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Food, Shelter and School for Orphans in India

by The River Fund
Children at little HEARTS Orphanage
Children at little HEARTS Orphanage

Dear Donors, Friends and Well-wishers of "little HEARTS orphanage" running with the kind support of The River Fund.

Once again time has come to say Namaste and thanks to all of our kind hearted people around the world for your support throughout this year. Now we are at the last days of 2015 and looking forward to enter into New Year 2016!

At the last week of November we had terrible rains for 5 days and floods. Three Districts including Nellore covered with waters everywhere. All the lakes, canals, roads and lower side houses completely filled with waters. Rescue teams from NDRF arrived with boats to rescues people who are in waters and helicopters dropped food and water packets. All the schools and colleges closed for a week days. Highest rain fall recorded after 50 years of Nellore District history. No power for one and half day in town. These 3 districts look like seas! Lot of damage for farmers, business people and poor people.

I am happy to submit the last Quarterly Report to Global Giving through the River Fund and I hope we have achieved something better than last year. Since last year we have fixed goal to give more importance and educate girls. In this process, this year we sent Padma to continue her studies by joining B.Sc. Nursing at St. Joseph’s Nursing College which is in Nellore town and just 2kms. away from "little HEARTS orphanage" where Padma was raised.

After grown up boys left LHO to further studies, we gave admissions to new kids. At present we have 15 girls and 25 boys. To help and improve their education appointed another tutor to teach especially English and Mathematics. Now LHO looks like real little hearts with little ones. The mothers/fathers of new kids are also like old kids with different backgrounds like poverty, illiteracy with drinking habits. These children are becoming burden to their mothers to feed because these mothers work as agricultural labourers or maid servants or work in small shops with little income. Usually, 99% of children are having single mother at least with not less than 3 kids.

Because of cost of living cost of all the food items including vegetables are now very high. We need nearly Rs.75,000 to run LHO.

Ramu is now very busy with his 3rd year Civil Engineering and appearing for IInd semester examinations. Anil is now final year of Intermediate. Ramu has become a role model to boys and they want to become Engineers and Padma is a role model to girls. All the girls want to study B.Sc Nursing! Anil is also interested to join in a local Engineering College after the successful completion of Intermediate.

Whatever we have achieved so for, it's all because of your love, kindness and financial support. Without your kind support we cannot achieve anything.

We feed the children with milk every day and on Tuesday and Friday we serve food with egg curry and every Sunday we serve chicken or fish. The children cannot get this nutritious and healthy kind of food when they visit their villages for summer holidays.

Children at LHO are really lucky because we are paying and providing everything for their food, education, shelter, medical and safety. At least once or twice in a month we receive delicious donated food items by the local people because LHO is on the main road side. Almost all of our children came from villages and children eat more and more food because they always do something physically and energetic.

In this connection I request all of our donors start donate more from this holidays and giving season to meet the expenses of LHO.

Hope to talk to you all once again in my next New Year first quarter GG report through the River Fund with more news!

We wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016 Greetings and Blessings.


Saying goodbye
Saying goodbye

Dear Donors, Friends and Well-wishers of "little HEARTS Orphanage" around the world,

We are glad to inform you all that Padma one of the girls of LHO got seat to study B.Sc. Nursing at St. Joseph’s Nursing College with 50% fee concession. It was a big topic at her village called Pottepalem. She had been with at LHO for five years. Our manager Stephen, Mahesh, my wife and I took her to the college and gave her farewell. Now she is at St. Joseph’s Nursing College in Nellore which is run by Nuns. B.Sc. Nursing is 4 years. Soon after completion of B.Sc. Nursing she will get job in corporate hospitals. For 1st year we have paid Rs.36,000.

When Padma was two years old her mother committed suicide by hanging herself at her home due to family problems. Father is mentally retarded. For all those five years at LHO her father visited her only twice! To complete her four years Nursing Course we have to pay Rs.160,000.

All of us at LHO and The River Fund are so proud of Padma!

Back on 21st July Mrs.Kalpana Pachipala from USA who is native of our Nellore District came to Nellore and conducted a dance programme with the title "Friends of little HEARTS orphanage" to raise funds for LHO with her daughter Kriya. Kriya is a classical dancer and she dances very well and also sang some classical songs (Kirtanas). To conduct this evening programme all the expenditure was paid by Mrs. Kalpana Pachipala. She invited all of her relatives and friends to enjoy the evening. LHO girls and boys also danced very well for five movie songs. Through this programme more than Rs.30,000 raised by donations.

