Project #15692

Educate school dropout children in rural India

by Light of Life Trust

Project Anando


Location: Maharashtra, India


Centres covered: Worli, Jalna, Karjat, Mangrulpir, Alibaug & Mangaon


Programmatic Report: December 2016 to February 2017

This project report list down the activities covered during the period ranging December 2016 to February 2017 by Light of Life Trust at different locations spread across Maharashtra through its centers for their Project Anando which focuses on reinstating secondary school dropouts and help them to complete their education.

Following were the activities which were covered during this period:-

1)      Parents Meeting cum Workshop:

On 20th Dec 2016 a parent meeting was conducted at Worli centre. In all 18 parents attended the meeting. Parents were informed about the Jewelry making course which is run by Light of Life Trust as a part of the vocational training to students.

Objective: The main objective of the training cum workshop was to make parents aware about the skills they can acquire through training which can help them to earn livelihood or provide additional support to their family. Targeted parents were the women in the family.

2)      Special Programmes:

A special program titled ‘No Child Left Behind’ was conducted at Karjat centre of Karjat Taluka in Maharashtra in the month of December 2016. The objective of the programme was to focus on the development of the skills in the children focus on their presentation and other skills and enhance them. Case work students were selected for this programme.


Objective:  The main objective of this programme was to focus on the development skills of the child and give them platform to showcase and enhance their skillsets. Students were guided and trained by the teachers and mentors and they found this event as enlightening and motivating.



3)      Career Counseling & Guidance Session:

Career counseling and guidance sessions were organized at different locations across various centres of Light of Life Trust in the month of December 2016 and were focused on 10th Std (SSC – Senior Secondary School Students)

Objective:  The main objective of the program was to inform students about the various career opportunities which are available to them after their Secondary Schooling and help them to choose the correct stream of education according to their interest.


4)      Drama Workshop:

At Worli centre of Light of Life Trust on 24/12/2016 a ‘Drama Workshop’ was conducted for the students by Mr. Ravi Pednekar.


Objective:  The main objective of this workshop was to enhance the personality of the students and also give them opportunity to explore their talents pertaining to artistic traits and enhance interest.

5)      Puppet Making Workshop:

Puppet making workshop was conducted at Worli centre of Maharashtra. This workshop was part of the objective to enhance the creative and artistic traits of the students.


Objective:  Students were encouraged to develop their hobbies and invest their free time by enhancing their skill sets through these kinds of training sessions.


6)      Christmas Day Celebration / Celebration of Festivals:

Across different training centres of ‘Light of Life Trust’. Christmas day was celebrated with the stuents.

Objective: The main objective of this event was to inform students about the importance of the festivals and their culture & traditions and make them a part of their life.



 7)      ‘Bal Kala Mahotsav - 2016’ – An annual cultural event for the students:

This is the mega event which happens once in a year and is celebrated across all the centres of Light of Lif eTrust across different  regions  in the state. This event is for the students and by the students. Various kinds of activities, competitions and programmes are organized under this event viz., Essay Writing, Singing, Dance – Solo & Group, Skits etc. This event starts form December and continues till January.


Objective: The main objective of this program was to give platform to the students to showcase their talent in their creative field and award them prizes for their innate talents.


8)      New Initiatives – ‘E learning’:

Students are provided supplementary classes in the field of Maths and English, this is an initiative to inculcate better understanding and hold among students about these subjects. Now, new techniques of learning in the form of digital media or adopted to utilize the potential of internet to explore plethora of information available across the globe and enhance deeper understanding of the subject.

Objective:  The main objective of this learning was to make students e literate and help them to explore the internet medium to explore the contents for learning on their own and develop better hold and understanding of the subjects.

9)      Yuva Mahotsav – an annual cultural event for the elder children:

Similar to the ‘Balkala Mahotsav’ conducted for young children, Yuva Mahotsav was conducted similarly for the elder children.


10)   Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016 - 17:

Many students of Light of Light Trust participated in the annual mega event, SCMM 2016 - 17. The student along with the entire team of Light of Life Trust team participated in the marathon to raise funds for their NGO and help to raise donations through their online initiative as well to support the beneficiaries of their NGO.



Light of Life Trust

Project Anando 2016-17

Jalna District

Maharashtra - India


Centres covered: Mantha I & Mantha II, Watur and Bhatepuri ,Nutan Vashat and Gevrai Bazar.


Programmatic Report:  August  - November 2016

In this period the major focus was on the Weekend Empowerment Workshops for the students where subjects such as Time Management, Team Work, Ambition & Action and Importance of Higher Education were focused. In this period there were lot of activities which were conducted for the students viz. Peers Day, Sports Day, Project and Greeting Card making were successfully conducted which ensured maximum participation and attendance of the students. There were also important Guest Lectures for the students which were undertaken where students learned the importance of ‘Hard work’ as an important trait for life. Regular SFSEP (Student Friendly Supplementary Education Program – for Maths and English).


