Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.

by EMPACT Northwest
Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.
Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.
Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.
Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.
Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.
Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.
Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.
Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.
Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.
Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.
Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.
Help train Haiti's first Paramedics & EMT's.

Hello friends and supporters!

We have been working hard to continue our medical education program in Port Au Prince!

We have renewed our partnership with Project Medishare to bring continued education to our EMT school graduates in the city. This year’s goals include teaching quarterly CE courses at the new hospital education center located across the street from Bernard Mevs Hospital.

We hope to include organizational partners from around Port Au Prince to continue the task of building a national standard EMT curriculum for Haiti. Our goal is to identify a strong core of instructor students who will in turn teach future EMT and first Responder courses in Haiti.  We have also committed to establishing and maintaining training standards for those who have already graduated.

Under the leadership of Education Director Eric Adman, EMPACT Instructors Christina Dixon and Phillip Bohlmann just returned from implementing the first phase of the 2013 education program.

EMPACT Haiti, the Haitian sister organization for EMPACT NW continues to take steps toward becoming a self sustainable organization. Last December’s pledge drive raised enough funds to secure the EMPACT House for one more year, but we fell short of reaching our fundraising goal. The guys at EMPACT Haiti still need to raise $8,000 as a startup cost for the home and education center in Painier, Port Au Prince. It is the goal of EMPACT Haiti to open and run a hostel as a means of funding free community first responder education. They have begun to take several small steps in meet this goal including the near completion of an independent webpage and deployment system. Stay tuned for future updates as we make progress!

If you would like to help our Haitian sister organization get this project off the ground, please help us by donating, spreading the word or joining our volunteer team! Specifically, EMPACT Northwest is in the process of building a fundraising and marketing team. If you have the skills, or would like to learn the skills of funding a valualble non profit project, please contact Armadeus Davidson.

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Senior Instructor Kate Earle holding a review
Senior Instructor Kate Earle holding a review

In 2013 Empact Northwest will continue to provide prehospital medical education to the members of Port-au-Prince medic one. To date, we trained 60 EMTs and three EMT instructors.
The EMTs in Port-au-Prince, Haiti have formed their own organization with the purpose of continuing community first responder education. This new organization EMPACT Haiti will continue its education project starting January 2013. Under the advisement of Empact Northwest and other grassroots organizations, EMPACT Haiti has successfully trained hundreds of community based first responders in select neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince.

Meanwhile at project Medishare Bernard Mevs hospital, the Empact EMTs continue to work and develop their skills as professional EMTs. Not only have the EMTs been responsible for patient triage and other's traditional EMT skills, they have developed into various advanced positions within the hospital.
Some EMTs have expanded to positions such as operating room technicians, director of outpatient care, wound care and laboratory technicians.
Bernard Mavs hospital is one of the cities only, trauma capable hospitals in the country. The high volume of cases arriving at Bernard Mevs have allowed our EMTs to become proficient in their skills as well as qualified for extended protocol skills such as suturing, injections, and administering IVs.

The board members of EMPACT Haiti would like to create a sustainable revenue generating business which will employ and allow members of Empact Haiti to deliver pre-hospital education to citizens of Port-au-Prince. To accomplish this vision, EMPACT Haiti must raise enough funds to cover the cost of their office and living quarters. EMPACT House, Haiti will provide an opportunity to generate revenue by hosting medical teams from other countries.

Using the house as a medical volunteer hostile will provide enough revenue for EMPACT Haiti to operate as a formal Haitian NGO. These revenues will also fund future EMT and community first responder courses. In partnership with Bernard Mavs, EMPACT Haiti will operate under the advisement of EMPACT Northwest to develop Haiti's first French language EMT curriculum to be submitted to the MS PP in 2014. EMPACT Haiti will also collaborate with the Haitian national ambulance service (CAN) while developing the new curriculum.
In order to begin this project in 2013 EMPACT Northwest and its volunteers have committed to raising the necessary starting capital that will cover the cost of the EMPACT House lease and provide a small operating budget to cover in the year 2013. This grant will be given to EMPACT Haiti as startup capital.

This year's global giving challenge held during the month of December 2012 will raise the funds necessary to ensure the project’s success. EMPACT Northwest hopes to raise a total of $15,000. Please donate OR seek a $50 pledge from five of your great friends and family!

All donations are processed through Global Giving’s strict accountability standards and always tax deductible!


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The board members of EMPACT Haiti
The board members of EMPACT Haiti

Dear volunteer,

Nobody knows the value of the work that EMPACT performs better than you.  You've seen the incredible need and the heartache that exists in the developing world with your own eyes.  You know the effects of poverty and destitution and you know how crushing that can be.  More importantly, you know how simple it can be to make a difference in those lives we touch.  And you know the hope seen in the eyes of those who are given the opportunity to shine.

Now, we need your help again.  Please keep reading, I'm not going to ask you for money.  What we need is for each of you to mobilize your own vast individual armies of supporters and rally them around our cause.  Beginning November 26th, EMPACT Northwest will be again participating in our Global Giving project fundraiser.

