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by Hogar de Ninos Regazo de Paz, Inc.
Students from Kentucky/missionary work
Students from Kentucky/missionary work

Hi, greetings to our Partners and Friends. 

We, at the Home, are called by the kids Aunts and Uncles – We will like to call you the same, because you are part of the Team. 


The end of the school period: our kids were recognized by their achievements in school:

-We have two sisters that were awarded with trophies and medal, went they came were doing very poorly at school, now they feel very happy to receive their recognitions. One is going to second grade and the other to fourth grade.

-One boy was diagnosed with ADD and hyperactive conduct, he use to be very aggressive and in the school we were call every day to deal with him. Today he is doing great, sweet little boy of five years old, he is receiving therapy with the Psychologist and is medicated for his ADD condition. Now he is a very happy kid and doing great at school and with the other kids.

-Other kids came in the middle of the school semester, we are working with them and our Tutors to help them so went the school period start, they will be at their piers level. 

Summer is here, we had a great summer:

-Visit the Zoo, and saw the animals and learn about their habitat.

-”Los Chorritos”- water park, they play with the water and enjoy it very much, in this time of a very hot summer.

-They went to three summer camps- they participate of games, sports, tutoring, visit to the museum and others.

-They enjoy the movies Ice Age and Dory in the theater.

-We celebrate the birthday of some our kids this summer, it was a beautiful experience because some of them never had a birthday cake and/or presents. Looking their faces went they received the presents and went we tell them it is for them it is priceless and a blessing been part of it. 

-We are having fun and enjoying our summer. 

We receive volunteer that help us around the Home; cleaning, fixing thing, playing with the kids, bringing school materials and others. Some of the volunteers were from Kentucky and from New Jersey, doing missionary work. We feel very honor for their work and dedication. 

The beginning of school period: we are preparing for the school to start on the 8th of August:

-At the moment we have twelve kids going to school, from Head Start to Fourth grade.

-At the Home we provide for all their school materials, uniforms and other they may need, this is possible with the help of volunteers and with your help.

-This summer we received back packs and some materials.

-At the moment we are working to provide the uniforms.

-They are attending to public schools (community schools) but they require uniforms and some special materials, tennis shoes and other requirements and we have to provide for them. 

We need your help to provide for our kids needs;

-For specialize medical attention, medicines, school materials, and for everything they may need.

-We are also working to acquire the funds to pay the salaries for the Caregivers, the persons that work directly with their needs, their care in everyway possible. 

  • We are experiencing a growth in child abuse; we are constantly receiving calls to receive children.
  • With the economic changes around the world we are experiencing a big cut in the funds the grant’s support to the Home and our children and the funds received from the community and the volunteers are also affected. 

Thank you for everything, for all your help, your donations are very important for us to provide and help as many children as we can. YOU ARE PART OF OUR TEAM! Looking forward to continue working together – AUNTS AND UNCLES.  If your are in Puerto Rico, please call us and visit us to enjoy our children's achivements, you are part of the TEAM.  Help us to provide for our children.

Blessing to you and your family. 


Magdalena Jimenez, Director

Hogar de Niños Regazo de Paz,Inc.

"Home for Children, Lap of Peace"

Award and Trophies 2016
Award and Trophies 2016
Volunteers donating back packs for school
Volunteers donating back packs for school
Playing basketball
Playing basketball
Part of the Administrative personell-Anniversary
Part of the Administrative personell-Anniversary

Hi, greetings to our partners and friends.

 These past months were very good for our kids.  Two of our children were adopted and one went back to his mother.  We have received fifteen kids, with various health conditions, all of them received medical attention, medicines, nutrition and for everything they needed. 

 Today we have, at the Home, twelve, from one girl that is six month old-she came to us went she was only four days old, her brother was living in another home, now he is with us, it is great to see them together, the boy is two years old.  We have various siblings at the Home, this helps a lot in their adjustment and to feel more comfortable and secure. 

We worked in a micro-project to acquire a vehicle-Van, to transport all the kids to school and various appointments, we did not raise all the funds needed in the camping, but we were very bless and grateful that “Foundation Comunitaria de Puerto Rico” gave us the funds to purchase it, now we have a Ford Van to provide all the transportation needed for our children. 

