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Foster Family Support for 50 Children in Russia

by St.Petersburg-based non-governmental organization 'Doctors to Children'


In 2016, the Russian NGO Doctors to Children (DTC) will recruit, train and support 50 foster families in St. Petersburg to provide an alternative to orphanage placement and ensure a nurturing family environment for 50 children.
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In 2014, almost 12,600 children lived in government institutions in the city of St. Petersburg. Russian families are not keen on taking care of "somebody else's children" not for lack of compassion, but for lack of such a tradition, awareness and support. Those children who make it to foster families face the risk of a repeat abandonment because of insufficient psychosocial assistance to foster families.


Within its Foster Family Project, DTC will recruit potential foster parents through a public awareness campaign, train them at the School for Foster Parents, facilitate family placement for 50 children in 2016, and support foster families to prevent the repeat child abandonment.

Long-Term Impact

The number of children in government institutions in St. Petersburg will be reduced through increased foster family placement and local adoption. The risk of repeat abandonment by foster and adoptive parents will significantly decrease.


Doctors to Children, The Foster Family project
Project Leader:
Elena Karaseva
St. Petersburg, Russia