This year, 100% of these funds will go directly to the members of EMPACT Haiti. As you know, EMPACT NW has been working to train our Haitian friends to become an independent Haitian organization. Part of this plan is to educate our friends in sustainable business practice and community organization. We hope to pay the rent for EMPACT House for the year 2013. This will give our friends some time to grow their organization while earning them a small revenue from the guests they host at the house.

The minimum fundraising goal for December is $10,000 from 100 individual donors.  I'm asking you, our dedicated volunteers to help us to not only meet this goal, but blow it out of the water and help us hit a mark of $15,000.  It's a challenge, there's no doubt about it.  But if any of us allowed "can't" to enter our lexicon, we'd never be where we are today.

Thank you again for all that you have done for EMPACT and for Haiti, Sierra Leone, Japan, Pakistan, and all of the other spots we're going to go.  I can't wait to work with each of you in the future!

Let's see if we can set some records!


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Students in this year's class learning trauma care
Students in this year's class learning trauma care

Dear supporters,

It has been a very busy year for the members of EMPACT Haiti. First, we are honored to welcome Mr. Hubermann Alceon as the new USA director of EMPACT Haiti. Hubermann is an original member of EMPACT Haiti as a key translator and logistics supporter in Haiti. He is one of Haiti's first graduating EMT's in his country’s history. He now resides here in the Pacific Northwest and has become a valuable leader of our efforts in Haiti. Our focus for the remainder of this year is the complete transition of EMPACT Haiti administration and its operations to our Haitian Colleagues. Pierre Duckens, the Executive Director, has formed a governing board and pending government recognition as a Haitian Non Governmental Organization (NGO). 

Meanwhile, the EMPACT EMT's are now working and educating other EMT's via a partnership with Project Medishare/Bernard Mevs Hospital. This small hospital based group of EMT's work in the countries busiest trauma and critical care center. EMPACT Northwest is committed to the continued growth of EMS in Haiti via these important partnerships.

Ayisyen Rezo Medikal members are also seeing great success. Haitian organizations such as GAI and the HNP have been training hundreds of laypersons in first aid, CPR and even First Responder courses. There also has been growth with the National Ambulance system introduced this year by the government. Members of EMPACT Haiti, Project Hope, GAI, Banshee, Team Rubicon and Global Dirt have been instrumental in the education of these new EMS providers. In short, our small grassroots efforts are gaining traction! Most importantly, Haitian organizations are forming and directing the future of Haitian EMS. 

EMPACT Northwest will be supporting EMPACT Haiti and the combined efforts of Rezo Medikal by providing continued administrative and technical educators. Our focus for 2013 will be the continuation of a self sustaining logistics and education base (EMPACT House). In the past, EMPACT Northwest operated all logistics and finance for this project. Starting in 2013, all deployments and its proceeds will be in control of the Haitians who formed the EMPACT Haiti governing body. EMPACT Haiti members will manage the EMPACT House and use the proceeds to operate EMPACT Haiti.

EMPACT Northwest will also send EMS educator missions to Haiti from the US. However, these deployments will be based on the needs and requests made by the members of EMPACT Haiti and the new EMS community.

How you can help: EMPACT Northwest has pledged to raise enough funds between NOW and December 31 of 2012 to pay the lease on EMPACT house. Together with some general operational expenses, the projected need for our friends in Haiti is approximately $8,000. Again, this amount would ensure a new annual lease for the EMPACT Haiti house, some minor fixture upgrades and a small budget for misc. needs as determined by EMPACT Haiti.

Remember, 100% of your donations go directly to our friends in Haiti.

Thank you for all your past, present and future support. Many of you personally know our Haitian friends. Many of you know of their dedication to this project. With your continued support, your efforts are truley making changes in this small nation...of big futures.

Thank you.

Port Au Prince Medic One!
Port Au Prince Medic One!
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A US Instructor Teaching Class II Students
A US Instructor Teaching Class II Students

In September of 2011, EMPACT Northwest graduated Haiti’s first US standard Emergency Medical Technician Basic level providers. In 2012, EMAPCT and other organizations dedicated to Haitian comprehensive Emergency Medical Services formed a working consortium Rezo Medikal Ayisyen (R.M.A.).

April 2012, EMPACT NW organized and is hosting the second EMT class at the EMAPACT Haiti House. The focus of this course is utilization of current Haitian EMT’s from the previous EMPACT/PAPMO course, as well as EMT’s from the Haitian Organization Gwoup Ayisyen pou Ijans (G.A.I.). GAI is an all Haitian organization established following the 2010 Earthquake. GAI continues to receive support from the EMS community of New York State, including FDNY EMS via the Banshee/Alliance01 Organization.