The 24th of April we celebrated our 21th anniversary; we had an Open House people who help our children providing funds, items and other things needed came and some sponsors, friends from the community, kids that used to live with us, we had a very nice party for our children and the visitors. We are very grateful for all the donations we received that day that made all possible.

 Thank you for everything, for all your help, your donations are very important for us to provide and help as many children as we can. YOU ARE PART OF OUR TEAM!  Looking forward to continue working together.  Blessing to you and your family. 

Magdalena Jimenez, Director


We wish you all a great new year.   We are expecting good things during this year.

At the moment we have twelve kids (5 girls and 7 boys) living at the Home.  We have four families of siblings, this help a lot in their traumatic situations of being apart from their parents. When they come to the Home is a very difficult situation because they loosed their family relations, their friends, their belongings and they start a new life.

Some of them need specialize medical treatments; with the funds received we were able to provide for their medicines and everything they needed such as clothes, food, school materials and others.

We feel very privilege to be part of the kid’s lives, because we see an opportunity to offer them a new life, to help them in their school assignments, to provide for their health, and for everything they need.

This past year we received 38 kids, from different parts of the Island of Puerto Rico, with various needs, some were at the Home for a few months, some still with us. From the kids that were move from the Home were able to return to their family seven of them, some were moved for adoption. We are very happy to be part of their life’s and to work together with the Department of the Family to search for homes for our kids and look for their best possibilities.

One of our kids, a two month old baby girl have a thyroid problem, we are working with the doctors to help her with the treatment she needs, if she do not have the treatment probably is going to affect her in her growth, she can lost her sight. At the moment she is six month old and is growing with good health, she is very alert to everything around her, she is doing great.

Eight of our kids are scholars, from kindergarten to third grade. When they came to us they have very poor discipline at school and poor grades. Our Tutors are working with them and, already, we are experiencing great achievements, they are enjoying their achievements. Our main goal is that they learn what is needed for them to get good grades and to see that is possible; at their home’s they did not have any supervision and they received bad words and an aggressive conduct from their parents every time they need to do something at school. It is very special to see their smiles every time they make an assignment and the teacher give them the grade for it, to see how they feel from their own achievements.

These are just a few of our children’s stories. Please feel free to call us, write to us and or email your questions, your inquietude to learn more about our work, our kids achievements, everything you want to know, please do not hesitate to send us your letters, we want to hear from you too.

Thank you in a very special way for been part of our children’s lives. Looking forward to continue helping as many children’s as we can, receiving them in our Home, provide for every need they may have, to see them grow to be a healthy adult. Blessing for you and your family.


Learning how to use the computer
Learning how to use the computer

Come, walk with me, let me show you our children’s ways.

We enjoy a great summer at summer camps, museums, at the zoo and a lot of other fun places. Now we are at the beginning of school time.

Hi! My name is José (fictional name for confidentiallity) I’m eight years old, I was removed from my home went I was four. I received a lot of abuse from my parents, but what it hurt the most is that they are not fighting to get me back, to have me at their home again. I have three siblings, they are living in another home, I see them every now and then, but we still see each other with love. Since I was removed from my home I’ve lived in seventeen homes, because I have son hostility issues, you may imagine how I feel, very insecure; I have the feeling that nobody loves me. 

Now I’m not afraid that I will have to move again and again until they have a family and/or a home for me to stay. I feel more stable, I’ve lived in Regazo de Paz for the last two years and now I feel very happy, I have good grades, I share my toys and time with the kids that live at the Home, and we feel like a big family. This year, with the help of the Tutors, I will be in the honor group, I’m working hard. I’ve receive psychological treatment to help me heal from my fears and my aggressive conduct, today I can say I feel very good, working on it, but I feel very happy.  I'm learning how to use the computer and many other things, thank you.

This just one of our children’s experiences at the Home, we feel very bless to be part of it. You are and important part of our children’s achievements. 

We received bicycles donated; our children are celebrating to have new ones to play. 

The kids went they arrive; they only have the clothes they are using at the moment. At the Home we are constantly asking for funds to buy them for all their needs and to provide for their medical services. We feel very grateful for your respond to our children’s needs. Help them achieve their goals, to have new homes, to have a child’s live, to make them smile again, that’s our main goal. 

