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by Inspire USA Foundation

Happy Holidays!

We'd like to take this time to thank all of our supporters! Our gratitude for your generosity for is boundless. We have a lot to be thankful for in 2013, since we were able to do all of this:

  • Reached over 12,000 young people in the ReachOut Forums
  • Trained 45 additional Peer Supporters for the Forums
  • Started ReachOut TXT, a peer-to-peer support and information text service for teens and young adults going through tough times, with 10 tech-savvy Text Supporters
  • Started expanding ReachOut's LBGTQ content with the help of 10 energized Content Developers
  • Went to the White House in June to participate in the National Conference on Mental Health 
  • Presented ReachOut TXT at the informational hearing for the California State Senate’s Select Committee on Mental Health
  • Launched a nationwide social media campaign to promote help-seeking behavior and positive coping strategies in honor of International Suicide Prevention Week

Gratitude is not only limited to us. The youth who have found ReachOut have this to say:

  • Hi, I am so blessed to find a place where I can have support. ... I am here because I suffered sexual abuse and anorexia for years. I am just recently starting to move on and saw this as a great place of support. I am quite interested in how I can help support others too. 

  • thankyou so much everyone! your kind words mean everything to me! that's all I needed to hear. im making a change, im going to get better, and I WILL get better. youre all right, im here for a reason. Im not going to give up so easily, that's not me. Over the past 2 days ive made some changes, and ive said some things I needed to say. Im making peace with my past, and im eager to better myself everyday. I think im starting to find myself again. I have a small ounce of hope in me, and that's the most ive had in a long time! This might have been my hardest fall yet, but I WILL find a way out. I don't give up like that. You guys helped knock some sense into me. I guess I just needed to be heard, and understood. You guys were there and I couldn't thankyou enough... It cant rain forever, and if it seems like forever, kick that damn storm out! this is YOUR life, and its what you make it! so make the very best of it!  much love to everyone!

  • Thank you everyone so much for all the kind words! It means a lot to have a community that shows this much support. I don't even know any of you personally but I still feel like I'm not alone in this.



For all of these things and more, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Nicola, Emily, Meredith, Michelle, Liz, Michael and Katherine


How Do You ReachOut?
How Do You ReachOut?

ReachOut TXT Launches on October 7th!

During the rainy, third weekend of September, 10 young people came together at the Inspire USA Foundationheadquarters in San Francisco to kick off ReachOut TXT, an exciting new peer-to-peer mobile service offering confidential support and information through the powerful medium of text messages.

The 10 text-savvy teens and young adults who gathered for an intensive three-day training were selected from a pool of Bay Area applicants to become TXT Supporters. Ranging from 17 to 24 years old, each articulated a strong commitment to offering nonjudgmental support and providing positive and unintimidating perspectives on questions and concerns received during the weekly sessions (Mondays 4-8 p.m. PST).

In preparation for the October 7 launch, the TXT Supporters were trained by members of the Inspire staff, including ReachOut Mental Health Advisor Dr. Romi Mann. Over the course of the weekend, Dr. Mann led several in-depth presentations on issues ranging from relationship problems to depression. Between these interactive sessions and exercises designed to help texters foster trust, field difficult questions and adhere to safety protocols, each volunteer learned to provide empathetic responses to a wide array of questions.

As the weekend progressed and the training came to a close, these 10 new Peer TXT Supporters provided critical input on the program, suggesting more youth appropriate methods for supportive responses and asking crucial questions to help improve the service.

With October 7 just around the corner, these 10 new TXT Supporters eagerly await their first text, their chance to improve the lives of their peers and champion suicide prevention all through text messaging.

Help make a difference! Spread the word: If you know a young person looking for information, support, or just a good chat with a peer, encourage them to text "REACHOUT" to 877-877 on Mondays between 4-8 p.m. PST.

by Michael Young, Youth Coordinator

How Teens Answered 'How Do U ReachOut?'

What do former NFL player Keith Elias, "High School Musical" star/Gimme Mo CEO Monique Coleman and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline all have in common? Each of them joined ReachOut along with teens and young adults across the country in rocking the movement for suicide prevention this September by answering the brave question of 'How Do U ReachOut?'

