Build a Brighter Future for 55 Kids in Guatemala

by Integral Heart Foundation
Marisol with Debora, Co-Founder IHF
Marisol with Debora, Co-Founder IHF

Here at the Integral Heart Foundation we thought that we’d honor one important aspect of our vision; that is the importance of the personal relationships between our sponsored children and their benefactors and Godparents.

As part of our on-going process of forming and sustaining relationships we asked the kids to write letters of appreciation to their sponsors (you can see images of them below). The response was amazing. Not only did the kids do a great job but also their parents joined them in this beautiful effort. We have over 50 sponsored kids now and below is just a small example of the content of  letters written by the children and their families.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did while working on this project.

From Marisol to the sponsors of her children, Zaida, Jose and Freddy:

"I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to you for the help you provide to me and all the families. I was in a bad situation in which I had no idea of what to do, I had beside me a bad man who did not treat me and made me feel very small. He would say things like I was useless, he ignored me and his children and he didn’t love them. When I met Debora our lives changed completely. She taught me to value myself and not to be afraid. I am very grateful to my children’s godparents because with your help we could make it. My children eat better and have a better home. Thank you very much for all the support you offer us and God Bless you. Because of you my children are studying and will have a better future!"

From Zaida to her Godmother Lisa,

"Hello Godmother Lisa, I hope you are great. Thank you for your support. I would like to tell you that I like to study and I want to learn English and that I like dogs. We have a little puppy and I love her very much, her name is Panchita (NOTE: This is Debora she named her dog after our golden retriever named Panchito! Isn’t that cute?). I want to know you and I would love if you can send me a picture of you. I am happy because our mom loves us very much. God bless you and take care of you forever. Saying goodbye to you with lots of love."

From Keyla to Godparents Michael and Michelle:

"Hello, How are you, I hope you are doing great, the reason why I am writing to you is to be grateful for all the help you have been giving me and my family. God bless you, I love you very much and I hope you like my letter ~ Keyla Camey."

From Dona Consuelo to Keyla's sponsors:

"I am very grateful for the help you are giving us. Before they were in a very precarious situation and now that is not the case anymore because of the help received by you. I am very grateful also the Integral Heart Foundation and to all the sponsors who support families.

Keyla is happy because she can be studying and she also can bring juices to the school and food because of the help of her Godparents. She hopes no to disappoint you in her studies and God Bless You. Dona Consuelo."

And, as always, all of here at The Integral Heart Foundation want to express how grateful and honored we are by all of you, our loyal sponsors without whom all this work and smiles would never be possible. Thank you.

Zaida's letter of thanks to Lisa
Keyla with her mom Dona Consuelo
Keyla with her mom Dona Consuelo
Dona Consuelo
Dona Consuelo's letter to their sponsors
Marisol (left), Byron (middle), Dona Ana (right)
Marisol (left), Byron (middle), Dona Ana (right)

The following is a postcard from Lydia Sorensen, GlobalGiving's In-the-Field Representative in Guatemala, about her recent visit to Integral Heart Foundation.

Like any proud mother, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes for the pictures of Doña Ana’s daughter (Yesica) to come out. Yesica is an only child (a rarity in Guatemala) and the apple of her mother’s eye. We see pictures of Yesica as a toddler, Yesica winning the school pageant, Yesica graduating primary school. Sitting there in Doña Ana’s house, on the couch next to the bed that she and Yesica share, it’s obvious that like all mothers Doña Ana would (and does) give everything so that Yesica can have a chance at a better future.

And yet it’s not enough. She tells us that before Yesica got a sponsorship through the Integral Heart Foundation the best she had been able to hope to do was help Yesica complete sixth grade—there simply wasn’t the money for more. Even public school in Guatemala isn’t free, and as the World Bank estimates that almost 58% of the population here have incomes below the extreme poverty line (which is defined as the amount needed to purchase a basic basket of food), school is just a dream for many children. Despite the fact that Yesica’s father isn’t in the picture, and Doña Ana has only been able to find work doing various odd jobs such as taking in laundry, she was committed to giving Yesica the highest level of education she could afford.

