Project #7584

'Holistic Development'for 300 Poor Kids in India

by Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All ( IDEA)

Hello Donors,

Greetings from IDEA!


As you know IDEA Foundation is working extensively to educate under-privileged children. To regulate the proper implementation of this objective, the foundation runs Learning centers in poverty-stricken areas. The foundation aims to reach maximum children through this platform and through them focuses to provide education and support. Education is mingled with fun activities at these centers and attention is distributed equaly but every child is different and may demand different recognition. One such center is in Laman Vasti Slums that has a special child named Heena. She is a 10 year old girl who is studying in 5th grade and has been a part of the Laman Vasti Learning Center since 4 years. She has a short term memory and is incompetent to remember what has been taught.

Heena’s father discovered her disability when she was in 2nd grade. Heena’s school fails to organize any meeting with parents and apparently it took time for her father to detect her disability. He was informed by Heena’s teacher that she has some problem and is not able to remember. This conclusion was derived by comparing her performance with other students. Heena’s father runs a small grain shop and could not spare time to provide extra attention to his daughter. Her mother is an illiterate and could not extend any assistance. Hence, Heena was brought to the learning centre. Her IQ test was done by a psychologist and the results showed mild mental retardation in her. Her eye hand coordination, visual-motor coordination, vocabulary and language development was weak. Moreover, her numerical ability, learning ability, auditory and visual perception was poor as well. Precisely, her memory was weak due to which she couldn’t read or write.  Special schools and extra care was suggested for her. Her father was asked to provide her with a healthy diet that can supplement her with required nutrients to support her development by the psychologist. It was no less than a challenge to treat her like a normal child and provide her education considering her sane.

The teachers at the center did not loose hope and were determined to help Heena. She was made to read and write. In the initial stage, it was difficult to make her write due to her low development but with regular hard work, Heena started writing. Now, Heena can write properly and can copy content exactly from the book.  The same girl who could not even count is now in a position to compute from 1 to 10 and can write effortlessly. She has developed interest in studies and is a regular student at the center. Her enthusiasm and amusement towards learning is a positive change. She is skilled to write everything told to her and understands English effectively. The teachers have disclosed Heena’s interest in art and craft. She is very creative and enjoys art.  She is a well behaved student and has a very understanding nature. Above that, she is sincere and never fails to finish her homework. 

Her parents and teachers are pleased to see her improvement and have tremendous expectations from Heena. Her father is thankful to IDEA Foundation.

We hope to help more children like Heena. We seek your support to fulfill the dreams of such children and provide them with an opportunity to deliver a better life.


Thank you.

Heena at the study centre
Heena at the study centre
Sakshi & her mother in front of their house
Sakshi & her mother in front of their house

Dear Donors,

Greetings from IDEA Foundaton!!

Hope you all are in good health. IDEA continues its attempts to give education to all children in the neighburhood communities. Yes, education for all is still remains a dream, but we are happy to inform you that we have reached out to more than 1,28,000 people in and around pune with our educational,skill development and awareness programs.

After more than half a century of attempts to uplift the under privileged communities economically by spending hundreds of millions, much changes are not seen in the society. We have realised that the only solution to the poverty is giving them education and skill development  and to make them employable.

IDEA Foundation is supporting education of poor community children through various initiatives and projects. It  runs 22 ‘ Play and Learn centers ‘ for children from 1st to 4th standard children and 9 Study centers for children from 5th to 7th standard in Pune, Bhor, Bopkhel and in Jambulpada. The objective of play and learn cenre is to make the education foundation strong and to make learning interesting for children from marginalised communities. To inculcate regular study habit in bigger children and to assist them in studies, we run study centres, where our teachers help them in their studies, identify their difficulties and give specialised coaching whenever required and also provide career guidance to them. These classes are helpful to reduce the number school dropout from these communities. 

Celebration of festival & other co-curricular activities retain the interest of children in school and in IDEA centers.

Success Story

The IDEA study centre at Indira nagar community, in Pune  is running successfully from the last 3 years. Many children from backward community are enrolled in this centre. Sakshi, belongs to a very poor family where education of the children was not given priority.