On the ground and across social networks like FacebookTwitter and Instagram with the hashtag #HowDoURO, we were amazed by all the efforts we saw from young people and advocates for youth alike to share their coping strategies for tough times. 

Along with powerful images, we were touched by the outpouring of encouraging words. Our call to action inspired moving stories from young people and former NFL running back Keith Elias, honest answers ("I reach out when life's too hard to handle all alone.") and passionate rally cries for others to join the movement ("I reach out by speaking. Break the silence. Break the stigma. #HowDoURO") 

ReachOut volunteers from our Peer Supporter and Youth Council programs also played a key role in raising awareness for Suicide Prevention Month with outreach events held on campuses and in tandem with wider community movements like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Out of the Darkness Community Walk in San Francisco.        

Whether expressed in e-cards, Instagram selfies or profile pics, we know the impact of the campaign was far-reaching and look forward to welcoming new members into the ReachOut community and making next year's Suicide Prevention efforts an even more spectacular affair!

by Meredith Sires, Web Editor 

 Inspire Presents to California State Senate

 Last week, Inspire USA had the amazing opportunity to present at the informational hearing for the California State Senate’s Select Committee on Mental Health. Poignantly titled “Every Life Matters: Implementing Effective Suicide Prevention Strategies in California,” the powerful proceedings were hosted by California Senator Jim Beall (D-San Jose). As Director of ReachOut California, I was honored to attend along with Emily O’Brien, our Director of Youth Engagement, and present on our exciting new peer-to-peer text message support program, ReachOut TXT. 

Other compelling hearing speakers included suicide survivor and author Kevin Hines along with Kevin Briggs, a Sergeant on the California Highway Patrol with a long history of enforcing suicide prevention efforts on the Golden Gate Bridge. Victor Ojakian, a staunch Suicide Prevention advocate in California, described his efforts to implement suicide prevention protocols in schools, and Michelle Thomas from San Francisco Suicide Prevention presented on the recent launch of their crisis text line, MyLife.
The hearing brought texting to the forefront as a critical new programmatic feature for encouraging young people to seek help during tough times. The insightful and empathetic Committee on Mental Health included Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), Senator Ellen Corbett (D-San Leandro) and Assembly member Tom Ammiano. As we spread the word about the launch of ReachOut TXT, we are thankful to the committee for their dedication to the promotion of mental health and to reducing suicide rates in California.

by Nicola Survanshi, Director of ReachOut California 

Please think about giving to ReachOut today! 

Peer Text Supporters
Peer Text Supporters


Meet the Peer Supporters
Meet the Peer Supporters

Peer Supporters Celebrate Forum Anniversary

This May marked the one year birthday of the ReachOut  Forums and the young people  who help moderate them,
known as Peer Supporters. To celebrate, Inspire USA and nine peer supporters from all over California got together for a weekend of brainstorming, training and celebration. 

We kicked off the weekend with some dinner and bowling and then got down to the hard work on Saturday, when we discussed how to improve the program for the next cohort of 45 new Peer Supporters, who are starting this month. The Peer Supporters decided they wanted to play a leading role in mentoring the new cohort (check out the awesome introductory video they made above or on their YouTube channel!) and will be supporting them over the next year as they get trained up to moderate. Sunday we had a guest visit from NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health) who provided some more training around mental health, before we had a whistle-stop tour of downtown San Francisco and said our farewells.

The celebration summit provided a great opportunity to reflect on the success of our first ever year in the forums, as well as a detailed looking at how we can make the program even bigger and better for 2013 onwards.

Know a young person in California between the ages of 16 and 24 passionate about helping others and interested in mental health? Encourage them to apply online to join the next cohort of Peer Supporters! See online application for more details.

by Liz Crampton, Online Engagement Manager

Inspire Welcomes Two More to the Team!

This month, Inspire welcomed aboard Liz Crampton as our new Online Engagement Manager and Romi Mann, Psy.D. as our new Mental Health Advisor.