Major Achievements during this reporting period:


a. Weekend Empowerment Workshops:


Weekend Empowerment workshops were conducted throughout August, September, October and November. In all 55 workshops were conducted across centres and the average attendance during this session was 76%. The topics which were conducted during this session were Time Management, Team Work, Ambition & Action and Importance of Higher Education.


Impact: It created a major impact on the students, below are certain observations / learnings:

  • Student’s understood Time Management.
  • Student’s confidences level was increased as well as developed good rapport between peers.
  • They understood the importance of Time Management in their life.
  • They were able to interpret and explain the usage of it with examples during the workshop.
  • They understand the importance’s of education in their life.
  • They were able to define goals in their life which are very important to realize their dreams.



b. Special Programs:


Special programs such as Peer Day, Sports Day and Guest lectures were held in the month of  September and during October and November Project making and Greeting Card making was undertaken. Their synopsis are as follows:

1. Peers Day:


In this month “Peers Day – Activity” was organized across all centres in Jalna District. Over all 85% students and their friends participated in the programme. This event consisited of many activities the first one was Essay writing activity on the topic “Friendship is Relationship . The main objective to choose this topic was to emphasize on importance of peers in human life .

 Another activity was Group Discussion (GD) which involved students to participate and express their opinions and though processes about who they think are their friends.

We explained to them about the how to greet and make friends and also gave them the importance of the activities been conducted. Our Project officer and Social workers also shared their experiences and spoke about the importance of the topic.

 2. Sports Day:


Sports Day was conducted in the month of September 2016 where the students showed maximum participation. Our Social worker conducted the event. Students were informed about the importance of sports and games in our lives .They were also made aware about the importance of Physical Fitness, Importance of Sports in life, how effectively sports can be used to understand the strengths and weakness, how sport can be useful to build the inherent capacities. Two workshops were dedicated to organize sports activities in all centres in this year. In the two days program both national and state games were encouraged. Games like Kabaddi, Kho-kho, Rope-jumping, Three leg competition, Slow cycling, Cricket; Lemon and spoon competition etc were organized.


3. Guest Lectures:


Two invitees conducted the session at 2 of our centres.


1)      Mr. Somesh Appa gave an inspiring speech and described the importance’s of hard working. He told his life story .He was a worker in a shop but now he is the owner of his own shop.Students got inspired and understood the importance of goal setting and hard work they learned that everyone can achieve the goals with the hard work and sacrifice.

2)      Mr.Khanke spoke on ‘Faith’ and spoke about how “faith can move mountain – if desired” so everyone should believe in God .Mr. Khanke also explained the process of becoming successful life.


  • Students enjoyed the session thoroughly.
  • Students were asking questions whenever they were finding doubts.
  • Students were also made to understand to think about their emotions.


 4. Project Making & Greeting Card Making:


In the month of November during festive season - Diwali Vacation our student made Projects and Greeting card. The period was from 10th November to 20th November 2016 in which 84% students participated.




To make students involved in Creative, Innovative & Productive cause during vacation.

To introduce them to Research, Depth & Impact of the subject of any given project.

To make them capable of making an effective presentation.

To encourage them to take sincere efforts to conduct a well-planned activity.

To make them aware of greenery and environment protection.

To make them aware about social system and culture in India.


84% beneficiaries made their projects and submitted to their respective social workers. The few notable subjects selected by them are as follows. Majority student used creative methods. This event / activity resulted in the increased creativity in students. Topics covered were:

  1. My school
  2. Relationship important in human life
  3. Family and my role
  4. Tree and Plantation
  5. My health
  6. My Village problem and effective solutions
  7. Clean and green India 

c. Parents Meeting:


Across centers during this period total 8 parents meetings were held. Overall attendance during this event by the parents were 77.07%. Parent’s participation during this event were excellent.  During this event following subject were discussed: Adolescence issues, Physical, Mental, Social changes, Relationships, Ambitions, Students confidence and motivation. In every parents meeting students’ academic growth has been shared with parents.


Overall Achievements during these activities were:

  • Weekend Empowerment Workshop average attendance achieved was 87%.
  • Student Friendly Supplementary Enhancement Program average attendance achieved was 68.05%
  • Case profile completion accomplished
  • Baseline Survey- 100%
  • 19 Parents meetings were conducted during this period by achieving over all attendances of 85%
  • Two new centers were started :  Bhatepuri and Watur


Light of Life Trust

Project Anando 2016-17


Programmatic Report: April - July 2016


Month of April 2016 children were in exams and weekend workshops focused on effective techniques of giving exams confidently. Month of May 2016 was the annual summer vacation for the children. The team focused on enrolment of new children and reports and documentation in these two months

Major Achievements during this reporting period:  

  • Summer Vacation Programme             


The programme was organized at all the centers from 1st June to 10th June 2016. The participating children enjoyed the activities like Rangoli, English speaking, mehndi application, self-defense training, etc. The purpose of this programme was to give an exposure to creative and enjoyable learning experiences to the beneficiaries during their free time.

