Israel-Palestine Crisis Relief Fund

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Israel-Palestine Crisis Relief Fund

What's Happening and How to Help

We believe that organizations that are deeply rooted in local communities are in the best position to provide long-term support for survivors of crises like these. By funding the efforts of local organizations with a long-term track record of working in the affected areas, donations to this fund have the potential to build stronger response capacity so that people are better equipped to face future challenges.

The projects listed below are led by vetted GlobalGiving partners working in the region. You can donate directly to a specific project or to GlobalGiving’s Israel-Palestine Crisis Relief Fund.

Mrs. Najah's Kitchen - Gaza Emergency Meals
My name is Najah and I am a refugee, born and raised in a refugee camp in Rafah in the Gaza Strip. I have been providing services to empower women in Rafah, Gaza for over 19 years as the Executive Director of the Women Programs Center-Rafah. Right now, a million people are taking refuge here, in southern Gaza and bombing is underway. Healthy, protein-based meals for displaced families make all the difference. A single meal feeds a family of 6. Please, help my team feed 400 families/day.
Help Traumatized Palestinian Children
Since 1925 the Spafford Children's Center (SCC) in East Jerusalem has served the Palestinian population. Currently, SCC provides treatment for trauma reactions in children who have experienced violence in their communities as well as family stress. For decades children struggling in overcrowded schools have received SCC's individualized tutoring in Arabic, English, and math. The SCC also provides speech and occupational therapy, plus art, dance, music, and recreational programs.
Gaza Emergency Appeal
Families in Gaza need your help. Innocent people are caught in the middle of massive bombing in retaliation for a deadly attack against Israel's cities. So far 123,000 Palestinians have taken refuge in UN schools. Massive bombing by the Israeli Army is destroying neighborhoods, mosques, even crowded markets. Soon there will be no food. Rebuilding Alliance and our Palestinian Non-Gov Org partners asks your help right now to buy food & hygiene supplies locally for families who are in extreme need.
Gardens, Goats, and More: Climate Action Palestine
The Corona pandemic has damaged the world food supply, lowering food exports and dramatically impacting the world economy. One important way for unemployed Palestinian families to get by is to garden or raise chickens, goats, sheep, cows, or rabbits. Please give the poorest families in Gaza and the West Bank the gardening supplies or livestock they need to produce their own food and start a home-based business -a vital, sustainable climate action.
Community Building for 1000 Jews & Muslims 2023-25
Bringing together neighboring communities of young Jews & Muslims in various areas on the Holy Land, first time in their lives, for on-going deep and positive interaction. When people look each other in the eye and really meet each other - transformation happens and reluctance gives room to friendship. Citizens are empowered to actively shape their society through actually practicing it, with guidance from the Interfaith Encounter Association.
Send Urgent Aid to Civil Society Groups in Gaza
by Sunbula
This campaign aims to deliver urgent aid directly to Sunbula's partner organizations in Gaza - Atfaluna Society and Sulafa Embroidery Centre. These groups provide income generation opportunities and critical services to hundreds of marginalized people, including women, refugees, and persons with hearing disabilities. As with everyone in Gaza, they are currently facing a catastrophic crisis. This emergency aid will be sent directly to address the most pressing humanitarian needs of the families.
Maia Project: Clean Water for Children in Gaza
The student parliament at a middle school in Gaza voted for the one thing they wanted most for their school: They chose clean water. The water in Gaza is polluted with sea water and chemicals. Poor families are faced with the "choice" of purchasing commercial water or risking the health and well being of their children. This project started in response to the children's request. We build and maintain water purification units in schools and kindergartens throughout Gaza.
Provide Medical aid for civilians in Palestine
The escalating humanitarian crisis in Palestine, particularly in Gaza, as Israeli forces have been attacking since October 7th, 2023, causing destruction, casualties, and shortages of essential resources. The campaign seeks to raise funds for urgent medical care, food and water distribution, shelter for the displaced, and educational support for children affected by the conflict
Support Urgent Medical Aid in Palestine
Gaza is currently facing an urgent humanitarian crisis due to a complete blockade and relentless bombardment by the Israeli forces. The situation is dire, with a total halt of essential services such as water, electricity, and communication. The closure of hospitals looms, posing a catastrophic threat to the lives of the people in Gaza. Our aim is to provide the necessary support to these hospitals and offer a lifeline to the people of Gaza, who are enduring unbearable conditions.
