Project #1131

Food, Shelter and School for Orphans in India

by The River Fund

Dear Donors 

Greetings to you all from the heart of HEARTS and our sincere thanks to each and everyone who have been donating generously. May God bless you all abundantly for showing love by sowing financial seeds to feed, accommodate and educate orphans, abandoned and neglected children.

I am glad to present this last quarter GlobalGiving Report of the year 2016!

All the children at "little HEARTS orphanage (LHO)" doing well. To fulfill the wish of the River Fund, this academic year we have taken 12 new children of whom 9 are new girls. The total number of children at LHO went up now to 49. Girls are now 20.

Ramu who is now studying final year of Civil Engineering, went to Bhimavaram to participate State level Chess Competetions and stood IIIrd place. Ramu is now very busy with his Ist Semester examinations.

Girls Divya and Sujatha also participated State level games conducted for High School Girls in Ananthapuram and got prizes.

In recent quarterly examinations, all of our boys and girls did very well and stood Ist, IInd and IIId places. On 13th November, Cine Hero Pawan Kalyan fans conducted drawing competetions to LHO children. They visit LHO regularly.

In view of Children's Day, which will be celebrated on 14th November every year, this year Sri Chaitanya College students arranged lunch and donated lunch. Soon after the lunch, they conducted Dance and Singing Competetions to LHO children.

Not less than 3 to 4 donors come to LHO to donate lunch or dinner, distribute Biscuits, Chacolates, celebrate Birthdays, Marriage functions.

Last month, we have demolished the bathroom door and wall which was attached to ground floor bedroom abandoned for some years and constructed 20 racks to keep children clothes, books etc., Now girls are using those racks and after demolishing bathroom, the bedroom is now looking more spacious than before.

Children are very happy to stay at LHO. They have given freedom to play, watch TV. High School boys and girls wake up 5 clock early in the morning and study till 7AM. At nights all the boys and girls go to bed at 9PM. 3 Tutors are regularly coming to teach and help them to complete their home work.

This is all happening because of your love and generous donations.

As I said in every GG quarterly report, once again I humbly request and encourage our beloved donors to donate more and more to give a bright future and live a purposeful life in their lives.

On behalf of LHO children, I wish you all Merry Christmas and Blessed, Prosperous, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017.

This is C.P.Kumar reporting from LHO to Global Giving through the River Fund.


Birthday Party!
Birthday Party!
New storage center for the children
New storage center for the children
New school supplies!
New school supplies!


Respected donors, friends, and well-wishers of “Little HEARTS Orphanage” of Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh State of India. I am once again glad to be with you through this GG Quarterly report.

After spending summer vacation with their relatives and friends all of our boys and girls came back to school and colleges. All the government schools and colleges re-opened on 15th June 2016. Academic year began on 15th June. This year we have given admission to 6 new girls who lost mothers/fathers due to different reasons.

Jaya, Executive Director of The River Fund expressed her interest about girl child education. By keeping her interest we have given admission to 6 new girls from remote villages of Nellore District. Our boys and girls in “little HEARTS orphanage” studying well to achieve their goals.

On 8th July Ms. Jessica from The River Fund, USA spent a day with children and took them to the Millennium Children’s Park and after playing took them to have Ice Cream Parlour. Children enjoyed a lot by playing with Ms. Jessica Martin.

My wife and I went to Vijayawada to book Long, short, ruled, double ruled, check ruled note books, Pens, Pencils, Sharpeners, Writing Pads, Brown covers, Stickers Chalk Piece, Slate Pencil boxes and School Bags etc., altogether 27 items for Rs.54,810 for whole year. Books etc. arrived in bundles. School Bags are yet to come. In 25 years of my marriage it was the first time to travel with her!

I am happy to inform you that Mr. Noor a local man made a phone call to me and asked about the immediate needs of the children to buy. Last year also the same person donated money to buy immediate needs of the children like blankets, towels etc. This year also he came forward to do the same for the welfare of the children.

As usual 2 tutors are regularly coming to help and teach Math and English subjects.

Every year August 15th we celebrate Flag hosting in respect of Independence Day of India. We salute Indian Flag. India Flag hosting done by Mr. Prakasha, a retired Senior Auditor who is our chief guest.

Donors, this is all happening due to your kind and generous support and I request you all please donate more to this holistic work.

This is all for now – reporting from “little HEARTS orphanage” through The River Fund, USA to Global Giving.


*Note from The River Fund: The children of Little HEARTS very much reflect the city of Nellore. The kids are Hindu, Muslim and Christian. All the holidays are celebrated.

New school supplies!
New school supplies!
New school supplies!
New school supplies!
New school supplies!
New school supplies!
New school supplies!
New school supplies!

