Help Educate Trafficked Child Sex Abuse Survivors

by Berea Hillbrow Home of Hope
Help Educate Trafficked Child Sex Abuse Survivors
Help Educate Trafficked Child Sex Abuse Survivors
Help Educate Trafficked Child Sex Abuse Survivors
Help Educate Trafficked Child Sex Abuse Survivors
Help Educate Trafficked Child Sex Abuse Survivors
Help Educate Trafficked Child Sex Abuse Survivors
Quarter One of 2019
Although we are just a few months into the new year, already Home of Hope is bustling with news!
School Report
Every single girl passed 2018; we are very proud of them!  As a supporter, you made this possible, so you can feel proud too!
When their sisters went to school, children who remained at home pined for them and the mood at home was a little gloomy, but on the first school day of 2019, 80% of the children were registered and enrolled. When everyone got dressed for school and ready to go, the enthusiasm and energy were tangible! For this, special thanks are due to the South African Department of Education who assisted us getting the remaining children enrolled.
Also, thanks to the Acting Principal of Cyrildene Primary School who heard our story and responded compassionately, ensuring that our girls were accepted and embraced by their new school.
A portion of the school fees have already been paid but there remains R241 000 (nearly 17 000 US$) outstanding of the total R252 000 (close to 18 000 US$) and we are actively working to raise funds to meet this debt.  Thank you to everybody for big and small contributions this year, even candle sales – all of which subsidised the first portion of the registration and school fees.
School Bus
When asked what was wrong with the bus, Mam Khanyi answered ‘EVERYTHING!’, but now, thanks to Dave who paid - EVERYTHING is fixed, and we are in great shape for the daily multiple school runs.  Thank you, Dave!
Welcome Our New Team Members
We feel blessed to have dedicated people on the Home of Hope team. They make a priceless contribution, providing the necessary skills to keep things running smoothly.
For now, 75% of the team members are volunteers who receive stipends as and when possible, but we hope that this will change; we want to appoint them on a full-time basis as soon as circumstances permit.
We welcome social worker Asanda Ntantiso and office administrators Nokhutula Ntuli and Mzuvukile Mqweba to the team.  

Because the support team do what they do, Mam Khanyi can focus on other important aspects of HoH work, such as: outreach, rescue, education, rehabilitation, as well as the all-important role of being there for the girls.
Valuable Training 
HoH staff attended training: Fire & Candle Safety (fire prevention) and First Aid. This two-day course was offered by the City of Johannesburg’s Public Safety. Our special thanks go to Dineo, the Disaster Management team and City of Johannesburg Emergency Services, for presenting it. Dineo will return to present the course to all the children later in the year.
Time for a Treat
Early in February, the board of trustees hosted a meet-and-greet braai with the girls. It was a special day, full of warmth and laughter. For each of the individual children, there was a certificate of congratulations for their success in the previous year and wishes for their further success and happiness in 2019.  The day was full of dance, song and music and there was a real sense of celebration as everyone chatted and feasted together in the garden. A truly beautiful cake marked the occasion and it tasted just as good as it looked.

