Lifeskills for 2,743 Children in South Africa

by Keep The Dream196

Dear Friends and partners of Keep The Dream196,

Thank you so much for your continued support in 2015. This year for us has been exciting, frustrating, encouraging and devastating for many reasons.

Exciting - because we are still here when so many wonderful organizations are dying due to the global financial crisis the often hostile fiscal climate that exists out there. Exciting because our kids continue to grow and acheive and develop into excellent young adults who are passionate about life.

Frustrating - Asset Based Community Development is very frustrating because we work with people whose agendas and values are not the same and are often in direct conflict with what we are trying to acheive.

Encouraging - Our kids are amazing and keep us encouraged and focussed to continue

Devastating - We have buried 2 kids and 2 adult volunteers this year, plus one of our girls was raped and is now pregnant by perpetrator who is out of bail in the same village as his victim. We have implemented grief and trauma counselling for all those affected but the toll is heavy on us all.

With all the bad news we are experiencing from around the world from both man made and natural disasters including the terrorist attacks in Khenya, Burundi and France to the earthquakes of Nepal and the mudslides in Brazil what is so encouraging is people like you who see a need and give to help and support others. It is so easy to become overwhelmed when you are just one person but your gift means so much to others, often strangers who will never know your name or your circumstances but they will know your caring through your gift.

Whenever I write to donors who have given to KTD196 I always write a personal note and to those who receive those notes monthly I hope I am not clogging your email provider. I am always amazed at the generosity of heart of people. Christmas is a cash sucking, finance reducing and debt inducing time of the year and yet people still give. RELAX I am not asking for money. I am just wanting to appreciate your support and your efforts and thank you once again for making a difference to us. It does wonderful things to me personally knowing that people I dont know are willing to give and support this program and those of you who I have the priviledge to know I am very grateful.

So now, I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. God bless you and keep you safe. May your Christmas season be full to overflowing with joy, love, happiness and blessings.

Love from Louise and the KTD196 Dream Team.


Dear All,

as the title says we are moving forward into uncharted territory. Last years Annual Report I stated that we wanted to franchise what we are doing to spread our foot print further and to impact more children, families and communities. After a lot of research franchising is fraught with a lot of legalities and paperwork. To that end, we have decided to continue partnering with larger organizations in order to move ahead.

KTD196 is now working in Vembe a province in Limpopo through the Japanese Volunteer Centre, we are also working into Utah (through Buffelshoek Trust) and Acornhoek (Seeds of Light) in Mpumalanga the province next to Limpopo. Through our partnership with National Development Agency we are rolling out our Food For Life project (and childrens project) to the other districts in our province. This is exciting, we are moving on with our dreams.

I want to thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, partnership and resources to be able to do this. It is humbling to know we have people that believe in the work we do enough to put their time, effort and money where theirs mouths are. THANK YOU. For those who have donated for a while, please consider donating a regular amount even if it is a minimum amount, it all helps. 100people donating $10 = $1,000 that equates to 4 peoples salaries and transport for a month. We dont want to be a burden to any one person but this small amount allows us to plan and utilize effectively the resources we do have to see our vision fulfilled.

Thank you once again.

God bless you



The Future. Please assist us make Dreams come true
The Future. Please assist us make Dreams come true

Dear Friends,

I don’t think I take enough time to share our successes, they get tucked away in the Annual Report and can be easily glanced over so I decided I wanted to share the impact we are having with the children we serve and to expand on the meaning of these successes.

1) Limpopo Province has a reported teenage pregnancy rate of 13% we have reduced that rate to 0.062% for 12yrs. We should be seeing approximately 170 pregnancies a year, multiplied by 12years means a total of 1,453 teenagers who have not become pregnant while in our program. This means we have saved the government R5,266,179 in Child Support Grants in 2014. When a teenager becomes pregnant her body is not mature enough physically, spiritually or emotionally to become pregnant. The child is often born underweight and sickly because the teenager tries to hide the pregnancy and lose weight during the pregnancy. Due to the pregnancy both child and mother can be very sickly post delivery and suffer from complications for the first 5yrs of life. The 1,453 girls have continued on with their studies and are working hard on their futures without the complication of a baby to care for.

2) Limpopo also has a HIV rate of 21.5% with the worst affected being females aged between 15-25yrs. With
this pregnancy rate the youth are either abstaining (which they assure us they are) or are protecting them
selves from unwanted pregnancies and HIV in the process. This means that the government is not having to
pay for expensive Anti-retroviral therapies for the life of our children OR their children because they have
chosen to abstain. This also means that there are less illness’s relating to HIV which require treatment and
an overall increase in quality of life, life expectancy and decrease in morbidity of this generation.