Liz is the Online Engagement Manager at Inspire USA. She brings many years’ experience in online communications and campaigning from the non-profit sector. Liz has worked on a wide variety of issues including social justice, sustainability, indigenous rights, public health and conscious capitalism.

Liz is passionate about working with young people and worked closely with youth, schools and local authorities in the UK where she ran a national walk to school campaign.

Dr. Mann is a clinical psychologist with a strong interest in helping youth and young adults. He earned his doctorate degree from the Wright Institute in Berkeley,  CA and his dissertation researched parental relationships of gay men who had children after coming out. His specialties include LGBT identity development, depression, anxiety, trauma, and harm reduction of risky behavior. He has worked in a variety of school settings providing crisis support and management, individual and group therapy, and consultation to teachers, staff, and parents. He has also volunteered on a variety of crisis and support phone services. Dr. Mann maintains a private practice in San Francisco where he provides individual and couples therapy, supervision, and consultation. 

We're thrilled to have both Liz and Dr. Mann joining our team and look forward to sharing their contributions here!

by Meredith Sires, Web Editor

Inspire USA Goes to The White House

Inspire USA had a spectacular day at the National Conference on Mental Health at the White House on June 3! 

Invited as one of the innovative thinkers in the mental health space, members of the Inspire team convened with fellow nonprofits, policy makers and famous activists Bradley Cooper and Glenn Close to partake in the ongoing discussion around addressing and supporting mental health in the United States. Inspire USA founder Jack Heath, Board President Katherine Chon, Director of Youth Engagement Emily O'Brien and myself were all in attendance wearing our lime green mental health awareness ribbons, along with huge smiles! 

The day started off in the East Wing with an impassioned speech from Janelle Montano of Active Minds, introducing President Obama. The President then delivered a very engaging speech that focused on normalizing discussions of mental health - relating mental health help-seeking to getting treated for a broken arm or cancer – and elevating national mental health coverage and services.

Secretary Sebelius took over from there, hosting a panel that included Glenn Close, Norman Anderson, CEO of the American Psychological Association and former Senator, and Barbara Van Dahlen, founder of Give and Hour. There were about 10 senators in the audience, and former Congressman and mental health advocate Patrick Kennedy gave a powerful plea asking them to make sure insurance carriers are accountable for covering mental health in the Affordable Care Act.

We then left the White House  to head to the Executive Offices for short presentations hosted by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. DoSomething kicked off these sessions with an overview of the Crisis Text Line, a teen text service set to launch this summer whom we are collaborating with in the planning and implementation of our text-based information and peer support service, ReachOut TXT. Georgetown University, Upworthy and MTV's Half of Us/Love is Louder campaigns also presented on similarly forward-thinking initiatives that embraced technology to reach youth.  

After lunch, Bradley Cooper and Vice President Joe Biden wrapped up the day with speeches where the VP proved to be a regular stand-up comedian! 

It was an amazing experience, and we are excited to further the conversation on mental health and the work of ReachOut!

 by Nicola Survanshi, Director of ReachOut CA

Liz, our new Online Engagment Mgr
Liz, our new Online Engagment Mgr


Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Help Celebrate Three Years of ReachOut!

Happy birthday to us! March marked the third anniversary of, and Inspire USA is thrilled to be celebrating with the upcoming launch of three new California-based initiatives with CalMHSA, the expansion of our team and the continuing growth in youth-generated traffic to the site with a 33% increase in total unique visitors between our second and third year. From March 2012 to March 2013, nearly 1.5 million teens and young adults have visited (up almost 500,000 from the year before), with 166,116 visitors from California alone!

 As we continue to take strides towards connecting with youth in need, and empowering those with an inspiring story to share, we look forward to deepening our impact and furthering our reach in the year ahead. We could not have accomplished so much without your ongoing support. Help us continue our U.S. expansion by making a donation at GlobalGiving today. A small gift can go a long way!