Youth for the Youth
Late in 2018, Mikara Naidoo celebrated her 30th birthday with friends by making sandwiches and a packed lunch for the HoH girls.  For Christmas 2018, she expanded her circle of friends and they visited Home of Hope with fifty brand-new pairs of school shoes and stationary for the new year. 
We thank Mikara and her friends for the inspiration of giving and helping in new and creative practical and do-able ways!
Go Sibongiseni!
NIA is a therapeutic movement practice which combines dance, martial arts and mindfulness.  Peer Educator, Sibongiseni was awarded the White Belt (first level of a training series in NIA) in January. Her training was sponsored by NIA and undertaken at Studio Kairos with Susan Sloan.
With her new qualification, Sibongiseni now teaches NIA to her HoH family and going forward, she has a great chance for a livelihood as a NIA instructor.
Homework Volunteers
Part of the reason why our girls do so well at school is that homework is prioritised in HoH. We really appreciate those who have given their time to guide and support the girls over the years.  Once again, we need volunteers for both primary and high school students in all areas.  If you can assist in this rewarding and important task, please email Rachel at  
A Little Reflection from Mam
Leader’s Quest is an organisation which works with leaders from business, government and civil society to catalyse social change, Mam Khanyi was invited to India in 2015 and she recently reflected on her experience. 
The participants were told to do a drawing of anything at all … ‘Draw the stars, it would be the easiest,’ she thought, but when she started, she realised she couldn’t draw a star, ‘the moon!’ she thought, and proceeded. Based on comments from others and looking at her completed drawing she realised she was the only person who recognised that it was the moon.  This was a profound insight for Mam:
‘It doesn’t matter what others see or cannot see - what matters is what is inside - and only you can see what is inside!’
Food for thought
People often comment on the lovely atmosphere in HoH, and how the girls have such positive outlooks and loving attitudes despite all they have been through. This is something that is consciously developed by the HoH ethos.  Gratitude is encouraged and the past is never used to cop out on the present. If it could be summed up it might be:
‘Knowing where we come from, we are deeply grateful for the life we have. We have very caring people in our lives and so, we give no space for negativity, and we take our strength from one another.’
Message from Mam Khanyi
Sometimes we are so busy with the girls and running the houses, that we might not get a chance to thank everyone individually, but we want you to know that we really do appreciate your support and your friendship. We hope that if you have been out of touch for a while you might reconnect with us, and if you have any ideas please do let us know.
Our heartfelt thank-you and much love,
Mam Khanyi 
& all the girls and team at HoH
HoH is a place of safety: our policy is to protect the girls and their identities.  With this in mind, we limit access to the houses and the girls.  We know you understand.
Winter brings additional expenses, as the season turns we will soon be needing winter school uniforms for our growing family to keep them cosy through the chilly days ahead. In addition, we always need the things below, and so, every little you can spare is important to us.
  • Petrol for the school bus 
  • Pre-paid electricity (SMS the number to +27 73 250 2086)
  • Groceries
  • Financial support and sponsorship for education and training of individual girls
+27 81 336 7775
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In honour of Granny Jo
In honour of Granny Jo

Our School life

3rd term results

We can proudly say that all the children’s marks improved greatly in term 3. 


True spirit of Ubuntu

One of our 4th graders in Kensington Ridge Primary School was on the brink of being moved to a special needs school because her marks were so poor.  One of the older learners committed to helping her with extra lessons after school and the 4th grader passed all her subjects (with flying colours) in term 3!  We are so proud of our girls.



Please keep the children in your thoughts and prayers in November as they study and write exams.


A month to remember special people

In remembrance

“Kick the biggest drum for it makes the most noise and will be heard everywhere” - this is how we will remember Granny Jo Marcus.  Since 2009 grannies Jo, Caroline and Barbara walked with Home of Hope and granny Jo regularly did art and other activities with the children.   The grannies are an institution at Home of Hope and each year they blessed every child with R20 for their birthday.  Granny Jo will be sorely missed and our prayers are with grannies Caroline and Barbara.


Special visitor

On 8th October we were honoured to welcome Constitutional Court Judge Leona Theron at Berea Hillbrow Home of Hope.  The judge spoke to the children about the importance of education and stressed the value of Maths and English.  She encouraged the children to focus on their future and to leave the past behind.   


Mandela Day

A heartfelt thank-you to each and every person and company who came through to help us on Mandela Day!  It felt like family coming through to help with various tasks.  Walls were painted, vegetable gardens established, 25 brand new bunk beds were set up for the girls and groceries and clothing was delivered.  We were truly blessed.  THANK YOU!



Without the assistance of volunteers, Berea Hillbrow Home of Hope would not exist.  We have such an amazing network of people who offer their skills and time and guide us where we don’t know and help us where we cannot.  We are deeply grateful for each and every person who holds hands with us.



Many Acts of Kindness that empower the girls!

A group of volunteers work with the children and present life skills talks once a month on various topics.  These topics include:- forgiving yourself, mindfulness, things you value the most and things you are grateful for.  We can see the healing and the growth in the children who attend these sessions.


Zumba Dash came and did a Zumba dance session with the girls.  Lots of fun, laughter and catch your breath moments.