GG Quarterly Report

Dear Donor friends of little hearts orphanage from around the globe

Greetings to you all. We hope all is well there with you.

I am happy and glad to submit GG Quarterly report with good news.

Our boys Anil, Karthik, Dinesh, Prasanna and Moshe at little hearts orphanage passed Intermediate (college) and Xth class (High School) with very good marks. Karthik stood school 3rd in his Xth class examinations. Our boys achieved this great success with your kind and continuous donations. Please accept our sincere thanks and I humbly request you all of respected donors kindly continue and raise more donations to continue their education and to make them to stand on their own feet and to make them self-sufficient.

I am glad to inform you that our 3 boys Charan, Anil and Surendra did well in their exams. Charan, who has been supported by the River Fund stood college second in his exams with 900 marks out of 1000 Marks in Intermediate studies (college). Now he is preparing to get seat in top colleges of Andhra Pradesh run by Government to continue his Degree studies. He will be having entrance examination on 28th of May.

Anil, who got 832 marks out of 1000 marks. He is also preparing for EAMCET (Engineering and Medical Common Entrance Test) to get seat in Civil Engineering College like Ramu. He will also be having EAMCET examination on 12th May. Another boy Surendra also passed first year Intermediate with 365 marks out of 500.

Ramu who is studying Civil Engineering recently completed his 3rd year and now he is in final year of Civil Engineering. He will be the very first fruit of LHO and be given farewell to leave LHO and to find a job in construction field. He is studying very hard to achieve his goal.

This academic year Lakshmi and Tulasi (girls) would be coming to Xth class and they must pass then only they will be enter into college education.

On 4th of June, Mr. Reddy, representative of GG visited LHO but at the time of visit no children were at LHO due to summer vacation and some repairs have to be carried out at LHO. I asked Mr. Reddy to come and visit once again in the months of June/July. He accepted my request and promised to visit LHO in the month of July.

We have already been receiving phone calls from different parts of Nellore for new admissions at LHO. For every academic year we have been receiving several requests from mostly from single mothers for admissions to their girls and boys. But due to lack of space we are taking children those who are really eligible. Our priority always like this, first preference would be given to full orphans, second preference would be given to single mother, third preference would be given to father less and last priority would be given to poorest of the poor children of parents.

We have put an order to the supply back to school packs to the suppliers who supply school bags, note books, pens and pencils etc., on wholesale price. We buy all the school materials every year from wholesale suppliers in Vijayawada which is 350 kms. away from Nellore. By doing like this we save money on bags, note books, pens and pencils. Next week I will be in Vijayawada to collect the Back to School Packs.

If any potential donors from any country interested to come forward to donate to buy land and construction of buildings to feed and accommodate more children, we are very happy to work with them transparently. Because of poverty single illiterate mothers are suffering and struggling like anything to feed, accommodate and raise their kids and wanted to make their children educate and stand on their own feet, Almost all the phone calls we receive from single illiterate mothers from surrounding villages of Nellore and neighboring district Prakasham. Just now when I am typing this GG quarterly report now also I received a phone call from a woman called Vijayamma from Kavali 55kms, away from Nellore requested for admissions in LHO. Like this, I regularly received number of phone calls from unknown single illiterate mothers through their literate relatives and village heads.

On 16th May we received fund 997,914 Indian Rupees from the River Fund. With this fund we can use to feed and accommodate 45 children nearly 10 months. As I reported in my previous GG reports we are still paying less to full, part time and tutors when compared with other National and International NGOs and Charities. From this academic year we should raise salaries of full, part time staff and tutors. We spent funds very wisely and we never compromise in saving funds. There is no misuse or diversion of funds for other purposes.

See you all with more news in my next GG Quarterly report.

Friends, this is C.P.Kumar reporting from HEARTS to the Global Giving through the River Fund.

God bless you all.


Having fun and snacks!
Having fun and snacks!

Dear Donors, Friends and Well-wishers of "little HEARTS orphanage" all over the world,

Greetings to you all from "little HEARTS orphanage" of Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh State of India. We hope you are all well in health and wealth!

Recently, Mr. R from USA visited LHO and spent some time and asked few questions about children and their welfare.. Through GG he donated some money to LHO. He also promised in the near future he will do more for LHO through GG.

All the children at LHO doing well physically and mentally. This is final examinations period all over Andhra Pradesh State. All the children from 1st class to Intermediate are very busy in studies at LHO. They are studying very well and working more hours on studies to get good marks and ranks. As I told in my previous GG Quarterly Reports, after food and accommodation education is the most important to every child for bright future.

After food we are spending more money on education materials, tuition fee for Xth and Intermediate students. The Xth class children must pass examinations to go to college (Intermediate). At LHO 5 children including one girl appearing for Xth class final examinations which starts from 21st March to 2nd April. We hope they all will get very good marks and ranks to join college.

