Provide Care for a Differently Able Child's Pony

HH Mr. Simms
HH Mr. Simms



My Nana used to sing about them, all the Pretty Horses. When I was a small child, I would dream of them. Because I could only be near them when I slumbered, I would never fuss at bedtime or nap time. I would send up my wish to visit the Faraway Horses & drift softly to sleep.

Night after night they came. Thundering, frolicking-whinnying to me. My favorite was the Dapple Grey. An enormous fellow, he would lower his great head so I could reach his silky mane. He would kneel so I could climb upon his broad back for a ride across a moonlit meadow. Laughing and playing, all too soon the night's dream magic was done and I would wake with a wistful smile and an aching heart.

Each morning, I would beg my parents for a pony of my own. Although they were sympathetic my Dad would remind me that we lived in the town and ponies were not allowed. Not even if there was a roomy backyard and a garage for him to sleep in. Pony rides at the fair & riding lessons did nothing to ease my desire for a pony of my very own. "When I grow up, I'll have a farm filled with ponies where all the Dream-Children can come ",I said. If you believe it, all your pony dreams will come true," said my Dad. And in that moment, the seed of a very special dream took root in my childish heart.

As the years passed, I studied special education & then nursing. I wasn't certain why, but I felt drawn to both fields & wondered if there might be a very special way I could enjoy both. When I graduated from nursing school we bought our daughters a pony & myself a horse, and so it began... We got involved with rescue & with therapeutic riding.

One evening I was researching activities online for my special needs riders & I happened across a unique website. I couldn't help but click & it was then that I found Personal Ponies and Marianne Alexander. Or they found me. I was mesmerized by the stories & fascinated by the idea of a small pony for a small child with special needs. The horses at the stable where I taught were great. Part-time therapy horses, they were tolerant and kind, but they hadn't given up their day jobs as hunters and jumpers. Page by page as I devoured the website, a dream was taking shape. The tiny seed my Dad had planted so many years ago began to sprout & unfurl the tenderest of leaves.

Enchanted by the fuzzy faces, big gentle eyes and all the smiles, I began to type with shaking hands. A simple inquiry introducing myself & asking for more information. The reply when it came was welcoming and kind & dashed my hopes entirely when Marianne said there was a long waiting list for these special little troll-ponies, but welcomed me into the PPL family anyway. Marianne & I began emailing frequently. I loved hearing all the stories about ponies and their children. Without magical ponies of my own, it would have been easy for that little dream seedling to sprout up, wither & die, but gently, tenderly, Marianne nurtured the tiny seedling by encouraging me to use the time to develop ideas for a program long before there were ponies.

Six months later, the email began "I have ponies. BUT" But indeed. They were young, babies really, mostly untouchable. Very frightened little Shetlands rejected by their breeder. "It will be quite a project, not for the faint of heart, are you up for a challenge?" She inquired. These were not our typical PPL ponies, lovingly hand-raised and trained. These were 2 wildings that M's neighbor had rescued from an auction thinking to rehabilitate and donate them into the program. Anne had become ill before she could carry out her plan & so there were two little Shetlands in need of love & guidance. They were far, far from the sweet, gentle ponies I dreamed of, but M. could see their great hearts in spite of their fear. Every statement seemed discouraging, but in M's typical way she was issuing a challenge. "What kind of stuff are you made of?" "Where does your heart truly lie?"

I couldn't help myself. I clicked on the photo and there they were.a lovely 2 year old bay filly & a tiny, crooked legged shadow of a dapple gray gelding, peeping out from underneath a shaggy forelock. I was dumbfounded. Here, after so many years was my sweet dapple gray ,come to life, shrunk down to child-size. My very own version of the Velveteen Rabbit...he became REAL. Oh, how i laughed. And cried. And typed.. "I'll do it!" And M's reply: "I knew you would".