A few girls attended a Christian Science Church lecture on “prayer for healing” in Randburg.


Some of the girls attended a yoga retreat weekend in Magaliesburg where they were taught about happiness, joy and forgiveness.


Two dozen children were treated to a visit to Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Newtown.  They were able to explore, play games and experience science in quite a unique way.


Several of the girls attended a Johannesburg Junior Council self-defence course at St John’s.  They were taught how to be vigilant and avoid danger and also how to defend themselves and avoid rape.


An entrepreneurial skills workshop was presented where the children learned about saving money and how to start your own small business.


Blessings for long time friends of HOH

Bethesda Methodist Mission

For the past 12 years, once a year, the Bethesda Methodist Mission throws a birthday party for all the children.  The hall is decorated, a special meal prepared, the congregants become the waiters, music is played and a very special atmosphere created.  Each child receives a personalised birthday gift.  For the children, this is one of the highlights of their year.


If there is a 21st birthday in the house –they make it even more special for the birthday girl.


If you are able to help ~

Social worker

As a rule, trafficked children don’t have any form of paperwork.  No birth certificate and no ID is the norm.  To register the children and legitimise their existence is a massive undertaking.  Mam Khanyi have been working with the relevant authorities to register the children but this is a full time job and the need for a full time social worker is desperate!


Fire extinguishers

Our home in Cyrildene needs fire extinguisher advice.  We estimate that we need one for the kitchen, one for each of the four bedrooms and one for the office but we are not 100% sure.  We would appreciate some advice and guidance by people in the know.


Always welcome at Home of Hope:

Petrol money for the school bus.  Deposits can be made directly into the Shell Garage account.  Please email us and we will send you the account details and reference codes

Groceries – especially bread

Pre-paid electricity – sms the number to 073 250 2086

Financial support


A Place of Safety

Our policy is to protect the girls and their identities.  With this in mind, we limit access to the houses and the girls.  We know you understand.


Thank you

And finally, as always, a huge and heartfelt thank you for your continued support.  If we have not mentioned you in this edition of our new newsletter, please watch out for the next one as we share the developments at the homes.


With much love and deep appreciation, from Mam Khanyi and the girls 


Our vegetable garden
Our vegetable garden
More on our vegetable garden
More on our vegetable garden
New bunk beds
New bunk beds
View from inside our home
View from inside our home
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Midway through 2018, we have much to share:-

Top Performer!

Congratulations to Andi (grade 11), who is one of the Top 10 Academic Performers of Bedfordview High School.  Andi was acknowledged by the school for her academic excellence. We’re very proud of Andi, who performed well in Science and plans to become a dynamic businesswoman.

2018 Grades

The first term grades were not as good as we hoped.  Several factors contributed to the drop in results and these include: - new school, new grade and the move from Berea to Kensington and then from Kensington to Cyrildene.  The homework team as well as the 2017 school leavers are working one-on-one with the children and we believe that the calm and stability will support the girls to focus on their schoolwork and improve their grades for the 2ndterm.


We have two five-year olds in the Wychwood Academy Pre-School.  They are doing very well and their English has improved vastly.  They will be ready to go to Grade R next year.  Thank you Nicole and Chantal for sponsoring these two and for uncle Nick who very kindly fetches them for school every morning.


Not all our school leavers have the opportunity to study and follow their dreams.  If companies are able to offer any of our school leavers an internship opportunity that comes with love, gentleness, patience and kindness, we would be extremely grateful.

-     Intern One is passionate about education and about helping others.  She is currently serving as the spokesperson and guide for visitors to BHHoH 

-      Intern Two would love to become a social worker

-      Intern Three dreams of becoming a pre-school teacher

-      Intern Four is a beautician at heart and strives to realise her dream to work in a top salon and

-      Intern Five dreams of becoming a chef

Our New Home

Since our last newsletter, our girls have moved in and the office is set up and operational. Verity, the BHHoH outreach team and the older girls disassembled the bunkbeds in the flats and carried them down the 12 flights of stairs from where the removal truck collected them.

