Ensure 100 Pakistani women have a better life

by Indus Earth Trust


Women in ultra poor households struggle to provide for their families in Pakistan. Assistance in kind is provided to women to become entrepreneurs enabling them to fulfill basic needs for a healthier life.
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Many households in ultra poor and marginalized communities live in utter poverty, lack livelihood options and suffer continuously. Many live in shacks or make shift housing, exposed to weather and insecurity. Women and girls suffer the most as they face adverse environmental conditions in their daily routines, bear the burden of disease and remain deprived of educational opportunities and basic nutrition as meagre earnings are diverted to ensuring the wellbeing of male members.


As women become contributors to the household income, there is a marked improvement in financial security. Families can improve their living quarters. More income also means food security; better nutrition and health for all members irrespective of gender. When basics of human existence, food and shelter are met, focus can shift to attaining education for girls as well as boys. A better future becomes possible as it can be sustained by joint earnings of women and men.

Long-Term Impact

With increased household income families make improvements to their homes and live a healthier life. Women can ensure a better life for their children - secure, healthy and offering equal opportunities for girls and boys. Girls can now go to school and become contributors to the future economy as skilled workers, be financially independent, able contributors to the household incomes. Psychologically, the family is given much hope for the future - a future that includes girls as well as boys.

Additional Documentation

This project has provided additional documentation in a PDF file (projdoc.pdf).


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Organization Information

Indus Earth Trust

Location: Karachi, Sindh - Pakistan
Website: http:/​/​www.indusearthtrust.org
Project Leader:
Shahid Sayeed Khan
CEO Indus Earth Trust
Karachi, Sindh Pakistan