Most of the children are now grown up and going to college. Anil and Hariprasad are second year college, five of the boys are studying Xth standard. For these Xth standard boys we paid Rs.15,000 for outside tutoring. Every evening they attend classes from 6PM to 8:30PM and in the mornings 6AM to 8AM.

The rest of the children are studying 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st classes respectively. To feed children, rent, electricity bills, staff salaries, pocket monies, books etc., we should spent nearly 70 to 75 thousand Indian Rupees.

All the children at LHO are doing very well.

In this connection I request all of our donors please donate more to meet daily expenses of LHO.

Kind regards,


* This is a note from Mrs. Kalpana Pachipala who planned the fund raising event months before arriving in Nellore this July. Besides the successful fundraiser and the joy of watching her daughter perform, they had the very fun task of teaching our Little HEARTS kids to dance and sing and perform in front of an audience. What she says about the children at HEARTS is just great!

“We had a wonderful trip to India and the charity show that we planned in Nellore was a great success. It was attended by friends and family and all the children of Little HEARTS (LHO) and other children as well. I spent about three hours almost every day of my stay at Little HEARTS with the children. The children were so well mannered and cooperative and ready to learn whatever we taught them. On the stage the children were awesome! They performed five dances and my daughter did an hour of classical singing and Bharatanatyam (classical dance). Mr. Kumar gave a nice speech on how it all started and how The River Fund supports LHO. I was anchoring the whole program and we ended with a thank you by my daughter Kriya. It was well received and appreciated by the audience and they donated generously. “

The children were so respectful and obedient and always welcomed us with a smile. It was wonderful to see kids of all ages from different parts of India living under the same roof and helping each other.

“I am so happy and grateful for all what God has given us. Once again thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kumar for their hospitality. God bless them for their devotion and dedication.”

Bags are packed! Off to college!
Bags are packed! Off to college!
Meeting new friends and dorm mates!
Meeting new friends and dorm mates!
Everybody is in the picture at the fundraiser!
Everybody is in the picture at the fundraiser!
Small girls performing!
Small girls performing!
Some of the older girls ... is that Padma!
Some of the older girls ... is that Padma!
A wonderful experience for these children!
A wonderful experience for these children!
The boys also performed!
The boys also performed!
Kriya and her mom, Kalpana. Thank you!
Kriya and her mom, Kalpana. Thank you!
Beautiful & tall. Just one story back in 2005!
Beautiful & tall. Just one story back in 2005!

Dear donors, friends and well wishers of “little HEARTS orphanage”,

Greetings to you all.

I am glad to inform you that our boys Karthik and Surendra passed Xth class with good marks. Another boy, Charan also completed successfully 1st year Intermediate with high marks.

Padma also passed Intermediate (XII standard) and interested to join B.Sc. Nursing. Ramalakshmi also passed 2nd year ANM (Nursing) completed and another year to complete her Nursing. After this she also interested to join B.Sc. Nursing. These good things are happening because of your kind support.

Ramu appearing for 2nd year Civil Engineering examinations.

Recently Ms. P Reddy and her mother from The River Fund spent 2 days at “little HEARTS Orphanage” on official visit. We went to beach with all the children and spent 3 hours. It was a fun filled day for children.  

Prasanna, Karthik and Dinesh will be coming to Xth standard from this academic year. They will be sent to a local Sreedhar Coaching Center for special coaching. For each boy we should pay Rs.2500/- per year for tuition.

Four full time workers have been working at the orphanage. For 1st to 9th standard children every evening 3 part time tutors will come and teach all subjects.

Each month we are spending nearly 70 to 75 thousand Rupees (approximately $1,170.00) to run the “little HEARTS Orphanage”.

Once again we thank Donors, The River Fund and Global Giving for their kind support. Please continue your kind support to run the orphanage successfully.

Kind regards,



A note from Jaya Canterbury-Counts, Executive Director of The River Fund:

Riverfund, Inc. (The River Fund) volunteers Pranathi and her mom, Prema visited 'Little HEARTS Orphanage" in Nellore India last week. Besides conducting a thorough and professional site visit for us including reviewing finances, they had a fun day with the kids at the beach! Year after year, we have watched as these children have grown into beautiful young adults. Most of the very first kids at HEARTS are now in university, college or vocational training. This is what happens when an organization works hard to go the distance. These economic times are very tough and many small nonprofits have shut their doors. To all of you who have hung in there with us ... thank you so very much!