3) Limpopo Province has one of the worst matriculation rates in the country with an average of 60% for the
last 6yrs. In our program we have an average of 90%. The two years were we had students fail where the
years of the general strike (including teachers) and the failure by Dept of Education to deliver text books to
all the schools in Limpopo. Our children are taught team work, study skills, determination, seeking out support
and help when they don't understand the curriculum or content. Because of these skills the children are
passing matric, in fact for 4years we have had 100% matriculation pass rate. We also assist the matriculants
with career advice and access to bursary applications and university enrolment forms. All of our Scouts who
have gone on to college or university have persevered and been able to graduate. The national average for
graduation for a 4yr degree is only 10%. The Scouts/Rovers tell us it is because they do not succumb to peer
pressure at university because they have learnt to have a goal and be determined and focussed. They provide
support to each other, homework support and moral encouragement.

4) 10% of all natural deaths for children aged between 0-18yrs is suicide related. We have had no suicides in
12yrs. Our children are well adjusted and resilient. They have learnt that pressures are temporary and that
perseverance will produce results. They have developed the necessary holistic skills to live successful and
fruitful lives. They are not afraid of challenges and work hard at supporting each other towards their goals.
There was one attempted suicide in all this time where the child survived and realised that her life
deteriorated significantly when she left Scouts 3years earlier, she no longer had the support of positive
peers and started studying where access to alcohol and drugs were rife. I am happy to report that she has
come back as a Rover and is succeeding in university and due to graduate law next year.

5) None of our children, once they have joined and remain in the program, have been involved with crime, use
alcohol or drugs.

6) We are currently working with over 3,000 Children aged between 5-26yrs in 91 different sites around Greater Tzaneen Municipality and Vembe districts.

As you can see our impact is growing everyday. Please consider giving to us again especially on a monthly basis as this helps us to maintain a regular cash flow and organize our activities more effectively. The next bonus giving day is 16th September 2015 where your donations will be increased by 30%.

Thank you for your previous support please consider assisting us further, no amount is too small.

with much gratitude

Louise Batty


Voice of the Child:

My name is Karabo, I am 17yrs old, in year 11 at high school and I have been a part of Keep The Dream196 since I was 12 yrs of age. KTD196 introduced Scouts to Radoo in 2010. Scouts has changed my life, I didn’t know what to do because I was an ordinary boy, I would just do what everyone else was doing without thinking about my future. After being in scouts I realised anything is
possible. For example, I thought joining the bad boys in the village was the right thing to do. My family and village teens were my role models, drinking, smoking, dropping out of school, stealing, crime, and some of my friends are now in prison, I watched this and thought it was cool but scouts showed me a different future, one I could be proud of.

I thought the village boys would laugh at me and make me a fool to others in my village but I decided to make my own decision, the right decision according to the scout laws. I have a future. Scouts has changed my thought patterns and my behaviours. My best friend joined scouts with me, he thought it was a great thing because of camping and the games we played. But out of all my friends I am the only one left in scouting because obeying the scout laws is very tough. My best friends now hang out at
shabeens all the time drinking, many have dropped out of school, having high risk sex, getting girls pregnant and becoming HIV infected. Given was my best friend when I was 12yrs, we joined scouts together but after 3months Given quit. Given now at 17yrs is repeating grade9 again for the 3rd time, spending all his free time at the shabeens with many girlfriends, involved in high risk sexual activity. Scouts has made me realise there is more to life.

I lost a lot of friends in the beginning because of continuing with Scouts. Others joined scouts
because of me and the positive changes they saw in me. We provide support for each other, we do
activities together such as improving the skills in the younger scouts, we actively recruit younger kids to join. We also do community service for vulnerable people (old people or those on their own who don’t have relatives to care for them) in the community such as cleaning up their yards, we fund raise money and buy food for them, collect water and let them know they are not on their own, that people care for them. We often clean the streets of our village and after the SASSA grant has been given out in my village my troop goes to the visiting point to clean the area afterwards. The community see us as good children and are proud of the work we do. They know we are Scouts.

Scouts has given me the ability to think positively, to be a role model to the other younger children in the village, and to even help children to realise Scouts is a very positive impact in our lives. Because of Keep The Dream196 I now have the following skills: Management, Organizational, Communication and good leadership skills.

The scout laws I took in to my heart and I have changed. I enjoy going to camp and thought that was all scouts was but then I realised Scouts was all over the world and if I decided to live the right way using the scout laws, I could achieve anything. My life could have been useless but now with scouts I have a direction and a purpose.

Once completing matriculation I have a dream to be a dentist. I will take my studies further and attend university. I also will prove to my friends that Scouts was not a waste of time and in fact I chose correctly. Even though I will be a professional I will still be involved with Scouts and Keep The Dream196, KTD196 needs to grow bigger and touch more lives in Limpopo and South Africa. I will be continuing my involvement in Scouts as an adult leader but also assisting financially and resource wise as I know that many development troops start with nothing but passion. They need resources for scouting materials and activities, please consider helping us now so we can move forward with our dream for Scouting.

I feel proud of being in scouts because I care for people, I am a leader, I am role model and I have a future.