Improving the lives of children with special needs
This project will contribute to improving the living conditions for children with special needs in the Aida and Al Azza refugees camps in Bethlehem, Palestine and will benefit more than 150 children through rehabilitation work such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, osteopathy, a mental health program, autism class and a focus on children with learning difficulties.
Therapeutic Garden
Beit Uri is an inclusive residential community for youth and adults with special needs from different religious and cultural backgrounds from all over Israel. A soon-to- be constructed therapeutic garden will offer not only employment for groups of residents, but also a place to relax and enjoy the nurturing environment.
Binational School for Jewish and Palestinian kids
The Primary School supports a binational, bilingual educational environment in which stereotypes are broken down and mutual respect and understanding is taught to 279 Palestinian and Jewish children.
Aid for Children and Families in Gaza
Nearly two million Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip. Ongoing Israeli attacks in Gaza have killed hundreds, injured more than a thousand, and displaced tens of thousands. The Middle East Children's Alliance has been working with clinics and community centers in Gaza for 33 years providing aid when and where it is needed. We are providing emergency aid to children and families right now.
Training 80 Youth Encounter Leaders
An intensive weekend retreat, with 80 Israelis and Palestinians young adults, creates the space for positive first interaction with 'the other', trains them in active interfaith encounter and how to lead it, and consolidates them into a joint community that then starts regular monthly encounters. This was tried numerous times and proved effective.
Food as Medicine for Palestine's PKU Kids
Referred to as an 'inborn error of metabolism', Phenylketonuria (PKU) impacts some 600 children & adults in Gaza and the West Bank. Untreated PKU results in cumulative, permanent brain damage and is life-threatening - but with monitoring, coaching, medical food supplements, and a low-protein diet, PKU children will lead full and healthy lives. Help provide the 'Food Farmacy', family health coaching, and clinic staff training to assure Palestine's PKU Community safe PHE numbers and good health.
Shoshan Haran, Fair Planet's Founder & President, and 9 members of her family, including her grandchildren - Nave (aged 8) & Yahel (aged 3) - were seized and taken to Gaza during the recent Hamas massacre. Shoshan's husband Avshalom, sister Lilach & brother-in-law, Eviatar are among the 1,400 Israelis brutally murdered. WE MUST BRING THEM ALL HOME SAFELY. Donate here, and the money collected will go to supporting Shoshan's family in their struggle to bring their loved ones home.
Gaza Emergency Relief
The Gaza Emergency Relief Project is a vital humanitarian initiative aimed at providing essential healthcare and relief, to the people of Gaza Strip who have endured a challenging humanitarian crisis for over 17 years. In the face of recurring Israeli attacks and limited resources, our dedicated teams work in collaboration with the Ministry of Health to deliver critical medical aid, rehabilitation, and shelter support to those in need.
Support urgent medical needs of Palestinians
This campaign aims to provide BASR, as a main healthcare provider, with urgently needed medical supplies and equipment, essential for the continuation of healthcare provision for the Palestinian population in light of recent escalations by the Israeli Occupation in the West Bank and Gaza, through BASR's rehabilitation and surgical hospital. Together, with your support, we can ensure that healthcare providers have the lifeline they need to deliver critical care during the most challenging times.
Animal Assisted Therapy for Special Needs Children
The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo's Animal-Assisted Therapy Program for children with special needs serves approximately 70 groups annually. Participants suffer from a wide-range of physical and cognitive challenges including autism; and this cross cultural project includes participants from all of Jerusalem's diverse communities - Jewish, Christian and Muslim, both secular and orthodox, from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, of various ages, and with disabilities of varying degrees.
Stand with Palestine
In the days following October 7th, 2023, a total blockade of Gaza was announced, depriving an already vulnerable population of more than two million civilians (half of whom are under the age of 18) from all essential goods including food, electricity, water, and fuel, plunging them even further into crisis. With Gaza completely cut off, ActionAid is alarmed at the rapidly escalating humanitarian crisis, which is affecting the lives of those caught in crossfire.
In-home help for differently-abled in Palestine
This project will enable the Homes' to provide social support, expertise, education, and sometimes the special equipment needed to meet the ever- changing needs of their differently-abled loved one. Our outreach program provides in-home diagnoses, support, education and equipment, thereby improving the lives of these marginalized ones and their families. We thereby reduce the families' sense of isolation and depression caused by the war and the limitations on their freedom of movement.