For children from her community, it is very difficult to continue education because of frequent migration of their families in search of job. Sakshi could not attend regular school and so she was far behind in academics and so was not much interested in attending schools. When IDEA started this study centre in Indira Nagar, we enrolled her in 5th standard in a nearby school and motivated her to attend regular school with our educational support. Her parents were also given awareness about the importance of education.

With IDEA sponsorship program, they could afford to send her to school and they have decided to educate all their 4 children at least till 12th. She is coming to IDEA study centre regularly since last 1 year. She likes to participate in various activities conducted in our centre and she is also given remedial coaching for the classes she missed.  

Her parents are grateful to IDEA and all supporters for the helping their children.

Thank you donors for making it possible for Sakshi to attend regular school. Please continue to support us to reach out to many more children who really need our support for education

Play time
Play time
Cleanliness drive by kids
Cleanliness drive by kids


Before renovation
Before renovation

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your donations!! Your support is making a change in the play & learn centers and study center of IDEA .

For the overall development of the children we adopt a Holsistic approach to education which focuses on addressing all of the needs of a child’s life: emotional, physical, relational, intellectual, creative and spiritual. Though we know that the first 6 years of a child’s life is the most important period of brain development, underprivileged communities do not give much importance to pre- school education. Especially if the play schools are not in a good condition they do not prefer to send the children there. Private pre-schools are too expensive for them to afford too.

The word Anganwadi means "courtyard shelter" in Indian languages. They were started by the Indian government in 1975 as part of the Integrated child development scheme(ICDS) to combat child hunger and malnutrition. It is basically a play school where children under six years are enrolled. There are many anganwadis in India, but most are in very bad condition.

In one of our project area 4 Anganwadis were in one premises .These centers provide outreach services to poor families in need of immunization, healthy food, clean water, clean toilets and a learning environment for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. However it was observed during a survey  that the infrastructure of the place where these 4 Angawads were run was in very bad condition. The passage was dirtied by the stray domestic animals since there were no barricades on safety wall. The plinth of the school passage was also little high for the small children and the incidences of falling down were frequent and it was unsafe for the children. It was also noted that the basic facilities like toilets and water were not available for these Anganwadi. Due to limitation of funds from the Zillaparishad, the anganwadis were facing inadequacy of education and paly material. Although the anganwadi staff and helpers were working dedicatedly, non-satisfaction amongst staff & parents of the children attending the schools was prevalent. This was affecting the teaching & enrolment of the children to anganwadi.

The supervisor of these angawadis and Tarun Mandal (local youth group) approached IDEA requesting provision of play and educational material. They also requested to take up the infrastructure development of these anganwadis especially the toilet construction. The mandal assured their participation. We have decided to intervene and undertake the infrastructural development of these anganwadis. Safety grills, wash basins, water tank, tap facility and toilets for the Anganwadis were provided. The water connection for the same was provided by the efforts of local mandal. Similarly indoor and outdoor play material like swing, slide, tricycle, see-saw, basketball, modeling clay, pyramid puzzles and education material like plastic animals vegetables, number puzzles, charts etc.were also given according to the need of the school.

This has helped in creating conducive environment in the school and making learning more fun based. The children are happy and excited to come to school now. Within 2 months of completion of the development work the enrolment of these anganwadi has increased remarkably. The teachers also expressed that due to this facilitation they are able to deliver qualitative teaching and effective learning for overall development of their anganwadi children. The parents of anganwadi children also seem to be happy, since they find the new school environment more healthy and safe. As assured, the maintenance of the infrastructure is taken care by anganwadi and the local leader from the community.  This has ensured the sustainability of the activity which is a mark of success achieved thorough participation and ownership by the community.

Thank you dear donors..Thank you for helping us to lay better foundation for the future of  many poor children.

After Renovation
After Renovation
A cowshed before
A cowshed before
A play school now
A play school now
Children with their craft work
Children with their craft work

Dear friends and donors!

 Greetings from IDEA!

 The holistic development approach to education is creating a positive impact in our activities throughout the year. Thank you very much to all of you for supporting this project and making it a success so far.