Today when we visit Doña Ana in her home, she is alone. With the help of her sponsor Yesica is in high school where she dreams of becoming a teacher. She attends the critical thinking/philosophy class held by the Integral Heart Foundation every week, and studies hard for all her classes. All in all, she is a model student and her mother couldn’t be prouder.

We leave Doña Ana’s house and I wonder, how many other Yesica and Doña Ana’s are out there, hoping against hope for a better future that they cannot achieve alone.

Homework for the holidays
Homework for the holidays

The school year began and all of our bright students returned to our class. The main school holidays in Guatemala last for three months from October to January and we wanted to make sure that they used some of their time away from class in deep questioning, reading, and thinking. To do that, we assigned them a unique homework assignment.

We asked them to read “Philosophy Is Not A Luxury” by teacher and philosopher, Jeff Carreira, and to write a one-page report of each of its 12 short chapters. This book is based on the philosophy of the American Pragmatists and has many deep points.

We were greatly honored when over 70% of the class returned with very extensive reports on the book. They loved the book and many of them asked us if they could keep it in order to read it again.

The most amazing story was that of Emily, whose face, attitude, smile and self-confidence had improved so much that we hardly recognized her from last year. In her own words: “This book to me was like talking one on one with a therapist. I learned that I am not who I always thought I was because others convinced me that I was a different person. Now I want to work at knowing myself and I know that with my actions and choices I can choose to be whoever I want to be.”

We are very excited about this New Year and all the new possibilities that it opens. As part of this program we are already working on an invitation of a very well known teacher to visit us and our students later in the year as part of our Wisdom Speakers Series. We are also planning to expand the curriculum and will be offering more books of great depth to our dear students.

The Integral Heart Foundation is deeply grateful to all of you, our donors, who make this work possible and as always, we are open to all your suggestions, comments and ideas.

Much love to all of you,

The Integral Heart Foundation Team

This is Emily
This is Emily
Liz with the Panorama sponsored kids
Liz with the Panorama sponsored kids

A very warm hello from Guatemala,

Before we get started with our report on this project let me first say that, today Tuesday 3rd of December, starting at 12.00pm (noon) Eastern Time,Microsoft will be mathcing all donations to us (up to $1,000) by 100%. So just after that time, not before, and no later than 12.30 or 1PM (because the matching funds will eventually run out) please click the donate button for this project and help our education/sponsorship programs get matched well and good!

And, now the report. It’s often difficult to summarize a year in a few short paragraphs. We tend to like to incorporate stories and make it more than just a numbers game J. So we will our best to keep it brief, informative, as well as from the heart.

Our sponsorship program has 2 main objectives. First and foremost, to allow the children to study, as education is the primary focus of Integral Heart Foundation.

But along with that, we strive to create a connection between the sponsor and their sponsor child. The form of help that allows the students to keep studying varies from situation to situation as well as age range. We now have 60 sponsored kids and teens from the ages of 3 up to 21. Generally with the younger ones, the aid is in the form of food and/or school supplies. This helps the family be able to afford for their children to go to school.

The older students, the ones who are studying at a higher level of education; the sponsorship goes directly towards their studies as almost all schools charge a monthly tuition. Without this extra help, these students would not be able to continue studying and pursue their educational goals and dreams. This help, coupled with the Critical-Thinking/Philosophy classes are allowing these adolescent and teenagers to thrive. Most of them are opening their minds and doing very well!

The personal connection comes in the form of notes, cards, and emails. As well as sending updates on the students progress in school with their report cards. And when possible, skype chats to have as close to a face-to-face interaction as possible.

As of the end of this year we have 34 families that have at least one sponsored child, some have two, and some three. Our total number of sponsored children, adolescents, and teenagers is 60. We estimate that the number of family members that are also benefiting from the sponsorship is well over 100. It is hard to get an exact number as often there are numerous members of the extended family living in the same house.

Liz Flinn, our Director of Programs along with her co-worker, Family Liaison, and Guatemalan native, Marisol Hernandez, we stay in touch with the families, get them the supplies when needed, visit their homes regularly, and often are a listening ear for the mountain of struggles that come along with living in poverty. When appropriate we offer counsel, more than anything we try to help them see that they have the power to change things if they so choose.

