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Thank you!
Thank you!

Good morning!

I hope you're having a wonderful summer! While most kids we know have been off on vacation, the school year for students at our projects in Honduras, Cambodia and Guatemala is still in full swing- they started in January and go straight through until the end of the year with a few days off for holidays. With this, we wanted to let you know that we have almost reached our funding goal and are closing this project to prepare for the new school year. We are so proud of our partners’ and students’ accomplishments and could not have done this without you.

Below are testimonials from two students who wanted to share why the project is so important to them.

Luis, Grade 4

" live with my dad and mom in the colony of Los Pinos and have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. When I grow up, I want to be a policeman to be able to stop crime in my community, stop thieves and ride in a patrol car following the bad guys. What I like most about the mobile library is that they always teach us new things. They read us stories, we sing songs, and I learn new words. They also took us to the park with my friends and we had so much fun.

I love books. I don’t have one in my house, buy I have many in the mobile library and at school. When they give me homework at school, I go to the library to do it and also have extra help there in math and Spanish when I do not understand the assignments.

I love my community. Thank you for the mobile library and bringing us many books to read!"

 Phally, Grade 8

After a year of exhausting work at the garbage dump, Phally decided that it was time for her to think of her future and that of her family. Despite her family’s harsh living conditions, Phally decided to face her grandmother and asked her permission to go to PIO’s free school. At first, her grandmother refused, but, Phally was determined to study and wasn’t ready to give up. She decided to fast instead. Her grandmother, worried about her niece’s health, finally agreed to send Phally to PIO’s school. I felt so happy I couldn’t stop smiling and jumping around! I could finally go to school!”

At 6 years old, she started studying at PIO Kindergarten and she’s a High School student in Grade 8. Phally is hardworking and she recognises the importance that education has to break the cycle of poverty: “I study because education will improve my future and that of my family. If all the people of Cambodia get a high-quality education, nobody will be poor and Cambodia won’t be a poor country anymore!”

We know that your support has made a difference.

Not just in numbers (6,500 students received an education!), but in a real impact on each of their lives. Because of you, children who don’t have books at home were able to hold one in their hands for the first time and learn to read; they received meals at school which were often the only ones they ate that day; and they are healthier after receiving medical and dental care. Thank you for being a hero for each one of these children!

We look forward to sending you updates from the new project!

P.S. Two of our partners celebrate milestone anniversaries this year! Asociación celebrated their 25th Anniversary in June with an incredible Arts and Culture Festival showcasing what students have been learning in their theatre, dance, band, and art classes (photos below!). Los Patojos will soon be celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year!

Folk Dance Performance by Compartir Students
Folk Dance Performance by Compartir Students
Theatre Performance by Compartir Students
Theatre Performance by Compartir Students
Dr. Valle checking student at Los Patojos
Dr. Valle checking student at Los Patojos
Snack time at Los Patojos
Snack time at Los Patojos



Hi! My name is Josue.

To me, Los Patojos means studying, playing, having fun, and teamwork. What I love about Los Patojos is working with teams and having freedom. With this, I say goodbye and I hope that someday you can come visit us. We look forward to it!

P.S. My name is Josué. I am 10 years old and I am in 5th grade.


The first quarter of the school year at all of our projects was amazing, but we want you to see it in person!   

Pictures and videos are awesome, but there's nothing like being there in person. Will you join us on our next trip?

We're going to Los Patojos this August from the 3-7. This incredible school is located just outside of Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is an hour from the capital and just a two hour flight from Miami!. During the trip, we will tour the school, meet the director, staff and teachers, spend time with the students, and meet fellow supporters from Guatemala and around the world. We'll also participate in cultural activities unique to the area for everyone to have that full, 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience. We promise you won't want to miss it! Check out photos with Ambassadors from our recent trips below.

Los Patojos | Guatemala | Next Trip: August 3-7

The past couple weeks, the youngest students have been learning about numbers, colors, respect, and community. They made paintings, decorated planters, and learned how to clean up. Another class learned about cooking, recognizing strengths and weaknesses in a team, and dialoque for communication. Students at Los Patojos learn not only the core curriculum, but also soft skills that will help them thrive in their communities and careers. Five students who have been with the program from the very beginning were recently hired by Grupo H, a local company with high remarks for the youth, saying that they are some of their best employees and will be the first ones in line for promotions!

