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Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program

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Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program
Improve 70 Girls Education with Tutoring Program

Despite the financial strains the covid-19 has imposed on all of us, we are counting our blessings today. Things are looking somewhat better at Aumazo. We got wonderful news from the field in late September. Two of the three girls in our scholarship program earned their senior high school diploma. This news called for a great celebration at Aumazo.

In 2017, 5 girls graduated from our tutoring program and entered high school. Two repeated classes at the junior level. Three passed without any obstacles and entered  senior high school. 

Keselle, one of the two girls who earned her high school diploma said to me joyfully on a phone call on September 23rd, 2020 “I am so thankful to all the people at Aumazo who supported me and gave me a direction in life. I would like to meet and thank each one of them individually, but I can’t. Please pass my huge thank you and words of gratitude to all of them. I am one the luckiest girls on earth today.” 

These words are still music to our ears. I listened to the sound of her voice while thinking of you. You are the agent of this radical transformation that happened right in front of our eyes. You gave so generously of your attention to our cause and trust in our work. So, thank you. 

The good news didn’t stop there. Despite the intolerable levels of educational hardship inflicted on students in Cameroon and around the world by covid-19, this year, we are also celebrating additional eleven graduates from the tutoring program, including of the 11 girls who took the high school entrance exams and 4 boys we took in and supported in the preparation of the exam last June 2020. So far, 41 students graduated from the tutoring program.

It is very empowering to get such news of great successes and of the striving student population that have overcome the challenges caused by the covid-19 pandemic and found ways to deal with them. The lesson learned is that we did well by supporting our students despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

So far so good! Your collective engagement and support are really what is still working and keeping Aumazo afloat. Kesselle’s sentiments reflect our own feelings.

You have always been there for Aumazo. It has always been about what you wanted to do. Today is no different. We still count on your support in any form and shape for the  new academic year in Cameroon, which began on Monday October 5, 2020. Just act in a way that is consistent with your thoughts and help us continue our support of the scholarship and tutoring program. 

We thank you for always being there for Aumazo.


Jacqueline Audige and the Board

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Eloise with classmates last November 2019
Eloise with classmates last November 2019

Words can’t express the pain we have experienced over the past two months. The first was in April when the French teacher at the Aumazo tutoring program tragically lost his three-year-old boy. It was very difficult for all of us to make sense of the extreme violence with which this happened. According to Patric the teacher, his son felt sick and his health rapidly deteriorated. He was gone in less than six hours.

Two months later, on June 1, 2020, just when we started healing, we learned about the death of one of the girls in our tutoring program. Eloïse, a 7th grader, attended class on Friday May 29th and on Monday June 1st, she was gone. She was only 17. 

Tragedy can strike anywhere and in any circumstance. However, the way it happened is what makes it difficult to comprehend. Patric’s son was playing with his younger brother and the next moment, he was gone forever. In the case of Eloïse, she went to bed on Sunday night with a minor headache and her father found her dead at 3:00am the next day.

Healing Together

Although it’s very difficult to make sense of these two unfortunate events that shocked Aumazo in its core, we understand that we have to continue with hope and healing. Doing the work of healing together makes better sense in the healing process. Aumazo stood behind both families in solidarity in their quest to find closure. Despite the financial strains we are experiencing since the covid-19 event, we did our best to provide counseling to girls in the program to help them cope with the loss of their classmate and friend. 

We cannot deny the impact of these events and the way they shook us to the core. As a member of the Aumazo family, it would be a shame not to share this tragic news with you. You have always been there for us and have supported us through thick and thin. We will always keep you informed no matter the situation.

 The Aumazo Family

Your continued support is our strength. As Patric put it, “this tragic loss of our son made me appreciate my Aumazo’s family more. When I say ‘Aumazo family’ it comes from my heart. Your collective support and care not only gave me permission to grieve, but your personal concern helped me accept the loss of our son.”  