CalMHSA Funds Three RO Initiatives in 2013 by Meredith Sires, Web Editor

Three years after the launch of, Inspire USA continues to seek out new and increasingly innovative ways to help teens and young adults help each other through tough times. This month, with funding from the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA), we are excited to announce a trio of California-based initiatives that will expand both the reach of our peer-to-peer support as well as the scope of our youth-driven content.

Spurred by the success of the peer-facilitated discussions held in the ReachOut Forums, this spring Director of Youth Engagement Emily O'Brien will oversee the recruitment and training of 45 additional peer supporters.  These new recruits will join the current team of ten in their ongoing efforts to create a safe and supportive online environment for young people in need. By spending time in the forums, ReachOut seeks to ultimately help decrease the attitudes of stigma that often surround mental health issues.

 In addition to increasing our capacity to provide real-time peer support on the web, ReachOut will also do so via mobile platforms. Set to launch this summer, our text messaging support line will allow teens to send their questions and concerns to trained peer responders who will provide supportive and informative answers at designated times. Issues raised by text will not only inform the nature of individual responses, but also will have the potential to influence the range of topics covered on

ReachOut similarly plans to diversify our online content with a new project specifically focused on LGBTQ issues. Eight LGBTQ young people, recruited with the help of the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) network and trained by Web Editor Meredith Sires, will assess gaps in current content and create new content by and for the LGBTQ community. The mix of personal stories and reliable information will be presented in a variety of formats based on the direction of the content developers, but whatever the form, we look forward to the breadth and depth they will provide.

Stay tuned for more developments on all three fronts! And if you know any young people in California with a passion for helping others, encourage them to get involved with ReachOut today!

Inspire USA Welcomes ReachOut CA Director by Meredith Sires, Web Editor

Spring is a very exciting and eventful time here at Inspire USA. Along with celebrating three years of helping teens and young adults lead healthier and happier lives, we're also welcoming Nicola Survanshi into the fold in the newly created role of ReachOut California Director. Nicola joins us as a member of the Inspire leadership team with overall oversight of ReachOut in California and we are absolutely thrilled to have her on board! Below are a few words from Nicola to you:

Dear Inspire USA Fans,

I am very excited to join the team and be a champion for ReachOut as it grows and helps more and more youth get through tough times. I have a strong belief that online resources and mobile technology can be powerful tools in improving the lives of teens and young adults. I began my career in the U.S. Air Force as an Intelligence Officer, stationed at Hickam AFB in Hawaii. Later, I realized my passion for public health and enrolled at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, graduating with an MPH in 2012.

During my time at Columbia, I had the opportunity to develop a communications strategy with Ascel Bio, a disease forecasting start-up. I also joined in a research project under the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholar program, investigating the use of text messaging in community empowerment and health.

Discoveries from my research sparked the concept for my thesis on the role of text messaging in mental health literacy and help-seeking with adolescents.  Inspire USA's mission and ReachOut's platform seemed like a perfect fit for my background and interests in providing easy access to mental health information and support.

With Inspire USA rolling out several new projects to broaden ReachOut's scope of services, I feel that I am joining at a very opportune time! This year ReachOut plans to develop three California-based initiatives, including a text messaging support line that aligns neatly with the thrust of my thesis.  Starting this summer,  teens will be able to text their questions or issues to ReachOut and get answers from peer responders on designated days and times. ReachOut also plans to launch a project creating new content by and for the LGBTQ youth. In addition, ReachOut will expand its corps of Peer Supporters, to provide even more engagement and encouragement to users in the forums. I look forward to an epic year ahead with ReachOut!

Cheers, Nicola

ReachOut Forums Launch 'Ask the Expert' by Cosette Paneque, ReachOut Forums Community Manager

 We've all got questions we'd like answered, but sometimes we don't know where to look, are too embarrassed to ask, or don't think there is anyone who can help. At ReachOut, we're committed to creating a safe space where young people can ask those questions and find reliable answers.

Last month, the ReachOut Forums introduced the "Ask the Expert" sessions. This is a special event where we ask a mental health professional to join us and talk about an array of tough issues. This could be a psychologist, counselor, youth worker, or another type of specialist worker.