Additionally, for the first 8 months of this year, we operated a preschool program that served fourteen children. But after the first year of operations we struggled to find new children to attend and as well, to find sufficient funding to keep it open. So at the end of August of this year we had to close the doors. The families were very sad, the parents saw the same improvements in their kids that we did. They were behaving better with other children and at home. They were well nourished and the parents knew that they were in a safe place and well cared for while they were working. Fortunately, we do have at least one sponsor in all the families so we are maintain contact with them and providing them with a monthly food basket.

Liz also spent some time this year getting to know other organizations and exploring partnership opportunities, because right now we don’t have our own facility and so we have been exploring the use of other sites.  We are very grateful to Ixquic Spanish School which has allowed us to use their space for meetings with some of the families as well as provide a weekly place to hold an English class for 2 of our sponsored students and also to Iglesia Del Camino for allowing us to use their space for the CT/Philosophy classes. We also had a donation from a private donor who wanted to show some Charlie Chaplin movies in a soup kitchen for homeless people here in Antigua. The donation was for the use of our projector and was able to help out in our sponsorship program. I will be continuing to seek out partnerships and opportunities to better serve our families.

Thank you so much for all your support and we look forward to a wonderful future,

From the San Andres sponsorsed families
From the San Andres sponsorsed families
The San Mateo moms and grandma!
The San Mateo moms and grandma!


Chente, the youngest of the three, when we first f
Chente, the youngest of the three, when we first f

We hope that this report finds you well in your late summer activities, whether you are enjoying the end of the summer season holidays or continuing on with daily life.

Here in Guatemala we are into the rainy season and thankfully it hasn't been quite mild so far. Though the rain is needed for crops, we are grateful that there haven't been any big storms which can affect our families.

As a supporter of our preschool/kinder program here on GlobalGiving, we would like to update you on some important happenings (and some specific news on Luis, Jimena & Chente in relation to these changes in this program).

First of all, on behalf of the children, their families, the staff and Integral Heart Foundation, we are extremely grateful for your continued support of this program and the kids. As you will see from the photo below, there have been noticeable improvements not only in the interactions of the kids as a result of daily supervision and time with kids their own age, but also in their complexion and energy due to the regular care and nutrition they have been receiving.

The change that is happening this year is that we are integrating the Kindergarten program kids into our Sponsorship Program. In preparation we are also looking at other preschools in the area as options for the parents to send their kids to, if they are willing. Under the supervision of our Program Director, Liz Flinn, we will be maintaining contact with the family of each sponsored child as we do with the other 50 adolescents and children in the Sponsorship Program.

At the second preschool/kinder location, which has been operating since 2011 within one of our partner non-profit locations in San Mateo, the kids there have been integrated into existing programs there and are attending on a daily basis. Again, we will be maintaining regular contact with the families of the individually sponsored children in San Mateo. As these children are set for now with daily care in the local programs, our help continues to be in the form of a monthly food basket, school materials, shoes and medicine as needed for each of their families

And, as many of you will recall, the entire pre-school/Kindergarten program got started with Luisito, Jimena & Chente back in January of 2011 (you can read their story here They continue to live in their own house on their  grandparent’s property. They are still attending that local project where they receive at least one meal and one snack per day. So, our direct involvement with them is now based on two things; food and lodging. We, thanks to your support, are able to buy them a monthly food basket and the grandmother, Julia, comes into town so we get a chance to visit with her and see how things are going. The last time we did this, she told us that the kids are doing well and they are always excited when she goes to get the food as she buys the food that they like :). We are also continuing to pay for adult supervision for them during the nights. Jimena & Chente's aunt stays with them in the night.

Thanks so much for your continued support of these three. As you have seen, they have come a long way in their interaction both with kids their own age as well as with adults. They have food, clothes, shelter and most importantly love, which is more than they had when we first met them. Thanks to your involvement we look forward to how they will continue to thrive and do better.

Again we would like to say thanks for your continued support! We can't do what we do without you.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


The IHF team.

Images from our Sponsorship Program this summer -
Images from our Sponsorship Program this summer -
Anival, a gym teacher with the kids for a class
Anival, a gym teacher with the kids for a class


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