Love, Learning, and Support for Gaza's Children
Over the past year, with your support, 150 underprivileged children in Rafah, Gaza, have been receiving after school Art, Science, and English lessons during COVID in a safe and caring environment. Dedicated and hard-working teachers took it upon themselves to bring smiles to children's faces after the May 2021 bombings. In addition, two distinguished artists brought joy to deaf children in Jabaliya Refugee Camp through a wonderful art instruction program. Help keep this going!
Lifeline to Palestine: Emergency Assistance
The recent escalation in Gaza has displaced over a million individuals and disrupted essential resources for approximately 2.3 million people. "Lifeline to Palestine: Emergency Assistance," is dedicated to mitigating the hardships faced by affected children, elderly and families. Our campaign endeavors to provide immediate relief through food distribution, medical supplies, mental health services, and other vital survival items, primarily targeting those in need and in critical conditions.
Build the Movement: Support Achvat Amim!
Solidarity of Nations - Achvat Amim is a unique five-month movement-building project that directly engages with the reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through grassroots human rights work and critical education, based on the core value of self-determination for all peoples. Rooted in Jewish values and a desire for a more just world, Achvat Amim offers young activists a way to find their place in the movement for peace, justice and human rights alongside Israelis and Palestinians.
Walking in Jaffa's Shoes
Discriminatory policies in housing and education, police brutality, and eviction orders, make it nearly impossible for young Palestinians in Jaffa to build a future in their city, and resist the removal of their community. The mainstream story often told of Jaffa enables these trends of forced removal to continue. We seek to train Jaffa's young people, and those seeking to stand in solidarity with them, to lead alternative tours of the city and speak up.
"Give the Gift of Life" Water to Schools in Gaza
Only about 25% of Gazans have access to water in their homes for up to 7 hours a day, 65% get it for 7 hours every two days, and 10% every three days. Gaza's unsafe drinking water rate rose from 90% in 2012 to 97% in 2019. Poor families have the choice of drinking tap water or purchase safe and drinking water. This project will provide and maintain a purification and desalination unit that is independent of municipal water and electricity and will target schools with a minimum of 2500 students.
Keeping at-risk children with disabilities safe
We are seeking support to extend the hours of the early intervention program we run in Tel Aviv for at-risk preschool children with disabilities. The Chimes Holland Center for Early Childhood Treatment & Rehabilitation operates from 8am to 3:30pm in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The project seeks to keep the center operating until 6:30pm, as an alternative to home care. During the extended time at the center, there will be rehabilitating and nurturing care, dinner, and leisure activities.
Palestine Emergency Relief
The Palestinian people are in desperate need of aid amid an ongoing crisis that has claimed hundreds of lives and left many injured and displaced. The death toll is expected to rise significantly. Immediate needs include a range of vital resources including medicines, consumables, medical equipment, transport to hospitals, fuel for hospital generators, hygiene kits, clothing, towels for patients, food parcels for vulnerable families and the procurement and delivery of essential chronic medicines
The School for Peace
Established in 1979, the School for Peace is an integral part of the village's mission to build relationships between Palestinians and Jews through communication and respect. Since 1979, over 60,000 people-Palestinian and Israeli, youth and adults-with diverse and often diametrically opposed ideological backgrounds have participated in youth encounter workshops, university courses, teacher and facilitator training.
Big Ride 2023: Cycling & Sports in Refugee Camps
75 years of occupation & displacement has traumatized Palestinian refugee children. Physical activity improves mental physical health and provides children living under occupation a taste of childhood. The Big Ride for Palestine is teaming up with MECA to raise funds to give Palestinian children in refugee camps opportunities to cycle and play. Ride with us for Freedom, Justice & Equality for the Palestinians! Sign up for the Big Ride at and support our fundraiser
Empowering people with Special Needs
"EITAN! Everybody Can" empowers children and teenagers with special needs to achieve goals and have experiences that they could never have previously believed possible through a combination of fun and rigorous physical fitness training, coupled with life-skills building. Thanks to a comprehensive approach encompassing personal programs, group training and participation in sporting events, trainees acquire remarkable physical and mental improvements, and improve their quality of life.
Winter Relief for Palestinian Families - Gaza
Imagine a day where everything familiar turns to memories. For many in Palestine, this is not just a thought, but a harsh reality. Homes once filled with laughter, stand in ruins. Loved ones, once the heart of our stories, now a part of our prayers. As the cold winter encroaches, those who have lost so much have to face yet another challenge - the biting cold of winter without a home... without warmth. This campaign aims to provide Urgent Winter aid for the displaced needy families in Gaza.