And so, on a beautiful fall day in 2001, we truly began our journey with Personal Ponies. Fueled by childhood dreams and hopeful hearts, we were off to meet HollyHock Katrina-"Katey" & H.H. Mr. Simms-"Sammy"! My first glimpse of the two took my breath away. I was charmed, but doubts clouded my vision as they ran to the spot in the barn furthest away from scary people & my little seedling-dream began to wither. With the help of four people, we eventually tricked them into loading onto our trailer to begin the 8 hour journey home. By the light of the moon, we unloaded Katey first & walked her into the paddock. She had been worked with at one point, but was so frightened, she trembled violently. I snapped a rope onto the little grey gelding's halter, hoping he would follow Katey- and he did-at breakneck speed with me barely keeping up. I hung onto that rope for dear life, knowing if I let him go, we'd never be able to catch him. Once inside the paddock, I bent to unsnap the rope & the movement startled Sammy. He wheeled, and lashing out with tiny sharp hooves he kicked me right on the knee. What on earth had I agreed to?? The tears streamed down my cheeks & joined the smile I couldn't stop smiling in spite of myself. Welcome home little ones, I smiled through my tears.

Our real journey had yet to begin. It didn't take long before the pair began to understand they were safe & loved, regardless of how they felt about us. I was enchanted and at their beck and call. They would boldly whinny for their breakfast & meet me at the gate, only to run off in terror. I began to wonder if my little ones would ever be true PPL ponies, but I wasn't about to give up.

Time & Love. The two great healers and the two greatest gifts you can bestow on anyone. And that is what I did. I gave them time. I gave them love. I gave them space. I would take a lounge chair and just sit in the paddock. One warm summer afternoon, I awoke from a nap with Katey & Sammy staring down at me, sniffing my pockets for treats. I reached up & touched a silky mane. Katey snorted and wheeled away. Her time hadn't yet come, but Sammy...Sammy chose that moment togive me his return for a peppermint.

Slowly and carefully, we began training in preparation for work as a true Personal Pony. Once he learned to trust, from that moment on, Sammy knew I would not ever ask anything of him that he could not safely do. When he gave me his heart that first day, I promised I would never ever betray that trust. He blossomed & he became brave. He went inside houses,hospitals, schools & shopping malls. He walked across bridges and tarps. He marched in parades wearing costumes. He trotted alongside bagpipe & drum corps. He climbed up & down staircases. He stood quietly allowing children to pet him while a helicopter flew low overhead preparing to land. He stood while children finger-painted on him, while a child with special needs spoke his first words...and still he stands.. He stands while little children's sticky hands grope near his eyes or nostrils. He stands while an arthritic hand struggles to pet a silky mane, becoming in memory the pony of their youth. He stands while tears of joy stream down a face & wet his mane. He stands while grief-stricken people bury their face in his mane & sob their cares out. He Smiles. He poses for photos. He helps me train many other ponies, instilling in them his quiet confidence. He trains our volunteers. Together through the years, he & I have stood witness to great joy, to paralyzing grief and loss, to love. Through all these years, he has not spoken a word, and yet he speaks volumes. He tells his story. The heart has a language; an eloquence all it's own and he is a poet. He has become that enormous Dapple Grey dream horse of my childhood... perhaps not in body, but in great heart. Over the years, Sammy's dapples have faded into a lovely pure grey coat of silk. As pure and lovely as his heart.

Sometimes at night, I still dream of the Faraway Horses. I walk outside in the moonlight & softly, quietly, I give thanks because I no longer wait on the Faraway Horses...for they are already here.

Sammy did not begin life with the kindness & love we give our Personal Ponies foals, but he opened his heart to seek it & has brought so much joy and happiness. He is the epitome of the gentle & kind ponies Personal Ponies seeks to raise & train and share. They bring magic, hope and love wherever they go. If not for the vision of Marianne and the kindness of Anne in rescuing a little grey shadow, our corner of the world would not shine so bright. Thank you HH Mr. Simms. Sammy. I salute you, dear one. You have been a precious gift. You hold my heart in your tiny hoof.

