Protect Caribbean Rainforest in Costa Rica

by Global Vision International Charitable Trust
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Tortuguero National Park (TNP) in Costa Rica is a prime turtle nesting area and critical jaguar habitat. Sadly, due to poaching and habitat destruction many of these species are in rapid decline. This project will fund patrol teams who will monitor the beaches and forest to protect this vital area.


Illegal activities in TNP can be significantly reduced through a consistent patrolling presence. In their 2 year tenure at Jalova, GVI Costa Rica has reduced poaching activity in a 3-mile section of TNP to almost zero. Unfortunately the volunteer workforce cannot cover the entire 15 miles & park ranger resources are inconsistent, so poaching and hunting rates are still prolific in other areas of the park. Many marine turtle species and jaguars are in decline due to our impact on their ecosystem


Through research efforts by the GVI-CR team we understand the critical nature of the park habitat to the local wildlife and the importance of preserving these animals. Through liaison with the park rangers we understand that simply providing more fuel and food resources will enable a more comprehensive protection strategy and allow extra patrolling measures. Join our Charity Water Challenge, raise vital funds and get to visit this project!

Long-Term Impact

With adequate funding, TNP can be fully monitored year-round to allow the park to host the available extra workforce. Through this additional man power, the canals, forests and beaches can be better protected and those conducting illegal practices apprehended. As a result, the animal populations of the national park can flourish as has been shown by existing monitoring practices.

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Global Vision International Charitable Trust

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Kate Robey
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