  • Education Material Distribution Programme

In the month of June Educational Material was distributed to students at all centres in Jalna District. Chief Guests - Mr. Pravin Bhore and Mr. Suresh Wayal focused on the role and responsibilities of the parents in not only decreasing the ratio of absenteeism and dropout rate from school but also on the development of their children.

  • Mahacharcha Programme

Mahacharcha program was conducted at Anando centers. In this programme ranker children and their parents shared their experiences and the efforts taken by them to achieve success. Parents shared details on how to manage the time during the examination as well in the full academic year.                                                                                                                                      


  • SFSEP Classes:


Regular SFSEP classes are being conducted for Anando children in Mathematics and English at each centre.


  • Celebration of Special Days : Rakshabhandhan

In the month of August 2016 Rakshabhandhan was organized for the beneficiaries during the weekend workshop. The programme focused on building a closer bond and relationship amongst the students.


Two of our main programmes organized in this quarter (January - March 16) were events that focussed on the innate talents of our beneficiaries and their parents. These programmes are planned at this time of the year as weather wise it is much cooler and the programmes are undertaken in open spaces, availability of parents is higher and beneficiaries enjoy this creative space before they begin their studies for teh annual exams in earnest. 

Bal Kala Mahotsav

The annual talent programme - Bal Kala Mahotsav was organized for Anando beneficiaries of Jalna District on 09th January 2016. In all six competitions were organized: rangoli making, drama, solo singing, solo dance, group dance, essay writing. 75% of the beneficiaries participated enthusiastically in the programme. The Bal Kala Mahotsav had a tremendous impact on the children, their parents and teachers. The enthusiasm of parents seen now is far different from the earlier days when the same parents were totally against their daughters dancing on stage, working with boys together, travelling from one place to another like this, etc. This visible shift in parents thought process is a huge achievement for the LOLT Team in Jalna District. 

Palak Melava


  • To give parents an opportunity to enjoy a day in their lives without tension.
  • To showcase their talents
  • To give the parents the responsibility to organize the event for themselves.

Parents took on the total responsibility of organizing the Palak Melawa, along with music system, Pandal and lunch for all the participating parents. This was a great achievement for Jalna District as it showcased the impact of all the efforts of the team over the last 4 years. Parents participated in all the activities with great enthusiasm and joy.

The impact of the programme was –

  • Parents enjoyed the day making the LOLT team feel they have fulfilled the objective of the programme.
  • Some games organized during the Melawa created a feeling of competition amongst the parents and made the winning team parents strengthen their commitment to the group.
  • During the question & answer session, parents participated with full enthusiasm which at some point, made the team feel that they were conducting the activity with children.
  • During the whole programme, there was a great response from the parents.
  • During the feedback it was found that all the parents had really enjoyed the sessions and activities. They commented that for the first time they felt that they were still in their childhood
  • Schools teachers were surprised to see the performance of the parents.
  • Most of the parents had attended the program missing out on their daily wages as they felt that they had to be present in such a programme.

The activities organized during the Palak Melawa were a combination of group and individual based games like - making a home out of available resources, talent show, singing folk songs, playing musical chairs, how many biscuits can one eat in a minute.                              


Jyotsna* (name changed) - Std IX , Jalna District

There are six members in Jyotsna’s family comprising of her parents, two older sisters, one older brother & herself. Her parents are not interested in any of their children’s well-being. Her mother forces them to go to work on daily wages so that the family can survive.

Jyotsna the youngest child in the family is a quiet, withdrawn girl. Her parents are uneducated. They do not get along with one another and are always fighting & arguing. The older siblings are not so affected with this constant fighting but being the youngest Jyotsna is highly affected by the vile environment at home.

Though she was attending the weekend empowerment workshops she was not attending the SFSEP classes at all since the last two months. When she was asked about it she shared that due to a big fight at home she was not living at home anymore but was residing with her uncle in another village. 

Her parents initially refused to meet the social worker during home visits both jointly and individually. After continuous follow ups and attempts to talk to them at length slowly one by one inroads were made with both the parents. Her mother has understood the need for her to be more supportive towards Jyotsna and has started making the efforts of rekindling her relationship with her husband and her children. Her father is still aloof but is more receptive than before.

After three months of continuous efforts the team has achieved success in reuniting Jyotsna with her parents. She has moved back to her parents’ home and has begun to attend the SFSEP classes regularly.

LOLT team continues to work with her parents to sort out issues ailing their relationship for the betterment of the entire family and its progress

LOLT supports 1700 beneficiaries like Jyotsna towards their holistic development which will enable them to break free of the generational cycle of poverty across five districts in rural areas in Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh, India 


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