Mr. Simms--Sammy
Mr. Simms--Sammy
Mr. Simms and new friend
Mr. Simms and new friend
Hollyhock Katrina and HH Mr. Simms
Hollyhock Katrina and HH Mr. Simms

Two Shetland Ponies enjoying the wonderful summer.

We received Jasper in the summer of 2014 and we realized how lonely Jasper was so Personal Ponies blessed us once again with another pony in the summer of 2015.

Jasper is now 14 years old and Rowan is 7.

Rowan definately keeps Jasper young and provides him with the exercise he desperatley needs.  Over the winter, we realized that Jasper was stealing some of Rowan's hay so he gained some extra weight. They enjoy frolicking in the pasture together and chasing each other around the pen.

My seven year old daughter Anna has been riding Jasper for 2 years and this summer learned to ride Rowan as well.

My daughter, Charlotte, who was born with down syndrome, enjoys brushing the ponies and feeding them carrots and apples. Charlotte began taking riding lessons at a therapy riding stable and is now comfortable with riding our ponies.

My daughter Anna enjoys riding the ponies with her friends. As a family, we are learning everyday how to care for the ponies and provide the best life in their new home.

We thank Personal Ponies for the two wonderful additions to our family.


Prince Darcy, fondly known as Darcy, is an amazingly compassionate, gentle, intuitive, and kind 4-legged friend to many across the state of New Hampshire. At age 4, Darcy became a certified Pet Partner and has been visiting with folks at a variety of nursing homes. Some visits occur outside, while others require us to enter the building. One especially memorable inside visit involved riding in an elevator to visit all 5 floors of a nursing facility. While walking down one hallway, a nurse approached us and asked if we would walk down to a certain gentleman’s room because he was not being cooperative with going to his physical therapy session. We, of course, obliged and entered the bedroom and began talking with the gentleman about his horse experiences as a young man. He began petting and engaging with Darcy and after a few minutes, went off to his physical therapy session very willingly.

Darcy also attends various events throughout the year. Darcy is the highlight of the Best Buddy Walk in Concord as well as the Strawberry Festival in Bow. He has also led the parade on the field prior to a Fisher Cat game. Darcy also had the pleasure of providing activities for residents that were not able to go outside for the Hoe Down event held at their nursing home. All visits are facilitated by two of Darcy best human friends, Susan Higgins and Kristen McGraw. They make it possible for him to get where he is going and help those he visits by answering all the questions, providing brushes foe grooming, and making it an overall safe experience for everyone.

Darcy also donates his time to UpReach Therapeutic Equestrian Center by participating in a variety of programs. He travels with his friend Vader to Crotched Mountain May-October 2 afternoons a week to provide therapeutic horse experiences. He also participates in the UpReach equine facilitated mental health program and equine assisted learning program. Darcy is amazing with all populations that have the opportunity to work with him and he really enjoys the special time he gets to spend working with a wide variety of people.

Carson and Snowball
Carson and Snowball


 Personal Ponies would like to thank everyone for the continuing support for the program. We have many wonderful volunteers, caretakers, and families that care for the ponies. I would like to share one of these stories with you.

 "Hi my name is Carson! I just turned 5 years old on April 08, 2015. My story started in 2010 when my parents Clint and Ashley started this journey with me. Little did they know I was going to be one special kid because I was born with Down Syndrome. Adjustments were needed throughout the family, but I knew from the very first day I was loved more than I could ever imagine. I was blessed with wonderful grandparents who try to help my parents in anyway that they can. I started school 2 days a week at Carroll County Learning Center on 01/15/2013 in Huntingdon, TN and have now worked up to 4 days a week! I have therapists, Mrs Karlene, Mrs Diane, Mrs Hope, Mrs Kathy, and Mrs Holly who work on my speech and physical difficulties at my school. I love all my teachers and classmates at school. I have a big part of my story to share and one word sums it up.....HORSES.