Khanyisa and sister Nkulu a Social Worker with KTD
Khanyisa and sister Nkulu a Social Worker with KTD

Dear All,

we are starting to spread further a field with confidence know that the projects we are running back in Tzaneen are continuing in a proper manner. We are able to mover further afield through a new partnership with the Japanese Volunteer Centre. This partnership is taking us to Elim about 1hours drive North of our present position. It is exciting because after spending two days with the 3 Drop In Centres they are fired up and excited about working together and so are their children.

We are also spreading to Acornhoek, Hoedspruit and Haenetzburg during this season. Our foot print is getting bigger and bigger within Limpopo. We are not waiting for the franchise finances to come in, we are stepping out. If it has been a while please consider donating once again to us. We are seeing near enough 3,000 children a week now. We need your ongoing support.

We will start a Journey of Life training which teaches adults about the pitfalls children have to negotiate when growing up. To us this is common knowledge but because of poor education, migrant labour issues, working away from home many parents do not have the basic parenting skills that we take for granted. This training often causes the participants to look back over their own lives and re-evaluate their own issues, this can be very confronting at times as well.

Then we will introduce all the staff to KTD196's children's program which is particularly effective in the rural areas. So by the end of the year we should have trained the staff extensively, followed up on their training with monthly visits plus worked with their parents. Its great to see our replication happening already in another desperately needy area.

You may or may not know but we have added a second project to Global Giving, we are desperate to own a farm for a variety of different reasons but predominantly so we can continue running our camps on a weekly basis which are currently limited to the winter school holidays due to access to a venue. Secondly, for 12 years we have been operating out of my home, now we reached maximum capacity and we need a proper office space and training venue of our own. Please consider partnering with us on this endeavour. All you need to go is go to Global Giving and enter Keep The Dream196 and both of our projects will come up.

We also have had the privilidge to be on international television this last month. If you missed it please go to YouTube on  or go to and look for the youtube icon. If you have any comments please dont hesitate to leave me a message on our website under subscribe.

Thank you all once again for your ongoing support. You are making this possible.

Take care all

Louise Batty


Being a scout has had a huge impact on my life because it changed the way I think, the way I look at people and the way I look at myself. Being a Scout is not about what you do when you are with other Scouts but it becomes part of your lifestyle.

Joining Scouts is a decision that one makes because you want to change for the good. Scouts changes us in different ways: firstly, you gain confidence. Secondly, you learn how to interact with different people and thirdly you can discover your abilities.

Thank you to KTD196 for bringing Scouts to our area. Join Keep The Dream196 and your life will change forever.

Khanyisa 1st Shiluvane Rover


Camping without tents.
Camping without tents.

Dear Friends

We have a major project on board, we are fundraising for a farm. On

We continue on, although we are attracting small donors we continue on with our fundraising plans to purchase our farm. Over six proposals have gone out to international donors to assist us with the purchase of our farm. All six have been declined however we continue to fundraise and to carry out our activities.

For example, over the weekend a camp was held in Mwamitwa with 30 Scouts. This was a village based camp and comes with inherent issues around safety and security. Although the venue was a Drop in Centre on the weekends we have to be very vigilant to make sure the children's safety is secured. It is difficult because there are many shebeens (taverns) in all the villages and so dealing with intoxicated people makes village camping a challenge. Hence the decision to move ahead with the purchase of a farm where safety will be assured.

This camp was exciting because it was run by the Rovers from Mwamitwa area (Rovers are over 18yrs up to 26yrs) with minimal support from Keep The Dream196. It means the program is becoming more sustainable and less dependent on the NGO for staffing, support and training. This is exciting. The program is growing, the Scouts are active, the Rovers are loving being a part of the program and giving back to their communities. Kheto is not just a Rover but is also a Field Officer with Keep The Dream196. Since working with us he has been saving and now has enough money to continue his Bachelors in Computer Science. Another team mate at the camp is Ntsako, his story is below.

Thank you to all who have made our impact possible. Thank you for partnering with us as we slowly but surely keep moving on!

On May 13th 2015 there is a matching bonus day. Please consider donating on this day towards KTD196 and your donation will be increased by Global Giving.

Thank you once again for helping us acheive our goals

My name is Tsako and I have been a scout since 2009 and I am very proud of what I do. I have earned love, respect, support and mostly I have something to keep me busy day after day. I am a Troop Leader for 1st Mohlaba and I now have developed 1st Petanenge Scout Troop also I am the Assistant Troop Scouter to 1st Sasekani Troop.

Scouts is like my peacemaker because when I think of scouts joy, happiness, smiles, caring and respect appears on my fare. The Scout trail says it is our turn to spread the scout message a little bit wider and I am doing so to create friendship and brotherhood amongst our beautiful country. Day after day appreciate the responsibility mum Rose and Akela Zabe who have given me many opportunities. Thank you Keep The Dream196 you have given me courage and I am well motivated, I will keep my dream

Kheto Rover 1st Nghonyama Crew
Kheto Rover 1st Nghonyama Crew
Ntsako - A Rover at the latest camp
Ntsako - A Rover at the latest camp



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