The FNB Life Insurance Team spent several days at the house to assemble the beds, run Wi-Fi and other cables, put up shelves and move plugs.

Sandy Geash and the ladies of the “Movie Club” donated an electrical fence for the new home. The fence has been installed and we all go to bed at night feeling peaceful.

A Big Thank You

Because we are a family and the children stay with us for as long as is necessary, we need thicker files for each family member.  The Macquarie Foundation Group and Roto Rooter donated these files for our new office.  

Quick Update

Patience started the Comrades 2018 but missed the cut off with 35 seconds.  We remain super proud of your brave effort sisi!

Staff Retreat

Sonnya Holtz hosted the BHHoH staff at the Moorfield Mountain Farm for 2 nights while the new caregivers looked after the children.  The driver, caregivers, outreach team, Mam Khanyi, TK and Kheti all had an opportunity to relax in this sublime nature reserve and re-connect with each other and nature.  


Did you know?  

Lindsay Sherman and the Investec team hosts a combined birthday party for the children every three months. Each birthday-princess gets a card and cake as well as a gift voucher, which is put away till December for when all the girls get to go shopping for their birthday presents.

Corporate Do Good

Activate Architecture celebrated 20 years in business on 2nd June at Thirteen in Braamfontein. The theme for the evenining was Activate "still in the game after 20 years”and was expressed as a casino games night complete with roulette tables.

They decided to make their event "For Good" too. Berea Hillbrow Home of Hope was invited to be the sellers of casino chips and the beneficiary of all the proceeds from the evening.

Just under  R10,000 was raised in a couple of hours and the girls had fun seeing and meeting the guests.

We challenge companies to follow Acivate’s example and host events with a "for good" element.

Thank you

Once again, a huge and heartfelt thank you for the continued support.  

With much love and deep appreciation, from Mam Khanyi and the children.

011 025 8954

New electrical fence
New electrical fence
MothersDay card from the children
MothersDay card from the children
Corporate Do-Good
Corporate Do-Good
Staff Retreat
Staff Retreat
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Patience our very own Comrades runner
Patience our very own Comrades runner


Fantastic news! Our very own Patience will be running the 2018 Comrades Marathon. Patience, who grew up in Berea Hillbrow Home of Hope, matriculated in 2010 and, with the help of Mam Khanyi organising private funding, she enrolled at Wits to study Education. In 2012, she changed her course to LLB and was eligible for a scholarship from The Tomorrow Trust. Patience graduated in 2015 and is currently a Legislative Analyst at Alexander Forbes. It is clear Patience is running from strength to strength – and she is living proof of how Home of Hope empowers youth to flourish.

Go Girl! We are super proud of Patience.


There is tremendous excitement at Home of Hope - the girls and some volunteers have been painting, fetching, carrying and sprucing up at the new home in Cyrildene. This new property will be shelter to the high school children who were moved out of the flats in Berea.

The flats in Berea have also been a hive of activity, with Verity and her friends from the Jozi Burner Creative Projects NPC crew removing built in cupboards and shelving to be used at Cyrildene. The bunk beds will be moved in phases because the flats are on the 12th floor and the lifts are not working – we are looking for a clever solution to this #quanundrum #howdowegetthebedsdown? Suggestions are welcome, off course Mam Khanyi, the HoH team and volunteers are working intensely to get the house ready. The main issue at hand is security and in particular the electrical fencing.

All going well, the children will move into the new house in April.

The smaller children will remain in Kensington as they are within walking distance of their schools. The high school learners who attend Bedfordview High will also stay in the old house.


Our School Uniform and stationary drive in December and January went well - and we have almost everything we need. We are gratefull for all the donations and contributions.

THE BILTONG PROJECT (Dried Meat Delicacy)

As part of our sustainable income generating strategy, Home of Hope runs a biltong stand at the Maboneng Precinct – Market on Main. This initiative has been running since August 2017 and is in full swing. Profits go towards paying for electricity as well as transport for our learner, who received a scholarship to study teaching in Midrand. 

A shout out and special thanks to Craig and Claire for making this biltong stand happen and to the peer educators for running the stand every Sunday!