Anil who is studying IInd year Intermediate did all the examinations well so for. Today is the last examination for him. Like Ramu, Anil is also interested to join and study Civil Engineering. To send him to Engineering College from this year we need more financial support along with Ramu who successfully completed IIIrd year. He is having only one year to complete his Civil Engineering studies who is studying at Priyadarshini Engineering College, Nellore.

Padma is now studying first year B.Sc. Nursing at St. Joseph’s Nursing College which near to LHO. Tomorrow my wife and I are going to visit her. Every Second Sunday of every month they will be given permission to go outing. Yesterday Padma made a phone call from her college office land line and reminded me about fee. I also spoke with the office staff and enquired about the fee and told them on Monday I will be coming to pay college fee in instalments. We should pay Rs.36,000 each year. Like this we should pay for 3 years. We have already paid Rs.16,000 for Padma. Rest of the fee should be paid by us before this August for 1st year.

The rest of the children are studying from 1st class to IXth class. 3 tutors are regularly attending for every evening to help children homework and teach all the subjects. Every Sunday evening all the children will go to nearby Police Parade Grounds to play. They play from 3PM to 6PM. Local people donate Food and Biscuits at least once or twice in a month by celebrating their little ones Birthdays. Three full time and three part time staff are working for lower salaries. When compared with other institutions we are paying less salary. Our staff is demanding for raise in their salaries. I promised them that we will raise salaries from next academic year which starts in the month of June of 2016.

Beloved donors please donate more to meet the regular expenditure in addition to salaries of staff.

Kind regards


Taking care of each other ... snacks help!
Taking care of each other ... snacks help!
Little girls playing!
Little girls playing!
Growing children are always hungry!
Growing children are always hungry!
Children at little HEARTS Orphanage
Children at little HEARTS Orphanage

Dear Donors, Friends and Well-wishers of "little HEARTS orphanage" running with the kind support of The River Fund.

Once again time has come to say Namaste and thanks to all of our kind hearted people around the world for your support throughout this year. Now we are at the last days of 2015 and looking forward to enter into New Year 2016!

At the last week of November we had terrible rains for 5 days and floods. Three Districts including Nellore covered with waters everywhere. All the lakes, canals, roads and lower side houses completely filled with waters. Rescue teams from NDRF arrived with boats to rescues people who are in waters and helicopters dropped food and water packets. All the schools and colleges closed for a week days. Highest rain fall recorded after 50 years of Nellore District history. No power for one and half day in town. These 3 districts look like seas! Lot of damage for farmers, business people and poor people.

I am happy to submit the last Quarterly Report to Global Giving through the River Fund and I hope we have achieved something better than last year. Since last year we have fixed goal to give more importance and educate girls. In this process, this year we sent Padma to continue her studies by joining B.Sc. Nursing at St. Joseph’s Nursing College which is in Nellore town and just 2kms. away from "little HEARTS orphanage" where Padma was raised.

After grown up boys left LHO to further studies, we gave admissions to new kids. At present we have 15 girls and 25 boys. To help and improve their education appointed another tutor to teach especially English and Mathematics. Now LHO looks like real little hearts with little ones. The mothers/fathers of new kids are also like old kids with different backgrounds like poverty, illiteracy with drinking habits. These children are becoming burden to their mothers to feed because these mothers work as agricultural labourers or maid servants or work in small shops with little income. Usually, 99% of children are having single mother at least with not less than 3 kids.

Because of cost of living cost of all the food items including vegetables are now very high. We need nearly Rs.75,000 to run LHO.

Ramu is now very busy with his 3rd year Civil Engineering and appearing for IInd semester examinations. Anil is now final year of Intermediate. Ramu has become a role model to boys and they want to become Engineers and Padma is a role model to girls. All the girls want to study B.Sc Nursing! Anil is also interested to join in a local Engineering College after the successful completion of Intermediate.

Whatever we have achieved so for, it's all because of your love, kindness and financial support. Without your kind support we cannot achieve anything.

We feed the children with milk every day and on Tuesday and Friday we serve food with egg curry and every Sunday we serve chicken or fish. The children cannot get this nutritious and healthy kind of food when they visit their villages for summer holidays.

Children at LHO are really lucky because we are paying and providing everything for their food, education, shelter, medical and safety. At least once or twice in a month we receive delicious donated food items by the local people because LHO is on the main road side. Almost all of our children came from villages and children eat more and more food because they always do something physically and energetic.

In this connection I request all of our donors start donate more from this holidays and giving season to meet the expenses of LHO.

Hope to talk to you all once again in my next New Year first quarter GG report through the River Fund with more news!

We wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016 Greetings and Blessings.



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