The story begins with my daddy Clint who was raised in a horse crazy family. Both of his parents,Charles and Elizabeth, have ridden horses their whole lives, and when his older brother Chad and him came along they decided the tradition would continue. My mom also grew up riding horses and that's how she met my daddy. As a teenager my dad and uncle Chad battled every year for high point and world championship trophies in the American Quarter Horse Association on their two great horses Little Berseem "Bucky" and Mr Bar Easy "Mr T". They were very successful and brought home the titles many years. My uncle Chad has continued to ride for a career and my papa Charles still competes as well. When I came along my daddy decided to put the horses on the side and spend all of his time with me. My mommy still rides and competes occasionally.

My mommy and daddy don't live together anymore, but I still get to see them both each week.....I spend Sundays through Thursdays with my daddy because I go to school where he lives, and then my mommy gets me and I spend Thursday through Sunday with her! I love them both very much and am so happy to spend everyday with them.

Two years ago for my third birthday my uncle Chad and his girlfriend Heidi discovered the Personal Ponies organization through a great friend of theirs, Jerri and her daughter Mahala who also has downs. I have always been slightly scared of the BIG horses and they thought this would be a great way to help introduce me to the horse world. So for my birthday I got two ponies all of my own. My first two ponies were a little bit independent for me, and after about 6 months of me not bonding with them they called Personal Ponies. Heidi told them those two ponies were too much for my quest for my first real pony began again....Mrs Cindy from PPL worked day and night until she finally found me one! He came to me with the name Sam, however that's our dogs name, so we renamed him to Snowball! My love for Snowball still began very slowly and it took me a long time to warm up to him. On all sunny days my daddy would bring me to the barn and I started slow with things like leading and petting him during the winter and summer of 2014. This winter I have a friend named Addy who began coming to the barn as well and she loves the horses and Snowball! She decided to ride Snowball on March 19, 2015 and with the help of my daddy, Uncle Chad, and papa Charles I decided to bravely sit on Snowball with Addy for the first time!!! It was such a thrill and I couldn't stop smiling! The following week my daddy and grandma got me a new pair of boots and wranglers. Daddy and Heidi got Snowball back out that day and I once again gathered up my courage and got saddled back up! That day I rode around the whole arena and turned my first barrel at a walk and with a little help from them....I was so excited and kept asking to get back on all afternoon! I have attached photos from those great days at the barn. My favorite part of Snowball is his hair!!! I love to pet his wild mane and giggle every time his white fluffy hair starts flying when he sheds!

 My story is just starting with the horses. Although my family competes they are all so proud of me just for being me. Even if I only ever walk around on Snowball....after two years I finally joined in on my family's crazy love for horses! I got to follow in all their foot steps and ride a pony! I look forward to many sunny days at the barn with Snowball this spring...even all of his white shedding hair included!

Personal Ponies has been such a great thing for me, my family, and so many other kids out in this world. PPL was so patient with me and did everything in their power to help me find a safe and suitable pony match.  Snowball has been such a delight to many children who come through our farm not just me....he is my gentle mini and I love him! Never give up and always reach for your dreams!


Snowball and Carson
Snowball and Carson
Quentin and Rennie
Quentin and Rennie





Dear friends and family. 


We are working hard to make a few positive changes to our program as we head into the 30th year of providing ponies for children and adults with special needs.  All of these changes have two goals in is to find more ways to make sure our ponies are available to those that can benefit in communities all over the us and even overseas   The second goal is that we further develop of outstanding breeding program so that we continue to produce the very ancient and special UK Shetland temperament that is so suited  to the work we do.  


Your support in helping us achieve these goals is very much appreciated.  We are excited by all the new partnerships we have developed to make this happen. One program in Delaware is especially exciting where our ponies have been integrated into a therapy program at the children's hospital. There are even plans being made to obtain funding to build a barn on the hospital property so personal ponies can be part of the everyday therapy for the children in their care 


Please share our mission with your friends and family and continue to help us build our program for the next thirty years and beyond. 



The boys on the med team
The boys on the med team
Pretty Boys
Pretty Boys

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