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An egg a day for kids in rural China

by Shanghai United Foundation
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The One Egg Program initiated by Shanghai United Foundation (SUF) is to improve children's health in poverty areas in China by giving an egg per day to every child during their primary school years. SUF runs the program in cooperation with local grassroots NGOs and village schools. An egg only costs 10 cents but it means a lot to hungry kids. This fund will support more than 11,000 children and their teachers of 60 Primary Schools in poor districts of West China for long-term.


Based on a research carried out by CHINA DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH FOUNDATION on 2010 aiming at 1400 children in poverty areas, the result revealed that among every 100 children around the same age, there are 12 children who are 6-15cm shorter in height and 9 children 7-15kg lighter in weight than those live in cities. The goal of the program is to give kids in poverty areas one egg every day to improve their health situation. The One Egg Program commenced in Dec. 2010, and will be long lasting.


We provide one egg for one kid everyday to improve health situation. As a kind of food including various proteins, one egg might be able to make a difference. Children can also take eggs for breakfast to combat hunger. To support local community building, we don't give eggs to schools directly. Local grassroots NGOs are involved in investigation, contact, purchase, transportation, and supervision. Schools are responsible for allergy check, cooking and distributing eggs to children.

Long-Term Impact

More than 11,000 children will get an egg a day, so their health situation will be highly improved. And their parents will also encourage children to go to school every day because they can eat an egg at school. Local grassroots NGOs will get enough money to implement the program to achieve their mission. And they will be trained in the cooperation process with SUF which will help them grow faster and better.

Additional Documentation

This project has provided additional documentation in a PDF file (projdoc.pdf).

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