We are hoping to establish a stand at the Rosebank Market to sell our candles, biltong and possibly even wors rolls. Creating sustainable ways for us to support our young people is a priority – and we look forward to expanding our project.


Homework volunteers help the learners on Saturday mornings with their schoolwork. In the spotlight this week is Mr Skhumbuzo, who helps the high school children with their maths. In 2017 their math pass rate was 74%!

Onka, Karabo, Shanya and Olivia are also on the homework volunteer team and we recently welcomed Nonhlanhla and Jemma.

We are grateful for the time and dedication of the homework volunteer team, the results of the Home of Hope learners is hugely improved by their support.


And finally, as always, a huge and heartfelt thank you for your continued support!  With much love and deep appreciation, from home of hope team.


Home improvements at Cyrildene
Home improvements at Cyrildene
2018 new school year - Back to School drive
2018 new school year - Back to School drive
Sustainable income generating project
Sustainable income generating project
Homework volunteers - Math Magic
Homework volunteers - Math Magic
Thank you!
Thank you!
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Thank you cards made by the children
Thank you cards made by the children


By mid December 2017, the GlobalGiving fund raising barometer for “help educate trafficked child sex abuse survivors” stood close to $6 000. Successfully participating on the GlobalGiving platform is an amazing achievement, not only for the dollar value, but also for Berea-Hillbrow Home of Hope to be recognized in the global NGO arena.


Exams and Results

Six girls wrote matric (final year of senior school) during October and November 2017 and we are excitedly waiting for their results, which will be published on 2nd January in the national newspapers and other online platforms.

All 47 Berea-Hillbrow Home of Hope primary and high school learners passed their grades and will be promoted to the next grade! What an achievement! We are extremely proud of the children and deeply grateful to all the peer educators, caregivers and volunteers who assisted with homework and extra classes throughout the year.

One of our grade 10 girls in Bedfordview High achieved excellent results and her grade average improved from 5 to 7. We are extremely proud of her.

We are also waiting for the results of the University students who wrote exams.

At the end of the school exams, the girls participated in a fun run from Bedford Center to Cyrildene to celebrate the end of exams and hail in the long summer holidays.



The Berea Hillbrow Home of Hope family is heartbroken over the death of one of our daughters. On 22 September young Thandeka died as a result of Meningitis. We ask that you keep the girls in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn this awful loss and come to grips with the void her passing has left.


Really good news

We are super excited to announce that we have a new address in Cyrildene. This means that the younger children, Mam Khanyi as well as the administrative personnel will move to the 9-bedroom home.

We now have a lovely garden with grass for the children to play, a spacious area for our vegetable garden and a building infrastructure that will be developed into an independent kitchen facility for event catering.

The older girls will move out of the Berea flats into the Kensington home – such a relief for all of us.  (we are relived because Berea resembles life in a ghetto and is not an ideal place to raise young woman)

An anonymous donor donated the new house to us after seeing Mam Khanyi being interviewed on BBC. We are deeply grateful for the generosity.


New Business

In mid November we started selling biltong (a dried meat delicacy for South Africans) at Market on Main in the trendy Maboneng precinct in Johannesburg CBD.   This is the first of several initiatives to create a sustainable income stream for us.


Looking for

We are looking for a vacant shop in a high traffic mall (preferably in the Kensington, Cyrildene area) to set up a “vintage” or “thrifting” clothing store. Berea-Hillbrow Home of Hope receives regular clothing donations. We keep the clothes that the children can wear but have a surplus of clothes for adults that could be sold in a small business to fall in with the sustainable income strategy that we are developing.


We thank the friends of the Berea-Hillbrow Home of Hope for their unwavering support.

We wish you a blessed Christmas and a beautiful 2018.

Thank you. We love you.

The girls, the staff, the volunteers and Mam Kanyi

Please feel free to get in touch with us on our Facebook page or or

The new home - spacious grass play area
The new home - spacious grass play area
The new home - more grass for play
The new home - more grass for play
The new home - our home
The new home - our home
Our Biltong stand at Market on Main
Our Biltong stand at Market on Main
Post exam fun run
Post exam fun run
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