To nurture the child as a whole, the holistic approach encourages learning through engagement of the environment. As a part of this project we arranged a program called ‘Balmelava’ which means festival of children on April 16th 2016 at a resort in Pune. The resort has a lake view picnic spot, located on the bank of a dam, just 26 kms away from  Pune City making it a 50 minutes drive only. It is the best picnic destination for  families  and school  children. 

 Children were really looking forward to this event since many months. A total of 185 children from our study centres and schools in Bhor, Bopkhel, Hadapsar, Kothrud, Ramnagar, Kothrud and Uttamnagar participated in this event. Children under our sponsorship program also participated in the event.

For most children, it was for the first time in life they went out with their friends on a picnic. They were not even aware of places like this where they can spend the whole day and enjoy different games and activities. Their parents were never able to take them out for picnics or pleasure trips. The children enjoyed each and every part of the program with great enthusiasm and joy. It was really an unforgettable experience for them.

The whole day event mainly focussed on motivating the children through different creative activities. Children were given materials to develop their talents in art and craft. It was remarkable to watch them participating in such activities with full concentration. There was a book exhibition where the children were allowed to choose books on their own according to their interest. The story telling event was another program which the children enjoyed thoroughly. The children sat there listening to the story without slight distraction. The main attraction of the event was a Magic show and the children had great fun watching the magician and his tricks. The children were provided meals and soft drinks too.

Each and every activity we conduct towards the holistic development of the children make us more aware of the importance of activity based learning. Each child should have an opportunity to be looked as an individual and should get different learning opportunities. A child’s emotions, physical needs and creative openness will contribute to his/her learning. We are trying here to create warm relationship with the children through cultural and social development.

Here are some feedbacks of the students who participated in this event in their own language.

1] Name-  Chandni– a grade 5 student

“I saw many new things in Shantivan like Rabbits, colourful birds, colourful fishes and beautiful aquariums, etc. Also we saw stars, moon through planetarium show and magic show which I like very much. The story we got to hear was very nice and we all enjoyed it.”

2} Name- Sarjerao– a grade 7 student .

“It was a very Memorial Day for me when I visited Shantivan  with IDEA Foundation. I enjoyed the Magic show and I was astonished when I saw various magic tricks done by the magician . I saw parrots, rabbits, birds which were very beautiful & nice. I ate Gulabjamun( a Sweet ) , Idli and many other delicious food. IDEA Foundation gave us very interesting books and also the cap they gave us is also very beautiful. Many students of other communities of Pune had also come there and we played together “

3 }Name- Harshada– a grade 5 student

“First time I left  my house alone with IDEA teacher and went to Shantivan near Pune. Initially there was some fear in my mind but when I saw Shantivan and atmosphere there I forgot my fear and enjoyed the event . I saw many new & colourful birds and rabbits there. We also enjoyed activities like Magic show and  planetarium show. I selected two story books from book exhibition. A cap which I received was very beautiful. Thank you”

Dear friends …..I would like to thank each and every donor for supporting us  and making this picnic and many other project activities a great success. A big THANK YOU on behalf of the children too. Your generosity is making a difference in the life of many poor children. Please continue to support us in fulfilling our mission towards education for all.

fun with friends
fun with friends
Story Telling
Story Telling
Magic Show
Magic Show
Kavita from Global Giving Interacting with girls
Kavita from Global Giving Interacting with girls

Dear friends ,

Thank you so much for supporting this project. We are here again with two stories and a brief on the impact of the project.

We also got an opportunity to host Ms. Kavita Mathew,In-the-Field traveler  from Global Giving at Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All ( IDEA) in January! GlobalGiving's site visits are an important part of GlobalGiving’s  work, , to meet the people in the field & support the Non-profits partners. Here is what
Kavita said about our projects supported by Global Giving .

 “ On behalf of GlobalGiving, I appreciate the invaluable work done by IDEA ( Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for All) for the development of urban slums in Pune, through the empowerment of women and children” 

Kavita's visit was helpful to us in understanding the GlobalGiving platform more effectively . OUR SINCERE THANKS TO GLOBLA GIVING ! 

Stories from the field

 Lakhan goes to School !

