working relationship with Queensland Trust for Nature, we helped rescue a remarkable block that is almost 1,000 acres, right at the entrance to the Daintree.

We are currently negotiating yet another rescue which will make it a total of 40 properties rescued since 1999 … we can’t wait to tell you more once the purchase has been approved.

Helping to Miigate Climate Change

Responding to the latest IPCC report, the team at The Daily Aus - sponsored by the Australian Conservation Foundation - visited the Daintree to experience our work first hand and understand the vital role it plays in helping mitigate climate change. Rainforest Rescue Land Manager, Justin McMahon, was among one of the people interviewed … check out The Daily Aus’s video report on our work in the Daintree to find out more.

Visiting Lot 18

Recently, the Rainforest Rescue team, took some time to visit Lot 18 Cape Kimberlery—a recent buy-back property and Nature Reserve. At almost 9 hectares, this property exemplifies established, mature rainforest. It’s rich and vibrant habitat, consisting of mature Spur Mahogany and Mossman Mahogany, as well as several Silky Oak species (to name but a few), provides habitat that supports our beloved and endangered Cassowaries, the wonderful Bennett’s tree kangaroos, tiny jumping spiders, and large-shelled snails.

Among the team at Lot 18 was Madeleine Faught, Rainforest Rescue’s Chair. In her own words Madeleine describes the experience:

"We travelled a canopy shaded meandering dirt road several kilometres to our destination – Lot 18. Hiking uphill into this old growth rainforest property, we stopped, stood quietly, perfectly still. All eight of us. Our surroundings also perfectly silent. The absence of human voices rapidly became a gift when the canopy above us came alive; sudden gusts of wind rousing a wild dance of foliage. This wind dance captivated our attention; then just as suddenly departed, taking its sounds and movements with it. A reward for our silence. Feeling more a part of our surroundings, but also less significant, our silence continued. Various soft ‘stop and go’ rustlings could be heard all around as creatures moved through the leaf litter; cautious of our presence. Soon our silence was further rewarded by a melodic call of a wompoo pigeon, followed by a paradise rifle bird announcing its territory, or attempting to attract a mate. We collectively breathed in, the air sweet with the smell of plant life recently rinsed by monsoon rain. We felt appreciative, fulfilled. We had shared a special moment that could not have been orchestrated. It just needed ‘to be’. The rainforest offers so many of these special moments to anyone who takes the time to truly listen, and see."

Thank You

Protecting Rainforests Forever with Rainforest Rescue is only possible because of you and others like you who share our values in the ultimate importance of intact Nature. Together we are protecting some of the most unique ecology on the planet, like Lot 18 in the Daintree.

Thank you for being a part of Rainforest Rescue and for putting your trust in us.

You make the difference.

For the rainforests!

Daily Aus with Justin McMahon
Daily Aus with Justin McMahon
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There's no better way to begin the New Year than this. The Missing Piece of this Daintree Rainforest Puzzle in Forest Creek is now complete and Lot 19 Forest Close is Protected Forever.

From those who contributed funds, shared this with their networks, climbed the slopes to identify rare and threatened species ... to the folks at Sparke Helmore who do our conveyancing pro bono ... WELL DONE ALL OF YOU!

This is the product of many hands and aligned intention. People who walk their talk when it comes to protecting Nature. This is you. Thank you.

Because of your support; because of the support of thousands of Rainforest Rescuers like you ... more essential rainforest habitat is safe forever. That's our promise..

2021 was a banner year for Daintree conservation thanks to you—you helped us rescue:

  1. Lot 18, Cape Kimberley Rd. An incredible, nine hectares of the most magnificent, intact rainforest we’ve seen outside of the national park.
  2. Lot 36, Cape Tribulation Rd. We landed this strategic addition to the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor and due to the success of our Lot 18 appeal you helped us rescue this too.
  3. Lot 19, Forest Close. At almost seven hectares of intact rainforest habitat, it is a keystone property that connects five prior rescues to the National Park and World Heritage Area

A great year and now, with the rescue of Lot 19, a truly inspiring start to the New Year—check out this stunning video, produced by Martin Stringer our Media Producer, of Lot 19 Forest Close.

2022 is going to be a great year for endangered habitat, with:

  • more trees propagated;
  • more acres rescued;
  • more habitat restored and;
  • more rainforest protected forever.

This is what we do together.

We look forward to more great conservation victories with you in 2022.

Thank you SO MUCH for making the difference for the world's most ancient rainforest—the Daintree.

For the rainforests!

Lot 18 Cape Kimberley Rd is Now Protected
Lot 18 Cape Kimberley Rd is Now Protected
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