The goal of the EMPACT NW/PAPMO program is not only to educate additional EMT’s for the city of Port Au Prince, but also to promote and educate Haitian EMT instructors. As the Haitian EMS capacity grows, the need for experienced and educated EMS providers will also grow. All R.M.A. consortium members are committed to producing an effective, sustainable all-Haitian EMS system. Education is the first step.

R.M.A. Consortium is currently working with the above partnerships and in collaboration with the Haitian Ministry of Health (MSPP), Haitian National Police, various city hospitals, and seeking partnerships with the newly established 116 Haitian Ambulance communication center.

Rezo Medikal Ayisyen (PAPMO)

Besides creating an effective ambulance service, EMPACT NW believes that Haitian citizen involvement is critical to minimizing pre-hospital injury and death. To this end we are committed to educating an ALL-HAITIAN professional pre-hospital providers and educators who will in turn be tasked with delivering advanced medical training to groups such as the to the public and other government entities. In 2012, EMPACT Northwest has committed to the successful development and assistance of EMPACT Haiti as an affiliate member of RMA.

EMPACT Haiti administrators Pierre Dukkens and his staff will pursue the registration of EMPACT Haiti as an official Haitian NGO. They will also register and partner with the MSPP (Haitian Minister of Health). This is an all Haitian managed and administered operation with the support of EMPACT Northwest.

As EMPACT Haiti moves forward, we have recognized the importance of partnerships. The RMA alliance is a network of NGO’s, multinational government organizations and Haitian Hospital systems who are interested in the creation of an effective pre-hospital system in Haiti.

The RMA Alliance members have supported or participated in the EMS efforts to date.


We are happy to report that we have a second class of successful EMT graduates as of Friday, May 25! Thank you to everybody who worked so hard to make this class a success, and there have been many - We will probably forget some, so apologies in advance.  Thank you to:

  • All of our donors and supporters without whom we could not have put on the class
  • The Curriculum Committee who did the planning and helped develop curriculum material
  • All our EMPACT volunteers, who helped recruit instructors and coordinate volunteer deployments
  • Our Haitian lead instructors, Claudel Gedeon, Gerard Prevot, and Pierre Duckens, who worked extremely hard, delivering training and doing translations
  • Our U.S. instructors, who also worked very hard to keep the class on track and who each individually contributed a lot
  • Madame, who kept us all fed, and Francoise, who kept the school/house in order
  • Dominique Valentin from JPHRO who gave us great support and allowed us to work with JP clinics
  • Marc Julmisse from Adventist Hospital who made sure her students could still attend when we had to move to a distant school location
  • Rachel Belt, Kim Wachenfeld, and Adrian from Project Medishare who shared resources and allowed Medishare employees to participate
  • William Black from Saint John's Ambulance, who supplied us with top students and supported us every step of the way
  • Walter Adler and the Banshee organization, who helped teach and recruit support for the project
  • Pastors John Booker and Marc Olsen of the Foursquare Church, who once again extended their hospitality and let us use the church for graduation, and made sure everything worked
  • Photographer Justin Thomas from Banshee who took photos and video of the graduation
  • Our outstanding group of students, who put heart and soul into this class

For me, and I think I can speak for everyone who participated in this project, this has been a great experience.  I have developed a tremendous respect and affection for the Haitian people having worked in Haiti several times now, and that is what keeps me coming back for the next project. So thank you again, everybody, for helping to make this class a success.


Haitian EMT Instructors

With the completion of the second PAPMO EMT course, EMPACT Northwest was also able to educate and certify three Haitian EMT Instructors. Pierre Duckens, Claudel Gedeon of EMPACT Haiti and Gerard Prevot Jr of GAI. With this certification, the RMA EMT Instructor core can now teach EMT, First Responder and first Aid courses for partner organizations operating in Haiti.

2011 EMPACT Haiti, PAPMO Financial Summary

(January-June 2012)

Deposited Funds                   $26,710

Disbursements                      $26,219

Balance                                   $491

PAPMO Administrative Expenses                 $5044.66

Instructor Deployment Expenses                    $5100.00        

EMPACT House/Facilities &

In Country Operational Expenses                   $13,475.00     

EMPACT Haiti Staff Salaries                            $2600.00


First Half 2012 EMPACT Haiti/PAPMO Team Deployments

Total Medical Teams                                       6 Medical Teams

Instructor Teams                                             7 Instructor Teams

Administrative Teams                                      1 Team


First Half 2012 Mission Completion Statistics

31 Haitian EMT's Graduated (49 total to date)

3 Haitian EMT Instructors Certified

6,000 Haitian Citizens Treated via Medical Teams

Students critique a mass casualty drill
Students critique a mass casualty drill
EMT students at the mass casualty drill
EMT students at the mass casualty drill
Haitian EMT Instructor Pierre and Mr Eric teaching
Haitian EMT Instructor Pierre and Mr Eric teaching
Students at a clinical rotation- JP/HRO Hospital
Students at a clinical rotation- JP/HRO Hospital


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