 The topic of our first "Ask the Expert" session was Overcoming Depression and Thoughts of Self-Harm. We were fortunate to have Dr. Dan Reidenberg. Dan is the Executive Director of SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education), a national nonprofit agency working to prevent suicide and help suicide survivors and people suffering from brain illnesses. Dan is a psychologist who has received numerous awards for his accomplishments and service in the field of mental health and recently was recognized as a "Champion of Change" at The White House by the Obama Administration.

For a week, ReachOut forum members posted their questions. They asked about coping strategies, how to help friends when they are depressed and suicidal, and how to deal with negative thoughts. Dan answered every question with great care and consideration. The session was a great success.

 We hope to have a guest expert join us in the forums to run an "Ask the Expert" session every few months. Our experts won't give simple answers, but they will provide the information, suggestions, and guidance, so that young people can decide what's best for them!

Nicola Survanshi
Nicola Survanshi
Dr Dan
Dr Dan


ReachOut Here
ReachOut Here

Boys Town Helps Inspire Make An Impact

by Meredith Sires, Web Editor 

With over 3,000 forum members and nearly 150,000 unique visitors to in January 2013 alone, Inspire USA understands the importance of connecting youth in crisis to the resources they need. Boys Town, a support service available by phone at 1-800-448-3000 and online at 24 hours a day seven days a week, has remained a powerful partner in helping us achieve that goal. 

Both in the ReachOut forums and throughout the site, comments have testified to the power of the tandem support provided by ReachOut and Boys Town.
"I got off the phone with them a few minutes ago, and it really helped. I did feel sorta awkward at first, but they make it to where you actually feel comfortable. "
“Something important about a stranger trying to help is that they will be completely honest with you. They purely are there for that one purpose and that is to help you realize that life is precious with obstacles that everyone has to overcome.”
“Well, just know that on here you are never alone. Everyone on here is here to help you get through whatever it is that you’re going through and if we can’t help, or you feel it’s not enough, you can always give Boys Town a call.”

“Please do not feel that you are not cared about. There are people who care about you and your life, even complete strangers. I would consider calling the Boys Town Hotline that was suggested to you.”
“This service is very good. I’m on my way to a better and healthier life.” 

In 2012, along with continuing to support the teens and young adults referred by, Boys Town worked closely with our moderation team to develop a protocol for troubled forum users. The system allowed the community to flourish as moderators, Peer Supporters and members echoed and reinforced positive help-seeking messages.
Year-end data from Boys Town reflected these signs of success as well showing over 2,600 visits directed from ReachOut to Boys Town’s, along with 282 emails that made mention of ReachOut.  

Reaching Out to Community College Students

by Meredith Sires, Web Editor

In an effort to reach rural communities and transition-aged youth, CalMHSA contractors, Inspire USA and Runyon Saltzman & Einhorn (RS&E), presented an informational webinar about to the California Community Colleges. The webinar was attended by community college administrators, faculty and staff. Presenters included Scott Rose, RS&E principal; Susan Keys, Inspire USA special advisor on mental health; and Daniel Caldera, peer supporter and community college student.

The 90-minute webinar covered an introduction to the Stigma and Discrimination Reduction campaign, the history and impetus for and a live tutorial on how to utilize ReachOutHere promotional materials can now be downloaded by California Community Colleges to distribute on their own. As a follow up to the webinar, RS&E, Inspire USA and Daniel will present a second live webinar in late February.
Please visit the following link to view the

'Strike Out Bullying' Fundraises for Inspire

by Emily O'Brien, Youth Programs Director

Singer and ReachOut Youth Council Member Meredith O’Conner is doing her part to stomp out bullying one song at a time! Next month, Meredith and friends will be holding a fundraiser to "Strike Out Bullying" at the Baldwin Bowling Alley in Albany, New York. Along with spreading her powerful anti-bullying message with songs like "The Game," Meredith will also be donating half the proceeds from the event to! Just another reason we're grateful for passionate Youth Council Members like Meredith, who also  raised awareness for ReachOut during downtime at her most recent photo shoot with a PSA she made with her friends on YouTube.

Strike Out Bullying
Strike Out Bullying



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