Gaza Urgent Relief
The Egyptian Food Bank launches an urgent humanitarian food relief campaign, providing the essential food needs to support the affected families in Gaza. Raw food box price: 400 EGP (serves a family that consists of 5 people for 2 weeks). Food box components : (3 ) bottles of mineral water (1 Litre each) (1)semi dry dates (400 gm each ) (3) canned beef (340gm each) (2 )packs of Molasses (350gm each) (4) fava beans cans(400gm each) (2) Milk bottles (I Litre each) (5) feta cheese p
Solidarity, emergency legal help for Palestinians
Amid the death and devastation in Israel and Gaza, civilians on both sides are again paying the highest price for war. While Adalah is working to protect Palestinians besieged in Gaza facing a humanitarian disaster, in Israel, we are representing Palestinian citizens of Israel being targeted by the state, universities and workplaces with trumped-up incitement charges and prosecuted, expelled, or fired for social media posts, in a crushing blow for freedom of expression.
Humanitarian Aid for Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza
In response to the recent crisis in Gaza, the Village of Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam and its American Friends have focused on raising funds to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. By supporting Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam's long-standing Humanitarian Assistance Program, the Oasis of Peace is continuing to seek funds to provide equipment and supplies for primary care assistance to the Al-Shifa Hospital.
Help Preschool Kids with Disabilities in Ashkelon
The project is to build and equip a fortified, state-of-the-art early childhood center for children with disabilities in Ashkelon. The young children have autism, developmental delays, genetic syndromes and other disabilities, with the majority living at or below the poverty line. Chimes Israel's current early childhood facilities in Ashkelon are in four overcrowded, inadequately repurposed residential homes. The building will serve 80 children with disabilities.
Gaza-Israel: Protect girls now
Your gift supports Plan International's emergency response in Gaza and Israel's neighboring countries - Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan - where we are responding to mass displacement and providing relief like safe spaces for children, mental health and psychosocial support, education for children and menstrual health kits for girls. Your gift also supports Plan's work with national and local partners to scale up emergency response in Gaza.
Gazan Children needs your help
This project will go a long in providing food supplies, clean drinking water and medical aid to the 500,000 stranded children in the war torn Gaza, who are traumatized by the continues bombardment by Israel Defense Forces.
Emergency Appeal for Bedouin Communities in Israel
Help Palestinian Bedouin communities in Israel's south get critical mental health care and support during the ongoing crisis.
Supporting Displaced Communities in Israel
by IsraAID
Hamas launched a large-scale attack on Israel in the early hours of October 7, 2023. As of October 15, over 1,300 people have been reported killed and 3,200 injured in Israel. Missile strikes are ongoing, and there is an urgent need for mental health and psychosocial support for displaced communities. Using our global and home-grown expertise, IsraAID is working with local partners to provide much-needed relief to children and families affected by conflict and crisis in southern Israel.
End Violence against Palestinian Women in Israel
Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is a major issue facing Palestinian women, connected to the multiple discriminations they face as a minority and as women. Kayan addresses this in creative, empowering, and publicly engaging ways. We hold lectures, artistic events, consultations for survivors, awareness-raising workshops, and an annual intensive 16 Days Campaign against SGBV. Our campaigns reach thousands of people every year, generating conversation about SGBV and making change possible.
Provide Medical aid for civilians in Palestine Now
The escalating humanitarian crisis in Palestine, particularly in Gaza, as Israeli forces have been attacking since October 7th, 2023, causing destruction, casualties, and shortages of essential resources. The campaign seeks to raise funds for urgent medical care, food and water distribution, shelter for the displaced, and educational support for children affected by the occupation
Help the Poor and Needy of Palestine "Food Parcel"
Cost of food in the West Bank and Gaza is more expensive than the USA and Europe, in particular meat . This project will provide basic necessities to families with children such as Rice, Sugar, Salt, Powdered Milk, Noodles, Oil, Tea, Certain can goods and dried products, and other basic necessities to provide a nutritional food plan for the children and elderly on a monthly basis. Aid will be provided to low-income families to combat food insecurity. Ramadan is approaching, help needy families
ERA x MedGlobal for Gaza Relief
We have all watched the atrocities unfold in Gaza over the past weeks. Despite the overwhelming difficulty of the current situation, there are ongoing efforts to secure critical relief to innocent civilians suffering from the deteriorating humanitarian conditions. To assist with this vitally important mission, Egypt Relief and Aid is honored to partner with MedGlobal to raise funds for life-saving medical supplies and medications to be used at the border crossing in Rafah.