People Improvement Organization | Cambodia | Next Trip: Fall 2016

There are now 126 students studying in Grades 7-12 and 4 University students! These students graduated from the program you are supporting and continue to advance in their studies. The new school building in Stung Mean Chey, located across the street from the current one, is almost complete and will help alleviate the overcrowding they are facing due to high demand for the program.     

Asociación Compartir | Honduras

3,500 children and youth participated in the mobile library activities and 850 participated in activities held in comunities centers and "open spaces", designated meeting spots in the community. The cultural groups have been busy raising awareness and preparing for their upcoming festivals and events. One group, 18 students taking flute lessons, was invited by JustWorld Ambassadors to perform at their horse show. It was a great opportunity for the students to interact, meet supporter, and share about the organization.

Interested in learning more about an upcoming trip? Let us know! E-mail Amber Warren at We hope to meet you soon!

Alex at Los Patojos
Alex at Los Patojos
Cooper (Far Right) at Los Patojos
Cooper (Far Right) at Los Patojos
Shoug (Center) at PIO
Shoug (Center) at PIO
Nadja (Right) with Compartir Student Visiting Show
Nadja (Right) with Compartir Student Visiting Show



“I used to pick up the garbage on the old dumpsite, but I always wanted to go to school like the other children. My dad is old and sick and my brother has a heart disease, so I have to be strong and help my mother to take care of the house. I am very happy PIO can help us with the rice, and take me and my brother to school. I am in Grade 1 because it was very difficult to learn for me. My brother is better than me, but I am proud of him. I hope we can both have a good job when we grow up to help support our family.”

                                                                                                                                                            ~ Sokpanha, Grade 1

                                                                                                                                                    Student at PIO since: 2010

Good morning friends!

Did you know that you helped 6,214 students go back to school this year? It's true! Because of your support,

  • 850 students are studying in Cambodia!
  • 60 students are studying in Colombia!
  • 304 students are studying in Guatemala!
  • and 5,000 students are studying in Honduras!

This is an incredible number, nearly double the number of students we helped to go back to school last year! Even more, 122 students who graduated from our program in Cambodia are now in high school and 4 students are now attending university! This is a huge accomplishment showing the results of our continued support over the years. The students love their schools and are grateful for all that you do. Thank you for your commitment to funding these programs which will open so many more opportunities for them that they would not have had otherwise.

Our next project trip is April 10-13, 2016! We welcome you to come see firsthand the results of your support in Guatemala as we visit Los Patojos, our partner in Jocotenango. The school is just outside of Antigua, a UN World Heritage Site and busy tourist hub. Here, you will meet Juan Pablo, Founder and Director of Los Patojos as well as a CNN Top 10 Hero, as well as the amazing teachers, staff and students in Kindergarten-Grade 7. Their new 7th grade class is exceeding expectations and the team is very happy to see the changes that have taken place among them in just three weeks.

Thank you again for helping students like Sokpanha and her brother go to school and believe in their dreams!


Shoug with PIO Students
Shoug with PIO Students

Dear Friends,

I can now say that I have visited all four of JustWorld’s partners and each one of them is incredibly amazing for the impact they have on their communities.

People Improvement Organization (PIO) in Cambodia was the only one I had not visited yet and to be honest, I had ZERO concept about what it would be like. Even though I review all of their budgets, see all of the photos and updates on social media and in their reports, and communicate with them regularly, traveling to the other side of the world and being in Asia did not feel tangible. The trip, which took about 32 hours to get from Florida to New York to Hong Kong to Phnom Penh, actually wasn’t that bad (and we flew over the North Pole!). In our group were Shoug, who travelled from Abu Dhabi, and Herve, Maria and Jessica who came from France, all to see the PIO schools and children.

