Education Not Exploitation for Girls in Kenya

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The Marginalised Get Help

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Masaka, Uganda
Map of The marginalised get help Clemency Uganda is a non profit grassroots based charity organisation as an urgent response to system,conditions and structures that perpetuate poverty and oppression among the marginalized people through strategic intervention.The organisation serves a wider section in Jinja particularly the orphans and vulnerable children(OVC).The youth,women and aged and people with disabilities (PWDS).The group get services like education,health,agriculture,environment,secure livelihood,human rights and advocacy among others. Read more.
Related to project keywords: particularly, education health, charity, structures, wider

Remolding Thinking Peoples Behaviours.

By a male, 31-45 years old, in Kampala, Uganda
Map of Remolding thinking peoples behaviours. Uganda rural development and training programme (URDT) is an ideologically and philosophically independent living institution gramically remolding the thinking of behaviour of the people in rural areas regarding women the girl child and their own participation in control of those forces taht influence their lives in kabale and adjacent district of uganda this organization has helped much in changing mens attitudes towards women and girl child thus fulfilling the main objectives of women emanicipation. Read more.
Related to project keywords: development training, forces, objectives, participation, girl child

Something To Eat

By a female, 22-30 years old, in Kakamega North, Kenya
Map of Something to eat Agriculture producers are the basic to the food and economical programmes in kenya.Food is increasingly becoming a problem in kenyan society since the population is quicker increasing. The available food cannnot sustain the popluation. There is therefore need to train and facilitate the growing of quick foods(those that grow fast) The ministry of Agriculture in conjuction with other organisations came up with ways to increase food productions in western kenya. Framers were tarined and provided with seedling by an organisation WEWASAFU. Read more.
Related to project keywords: western kenya, facilitate, programmes, organisations, increasing

Good Governance

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Kakamega, Kenya
Map of Good Governance Am an organization aimed to strengthen institutions & mechanisms so as to promote the Rule of law in the Governance, Justice, Law & Order vector especially in the areas of Access to Justice & Anti-corruption. The programme is supporting the Judiciary to design a strategy for the implementation of crucial reforms, in line with the 2010 Constitution, the Judicial services Act & relevant reports of Task Forces on Judicial Reforms. Read more.
Related to project keywords: forces, relevant, institutions, strategy, justice

A Boost For Development

By a female, 22-30 years old, in Kakamega, Kenya
Map of A BOOST FOR DEVELOPMENT Foundation fr sustainable Development (FSD) under Mr Peter Ingotsi is doing a tremendous job. They are up to the task of ensuring that though the friends from the USA they can contribute to the upbringing of the academic status in Kenya. They have successfully aimed at boosting schools through facilitating development. They helped constructing classes by materials and help paying school fees. They also help in capacity building for as many other organizations as possible. Sustainable development to change the community has been made possible. Read more.
Related to project keywords: sustainable development, capacity building, facilitating, change community, organizations

Success Requires No Explanation.

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Nairobi, Kenya
Map of SUCCESS REQUIRES NO EXPLANATION. I know through the principle of auto suggestion any desire that i persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means that i got myself to be doing. Only a few people have got self confidence in doing what is truly right. People come with different ideas all the time but only some could be of help to our people or to us. Good ideas need to be put into serious use to produce a positive result in life so some people are truly kind hearted and are truly meant to help others who can be really helped. As it is said God helps those who help themselves,and success never goes away from you unless you move a way from it. Read more.
Related to project keywords: seek, desire, confidence, requires, means

Source Of Livelihood.

By a female, under 16 years old, in Kakamega, Kenya
Map of Source of livelihood. conservation should be carried out without denying people a livelihood. The Enviroment officer speaking at our school in Matundu .location. He promised programmes that would reduce pressure on forests and protect water towers and bodies conspiring the enviroment particularly having people stop destroying forests is a sensitive matter that requires courageous leadership. He said he was willing to support our conservation efforts through programmes that will make people stop destroying forests, without loosing source of livelihood. Read more.
Related to project keywords: particularly, requires, leadership, location, programmes

Community Social Responsibility

By a male, 22-30 years old, in Lugari, Kenya
Map of community social responsibility Helping the people living with HIV is a challenge particularly when the economy is under inflation. But in the year 2009, a women group in Musembe village in Lugari western Kenya decided to venture into this passionate mission. They gathered and decided to ensure that the PLHA get their drugs and also they get the right information on the dos and dont's with regard to diet. They also helped them in their economic activities like weeding their crops in the farms. This was a good idea and they are to be emulated in the whole region to ensure we stamp out stigma and help our collegues feel [art of our society,. Read more.
Related to project keywords: western kenya, particularly, mission, feel, society

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