“My other children were happy to have a new brother. They danced and sang and blessed God for giving them a new sibling.”

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Denise, MamAfrica’s nursery director, spends her weeks caring for nearly thirty young boys and girls in MamAfrica’s nursery program. It is through Denise’s work that our Mamas can work full-time at the Ushindi center with the assurance that their young children are receiving adequate care and attention. Each day, Denise leads her preschool-aged classroom through lessons in French, drawing, and basic math. In a community of Mamas, Denise is Mama Watoto Wote- mother to all children.

This fall, Denise welcomed another child into her own family. The young boy’s name is Luc Ngolo. To celebrate Luc’s birth and Denise’s return from the hospital, the family invited friends, neighbors, and community members to their home to enjoy feasting and fellowship. In American culture, births and weddings, each a celebration of new life, take on great cultural significance. In the Congo, where the centrality of family life permeates everyday life, these occasions likewise merit celebration. Denise dreams that her son Luc will succeed in school and find happiness in a career and a family. In the Congo as in the U.S., the birth of a child represents hope, optimism, and dreams for a prosperous future. At MamAfrica, we join with Denise and her family in celebrating the arrival of young Luc and pledge the support of our MamAfrica community behind Luc’s dreams and his future.