Once we arrived and settled in, we met with Phymean, the founder and director of PIO who just won the World’s Children’s Prize, along with PIO’s nurse Vuthy, the Deputy Director Malyda and the Financial and Administrative Manager Hoeun. Being able to have dinner together and talking to everyone in person really brought everything to life! Over the next two days we visited each class at PIO’s two schools that we help fund. The students greeted us with songs and asked questions to get to know everyone. They were all proud of what they learned and happy for the opportunity to study to one day become doctors, teachers, and anything they could think of.

It was wonderful to be with these Ambassadors as they saw a project for the first time and experienced the culture of Cambodia. The level of poverty in this area was a bit of a shock as we walked through a community lade with trash because residents were unable to afford $5.00 a month for trash pickup or even a full bottle of cooking oil so they buy a small bag for a penny instead to make meals for their families. Knowing there is a way for children in these areas to be able to get an education, grow up strong and healthy, and follow their dreams reassures that support to our partner is worthwhile and making a difference in others' lives.

Through all of our partnerships and with your support, we are serving more than 6,000 children in Cambodia, Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras. This is huge! Thank you for following our updates and supporting JustWorld. If you  would be nterested in visiting one of our partners with us in the future, contact us to learn more!

More exciting updates from our partners!

At People Improvement Organization (PIO) in Cambodia,

  • The new school year began in October and attendance is over 90% daily showing students are staying in school!
  • PIO students sitting the national Grade 6 examination for admission to high school achieved a 100% pass rate- this is the best result ever!
  • The foundation was completed in September for the new building next to PIO’s Stung Mean Chey (SMC) school and construction is well underway.

At Los Patojos in Guatemala,

  • The first group of students has graduated from the new program! With the construction of the new center and Los Patojos becoming an official alternative education program, this group of 6th graders is the first class to hold diplomas from Los Patojos’ school AND will be staying at Los Patojos to continue their studies as the first class of 7th graders!
  • 10,965 breakfasts, 11,111 lunches, and 2,669 dinners were served; a total of 42,745 meals.
  • Los Patojos' dream to start a bakery is coming true! They have begun renovations and started training sessions to teach students how to bake different types of breads and baked goods!

At Asociación Compartir in Honduras,

  • 3,430 students participated in: community libraries, reading club, and youth communicators network
  • 1,300 students participated in the mobile library at schools, community centers, and meeting points
  • 91 students participated in arts workshops (theatre, flute, band, and percussion); 36 students visited the national theatre to see a play and 400 students were involved in the science fair
  • Students also painted a beautiful mural in their community! 

We hope you have a fabulous week and enjoy the holiday season!

Maria, Phymean, Herve and Jessica at PIO
Maria, Phymean, Herve and Jessica at PIO
Rafa, 6th Grader at Los Patojos, Juan Pablo & Vero
Rafa, 6th Grader at Los Patojos, Juan Pablo & Vero
Los Patojos
Los Patojos' Baking Class
Mural by students at Compartir
Mural by students at Compartir
Celebrating the Rights of the Child with Compartir
Celebrating the Rights of the Child with Compartir


Cinthia at Compartir
Cinthia at Compartir

Hello and happy summer! As the days start to cool down, activities at our projects are heating up. Here’s the latest updates from our partners in Honduras, Guatemala, and Cambodia – enjoy!

Asociación Compartir: Tegucigalpa, Honduras:

Meet Cinthia! She is nine years old and lives in the Villa Nueva section of Tegucigalpa. Cinthia says she’s happy she joined the book club in Compartir’s library because she can learn many things about reading and make lots of new friends! Cinthia likes to come to the library because it is colorful and she always learns a lot while she is there. One of her favorite memories with Compartir is when her book club met with children in the Nueva Suyapa and Los Pinos sections of Tegucigalpa. She said they did reading activities and visited the Valle de Angeles cultural center. Cinthia’s story is why JustWorld loves being involved with Compartir: it allows children like Cinthia to discover her passion for books and reading!

There were many exciting activities happening at Compartir this quarter. One was the Fair of National Identity, a recurring event that takes place in the AGAFAN (a public square for fairs) in an effort to rebuild public spaces. The fair was put on predominantly by the children, parents, and youth of four nearby schools. This year’s fair also featured Jorge Montenegro who produced and starred in a recent feature film, Legends of Honduras!