We are selling t-shirts to raise funds for the Home, “went you give your hand, it will have positive messages”. It has a hand full of positive messages, to show the world everything could be better with love and a positive attitude. 

THANK YOU!! You are part of our children’s lives, helping us to provide for all their needs. Come and visit us!


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You can have more information accessing: Facebook, our page at and/or writing to us at

Hewllet Packard-How to prepare for an emergency
Hewllet Packard-How to prepare for an emergency
Playing at the Home
Playing at the Home

 We celebrated our children’s birthdays, for some of them it was the first time to have a birthday cake, a party and new toys, you can imagine their faces, some were surprised some even show tears. We feel very bless to be part of their lives, and you are part of this too

Our doors were open this year to received kids with special needs; various health conditions; allergies, ADD and other. They received special care, medication and they visit specialized doctors. All of those services and medications were paid with the donation of the Club of Uncles/Aunts and other donation; some doctor gave their services without charge, some were paid with the donations we received from our donors.

             SUMMER IS HERE!!

            The school semester is over, and we begin the summer! but before…

This past semester was with a lot of challenges for our kids, because some of them required a lot of help, because they did not know how to read and/or write, some were lost in their grades. Our Tutors worked with them everyday…now: we have two trophies, two medals and a lot of good grades and, of course, a lot of happy faces because they experience that, even it were a very hard work, it was worth it, a great achievements from our children. We feel very happy for them and we give a STANDING OVATION FOR THEM! 

Thank you: Iris and Marilyn our Tutors that are sponsor by the Banco Popular Foundation and Wanda and Stephanie that are from the Homeless Program, you all are helping me, thank you for pushing me to study and get good grades, to teach me how to read. I always remember when you told me that I was very smart, very important and “you can” are words that will be with me always. 

We start the first of June in a summer camp in Boys and Girls Club. It will be very special to our oldest kids. They will have sports, new friends, visit museum and other interesting places, besides they will learn values and much more. We feel very bless that we can give them this opportunity because they will attend free of charge, THANK YOU Boys and Girls Club

In July we are planning on having a summer camp in the Home with visits to various places, pools, the Zoo, Children’s Museum and others.

They will receive some tutoring to make sure that they will be ready went the school semester begin. At the Home they learn how to use the computer with educational games, adequate for their age. 

On this time of the year, summer, we will receive various visits; they play with them and show them how to play basketball, volleyball, and other sports, some bring clothes and other things for the children. We feel very GRATEFULL for all your time and demonstration of love…TO ALL OF YOU, OUR FRIENDS THAT LOVE THE CHILDREN OF REGAZO DE PAZ. 

2015…going to 2016…

We are in the expectation of this year, with the changes in the distribution of the funds from some of our sponsor and/or the government, the redistribution of the funds will affect us, as other organizations. The donations we received goes to provide: clothes, for their basic needs, food, access to specialized medical services, therapy, transportation to school and other appointments, and others. But we feel hopeful because of the hearts of those persons that love our children.  We continue looking forward to do everything they may need and work for our kids and the kids that we will receive in the future. 

→ This past months we were working with the vehicles of the Home, because they need to be replace. We have a used van and it is not as big as we need to move all the kids at once; and now it is having a lot of mechanical problems. We need a van to transport the kids to the school, medical appointments, therapy, recreational activities and others. We are hoping that you may help us get a new van; our kids need to be move to many places and we want to provide for them everything they need.

We estimate the cost in $20,000 to get, probably a used one, but in good conditions.

                              WE CELEBRATED OUR TWENTY ANNIVERSARY!!

In April, we celebrated our Twentieth Anniversary…it was great celebration, we did an Open House…this year we have a “Travel in an airplane with our kids”, consist of stations in which the visitors have the chance to visit the Home, know more about our history, where oriented in how to sponsor a kid and the Home and they received a lot of love from our kids and our staff. We have ponies, jumping house, popcorn and a lot of other goodies. Jet Blue sponsor our celebration with snacks and some gifts. 

We recognize our employees for the years of service; some for their twenty years, other fifteen, twelve, ten and three years of being part of our team. 




…give us your recommendations four our reports: what do you will like to know, what else we can include in it…




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