Support 150 Tuberculosis Patients in Moldova

by Speranta Terrei
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Speranta Terrei brings TB drugs and community support to the doorsteps of tuberculosis patients, finding them on the street or in dilapidated apartments and persuading them to complete treatment.


Speranta Terrei addresses the need for patients to complete drug regimens of 6-24 months, depending on susceptible or resistant strain. Incomplete treatment contributes to transmission and drug resistance. When the TB dispensary doctor finds a patient missing visits, she requests a treatment supporter, called moderator. Our moderators take drugs to these vulnerable patients, encouraging them to complete treatment. Since 2006, 430 such patients have been cured and 132 are continuing treatment.


Moderators can continue to be a watchful presence in our patients' fragile lives. A disused building in Balti will be renovated as a community center, where TB patients receive psychological and legal counseling and advice on housing and training.

Long-Term Impact

Patients will be less likely to infect others and develop drug resistance, benefiting their and society's health. 150 destitute, homeless, unemployed, or former prisoner TB patients will have services to reintegrate into socioeconomic life of Balti.

Additional Documentation

This project has provided additional documentation in a Microsoft Excel file (projdoc.xls).


Patients, moderators, doctors, nurses, Balti
Patients, moderators, hospital, prison, Balti
MDR-TB patients
Moldova and Speranta Terrei on pages 28-33

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Speranta Terrei

Location: Balti - Moldova, Republic of
Project Leader:
Feodora Rodiucova
Balti, Moldova, Republic of