The cook and the kitchen!
The cook and the kitchen!
Beach holiday = fun!
Beach holiday = fun!
The ride home ...
The ride home ...
Dear Donors
Thank you so much for your kind support to "little HEARTS orphanage" of Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh State of India.
All the children at LHO doing very fine. Now we have 40 children at present. Another 10 children from HIV infected parents will join to LHO from next academic year which begins from 11th June. 
In February we took an HIV infected boy referred by Child Welfare Committee (CWC) which a wing of Women and Child Welfare Department of Andhra Pradesh Government. R is very well and feeding him with extra nutrition like Egg, Milk every day separately.
On 3rd March a woman Police Constable from Kavali town which is 56kms. away from Nellore took a 5 years old girl who was an adopted girl. Her father killed mother and sentenced life term and does not want to keep the little girl by her adopted father. 
In January we took all the children to Somasila Dam for outing and spent a day there. Children enjoyed like anything. 
Padma attending for annual exams of IInd year Intermediate, Anil also attending for Ist year annual exams and Karthik will be attending Xth class annual exams which begins from 26th March. All the children are very busy in preparing for annual exams which begins from 15th April. 
In this regard I request all of our Donors please donate more to feed another 10 new children belong to HIV infected parents next academic year. 
Our sincere thanks to the GlobalGiving and The River Fund, Florida, USA.

Namaste Dear Friends,

Thanks for this opportunity to express something about the Little Hearts and its activities for all these years.

When I see children in the streets who are quite insecure and are deprived of love and affection of the parents, no hope for the future and know not what to do to fill their bellies, it had been a big question for me how to eradicate this social evil. Of course, I know for sure that I cannot change the whole situation, but I had the strong inclination of making something for the good of these unfortunate children.

These children, who are mostly unwanted and unclaimed, are being punished for no fault of them. 

The parents who are HIV effected, agricultural labourers go to work to earn a wage for their bread leave the children in charge of the younger ones who are toddlers. They do not think of education for a better life than the parents who toil all the day to earn a meagre wage.

There are children who are left in the streets just because their mother is dead and the father marries another; there are children whose mother is deserted by the father and the mother is not in a position to maintain the family by herself; there are children whose parents are died and are at the mercy of their relatives who rarely pay any attention for their wellbeing except using them for household purposes; there are children whose parents might have died of some dreadful disease and no relative comes forward to take up the responsibility. In these days, it is enough if one maintains his own family. No one can bear nor spare something for anyone.

When I took up the task and trying my best for some generous agency that can fund my project, God could make me to come across a benevolent agency like you who have agreed and showed interest to carry on this noble task.  Thus I could make things take physical shape and have been running successfully for the upliftment of these children who deserve every help, love and affection, social security and a bright future and can stand on their own as good citizens of the country.

The “little HEARTS orphanage” which was started 25th February 2005, with 20 children grew faster in number and now there are more than 40 children in our care. They are being provided with everything i.e., nutritious diet, clothing, education, love and affection, security besides entertainment, games etc., to fill in them a sense of courage and hope for their future.

Really the River Fund and Global Giving have changed many lives and they will be grateful for your generosity and love you have bestowed on these helpless and unfortunate children.

Everyone is doing well and showing progress in every respect. I am sure all our efforts yield god fruits.

Let me give you an account of the children who are grown up in our home who are hopeful and I expect good future for them.

Ramu is doing his B.Tech. course and Civil Engineering and is nor in II year.

Ramalakshmi is doing Nursing and she will come out next year

Padma is in her II year of Intermediate Course.

Anil who secured school Ist in School final exam got a free seat in a Private Junior College in Nellore itself.

Hari who stood 2nd in his school got a seat in the Govt. Residential College.

Charan also got a seat in Govt. Residential College as he secured 3rd rank in school final.

Mahesh is doing Polytechnic Course after Intermediate.

We expect some more children to secure high marks in their school final examination.  At present there are 2 boys who are going to write the examination in March, 2015.

Please give our love to all at The River Fund and Global Giving.





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