Lakhan’s parents work as labourer on sugarcane field. They get seasonal work and have to migrate from places to places. In addition, the village they live had famine condition. They had difficulty in meeting both the ends. In such condition, the parents decided to send Lakhan to his maternal Uncle and Aunt’s house at Pune.

Little Lakhan was wandering and was noticed by the teacher. Though Lakhan attended a school occasionally in his village , he was not enrolled in a school in Pune as his Uncle faced technical difficulty of producing birth certificate or a transfer certificate from the village school . IDEA’s center teacher enrolled him in the centre first. She also got him enrolled in school within a few days as she was aware of the provisions in Right to Education Act informed to teachers in the monthly meetings. Otherwise he would have been a school dropout and may be engaged in child labour too. But teacher could notice the urge to study in little Lakhan  and she focused on him. Lakhan had tremendous difficulty in grasping due to change in medium of instruction. The centre teacher put in efforts to teach from beginning. Now he is able to read & write Marathi. He has won prize for good handwriting in school. Lakhan is happy to go to school.

 ‘My training made a difference in Heena’ - A teacher’s reflection

  ‘ Heena is unable to read & write as per her age. She is attending the IDEA centre for last three years. She is studying in 4th Std. I tried a lot to teach her but her performance is poor. After attending the training on Learning Difficulty in children, I had empathy for Heena. I adopted different teaching technique for her. I made colourful teaching aids to develop her interest in reading. I also make use of twigs, beads to help her in counting numbers. Her response has improved. Her parents used to get angry & shout at her frequently.  I had a dialogue with her parents too. Now they also have understood the difficulty and have reduced to yell at her. I hope I am able to provide Heena better environment for learning’.


The Programme & activities have brought about a positive changes in the children, teachers, parents & community.   There is remarkable improvement in the academic performance and over all development of children and activite participation of parents and community people.

 Improvement in the educational performance: There has been a considerable improvement in the educational performance of the children over a period of time .  IDEA conducts yearly assessment of the children to understand their achievement level.

The number of students in Grade ‘A’ has increased to 70% (Yr 2014-15) from 49% & 13.5% in Year 2013-14 & 2012-13 respectively. In grade ‘B’ 21% ( in Yr 2014-15) while it was 32 % & 28% in  2013-14, 2012-13 respectively.  Percentage of children in grade C & Grade D has considerably lower in  2014-15.


School attendance has increased from 85% to 90% in these three years. The average centre attendance has also increased to 75%.

Development of children: There is positive development in each child. He is provided opportunity for practical application of the theory learnt in Anand Bazar ( Arithmetic  skills through replicating a vegetable market ) activity. Children have started taking initiative in presenting skits written by themselves, puppet making etc. They have participated in rallies to campaign on issues like health & hygiene & Save the girl child. They themselves made posters and slogans.

Some children applied their creativity in making varied items from the art & craft                                   lessons  they have learnt in the center like  Rakhi( wrist band) made through paper art to tie to brothers during the festival. The values like helping, sharing, and team work are inculcated in them through activities.  

Reduced rate  of  school dropout in working areas:

IDEA is working in Shravandhara slum since 6-7 years. IDEA has adopted holistic approach, considering all age groups, these include study centers to improve academic performance of children, educational sponsorship programme for high school children from poor families & skill development for youth. The survey done by IDEA in this slum shows that the school dropout rate in age group 6-14 years has come down to 0% in year 2014 where as it was 2% in year 2010 and 8 % in 2002 . This is a remarkable achievement! 
Similarly, in other slums too the percentage of school dropout has come down. We are enrolling out of school children in school, if identified. 

Teacher’s development:  Various training programmes for teachers have given them confidence, skills & motivation to work with & for holistic development of children, apart from building their capacity and efficiency as teachers.

An Appeal

We appreciate YOU for supporting IDEA to help many marginalized children through this project . We are planning to reach out to many more children in remote locations in Maharashtra. We are seeking your continuous support for this expansion plan .

Thanking you in advance for your support


Anand Bazar- Lamanvasti
Anand Bazar- Lamanvasti
Lakhan receives star for good handwriting
Lakhan receives star for good handwriting
Heena with her teacher
Heena with her teacher

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