Help Keep The Children of Palestine in Schools
This is a critical project to help keep the children in Palestine in the school system. This project will build Educational Centers in Key villages to help support children of Palestine in their quest to finish High School under all the difficulties they face on a daily basis from the occupation. These educational centers will be equipped with unemployed graduates in the areas of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Arabic, and English. Tutoring will be provided FREE of charge weekly.
Emergency appeal for Gaza- Al Ahli Hospital
Amos Trust's emergency appeal is for the work of the Al Ahli Hospital and our other partners seeking to respond to the humanitarian disaster that Gaza is experiencing. We were horrified by the appalling attack on the hospital on 17th October, that left nearly 500 people dead. The hospital has long been seen as a beacon of hope and a place of peace in the heart of Gaza. Hours after the attack the hospital resumed providing emergency healthcare despite the devastation surrounding it.
Self-Advocacy for Women & Teens with Disabilities
The program empowers women and teens with disabilities with the knowledge, personal strategies and professional resources to enable them to avoid and escape unwelcome and harmful situations. It is critical to reducing violence against women through: 1. Educating on femininity and sexuality, as it pertains to their relationships and social circles 2. Helping them identify potentially harmful, violent or exploitative relationships 3. Conveying tools and skills to enhance personal protection.
Support Families with Children of Gaza, Give Hope
The Gaza Strip has an area of 365 km2,and is inhabited by more than 2 million people, with a population density of 5,453 people /km2,the highest in the world. Israeli attacks in Gaza have killed hundreds, injured thousands, and displaced tens of thousands. The Hope Foundation of Palestine Team in Gaza is ready to provide emergency aid to poor and needy families with children either directly or by creating projects that employ parents.
Help the people of Gaza!
Conflict has broken out once again in Gaza. Casualties are increasing. Please help out the people affected! The latest report shows that at least 400 Gazans were killed 12,200 injured, and thousands of buildings damaged. Livelihoods are disrupted and it is feared that a humanitarian crisis will occur. Currently, Rumah Zakat is partnering with GDD to send aid in the form of medicines, clean water, and food. We will continue to update the situation.
Israel-Gaza War Fundraiser for Disability Families
At Chimes Israel, our immediate focus is helping our families in the south who are closed in their safe rooms with their family member with disabilities. Since they have less than 15 seconds to seek shelter after the siren sounds, they are inclined to stay in the safe room all day and night since their disabilities prevent them from making that 15 second escape. Please give what you can for the purchase of medical supplies, food, and equipment for our Chimes families in the south.
Help the Children of Palestine "School Supplies"
School Children of poor and needy families in the West Bank and Gaza of Palestine will receive a backpack plus stationary. Distribution is in August and targets poor and needy children of the West and Gaza. Backpacks for Gaza are made in a sewing factory that employs 20 women, many of them are head of households and supporting their kids with this work. Backpacks and stationary will be distributed to children age 4-14 in targeted areas of the West Bank and Gaza and are selected based on need.
Help the Children of Palestine  "Winter Relief"
This project will provide children of need in the West Bank and Gaza a Blanket, Jacket, Denim Pants, Thermal Under ware, Shoes, and Socks. These items will be distributed in the month December annually. The months of December, January, and February are very cold in Palestine. These items will help ensure that children are warm in these months and in particular they have the proper outerwear for schools. Most young children do walk to school.
Palestine Crisis Response Fund
The aim of this program is to provide basic necessities to the conflict-affected population in the Gaza region currently experiencing an escalation of violence. Assistance includes food packages and medical supplies to ensure the basic needs of the residents are met during this emergency response. Human Initiative, a humanitarian organization with strong legal legitimacy, is committed to improving the quality of life and protecting vulnerable groups in this situation.
Urgent Aid for Lebanon
"Urgent Aid for Lebanon" is a crucial campaign URDA has launched designed to provide support to Lebanese families from the South who have had to leave their homes due to ongoing conflicts and instability. In this initial stage, we will distribute sleeping kits, MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), First Aid kits, Baby/Toddler essentials kits and hygiene kits to those in need to help them regain stability during these challenging times. Join us in making a meaningful impact in the lives of these families.