Life events affect us and we all process them differently. Nonetheless, life goes on. And we have to look forward to the future despite the fact that the memories of our student will stay with us forever. Our togetherness will get us through the challenges that such events create. 

You have always been there for Aumazo. And it has always be about what you wanted to do. Today is no different. We still count on your support in any form and shape. Just act in a way that is consistent with your thoughts. 

We thank you for always being there for Aumazo.


 Jacqueline Audige and the Board   


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We are witnessing a surge of solidarity that formed spontaneously to support  medical personnel and healthcare workers. People around the world are using their creativity for the sole purpose of expressing gratitude to those on the front line for the fight against the coronavirus.  In New York and in different European cities and countries, we saw people clapping every evening from their windows to honor them. Virtual concerts are popping up everywhere. More than ever before, people are just looking for ways to help not only themselves but others.

Humanity at Work

This monumental outpouring of love, kindheartedness, consideration, neighborliness, generosity and friendliness is fueled by compassion. It is a fundamental principle in our system of justice that you have joined since you became an Aumazo partner. You teamed up with us to transform girls’ lives in rural communities in Cameroon with education. We cannot throw away the value that together we have already created with your gifts. If we do nothing now, this time these girls will fall back into the abyss. 

At present, the big problem with COVID-19 in Cameroon is social dislocation caused by schools, churches and markets being closed. With the schools being shuttered for an indefinite period, we are taking advantage of this by increasing our tutoring program to four days a week, since it involves small groups permissible under the rules.

We really count on your compassion to keep girls in our tutoring program at the level to which we have already taken them. By all means, empathy will get us all through this crisis. It will be a sad day indeed for humanity if we lose our commitment to it.

Heightened State of Emotions

As Durand, one of our program teachers, said: “We have humbled ourselves and are doing all we can to continue a semblance of normality. We asked the following question in class “What is on your mind today?” to determine the girls’ emotional compass. Sandra, one of the girls, answered: “I wonder if we will even pass the high school entrance exam this year with this coronavirus problem. What is even difficult for me is the fact that I’m not always focused during lessons. Now every tiny noise in class becomes a great distraction. I need more help from teachers to address this issue.”

“Although we are doing all we can to give girls hope, the anxiety is palpable among them.” Durand continued. He also reported to us this morning that they are implementing the covid19 guidelines of washing hands, wearing masks, and respecting social distancing as you can discover in the attached picture.

Together in the Same Boat

We can all relate to Sandra’s feelings. No one around the world today is immune to the anxiety and fear of an uncertain future. However, today more than ever, we ask you to remember these girls who still count on us to keep hope. Perhaps you think you have so little today to give. Listen, we all feel that way given the unpredictability caused by the shutdown since the coronavirus appeared. Believe us, we get it. We are all in it together and we feel the same. 

You know how to control your decision and do the right thing. And it has always been about what is important to you. Just act about the way that agrees with your thoughts and let’s kill the COVID-19 with compassion. 

We thank you for being there for Aumazo during this unprecedented crisis. 

Jacqueline Audige and the Board  

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Transform a Woman, Change a Man

“I am so eager to get home to my family and kids after workdays now,” said Nestor. “I would never have imagined this turn of events five months ago when my wife joined the Aumazo team. Initially, I worried when she became a member of a team composed mostly of males. At first, I expected resistance from them. The bigger surprise of all is the way they welcome her with open arms as a full team member. This experience has been a blessing to our family as a whole. I will ever be grateful to Aumazo for bringing this happiness in our life and marriage. Thank you.” Nestor stated

Is this a magical transformation? If transforming a girl’s life with opportunity for education was the only thing you had in mind when you started investing in Aumazo, Nestor’s testimony changes everything for the better for all of us. He is the husband of our Aumazo tutoring program coordinator. I was on conference call with his wife when he walked in and excitedly asked permission to share his feedback and thank me on behalf of Aumazo. 