A Science Fair and a Book Fair also took place this quarter. The Science fair was coordinated with Education District No. 10 with the goal of sharing the growing scientific talent of children and youth in Honduras. Twenty-six educational centers were invited, and Francisco Morazan delighted attendees with his science experiments as he served as a representative from the Autonomous National University of Honduras and the National Pedagogical University. The fair was well publicized by the media, with the TN5 news anchor Cesar Quintanilla in attendance. Overall, the event was a wonderful success of budding scientific talent and a fun way for children and their families to come together to celebrate academic achievements.

Another fun activity that took place this quarter was the performance of "The Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha.” The play was preformed in an artistic tour that took place in March and April by eighteen children from Los Pinos and Villa Neuva. The work was preformed successfully at 22 different locations, including the National Autonomous University of Honduras, a wonderful celebration of the Spanish language!

Right now, with the help of JustWorld (and your support!) Compartir is helping over 6,000 children learn to read, write, and make a difference. Thank you so much for all of your help!


PIO: Phenom Penh, Cambodia:

Meet Mr. Vuthy! Mr. Vuthy is valuable asset to PIO. As a medical student specializing in pediatrics, he has an excellent knowledge of child health and the ability to provide excellent care to children. The records Mr. Vuthy keeps of each student has helped PIO document its student’s medical histories in a way that is more detailed than ever before. He, in collaboration with the PIO projects manager, is building on the school’s database of medical information, and he provides reports showing the number of consultations and treatments he has preformed each month. On top of his record-keeping services, Mr. Vuthy gives the children at PIO excellent care!

In addition, PIO’s Deputy Director made the decision to increase the Social Worker’s role to include visits to high school aged children’s families. PIO hopes that with these new families included, the social worker will be able to reach at least 40 families a month. Social workers visit children’s’ homes when a family situation makes them unable to attend school. The more homes she visits, the more children can go back to school and get an education.

All children at both schools have received necessary textbooks, school supplies and uniforms. Out of all these children, over 800 have their materials directly funded by JustWorld International! In addition, attendance rates at both schools are better than 90 percent per day and the number of students enrolled remains steady. Retention rates are an important achievement, because many children leave school at a young age to work (often illegally) with their families. PIO has worked with families to make sure children stay in school through the 5th and 6th grades. High retention rates are proof of their success!

On behalf of our friends at PIO: “As always PIO is grateful to JWI for helping us build a brighter future for the children of Cambodia.” Thank you for all you’ve done in helping us help PIO!


Los Patojos: Jocotenango, Guatemala

The new school at Los Patojos, completed this winter, offers exciting opportunities to all parties involved with the project’s ongoing success. Los Patojos continues to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, the new medical clinic was completed on July 6th! Dr. Valle treats patients and supervises the clinic’s progress.

Two new developments following the completion of the new school have been teacher training and improving Los Patojos’ social projection to their surrounding community. In training, teachers attend an information session each week. They learn about topics such as student assessment, sexual education, and integration of children with disabilities. The teacher education program has strengthened the quality of instruction at Los Patojos, making students more prepared, motivated, and interested in learning. Los Patojos’ community involvement includes a school for parents and caregivers, cleaning the street and community spaces near the project, and beautifying the nearby Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church in Jocotenango. Through this work, the children at Los Patojos are setting an example of respect for themselves and respect for the community around them.

Finally, the IAC, the artistic development section of Los Patojos, has used the new space in the recently completed school to expand its outstanding work. The IAC continues with its goal of promoting personal growth by using art as a medium of self-expression. Many IAC groups that have benefitted from their new space, including a theater group called Mirror Company Theatre, a juggling group known as Orbita Code, two breakdancing teams (the B-boys and the Patojos Crew), and a Graphic Arts and Music Production team. A Journalistic Team and Woman’s Art Workshops have received new spaces as well!

We’re thrilled that our projects were able to accomplish so much this summer, and their achievements would not be possible without your help!

Dr. Vuthy at PIO
Dr. Vuthy at PIO
Dylann & Friends at Los Patojos
Dylann & Friends at Los Patojos

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