Emergency Support for Palestinian Refugees (WB)
The escalation of violence in Gaza, the massive loss of life and infrastructure have not escaped your notice. At the same time, the situation in the West Bank is also intensifying; violence, closures, demolitions and loss of livelihood are current common themes. With your help, Karama can continue its emergency services to help households meet basic needs, especially food &medicine. Karama also plans to restart its "cash-for-work" program, to offer a dignified income for workers who lost jobs.
Emergency Appeal for Gaza
The population in Gaza is experiencing a humanitarian disaster. The bombardment of Gaza has led to over 11,000 deaths, over 25,000 injuries, 2,500 more are missing presumed dead and 1.5 million Gazan's have been displaced from their homes. Our Emergency appeal is for immediate emergency relief, through the delivery of food, water, blankets and essential medical supplies. These will be delivered through Amos Trust's Partner projects in Gaza and by other organisations known to us.
Emergency Relief in Palestine
by Anera
The war in Palestine and Israel since October 7 has caused a severe humanitarian crisis. 1,200+ Palestinians have been killed and thousands injured. Urgent aid is needed. Many face displacement and lack basic necessities like water, electricity, fuel, food and medicine. Anera in Gaza is providing vital supplies, procuring 2,000 food parcels and 800 hygiene kits for UNRWA schools. Outside Gaza, Anera is preparing emergency supplies and medicines for distribution once a humanitarian corridor opens
Inspire the Future - FIRST Israel
FIRST is the world's leading youth-serving nonprofit advancing STEM education. We're an inclusive, global robotics community working together to prepare young people for the future. Whether it's finding their people or finding their path, FIRST students gain the skills and confidence to forge ahead and build their future. Will you support our mission and help make FIRST programs available to every student?
Build Rooftop Gardens for Palestinian Families
by Anera
In Gaza, Many families find it difficult to feed their loved ones due to the economic crisis and 15-year blockade. Anera builds rooftop gardens for families to grow their own healthy produce and feed their families.
Psycho-social relief intervention - Palestine
ASHTAR Theatre is launching an intervention in the West Bank, Palestine, providing immediate relief to express and mitigate the traumatic impact of the current war on Gaza. In parthership with Palestinian psychologists, ASHTAR will deliver psycho-social interventions for children, youth and adults using theatre and art as a medium for trauma release in schools & youth centres.
Israeli-Gaza- Aid for Civilian Humanitarian Needs
Airlink is working with its global, regional, and local NGO partners to build a pipeline of transportation and logistics needs and working with airline partners who have the potential to donate free/discounted transportation so that Airlink can provide free-of-charge flights for responding personnel and material aid to reach communities in Israel and Gaza.
Response actions are oriented to save lives, alleviate suffering and prevent further harm, by supporting the public health service, with the provision of emergency medical supplies, and women in situation of vulnerability and their families in the Gaza strip through distribution of dignity and hygiene kits.Comprehensive support will be prioritized for the restoration of both the physical and emotional functionality of the impacted people, as well as for the restoration of the health system
Medicine for the the Evacuees of the Oct. 7 War
We receive hundreds of inquiries a day from social workers, municipal welfare departments, representatives of localities hosting evacueesfor medicine and medical equipment. We are experiencing a massive expansion of the number of needy patients who must now be included in our regular pool of recipients, raising demand by 20%, which means we now provide over 9,000 people of month with free medicine. We are asking for your urgent support for the purchase of these urgent and essential medicines.
Medical Volunteers for Israel - Hamas Conflict
AarogyaSeva Global Health Volunteer Alliance has tremendous experience responding to humanitarian crisis with its network of medical and non medical volunteers. We are raising funds to support the travel and logistics of these highly qualified and trained medical professionals from across the globe to the Israel Gaza border in order to cater to the medical needs of the most vulnerable communities impacted by this war. If you are a medical professional and would like to volunteer please reach out
Assist Autistic Children in Israel
The Fund for the Keshatot Children was established in 2011 by parents of autistic children who studied at the Keshatot Center in order to assist autistic children in their schools. The fund seeks contributions for complementary para-medical treatments [which are not among the therapies and treatments provided by the Ministry of Education], therapeutic and technological equipment and infrastructure improvement.
Urgent Action for Palestinian Human Rights
First their homes, farms, infrastructure, and now their schools. Palestinian existence on their land is under threat. Next step: help bring Palestinian youth to Congress to share their stories and their visions of peace. This has proven effective in the past when Senators and Representatives intervened with the Government of Israel to stop demolitions and keep homes and villages standing. Help Rebuilding Alliance bring these youth to Congress and join us to advocate for Palestinian rights.

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