Celebration of IWD

Many Aumazo donors are regular people like you who believe in Aumazo’s mission and like the greater return that they get by transforming lives one girl and person at a time. 

Celebrate the International Women’s Day with our Girl Fund Campaign starting with the March 6, 2020 matching Bonus Day until March 13, 2020. For this contest, the organization with most participating donors wins. You understand why your gift is crucial for our win. 

The Girl Fund is a contest that is all about having the most individual donors during the week-long campaign, not the most money raised, so we need lots of people to give at any level you are able to. Also, give Aumazo a chance at being chosen for the year-long Girl Fund of $10,000

Pick Aumazo

How can you help? If you can afford to forgo a daily $3.75 cup of coffee, you could set up a monthly recurring donation of $50+ and give back to our cause just like that. The decision is yours. Some donors choose to donate $10 or $100 or $1,000 one time or on a monthly recurring basis; while others give quarterly or yearly. Whether small or big, every donation counts. 

It’s about what is important to you. You are the walking talking embodiment of the donor dream. Just act in a way that agrees with your thoughts. Whatever you do, you know that you are not fixing our girls’ in the past. You are creating a new future for them. 

From everyone here at AUMAZO, thank you so much for your continued interest in our work.  Pick Aumazo between March 6th and 13th and turn a caterpillar into a butterfly. That’s a transformation!

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Sophomore in High School
Sophomore in High School

Feelings of Homesickness

A few weeks ago, I scheduled a talk with Landrine, a second-year graduate of the tutoring program. Her transition to high school wasn’t as smooth as she had anticipated. Landrine’s parents decided to send her to a high school mile away from the family and most of her peers. “It was a rough start. The teaching style in my new school did not match what I have learned while attending the tutoring program. There wasn’t any support and I felt so lonely, lost and homesick” Landrine stated.

Initially, we had made a collaborative arrangement with St. Paul in Bafang, the nearest high school to Bankondji village, about nine miles away. We suggested this because we understood that leaving home for the first time to be far away from the parents would be quite challenging and nerve wracking for both the parents and the girls.

Landrine’s parents, however, selected a school they thought would be best for their daughter. As a result, Landrine continued, “I failed the class and my parents finally listened to my plea to return and attend St. Paul. I wish they had paid attention to Aumazo’s recommendations and let me stay nearby and study.”

Creating Values

Her situation is the perfect example of the type of problems Aumazo wants to resolve. As Landrine put it: “I would not be repeating the class if my parents had understood the impact of their decision on my educational future.” We do not believe that the parents consciously put her in the challenging and uncomfortable situation. What really happened is that at the tutoring program, Landrine underwent a transformation which effectively helped her design a new future for herself.

So far, we have tutored 60 girls. In the past three years, 29 of the girls who took the high school entrance exam successfully passed it. While waiting for Aumazo to complete its own school building, thanks to your gifts, they are currently attending a high school of their choice in Cameroon supported by scholarships from Aumazo.

The value that you have created with your gifts are making a significant difference in the lives of girls in our program. Whatever you do, you know that you are not fixing our girls’ lives in the past. You are creating a new future for them. You are not just changing lives, but you are transforming their lives with your action. You are helping a caterpillar turn into a butterfly. Landrine is one of the many girls who can attest to that through Aumazo.

Transforming More Lives

Going forward, whatever donation option you pick, whether recurring or one-time donations, will only help us to be better equipped to reach the ultimate goal of transforming more girls’ lives in Bankondji. The critical value that many donors struggle with is knowing what difference their contributions will make. You are among the privileged few who do not have that struggle.

Your continued support will determine what type of transformation you would want to see in the girls in 2020 and throughout the new decade. How well prepared are you to see the transformation you want to see in the lives of these girls really depends on the role you want to play as a donor.

You are giving a lifetime opportunity while transforming social and environmental conditions for the better for our Aumazo girls. We thank you for being the great Aumazo's transformer

Jaqueline Audigé and the Board

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